Jews Destroy Women: A Response to “Women Destroy Nations”

There’s a video floating around lately which is overwhelmingly accurate and factually corroborated. It essentially repackages information which is well-known in HBD and Manosphere circles into a polished and well-produced presentation. The thesis is simple: women’s biological drives are contrary to the best interests of civilization and that the past century or so of women’s enfranchisement and liberation has been detrimental to societal stability.

The thesis is correct, but it’s merely a piece of a puzzle, one which easily leads to the false conclusion that women are central to the destruction of Western Civilization. They are absolutely not. Ironically, my primary objection to the video lies in its closing shot at Western men. “Black Pigeon” claims that feminized Western males are the ones responsible for unleashing women to wreak havoc on us. This situation is not something Western males knowingly or willingly signed up for.

Male Impulses Are Degenerate, Too

Patriarchy isn’t so much a conspiracy of males against females as it is a conspiracy of old men against young males and females alike. Monogamy’s a counter-biological imposition on both genders, just in different ways. Your average viewer doesn’t have the grounding in alternative anthropology necessary to grasp the degree to which the presentation is one-sided, leaving one with the false impression that young men afforded the same freedom would develop flying cars and vaporwave cityscapes and such.

Young men generally require acculturation, social pressure, and various forms of accountability in order to invest in what offspring they do have. The female biological impulse is to go for the most socially dominant male regardless of societal consequence. The male biological impulse is to go for just about any female, investing more time and resources in more youthful and healthy females with little regard for “in-group loyalty.”

In-group loyalty in sexual matters is generally a socialized matter for both genders, and the film’s suggestion that women are worse than men in this regard isn’t borne out by either history or dating market statistics.



The Jews Did This

Women are definitely biologically predisposed toward degenerate dating and mating habits, but so are men. In a nutshell, civilization and tradition are the parallax between what we’re inclined to do and what we must do to thrive and survive. What’s happening in our civilization is not one where the once-dominant menfolk foolishly released women from their cages like clumsy scientists in the opening scenes of an outbreak movie. It’s one where the organized Jewish community is maliciously turning Western women against their civilization, …and also the men, and the homosexuals, and the unionized laborers, and the local chamber of commerce, and everybody else.

I_bet_the_jews_did_thisSave for an ever-shrinking subset of young White males who aren’t sexually deviant, aren’t affiliated with a cucked religious organization, and aren’t gainfully integrated into the educational and occupational sinecures of the anti-Western system, absolutely everybody in the West has been deputized in the liberal modern assault on the West by a well-organized and well-documented project of Jewish subversion. While there’s an organic (and not entirely degenerate) thread of indigenous feminist interest in expanding female power and influence in our society, the nature and scope of feminism in the contemporary West is almost entirely Jewish in origin and character.

Feminism has been described as the women’s auxiliary of Cultural Marxism, Cultural Marxism being a euphemism for Jewish subversion. I’m frequently inclined to blame global capitalism and global capitalists along with the Jews in my polemics. And industrialization definitely presented a series of grave challenges to traditional gender roles, norms, and dynamics. But the West failed to meet every last one of these challenges.

Capitalists would like Western folks to purchase more things, for sure. But market forces could as easily have been directed toward ensuring that the world’s foremost producers and consumers–Western folks–don’t become too derelict and endangered to work in their factories and purchase their widgets. Barren feminists and roving bands of Islamic rapists may be the be the bullet through the head of Western Civilization, but it’s a global capitalist gun with a Jewish finger pulling the trigger.

If you don’t believe that the Jews are primarily responsible for bringing feminist hysteria to its current fever pitch, just ask them. They’ll gladly boast about it unless you’re framing it in the manner it’s being framed here. From early feminist history to what’s hot off the press at the latest feminist blog, it’s overwhelmingly Jewish. The money? Jewish. Those topless chicks shown in the video agitating for things to get even more slutty? They’re basically Craigslist whores directly paid by Jewish billionaire George Soros to run around doing that.

