The Empire Strikes Out: An Autopsy of Rand Paul’s ‘Liberaltarian’ Revolution

Before taking the red pill, I ran in libertarian circles. I, like so many others on the alt right, was a part of the Ron Paul revolution which came to its ignominious conclusion last night. Rand Paul achieved less than 5% of the Iowa caucus vote, and even much of that grudgingly and unenthusiastically, in one of the most precipitous wastes of political capital in living memory. What once threatened to completely overthrow the Republican establishment now struggles to fill its own conference venues.

From presidential nominees like Rand “Detroit Republican” Paul, to think tank groups like the CATO Institute and its endless stream of preachy articles rife with horribly skewed data claiming “refugees benefit the economy,” down to social media “liberty” groups, there seems to be a politically correct bend to a lot of their messaging.

I really started to notice there was an growing issue with libertarians after I attended CPAC 2015 with one of my mainline conservative friends, who has since publicly denounced my politics on account of them being “too radical.” A sea of grown men unironically dressed in tri-corner hats, sincere Ben Carson supporters, and even Newt Gingrich. And the event wouldn’t have been complete without the Jewish conservative meet-up in one of the ball rooms on the upper level of the conference hall.

Among the people I met there, was an alleged Anarcho-Capitalist and admin of one of the more popular political Facebook groups called, “Being Libertarian.” After adding me on Facebook, he quickly took to lecturing me on several of my posts. Some pretty basic Bruce Jenner jokes were met with rebukes of how “Transgender people deserve our respect!” He even decided to argue with a friend of mine that I’d met at AmRen about how its “racist, and disgusting to imply that IQ differs between races, or that it would account for any racial disparities.”

Just the other day he even shared an article to the page that mentioned that one of his issues of Rand Paul’s campaign was his “tendency of mansplaing policies to females.” Honestly, even I was surprised. This isn’t even a rare occurrence anymore. Ever since Rand’s polling numbers started tanking, its like they assumed the way to stay hip and cool was by turning into the same shrinking violets that the rest of the Republican Party have become.

Go check out any of these groups now. You’ll be meet with some cringe-inducing leftist garbage. “A wall is so stupid! Its bad for the economy. WE believe in free movement of people. What do you mean they blocked a vote to expand the welfare state? Sounds racist!” Trump’s demand to build a wall showed average Americans just how cucked and indistinguishable both parties are.

Looking back, It really seems like the movement lost its edge after Ron Paul’s 2012 “Hail Mary” of a campaign In the wake of now sun-bleached “reEVOLution” bumper stickers and countless money bombs that were (almost certainly) used to fund Rand’s future campaign. Libertarians were left wondering “what went wrong?” and they had to make a decision. How to grow the movement now that it’s figurehead, Dr. Paul, was exiting the political stage.

As far as their ideology goes, they were left with two options:

Do we take this movement further right? Do we push private property and freedom of association?

Tailor the message to the left, reframing libertarianism in the language and theming of “social justice?”

Unfortunately, they chose left (read: wrong). It’s a common political mistake. The term “cuckservative” exists because of the right’s willingness to believe that they can reach these people while not alienating their base. Attempting to appeal to moderate leftists makes sense in theory, right? A voting base will make some concessions if it means a victory for their position, but in practice, its the beginning of the end. All political history exhibits this, yet it eludes mainline conservatives. The only thing the left is interested in is more. ‘Rights’, social justice, and money/services. These people will never be satisfied, and this is why it’s a mistake to compromise with a leftist.

Conquest’s Second Law states: “Any organization not explicitly and constitutionally right-wing will sooner or later become left-wing.” If this isn’t obvious to you, just take a look at what are now considered “front burner” issues to tackle in the new libertarian mainstream. Transgender rights, gay marriage, open borders, closing the gender gap, and minority outreach. At this rate I’m sure the presidential candidate they’ll put up in a few cycles will be an overweight, black, crippled dyke with dyslexia.


I honestly think that the liberty movement as a whole is going to die a slow death over the next decade. Mainly because of its refusal to look at reality for what it is…

Do we have a police state? Yup. You must have one if you to keep a multicult mishmash of people and cultures from tearing each other apart, especially when certain demographics are disproportionately represented in violent crime.

Do we live in a surveillance state? Yup. How else can you maintain a semblance of control and safety when you allow people from areas prone to violent extremism into your country with little vetting?

Are the overwhelming majority of people who support liberty principals white males? Yup. White males pay nearly all of the taxes in this country. Taxes that go to programs that are being used to disenfranchise them from employment, education, and from the system at large.

Do you want to live in a free and peaceful country? How bad? It’s not going to happen unless you begin to roll back the welfare state, have strong borders, and put a stop to third world immigration. There is just flatly no other option. When you have as much diversity as America has, you’ll always have adversity. We could see a resurgence of purist libertarians in the future, but only once realism becomes central to their understanding.

Just remember how hard they’ve failed the next time one of these Tumblrtarians attempts to criticize anybody on the alt right. These people inherited a large movement built on objectivism, legitimate critiques of the role of government and the ((Federal Reserve)). Then with the momentum they had, they turned it into a pissing contest of who is more tolerant, in a movement now preoccupied with opening the borders to as many uneducated third worlders as possible, and defending the feelings of people that decided to have a doctor turn their dick into a pocket.