Proud Boys Are Cordially Invited to Unite The Right

Update #1: Within a few hours of publication, the Proud Boys Official post disavowing the Unite the Right event and denouncing its organizers has been removed. We’ll patiently await clarification, but the rumors are promising that a less confrontational, divisive, and insulting approach to the rest of the movement may be in the works.

Update #2: An entirely new post under the original hyperlink has been uploaded. All of the attacks and insults have been redacted. Local chapters are welcome to attend by headquarters at their discretion. We at TradWorker appreciate this positive development and look forward to fighting alongside our Proud Boy comrades allies in whatever capacity they’re comfortable with.

“Based in Colorado” has clarified the “official” Proud Boys™ position on the Unite the Right event coming up in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 12th. Gavin and crew unironically disavow the very ambitious and rapidly growing event on account of there being “racists” afoot. “So here’s the deal Proud Boys, if you want to go to the rally, I can’t stop you. […] Remember, we don’t allow racists in Proud Boys, if you decide to rub elbows with those people, you very well could find yourself being disavowed next time.”

We at TradWorker can assure any Proud Boys considering going rogue that they won’t be attending a “racist” event. While our organization and a couple others in attendance are indeed pro-White, the event’s not about race. It’s about freedom of speech and defending our historical monuments. Matthew Heimbach was a civil war re-enactor long before he became a White Advocate, and both the leader and TradWorker members will stay on message, welcoming and supporting non-identitarian and non-White allies at the event.

The majority of the organizations which will be in attendance are not “White Nationalist” by any stretch of the paranoid imagination, much less “racist” in the “racial hatred” or “supremacist” sense. Organizations which promote racial hatred and can’t work with others in a unity context won’t be there. As an added measure to try to keep the peace, we’ll refrain from roasting Gavin and go out of our way to help any Proud Boy supporters of free speech and heritage feel right at home at the event.

In a rare decision by the Elders, Gavin McInnes has officially announced that the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, VA, scheduled on August 12th, has been disavowed. I personally am not surprised by this. The rally is not about “uniting the right,” it is an attempt to lump civic-nationalists in with ethno-nationalists in order to make them seem like the same thing.

The principle organizers are civic nationalists with a solid reputation in the altright. To directly accuse them of organizing the rally with the actual intent of “smearing” civic nationalists is hysterical and unprofessional.

This rally, hosted by Jason Kessler, has speakers such as Matthew Heimbach of the Traditionalist Workers Party, a writer for the Daily Stormer named Johnny Monoxide, Mike Enoch of the Right Stuff, and Dr. Michael Hill of the League of the South.

Here’s the deal, I don’t really consider most of these people to the right. Since when is how far right you are decided by how racist you are?

Defining what’s “Left” and what’s “Right” is and has always been a tar baby since it became a thing during the French Revolution a few centuries ago. We at TradWorker believe it’s largely a waste of time, standing for Faith, Family, and Folk regardless of where that puts us on some arbitrary Internet quiz’s plot diagram. Fortunately, we do have a clear and reliable way to understand who’s Left and Right in the context of this event. The men and women standing for our nation’s heritage, our monuments, and our First Amendment are Right and the Antifa radicals standing against them are Wrong.

The Traditionalist Worker Party are socialists, in my mind that disqualifies you from being on the right. I cringe every time I hear a Traditionalist Workers Party member refer to another member as “comrade,” which they regularly do.

This is exceedingly petty, and willfully ignorant of how global capitalism is a powerful and reliable force for the Left. Right wing fighters the world over call one another “comrade,” of course. But Based in Colorado is attempting to imply that we’re somehow Marxists, pandering to the Cold War boomer association of political comradeship with Soviet Communists. Either way, the event’s not about economic policy and raising our Third Positionist economic positions is a petty attempt to seize the moral high ground without any standing or fighting.

We at TradWorker believe that the moral high ground in this struggle is earned with defending our values and defeating our enemies, not in signaling against allies. Proud Boys are welcome to join us on that moral high ground in a face-off with the actual Leftists on August 12th. Gavin’s argued himself into a corner, agreeing to play the Left’s game of disavowing everybody within one’s camp for petty and optical reasons with the hope of not being called “racist.”

We all know Gavin’s not racist or racial. But Proud Boys are assured that how frequently they’re called “racist” by the mainstream media and the antifa won’t change one bit whether they show up to Unite the Right or not. Even the non-White Proud Boys and Proud Boys with blended families are somehow called “racist” by this machine, and it won’t stop until people stop playing into it, as Gavin’s doing here.

The wolves will keep chasing you as long as you keep running. It doesn’t matter how many allies Gavin throws off the sleigh to keep the wolves of political correctness at bay. George Soros will just hire more wolves.

Looking at this rally, it doesn’t even look like a rally that fits in with Proud Boys. The imagery looks like something that comes from 1930, where are your American flags? Or are you trying to appease those speaking in your group who aren’t even proud Americans. Nearly every single one of your speakers do not believe in American values.

Let’s clear this “problem” up by having Proud Boys sign on and promote the event with plenty of Americana promotional materials, featuring Gavin McInnes himself as a speaker to help balance out the ticket. Patriotic civic nationalist folks are organizing this event and there will be plenty of American flags on display.

The truth is, we don’t need white supremacists in Proud Boys. We are western chauvinists, not racists, and welcome anyone who agrees with that. We don’t give a shit what the color of your skin is, but nearly all of the speakers at this event can’t seem to do anything but talk about skin color.

Seriously? White Supremacists? I know we have some major and important differences, but resorting to Leftist smear tactics is ridiculous. Both non-Whites and non-identitarian opponents of the Radical Left are cordially invited to not only attend as equals against the antifa, but to personally shake our hands at the rally. The notion that TradWorker members must necessarily hate non-Whites merely because we are advocates for our own belongs in the Huffington Post, not on the Right.

I also understand that the left doesn’t disavow their extremists in antifa and Black Lives Matter, but we’re better than the left. We are able and willing to take the trash out and distance ourselves from our extremists.

Those who lack the discipline to refrain from insulting and attacking the men in the same barricades when our heritage and rights are on the line are the “trash,” and they’ll soon enough find themselves taken out by a movement which hasn’t the time or patience for these tiresome and destructive label games. Proud Boys and other civic nationalists will find Based Stickman and numerous other patriots who are certainly not trash fighting side-by-side with them.

Remember, we don’t allow racists in Proud Boys, if you decide to rub elbows with those people, you very well could find yourself being disavowed next time.

That’s a clear and direct threat to call anybody a racist who happens to attend an event which is attended by somebody else who’s also called a racist. While I respect that Proud Boys aren’t pro-White or White Nationalist, and have an implied obligation to ensure that their non-White members feel welcome and comfortable, this is clearly an attempt to appease the Leftists. It will fail. Unless we learn to unite, we’ll all lose this fight. And we’ll eventually also all lose our rights.

Each and every Proud Boy–of every race–should confirm attending in numbers strong enough that Gavin’s forced to reconsider his threat. If enough of you push back against this ill-considered decision, there’s still room for your boy Gavin to take his spot on the stage and the Proud Boys to earn their credit for participation in this historic event.