There are several New Right projects which deserve the support of our community. Artists, intellectuals, and activists in a variety of projects scratch by on little more than their undying love of Tribe and Tradition. We here at TradYouth will keep fighting whether we raise money or not, and have already gladly thrown thousands from our own accounts into this project. We believe in our project, and we know that the money we invest will pay off with effective outreach, advocacy, and progress in our struggle.

We have even bigger ideas than the ones we’ve already unveiled, but a lot of these things do cost money. If you would like to help us take this fight to the next level, consider becoming a donor. Even a commitment to donate $5/month makes a real difference, makes you a true stakeholder in our project, and sends us a clear message that our work is supported and appreciated. Heck, if $5/month is beyond your means, then send us a postcard every month to let us know you have our back.

Legally, we’re set up as a not-for-profit Limited Liability Corporation rather than a tax-deductible 501c3 organization. We’re not a “business” and TradYouth will never “turn a profit”, but the complexities and limitations that come with being a tax-exempt or tax-deductible organization would interfere with our work. There are several excellent projects in our movement which are tax-deductible, and we’ll be happy to help you find the right one for you.

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