Avalonian Society Charter

The Avalonian identity is comprised of English-speaking White Americans who’ve returned to their pre-schismatic Christian roots, embracing Orthodox Christianity. It’s an identity and a culture, one which rejects much of Western “progress” in favor of traditional communities and lifestyles dictated by the rhythms of God and ancient Christendom rather than the ideologies and technologies which dominate Modernity.

The Avalonian Project is not hierarchical. There is no formal chain of command. There are no initiatic elements beyond the oath. Neither this site nor anybody involved in it has any formal authority to define or guide the Avalonian societies beyond the following statement:

The Avalonian societies are comprised of Eastern Orthodox Christians of European heritage and culture who are committed to the development of a new identity, nation, and eventually a symphonic kingdom on the North American continent.

Orthodox Christianity

Before the Great Schism, Western Europe was just as Orthodox as Eastern Europe remains today. The past millennium of our religious history has been a fractious one, with the original schism giving way to numerous lesser schisms, falling farther and farther away from the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. A growing number of Westerners are recognizing this error and returning to Orthodoxy, but they’re often unaware of their own ancient Orthodox roots.

Western Rite Orthodoxy is the resurrection of the ancient mass our ancestors relied upon before the Roman Catholic Church imposed the Latin Mass throughout its domain. It’s a reclamation of our pre-Enlightenment, pre-colonial, heritage. It’s a return, theologically and culturally, to the point at which our people were led down a path of pride, greed, abasement, and self-destruction. It’s not a rejection of everything in our contemporary lives and culture, but it’s the first step in the necessary revival of our culture and identity.

Symphonic Monarchism

We reject democracy, root and branch. While the civilian participation in civic life can be and often is virtuous, democratic participation cannot and will not scale beyond the local level without mercantile oligarchs exploiting it as a means of influence and control. This has been repeatedly proven throughout our long experiment in anti-traditional government, with the financiers purchasing the newspapers, the media, the entertainment industry, or whatever other institutions they need to convince the unwitting common man to support their decadent globalist agenda.

The Orthodox Christian principle of Symphonia is the opposite of America’s “separation of church and state”. For the Avalonian, our Church and our State are to be co-equal and complementary. In our future nation, many of the functions currently performed by the state will be performed by the Church, including education, welfare, health care, and community organizing. The state will be limited to its necessary role of foreign policy, national defense, and infrastructure investment.

A monarch will be coronated by the head of the national Church, selected by him from within the extended royal family to serve as the head of state, leader of the military, model citizen, and defender of the Faith. Democratic participation will be encouraged, especially at the community level, but never allowed to supersede the perennial authority of throne and altar. Government will be more conciliar in nature, unlike the competitive “team sport” mentality which has poisoned Modern politics. Wherever possible, government will refrain from interfering in public life, conceding what’s currently controlled by the State to the community and parish level.

Ethnic Identity

The Avalonian identity is European in nature, symbolizing the messianic return of King Arthur for our peoples. Other racial and ethnic groups are encouraged to pursue similar Orthodox Nationalist projects of their own, and our specificity in no way entails an attitude of superiority or chosenness over others. Our Christian kingdom will strive to treat neighboring nations and identities with honor and chivalry.

Arthurian Cycle

Before Modernity, our people had a shared mythos in the Arthurian Cycle and related myths and legends. While we won’t necessarily take these tales literally, we will share them with our children and rely on the wisdom contained within them as a lodestar for reconstructing an honor culture from the ruins of our vapid and selfish anti-Christ culture. The tales of King Arthur and his knights provide the framework for a chivalric Christian worldview which is essential to both our salvation and our worldly restoration.

Our Unions

The Avalonian project will remain officially leaderless until it’s sovereign. It’s not a secret society, though the individual legions will be as secretive as is necessary for their security and survival. Initiation is as simple as selecting a saint for one’s legion, and swearing the Avalonian Oath to that saint in unison with one’s fellow legionaries. There is no formal leadership structure, following a conciliar “round table” model of conflict resolution. Women may be initiated on the condition that they’re sponsored by a male legionary who agrees without hesitation to be held fully accountable for her, facing discipline on her behalf.

With Saint [____________] as my witness, I swear to faithfully serve as an active soldier for Christ in the Avalonian Society of Saint [____________]. I will not break discipline in my duty to the Avalonian Society of Saint [____________] and I will guarantee the discipline of my brothers in Christ. I will invest at least a tenth of my increase and at least a tenth of my works in the restoration of our Arthurian kingdom.

These legions, never to be publicly named, and never to number more than a dozen men and women, are to meet regularly, pooling their time and resources in outreach and development efforts in pursuit of the Restoration. These pursuits can and should include mutual aid for brothers and sisters within the union. A particular emphasis should be on occupational placement and support, with each union serving as a sort of “shadow labor union” ensuring financial support and professional development whenever possible.

Our Symbols

Our flag is the triple cross from Corneliu Codreanu’s Legion of the Archangel Michael, with a golden cross on a black background.

Our salute is a modified Roman salute, to be executed only after crossing oneself with the hand centered in front at eye level and the fingers remaining pinched together, foisting forward the cross one just drew.


This material is intended to supplement, not substitute, an Orthodox Christian catechesis.

The Avalonian Trilogy

Unseen Warfare, by Lorenzo Scupoli

For My Legionaries, by Corneliu Codreanu

Le Morte D’Arthur, by Sir Thomas Malory

Recommended Reading
Nest Leader’s Manual, by Corneliu Codreanu

Metaphysics of War, by Julius Evola

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The Ladder of Divine Ascent, by St. John Climacus

Debut Speech