Pope Francis Declares War on Europe

Neither Pope Francis nor the Catholic Church deserve all the credit. They’re just the most visible. Organized Christianity has declared war on Europe, America, and the entirety of White Christendom. Pope Francis has commanded that every parish, religious community, monastery, and sanctuary harbor the overwhelmingly healthy, young, and male economic migrants, not a single one of whom is a refugee. The other major Christian institutions, including my own Orthodox Christian institution, will assuredly follow suit with similarly pathological demands that we endanger our own families and imperil our own communities, because organized Christianity is at war with the European people.

Each and every one of these migrants–a large and growing plurality of whom have nothing to do with the Syrian war zone–passed through multiple nations where they were offered safe harbor to arrive at the most wealthy European nation that would have them. The vast majority of the migrants are Islamic, some of whom have even thrown the Christian migrants off of the boats to drown on their way here. They hail from the heartland of Islamic radicalization and terrorist training, and ISIS has even declared that thousands of their operatives are among the thousands and thousands of young men whom Pope Francis commands his flock to invite into their very homes to live indefinitely.

My Christian faith isn’t shaken in the least, and neither is my Orthodox creed, as a Jewish and Masonic subversion of my faith is categorically not my faith. No true shepherd of his flock would throw wolves among his sheep and command them to stand still and be eaten. No authentic hierarch would indulge in the racial particularist racism necessary to conclude that White Christians and only White Christians must ensure their wholesale displacement, replacement, mass rape, and eventual genocide. An authentically catholic and universalist Christian order would be one where the clerics of each nation serves his parishioners, and that’s exactly what’s expected and performed in every nation that isn’t White.

They think they can excommunicate nationalist Christians for the fabricated heresy of “racism,” but they only serve to excommunicate themselves. Loyalty to one’s folk is not and has never been a heresy in the Christian faith, and it never will be, because Christianity is eternal and universal. Radical Traditionalist Christianity requires one to honor legitimate hierarchy and authority, but one also bears an obligation to rebel against and defeat an illegitimate hierarchy.

And how does one discern whether one’s hierarchy is legitimate or illegitimate? When it’s kissing Jewish rabbis, hugging Imams, welcoming Islamic radical invaders into the very heart of Christendom, and leveraging its counterfeit “authority” to destroy ancient Christian communities, then you can know for sure that the Church has been subverted, perverted, and inverted against Christ, His commandments, and His followers.

As an Orthodox Christian, the theology of all this is quite straightforward for me, and has already been worked out long ago. When a naked conflict emerges between the titular hierarch and the ancient canons and traditions of the Church, one must stand with Christ and His Church against the corrupt clergy. Plenty of Ameridox hipster converts imagine that we (White, and only White) nationalist Christians are somehow cornered because the priests and bishops have invented a heresy of white nationalism on the spot and declared us heretics of this brand new insta-canon.

But the ancient Faith doesn’t work like that.

Other denominations with different theological precedents have different ways of dealing with this phenomenon. But one thing is certain; We must not allow Christianity to be redefined to mean obeying the Pharisees, absorbing ourselves into the marketplace, and surrendering to the Islamic invaders. We must fight, and we must fight now more than ever. If our remnant does not fight valiantly enough to prove that Christianity is not integrally anti-European, then Christianity will be defeated in Europe when the people rise up to cast out everyone and everything which is set on their destruction.

We Christian nationalists are fighting on two fronts. Within the institutions, we’re fighting a powerful masonic secret society which has redefined the Faith into a radical Marxist universalism which kisses the feet of infidels and spits in the faces of its most humble and vulnerable parishioners. Outside the institutions, we’re fighting the honest and open enemies of Christ who are relying on this situation to confirm that Christianity itself is evil because it entails our genocide.

The only way to defeat the latter is to defeat the former. The only way to save Christianity in the West, to guarantee that it isn’t purged along with everything else anti-European when the tide of identity and patriotism inevitably rolls in, is to fight this battle within our respective churches with everything we have. It is not a battle against non-White, interracial, or multicultural Christians. It is not a fight against the “Christians” who are actively set about destroying our cultures which happen to be racially White.

We are to fight for an authentically inclusive universalism, not a hypocritical universalism which excludes our race and ethnicities. We are to ally with the foreigner and non-White traditionalist Christians who are proving our most reliable allies. This is a global struggle, and it is our enemies, not ourselves, who will be shown to be the wicked ones consumed with racial hatred, racial hatred of Whites folks.

The infidels are spilling through Vienna into the heart of Europe as we speak. The masonic conspirators have embedded themselves behind the iconostases. While physical battle isn’t tactically appropriate at this time, the battle of ideas, the battle of wills, must be fought with the vitality and vigor of a Crusader on the field of battle. The occultists in funny costumes (what is a cassock but a silly dress when the man wearing it is a political agent of subversion?) would have you believe that our immortal souls are imperiled because we fight for tribe and tradition when the opposite is the truth.

If you are among the few who recognize that our ancient Christian tribes and our ancient Christian faith are facing an existential threat, and you don’t call their ecclesiastical bluffs and crash through their saccharine moralizing excuses for White Genocide and Jewish Power, then your immortal soul is imperiled if you refuse to join the fight to rescue Western Christendom at this pivotal hour when its very survival hangs by a thread. Christianity is alive and strong outside the West, and we have brothers abroad who are our allies against the masonic conspiracy. Hold fast, brothers in Christ, because not only do we have allies in the East and Global South, but we have an invincible ally in God and His angels.