The New World Order Against Venezuela

One of the things that really grinds my gears is when nationalists refuse to support other nationalists because another movement might fall on a different part of the political spectrum in regards to economics or some social policy. The global alliance against internationalism encompasses a wide variety of religious traditions, ethnicities, and cultural values. If Orthodox Russia, Shia Iran, Secular Syria, and atheistic China can work together in an economic, military, and political bloc against Zionism and the forces of the New World Order, all nationalists should find ways to put aside these tangential differences and stand united against the forces of neo-colonial global capitalism.

The Venezuelan Revolution has been a target of America since it began. Back when Chavez was in power, the USA actually funded groups to hold a coup. That temporarily worked. The USA has attempted to destroy Venezuela and its Socialist Revolution just as it has tried in Cuba for decades. The United States government is neither Left Wing nor Right Wing; It is globalist. The capitalists of New York funded the Bolsheviks in Russia with millions of dollars and endless sympathetic press because behind their facade of having an ideology, Jewish oligarchs and their gentile collaborators always choose globalism over the supposed tenets of their outward philosophies.

“Liberator of Libya, He will be remembered as a great fight, a revolutionary and martyr.” -Hugo Chavez on the death of Colonel Gaddafi
“Liberator of Libya, He will be remembered as a great fight, a revolutionary and martyr.” -Hugo Chavez on the death of Colonel Gaddafi

Just like they have in the past, the allegiance of the Western oligarchs depends purely on which government, movement, or regime will best suit the process of breaking down national, ethnic, and religious Identity. The US will support supposed “Fascists” in Ukraine if they are fighting on behalf of Jewish oligarchs and NATO and then turn around to support radical Left Wing groups in Russia, all with the intent of promoting disunity in nations and opening them up to the power and influence of the globalist agenda.

The United States abandoned pro-White South Africa and Rhodesia after it became politically expedient and then also worked to undermine and overthrow the Socialist Castro Revolution in Cuba, all because these governments–regardless of their political alignment or views on economics–resisted the call of uncontrolled capitalism and control by multinational organizations and Jewish bankers.

In the eyes of the elites, any nation that desires to fight for its own self interest must be crushed. From Saddam in Iraq to Colonel Gaddafi in Libya and the constant drum beats of war towards Iran, national sovereignty has been the enemy of Zionist controlled United States and thus any country the United States is against, more often than not; is an ally in our greater struggle.

Venezuela is left-wing and socialist, but they are anti-globalist. Hugo Chavez and I likely would have angrily debated until Judgment Day if we had ever met in person on issues of faith, ethnic identity, and economics. But we would have found common ground when it comes to opposition to globalism and American imperialism. American imperialism has never been about advancing the cause of the American people, but instead only using our blood and money to advance the globalist cause.

As Chavez pointed out “The grand destroyer of the world, and the greatest threat … is represented by U.S. imperialism.” This should not be understood as the actions of Americans, instead our treasonous government who spend decades controlling and manipulating the governments and economies of Latin America, against the best interests of our people and theirs.

Chavez understood that American imperialism was actually Jewish imperialism. In a Christmas address in 2005 he stated “The descendants of those who crucified Christ… have taken ownership of the riches of the world, a minority has taken ownership of the gold of the world, the silver, the minerals, water, the good lands, petrol, well, the riches, and they have concentrated the riches in a small number of hands.”

Chavez also had extensive relationships with Hezbollah in Lebanon, entered into economic agreements with Iran, and actually used his police to search Jewish synagogues and schools multiple times for anti-revolutionary activity. Chavez allowed state-run newsstands to sell copies of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and a Jewish journalist complained in 2010 when the Chavez campaign exposed the Jewish ancestry of his opponent and made it a campaign issue, reported that Venezuela had “officially sanctioned anti-Semitism.”

In Venezuela,

“a Jewish legislator was publicly attacked by the President of the Chamber of the State of Miranda (a member of Chavez’s inner circle) with the claim that Jews had killed Jesus Christ and thus deserved to be slaughtered by Hitler. Shortly after that, the monthly newsletter for Docencia Participativa, a government-affiliated educational institute, began publishing cartoons with grotesquely stereotypical caricatures of Jews, most of them charging the world Jewish community with an agenda of global domination.”

