David Duke Defeats Alex Jones: We Are Destined to Win

Mark Twain once remarked that a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes. It requires more energy to deconstruct falsehoods than it takes to construct them, a fact which is at the root of Jewish control of the West. Karl Marx’s elaborate system was eventually discredited, but only after hundreds of millions died over the course of a century. Sigmund Freud’s sophistry is pretty much out of vogue in even the most cosmopolitan psychological circles, but only after sending the entire field of psychology down a rabbit hole for the better part of a century. The Frankfurt School perverted sociology for decades and the numerous Jewish distorters of the field of economics achieved a similar diversion.

They can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God’ll cut them down.

In the final analysis, this same phenomenon which facilitated their meteoric rise to global domination and control of every keystone institution in the West has proven their undoing. It takes much longer to disprove a lie than it takes to tell it. In cryptography, it takes much longer to decipher a code than it takes to encode it, a seemingly irrelevant and esoteric mathematical factoid upon which public key cryptography, the security of the deep web, the impenetrability of encrypted messaging, and the efficacy of cryptocurrency rely upon.

The Internet categorically cannot be censored or controlled, and its fruition into an unstoppable force in the service of both truth and the devolution of power can only be retarded; it cannot be stopped. An iterative process is in motion wherein virtual platforms are forced to steadily creep further and further toward truth and freedom in order to retain their credibility and control. It may feel like Zeno’s Arrow, but in time it will pierce through the heart of the Jewish oligarchs and cannibal capitalists, wresting control of our academic, media, governing, and economic institutions.

Consider Facebook. Zuckerberg’s intent on biasing the platform toward his naked globalist agenda, but he only has so much leverage to do so. The problem is that there are numerous competitors nipping at Facebook’s heels, and a mass exodus of users would destroy his profit model and nullify his very platform. There’s a steady tug of war over exactly how much he can censor without risking a stable fork of a considerable subset of users toward a more truthful and free platform.

You didn’t think Facebook, Twitter, and the other major platforms tolerated all the dissident ideas that they do out of a sincere respect for our freedom of expression or sympathy for our ideas, did you?

This same process is playing out with 4chan, reddit, and every other large community on the Internet. While the real institutions are rapidly shifting toward greater and greater censorship, the virtual ones are pulling in the other direction, and eventually the parallax between what people learn from the Internet and what people are allowed to think and say in meatspace will be reconciled. Trump’s candidacy represents one such shift, as the censored masses are rebelling against the controlled leadership who have successfully pushed immigration control out of the Overton Window of accepted beliefs.

Yesterday, Alex Jones interviewed David Duke and was mercilessly stomped by a superior debate opponent with a more truthful worldview. Alex Jones had no choice but to invite Duke on his show because Daily Stormer and other pro-White sites challenged his credibility after he attempted to get away with telling a series of lies about Dr. Duke. Had it not been for Daily Stormer’s activism, Jones’ listeners would have carried on assuming that Duke is a hateful and ignorant fool who wants to genocide black babies, but truth prevailed.

Truth only prevailed because of the power of the Internet. The institutions imagined that the web’s capacity to mobilize anonymous hordes could be controlled, that it could be limited to harassing hapless Scientologists and facilitating death threat campaigns against pro-White conferences. We’re winning that fight on every front. The leftists’ blogs are heavily censored, often not allowing any comments at all, with abysmal Alexa ratings. The SPLC may have hundreds of millions of dollars, hundreds of employees, a bonafide fortress compound, and the ear of America’s intelligence community, but in the battlefront where this war will be decided, a handful of broke goyim with laptops have the upper hand.

Alex Jones posted a heavily edited version of the interview on YouTube featuring a black-and-white photo of menacing klansmen declaring, “Alex Jones Confronts Former KKK Grand Wizard,” but the comments below the video are overwhelmingly supportive of Dr. Duke. After the GOP debate, the mainstream media punditry all declared Trump toast, finished, an absurd sideshow, but they’ve lost the ability to control the narrative, and both Donald Trump and his campaign to control the border just keep gaining and gaining despite all the Jews hissing and spitting up a storm.

And make no mistake. Trump may have Jewish family and be an anti-racist civic nationalist, but his campaign is a clear and direct threat to cardinal Jewish interests on several fronts. Even if Trump apologizes for everything tonight and bows out of the race, his cuckservative opponents will spend the rest of the primaries in the shadow of a man who told a series of powerful truths and offered a series of powerful ideas for stemming our demographic displacement.

God knows where we would be without the Internet. But with it, we are destined to win. All we must do is stand our ground and remain in the struggle long enough to cash in on that inevitable victory. We won’t be the only winners, either. Barack Obama’s refusal to allow the Jews to drag him into a genocidal bloodbath in Iran, and refusal to cave to Israeli pressure on the Iranian negotiations is also a massive victory for truth and freedom. The anti-colonial Third World, represented by Obama and his ilk, have a dignified and independent future to fight for, as well.

Not only are the oligarchs being impeded in their effort to whip up more bloodshed and terror in the Middle East, they’re actually being rolled back. Their mainstream media articles hissing and spitting at Obama and attempting to stir up Christian Zionist fury at Barack Obama and Iran are falling on deaf ears. Their familiar tactics aren’t working, and they’re incapable of maintaining their structural advantages in the new battlefronts opening up all around them.

Americans on both the Left and Right are more knowledgeable about Jewish Power than they were over a decade ago when they tricked us into the Iraq War. It starts with the little things, like bothering to notice that the latest anti-Iran article was indeed written by a Jew. They notice that the article exculpating Jon Pollard is indeed written by a Jew. They notice that the article promoting the next degree of flagrant sexual degeneracy is indeed written by a Jew.

Even if they lack the courage to name the Jew, even if they lack the integrity to explain why they’re not compelled by the arguments offered up by Jewish media and academia, the awakening is happening all the same.

It’s happening. Our work is far from over. In fact, our movement to secure self-determination for our folk remains in its infancy. But this is a time for celebration. Our enemies will keep pushing for more and more wars. They’ll keep pushing for more and more degeneracy. They’ll keep pushing for more and more humiliation and degradation of White Christian males. And they’ll surely enjoy plenty of successes in the years to come. But they’re on borrowed time, as the truth is steadily seeping into more and more minds, and it can no longer be censored or ghettoized.

Hunter Wallace said it best over at Occidental Dissent, “To use a movie analogy, it feels like the iconic scene in Jurassic Park where Dennis Nedry has deactivated the park’s electric fences, and the T-Rex is about to escape from containment.” It may take a while for the velociraptors to escape from our containment zones and overtake the island, but the electric fence has been deactivated and life will find a way against the merchants of death.