Trump Apocalypse Now

For the past year, Slate has hosted a cutesy “Trump Apocalypse Watch,” adding and removing “horsemen” according to their subjective estimate of whether “Donald Trump would be elected president, thus triggering an apocalypse in which we all die.”

Welcome to the Trump Apocalypse.

The final installment was curiously devoid of the humor and sarcasm of the rest of them. This is but one of countless examples of the blood and hope draining from the faces of the elites, progressives, immigrants, and Jewish operatives as they attempted to swallow and digest the most bitter pill of their political lives. None have died, of course, but we’re living through a virtual Holocaust of their hopes and dreams, …and that tastes pretty good.

There’s some talk among the more intellectual nationalists about what this actually means for us. Nate Silver has nothing on the quantitative analytics and data-driven managerial decision-making here at TradWorker. We’ve hired an elite team of Asians who eat lunch alone at their desk to design a multivariate metric for whether or not Trump winning is good for White Americans.

Our proprietary Kosher Butthurt Index (KBI) indicates–above and beyond the margin of error–that Donald Trump winning is indeed good for White folks.

Will he keep his promises? Will we get our wall? Must we become his loyal opposition now? Will he lull us back to sleep? Would Hillary have been more polarizing and clarifying? Will his resurgent brand of civic nationalism present an obstacle to ethnic nationalism? Will Trump’s deep connections with the Jewish, financial, and liberal political networks squelch our hopes?

Bear in mind that we barely had hopes before Trump showed up. Bear in mind also that ideas and masses have momentum independent of individual men and their motives. Trump’s in his seventies and our own movement is a young one, chock full of identitarians in their teens and twenties who are part of an overarching global phenomenon of organic identities reawakening and fighting back against their dispossession.

We’re stakeholders in a coalition. Trump did grudgingly deliver some half-hearted denunciations when cornered. Trump is sincerely a civic rather than ethnic nationalist who’s sincerely attempting to be the president for all Americans. But he shocked and confused the world by opening the window for our marginal inclusion in the political process and refusing to close it.

As such, we owe Trump a smart balance between fidelity to our principles and loyalty to him and his administration. We cannot and will not back down on the Jewish Question or our explicit racial identity. We won’t. Don’t worry. But we will join those who aren’t as radical as we are in pulling politics in our direction.

Politics is the art of the possible. Our end goal remains what it’s always been, a separate and sovereign state unshackled from Zionist domination, where our nation can pursue our destiny socially and politically independent of the multicultural abomination. But here and now, we have an opportunity to make a devastating blow for nationalism (albeit civic) against globalism.

The British nationalists who threw in behind civic nationalist Nigel Farage’s Brexit campaign helped achieve a devastating blow against globalism. Brexit was about far more than the technocratic details of British diplomatic relations with the Continentals. It was about striking a blow to the globalist narrative, one which rippled across the Atlantic.

Ideological purity notwithstanding, Trump holds the very real promise of bringing some of the solid benefit-paying jobs back to the heartland. Trump holds the very real promise of winding down the imperialist warmongering wrought by decades of neocon and neoliberal hegemony. Trump holds the very real promise of being a voice for the dispossessed workers of America, the vast majority of whom are White.

Skeptics will insist that a Hillary victory would have been more accelerationist. And they’re correct as far as it goes, that Hillary would have alienated untold millions from the mainstream political process toward our camp. We were poised to make the most of the outcome, too. But Trump’s victory delivers a delay we can exploit. Let’s make the best of it, investing that extra time developing our own movement in preparation for the inevitable showdown between the international oligarchs and White America.