The left-wing socialists of Latin America understand better than the American public that the governments of the West are controlled by Jewish bankers and Jewish oligarchs. One must not confuse anti-American comments and sentiments to be against the American people. Instead, they are against the rulers of America who push an imperialistic agenda on every nation on the planet.

The Jews use the American people to further their agenda, and Latin American nationalists rightly oppose this Jewish-backed intrusion into the governments and economies of their region. While neither Chavez nor his Latin American allies are National Socialists like Hezbollah in Lebanon or the Ba’athists in Syria are, nor do they ascribe to the tenets of the Iranian Islamic Revolution, both sides were able to look beyond political ideology and religion to form alliances against the globalist hydra that was threatening both regions.

Hugo Chavez’s Socialist Revolution in Venezuela put the needs of his people first. As America and other nations told them to privatize their economy in order to give multinational corporations access to a new market, Chavez responded “Privatization is a neoliberal and imperialist plan. Health can’t be privatized because it is a fundamental human right, nor can education, water, electricity and other public services. They can’t be surrendered to private capital that denies the people from their rights.”

His view was one in which the government had a duty to protect the people from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Under Chavez’s leadership, healthcare increased, literacy increased, poverty decreased, and spending on infrastructure went up. The profits from Venezuela’s oil didn’t get sent to stockholders in corporations or to the pockets of globalists, it went to lift up the Venezuelan people and rebuild the nation.

Hugo Chavez with former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Hugo Chavez with former Iranian leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Chavez also worked while in office to bring together an economic and political union of Latin American countries to promote self-sufficiency and alliances to stand up against Western imperialism. This process sought to unite the various nationalist movements into a force that could better defend the economic and political interests of the region.

Many of the Chavez Revolution are policies that American White nationalists would support. Chavez declared in 2007 that “We will no longer have to go to Washington nor to the IMF nor to the World Bank, not to anyone,” when he took his nation out of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. For the Chavez Revolution to truly be nationalist, removing globalist bankers from having influence in the nation had to be one of the first priorities of the Revolution.

Left wing anti-globalists are our allies, not our enemies. Globalism is a threat to all of us. If a left wing solution works for a certain ethnic community or culture, we should allow them the ability to practice that as long as it stays within their borders. With globalism, we all lose the ability to manage our own affairs as our people see fit. The Chavez Revolution opened the door for other left wing nationalist leaders like Rafael Correa in Ecuador, Evo Morales in Bolivia, and Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua to promote unity among their nations, provide a better standard of living for the poor, take industry and natural resources from multinational corporations through nationalization, and stand against American imperialism.

Chavez however, like any leader; was far from perfect. Corruption allowed a large amount of oil revenues to get placed in bureaucrats’ pockets, instead of going to develop the nation and help the poor. Also as a Christian, I look poorly on Chavez’s relationship with Christianity that many times was confrontational. I however think it is more important to see his as a force standing against the Western governments who had meddled in the region, overthrown countless governments and looted and plundered the region for the gain of the Jewish elites and their Gentile lap-dogs.

Chavez’s constant talk of “democracy” is a headache for myself, but the Latin American version of “democracy” is simply allowing the people to control their destiny, not foreign interests. Also Chavez’s denunciations of “fascism” should be understood in the same way Eastern Europeans use the phrase, not as a term against the ideology of fascism but the intrusion of Western imperialism into their lands.

Due to Hugo Chavez’s opposition to multinational corporations and international banks, the System worked to punish him and Venezuela. When Bloomberg says things like “his term in office coincided with a boom in commodity prices and the presence of an international financial system flush with cash and willing to lend to countries like Venezuela” and then denounce him for refusing to sell his nation and people into endless debt slavery, I see that as an important, but painful, decision a nationalist leader must make. How does one set the price of the autonomy and future of one’s people?