This isn’t some illuminati stuff I’m setting in the table here. George Soros is a Jewish billionaire who invests millions in feminism. He also invested millions in working up the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson. He also invested millions in the color revolutions and “Arab Springs” which have victimized the Islamic World. Modern women are very much a major problem, but they’re not the problem, or even the primary problem. Western men aren’t being held down by Western women or by themselves. They’re being held down by Jewish billionaires who do most of this subversion openly, in broad daylight.

Women Are Part of the Solution, Too

As stated earlier, there’s very little about the video that’s outright false, though much of it’s inaccurate and the point it tries to drive home, that we’re doomed, is as vile as it is thankfully false. Some of it is blatantly false, however. For instance, the girl holding the “Will Trade Racists for Rapists” sign is an amusing photoshop of a sign which originally stated, “Will Trade Racists for Refugees.”

There’s much about the feminine disposition to shock the blue pilled normie into a cold sweat, but Black Pigeon takes it way too far in the video. The modern woman is not only subject to biological impulses which are counter to civilizational harmony, they are also subject to a web of subversive lies and perverse incentives designed to exacerbate the problem even further.

Were young women given complete sexual liberation but afforded a truthful and complete stock of the situation, they would make less degenerate choices. They’re repeatedly lied to about the situation. They’re led to believe that their fertility remains reliable well into their forties. They’re led to believe that they can ambitiously pursue a career and achieve a quality man and traditional family. Hollywood confirms that quality providers will gladly wait for them to finish riding the carousel. They’re led to believe that the contraceptives they’re eagerly offered are completely safe and don’t have grave effects on their hormone levels and future fertility.

Most maliciously of all, they’re led to believe that the social fabric will remain intact when they reach the point in their life where they’ll need it the most. If somebody sat them down and explained to them that there won’t be the Affirmative Action advantages, Social Security entitlements, and men hovering around waiting to marry barren middle-aged women when they get to that age, even the girls who can’t help but wish to go clubbing with migrants might be frightened into considering settling for an uninspiring but loyal provider type.

There Is Plenty of Hope

The Jews have been at it for millennia, and they end up losing every time with the sureness of Wiley E. Coyote in a Warner Bros. cartoon. Assuming that this time the Jewish subversion of a civilization will not end in people waking up, getting angry, and driving them out is betting against the house. And if people were able to figure it out before the information age, how easy must it be for our civilization to connect the dots, arrive at the kosher root of the problem, and uproot them from our keystone institutions of societal control?

It’s already happening, and it’s happening more rapidly than most of us imagined it would. The army of frustrated young males that the film identifies are awakening and engaging. Regretfully, this process takes time, and there will be many false starts before a singular focus can be successfully leveled against the Jewish oligarchs. This film delivers a panoply of false start misdirections from the problem, namely pretending that the Islamic World is categorically part of the problem rather than potentially part of the solution. It also, more importantly, pretends that confused and degenerate sluts in urgent need of disenfranchisement and patriarchal submission are the primary problem.

Incidentally, I don’t believe women should be allowed to vote in matters relating to foreign policy or immigration policy. This isn’t due to Black Pigeon’s specious attempt to assert in scientific terms that “them hoes ain’t loyal.” It has more to do with perfectly healthy and natural feminine nurturing impulses clouding their judgment. European women didn’t go all in with the rapefugee crisis because they were ambivalent or subliminally excited about getting raped, but because the media triggered their maternal instincts with that picture of the dead kid on the beach and a firehose of similar pity porn.

Western women have always been a bit more inclined, organically and traditionally, to more autonomy and agency than the rest of the world’s women. They can and should be trusted in a variety of leadership and leading roles in a healthy Western society. They’re not generally well-suited to diplomatic and military concerns, but a West which attempts to solve its (Jewish) problem by subjugating and limiting the agency of its women will deprive itself of much of the energy and talent it requires to prevail. And I trust that we absolutely can and will prevail.