The Jewish People are Against Border Security

Jacob Weisberg, the editor-in-chief of what’s possibly the largest and most influential blog, Slate, makes a powerful case that even when confronted with the most virulent threats from abroad, the Jewish people will always hold open the gates. There’s no reasoning with Weisberg about the threat of organized Islamic terrorist radicals. There’s no explaining to Weisberg that America’s demographic crisis is a powder keg waiting to erupt. There’s no bothering Weisberg with the democratic will of the people.

Weisberg is Jewish, and to be Jewish is to stand against border security no matter what.

Going through my mother’s papers after she died last year, I found a folder marked “1940 immigration—Jewish relatives.”

…I think I know where this might be going.

Those letters were the first thing I thought of Friday, when President Trump issued his executive order banning refugees from seven Middle Eastern countries for 120 days, and visitors of all kinds from those countries for 90 days. Here again was the heartlessness and bureaucratic caprice that doomed so many European Jews[.]

Of course they were the first thing Weisberg thought of Friday, because Weisberg is Jewish. Of course, even before WWII, the Jewish people were migratory, reflexively indifferent to their host countries. Roughly 3% of America’s population is Jewish. Only 25% of them voted for Donald Trump, which is a pretty reliable proxy for what percentage of them can be reasoned with. Over 95% of Jewish money went to Hillary instead of Trump, which confirms that the most powerful Jewish people are the most powerfully opposed to his America First platform.

Wherever possible, whenever possible, the Jewish community will subvert our attempts to protect our citizenry from an increasingly dangerous and volatile world.

For American Jews, the scenes of refugees detained in transit hold a particular resonance. We know that most of us exist today only because our ancestors, like the Teitelmanns, finagled their way into a country where they weren’t entirely welcome. That experience explains why several Syrian refugees trying to clear immigration before the deadline were being met by groups from synagogues that were sponsoring their resettlement.

They’re not merely opposed to our border security. They were opposed to the basic measures Bush and Obama had in place. They would have really liked to have seen them removed. The sensible steps Trump has taken, with a mandate from the American people in our free and fair election, have driven them into outright hysterics.

Trump’s deafness to these echoes is staggering. His executive order capped a week that began with his declaring a position of “America First” in his inaugural address. He either doesn’t know or doesn’t care that was the slogan of America’s pro-Nazi isolationist movement, which accused Jews of drawing the country into war.

Since Weisberg brought it up, the Jewish people absolutely did draw us into WWII. They also drew us into the Syrian, Libyan, and Iraqi conflicts which created the current refugee crisis. Weisberg has been at Slate long enough that he’s overseen his influential Jewish-dominated publication clearly and consistently advocating for all three of these wars. He is well-connected. In fact, Malcolm Gladwell considers his mom the world’s most prototypical super-connecter! So it’s hard to imagine that he would be less informed about the powerful Jewish lobbies which promoted our instigation of these conflicts than the workaday informed citizen.

“My great grandparents came from Germany, Austria and Poland,” Mark Zuckerberg wrote on his Facebook wall on Friday night. “Priscilla’s parents were refugees from China and Vietnam. The United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that. … We should also keep our doors open to refugees and those who need help.”

Just about any Jewish social media status over the past week or so confirms that Jewish people can only see this issue from one side, from the side of the people scrambling to get in.

On Saturday, Sergey Brin, the Google co-founder who comes from a family of Soviet refuseniks, was photographed at a protest at San Francisco International Airport, one of many that occurred spontaneously across the country.

These are the same people whose own country (which is never the country they reside in) already has a big beautiful wall. Israel already has stringent immigration protocols in place. Despite being a wealthy first world nation directly adjoining Syria, Israel will be taking in no refugees whatsoever. Yes. The Jewish people are that hypocritical, and they believe they have the influence, money, power, and moral authority to be that hypocritical. Their homeland is very precious and cannot be defiled or threatened, …but your homeland is an open dumping ground for the alienated and radicalized victims of their failed globalist military exploits.

Don’t take my word about the Jews. Listen to their own words in the coming weeks and months as they convince you in their own words that they’re categorically opposed to putting America First. Listen to them as they work to convince you that they resent the traditional American nation and its people. Listen to them as they walk you through each and every aspect of their hypocritical, hysterical, and hateful worldview. Only then, perhaps, will you listen to me when I tell you that the Jewish Problem is the West’s foremost problem.

It’s greater than illegal immigration. It’s greater than Islamic immigration. It’s greater than our racial strife. It’s greater than the economic problems. It’s greater than the social problems. The Jewish Problem is the singular problem which stops us from arriving at pragmatic solutions to every other problem we face. To ignore it is to align with it. To play around with clever angles around it is to waste time ameliorating the symptoms instead of curing the disease.

And if you’re still not convinced, please listen to them. They’ll tell you themselves if you have ears to listen.