The current political and economic situation in Venezuela is one that is quickly unraveling. This unraveling in Venezuela began when Chavez died, leaving a power vacuum and the face of the Revolution in memory, not in real life politics. The opposition backed by the West was quick to act. Not only did the revolution pretty much die with its leader, but Venezuela has been among the hardest hit nations by the plummeting oil prices.

Neo-liberal economists are crowing about the current chaos in Venezuela as proof that socialism is doomed. Every nation which depended heavily on oil revenues is in crisis at the moment, regardless of its prevailing economic principles. If anything, the fact that the loss of state oil revenues is hitting the people so acutely demonstrates that the socialist economy was indeed investing the lion’s share of its natural resource wealth in the people this whole time. It should come as no surprise to our readers that Venezuela’s not coping as well with the oil crisis as Norway or Russia, but the nationalists have my sympathy rather than my scorn as they struggle to diversify their economy.


President Obama declared Venezuela a “threat to United States security” and as a “threat” to our foreign policy. Opposition groups have received sums of money from the West to support their efforts to overthrow the legacy of the Chavez Revolution. The Independent reported how “In 2002, then President Hugo Chavez was briefly ousted in a coup by opponents supported by the US. Washington continued to funnel hundreds of thousands of dollars to his critics.”

This Washington money has been used to prop up opposition groups and to attempt to take down Chavez and now his successor, President Nicolas Maduro.

To anyone who might say that Chavez and his Revolution is not on the side of nationalists I would simply ask that if the Washington cabal is anti-nationalist, why are they spending so much time, media coverage, and effort to oust the Chavez Revolution? The globalists want to destroy any government, any regime, and any movement that might speak for their people instead of bowing to the interests of the internationalists. What is happening now in Venezuela which is described by the current President as a Washington backed “coup attempt” is just another attempted “color revolution” as happened in the Middle East and Eastern Europe in the past decade.

Venezuela Analysis reporter James Petras pointed out that,

“Obama’s charge that Venezuela represents a threat to US foreign policy is an accusation directed at all governments who have freely chosen to abandon US-centered organizations and who reject US hegemony. In other words, what arouses Obama’s ire and motivates his aggressive threats toward Venezuela is Caracas’s political leadership in challenging US imperialist foreign policy. Venezuela does not have military bases in the rest of Latin America nor has it invaded, occupied or sponsored military coups in other Latin American countries – as Obama and his predecessors have done. Venezuela condemned the US invasion of Haiti, the US-supported military coups in Honduras (2009), Venezuela (2002, 2014, 2015), Bolivia (2008) and Ecuador (2010). Clearly, Obama’s ‘emergency’ decree and sanctions against Venezuela are directed at maintaining unchallenged US imperial supremacy in Latin America and degrading Venezuela’s independent, democratic foreign policy.”

The National Interest, a foreign policy think tank and publication created by the Jewish “godfather of neo-conservatism” Irving Kristol wrote that “the United States should unabashedly and unapologetically stand with the democratic opposition” and to “stand with those who will help bring Venezuela back from the abyss.” The Jews in Washington and on both the Establishment Left and Right are calling for the fall of the Chavez Revolution and to give unlimited support to the “democratic opposition.” When the Jews are calling for the destruction of a nation, that should be a red flag for any nationalist that an ally is in trouble. Just as the Jews behind the Wall Street Journal are calling for the “West to stand with us in solidarity for the cause of Russian democracy,” every nationalist nation is under attack, its time to close ranks and stand together, not be divided by small differences.

Don’t fall for the line of our government being against socialism or the radical left, the USA’s Venezuela policy is a purposeful CIA and globalist plot against a country that has revolved against the policies of the New World Order. leftist or not, they deserve our support more than these opposition figures who want to “open up Venezuela” which is code word for allowing pillaging by multinational corporations and banks to loot the resources and the people and then turning that nation into a globalist stronghold, thereby weakening other nationalist movements in Latin America as well.

Every nation that falls to the globalists becomes another staging ground for these forces to then use against neighboring countries. If the battle of the 21st century is nationalism vs globalism, I will proudly stand beside a non-White and even leftist nationalists over a soi distant “nationalist” who supports the globalist hegemony and agenda.