Our Mission

Tradition is our Mission

The Traditionalist Youth Network exists to provide resources and support to independent groups of high school and college students throughout North America who are learning about the Traditionalist School of thought, helping one another apply the principles and spirit of Tradition in their lives, and organizing in defense of Tradition on their campuses and in their communities. While members and supporters are encouraged to embrace a particular Tribe and Tradition, the TYN empowers them to unite and speak as one voice against the united voices of decadence, individualism, Marxism, and Modernity.

We Are Not Conservatives

We are not necessarily Republicans, either. Members learn that the Traditionalist worldview transcends contemporary Western partisan politics. While our defense of the traditional institutions of marriage, military service, and religious expression in public life would place us firmly on the “right” side of the political spectrum, our opposition to capitalist materialism, corporate greed, destruction of the environment, and selfish individualism is perhaps more at home on the “left” side of the political spectrum.

We are Diverse

One of the greater deceptions of Modernity is that multiculturalism and cosmopolitanism are synonymous with “diversity”. This could not be further from the truth. We not only seek to build relationships with students of diverse ethnic and religious backgrounds, but to empower them with the moral support, intellectual foundations, and resources to protect their heritage and identity from the culturally alienated and spiritually bankrupt future that awaits all those who embrace secularism, moral relativism, and globalism.

We are Inclusive

We’re not a threat to the students who are homosexuals, minorities, and atheists; we’re an alternative for them to consider. Homosexuals don’t spontaneously emerge from gay test tubes. They have faith traditions, extended families, and communities that they belong to in addition to experiencing sexual attraction to people of the same gender. While authentic Traditions do not embrace the individuals acting on those impulses, authentic Traditions do embrace the individuals as complete people. It’s degenerate and dehumanizing to define one’s “identity” primarily on one’s sexual impulses, one’s autism, or whatever other superficial idiosyncrasies modern educational, governmental, and media institutions attempt to pigeonhole individuals into.

We embrace ethnic minorities on their terms, validating, celebrating, and strengthening those bonds between people who share a tribe and tradition. Perhaps our most controversial position is our encouragement of members to court and marry partners who share a tribe and tradition. In the Modern rush to tolerate a plethora of “alternative lifestyles”, we believe the forces of secular globalism have become intolerant of one of those alternatives: traditional, monogamous, heterosexual relationships with partners who share a common heritage and tradition.

We are Organic and Sustainable

We believe that perpetual growth is the ideology of the cancer cell, and that something as complex, subtle, and beautiful as the human being cannot be crammed into the ideological frames imposed on them by most contemporary schools of thought. Our members are not discrete components in an economic theory or predictable actors in a determinist paradigm of historical development.

We reject the “progressive” model of history which insists that “progress” is unilaterally and immutably in the direction of more humans with more technology and alienation empowered with more license to act out in a more audaciously selfish manner. That’s patently unsustainable, unhealthy, and unnatural. Members of the TYN define “progress” by our unique and organic Traditional metrics. Happiness, wealth, and personal expression are things we enjoy along the way on our pursuit of Transcendent ideals, not ideals in themselves.

Traditionalist Youth Network Activities

Monthly Mystagogy

The Traditional Youth Network leadership will develop a “mystagogy” (reading list) which will function like a book club. Members and sponsored guests will be encouraged to meet once monthly at the direction of the chapter’s President for an unstructured discussion of relevant essays, excerpts, speeches, and local events.

Lively discussion and amicable debate should be welcomed, and a spirit of inquiry and exploration is to be encouraged. The materials will be presented as starting points for analysis and consideration, and the only position incompatible with ongoing participation is rejection of belief in a Tradition which transcends time, place, and selfish individual interests. While clusters of members who share a specific tradition are a necessary and appropriate thing, the survival of the Network and achievement of its shared goals requires including and respecting members who do not share a given tradition.

Weekly Activity Meetup

These should be opportunities for fraternization and fellowship. Presidents and their advisors should foster safe spaces to “party” without the decadence, vulgarity, and rape culture which permeate contemporary campus life. Political activism can be and also should be encouraged as opportunities present themselves during these weekly gatherings. Coordinating recruitment efforts can occur during these meetups.

Opportunities for stewardship and mutual support between members should be vigorously explored. Find opportunities to demonstrate chivalry by volunteering to escort vulnerable girls back home at night. Find opportunities to speak on behalf of those who are too vulnerable or timid to speak on their own behalf. Do whatever is necessary to translate from theory into practice our supposed courage, discipline, and rigor in defense of chastity, virtue, heritage, and dignity.

Be careful to avoid being framed as threats to degenerate subcultures. The TYN doesn’t exist to threaten, harass, or marginalize degeneracy, but rather to encourage and support those who reject it. Rather than protesting “Marxism” or challenging Marxist student gatherings, find situations where the Marxists are protesting, challenging, and threatening traditional students.

Degenerate projects are categorically destined to degenerate if left to play themselves out. Mobs which are organized against a culture of life and in defense of abortion will be aborted themselves in due time by the laws of God and Nature. Our mission should be to seek out the remnant of students who choose life and empower them with the resources and safe spaces necessary to make that choice.

Traditionalist Youth Network Protocols

TYN chapters should strive to be an umbrella network and support framework for the full spectrum of traditionalist students.

Any TYN chapter confirmed to be threatening or oppressing other students will lose its national sponsorship and support. Some discretion is necessary in this matter, as Leftists would have the world believe that the mere existence of a Confederate flag is threatening to them. They believe that expressions of pride and unity by groups such as White Americans and traditionally married people are categorically “hate”. They shriek like cornered vampires at the sight of our religious symbols being presented in public spaces.

The TYN reserves the right to exclude specific chapters at its arbitrary discretion. Ideally, TYN welcomes a truly diverse spectrum ranging from Garveyite Black Nationalists, fundamentalist Evangelicals, Traditionalist Catholics, and adherents of various folk traditions. A select handful of caricatures of Traditional folkways exist which are incompatible with the spirit and goals of the project. The flexible and insidious nature of this phenomenon defies compiling a specific list, but that list would include Satanism, Church of the Subgenius, Unitarianism, and just about anything “New Age”.