Dear White Christian America: I Told You So

“A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, ‘You are mad; you are not like us.’” — St. Anthony the Great

If you stand for Faith, family and folk the globalist elite has an answer for that… Big Brother is watching
If you stand for Faith, family and folk the globalist elite has an answer for that… Big Brother is watching

The moment when you can tell someone “I told you so” is almost always a bittersweet one. In my years of public advocacy for Faith, family and folk I have often been told by conservatives, reactionaries and assorted factions in my own movement that I needed to “stop being so radical” and that I was some form of a modern-day chicken little claiming that the social, cultural and demographic sky was falling.

After the events of just the last few weeks in America, I think anyone with even the slightest interest in politics and issues of Faith can see that the sky over the American Empire truly is beginning to fall. This fall is not some Mad Max-style breakdown like the Alex Jones and survivalist types think it will be, instead we are facing a ramped up assault on all forms of Identity, heritage and Christian Tradition.

I have long said that secession is the only vehicle in which we can preserve our Identity and Faith while many have told me that reform is possible. There cannot be any reform within the American System because the very notion of America is based upon rebellion against hierarchy, the Christian Faith and national identity. While the Tsars of Russia followed a motto of “Autocracy, Orthodoxy, and nationality,” a motto of a true organic and God-fearing nation, America believes in the Enlightenment-era philosophy of “democracy, secularism and globalism.”

You cannot fix a building with a cracked foundation, and current political trends show that no political power can save or reform America. I have been saying that America is beyond redemption for years now, and hopefully you, dear readers, have come to realize that.

The enemy is bringing together hordes of lawyers, the combined international media, activists, and the full weight of the Federal government to crush Traditionalists and wipe us out, lock, stock and barrel. The end of our ability to live in the American Empire is nigh my brothers and sisters and I hate to say it, but I told you so.

The American Empire is built upon the false notion of a proposition nation, radical individualism, and a worship of money above all else. Modern Western society is a fever dream of nihilism in which any form of organic society or Traditional religious beliefs are attacked as being fringe or fundamentalist, while perversions and an endless parade of degeneracy, abortion, drug abuse, and self-worship are celebrated as precious “choices.”

Globalist elites will not make peace with those who simply wish to wish on the outskirts of American society and cling to our families, Bibles and guns. There is no room in America for us to “opt out” of the American society. The enemy smells blood in the water and is coming for everything that we hold dear. No matter what the Republicans or other reactionaries tell us, the Thought Police are headed to your door if you decide to continue living as a slave in this corrupt anti-Christ regime.

Regardless of your views on race or ethnic Identity, if you share views contrary to globalism you are in the gun sites of the globalists. If you think that your children should be taught Biblical principles at home with their family instead of being taught about sodomy and the homosexual movement, you are an enemy of the State. One such example is a family in Florida where both parents were charged “with 10 misdemeanors for what the state says equates to failing to educate their eight children” because they decided to home-school their children. Even if you just want to grow organic produce on your property with the very rain that God sends down onto your privately owned land, guess what? You are looking at jail time, just ask Gary Harrington who “has begun serving a 30-day jail sentence after he built three reservoirs on his property to collect rainwater.”

Even if you are just a conservative Bible-believing Christian, you are looking at having your life and finances ruined by the System for standing up for your religious values. One such case happened just a few days ago when a Christian couple was fined $13,000 for not wanting to host a homosexual “wedding” on their property. The Gifford family was set up by homosexual activists to attempt to discredit and destroy their business. “The phone call, according to the appeal, was secretly recorded by the lesbian couple, who was apparently aware before they made the call that the Giffords did not host same-sex weddings on their property. A legal battle ensued after the lesbian couple filed a discrimination complaint and a judge last summer ordered the Giffords to pay $10,000 to the government and $3,000 to the same-sex couple.”

In modern America, you are not allowed to hold a Christian worldview and quietly bunker down to raise your children or run a small business. The Left is actively hunting down any dissenting voices to their degenerate and satanic agenda. They will use shaming in the media, legal harassment, and “direct action” personal harassment to destroy your ability to provide for your family, lawsuits to cripple you and even get you sent to prison or soon, and law enforcement to control and break all resistance. The enemy has launched a Total War against Traditionalists of every type in America, and I hate to say it… but “I told you so.”

One such example of the globalists attempting to destroy Faith, family and folk is the current policy of following the Orwellian model of making our heroes and ancestors “unpersons.” In George Orwell’s novel 1984 dissidents were not just killed or made to disappear, any record of their very existance was wiped out of public and private record. This is the battle being waged against Confederate symbols, including veterans cemeteries and war monuments. It is not enough to demonize our culture in yearly propaganda pieces in the media, or teach false history to our children in government schools, the enemy wants total victory against Traditionalists by rewriting the past so that they can fully control the future.

The Left is attempting to make our symbols, holidays and heroes disappear because these icons of resistance to tyranny and a link to the past could inspire a revolutionary spirit among our people. To know that breaking free of the chains of the Empire is an option is something that the System cannot allow our people to know.

Just like in Orwell’s 1984 in the Soviet Union if a person fell of our favor with the regime and was killed, he became an unperson.
Just like in Orwell’s 1984 in the Soviet Union if a person fell of our favor with the regime and was killed, he became an unperson.

The tragedy in Charleston is being used not as an opportunity to find ways to solve racial tension and problems in America, but instead it is being used as an opportunity for the radical Left and their conservative shoe-shine boys in the Republican Party to launch a full court press against not just the symbols of White–specifically Southern–Identity.

The Confederate Battle Flag is a symbol of hundreds of thousands of men who gave life and limb in the defense of their society, their families, and their Homeland. The flag is a symbol of men being willing to put it all on the line and suffer unimaginable hardship on the field of battle and in horrific prison camps for their beliefs and Traditions. The Confederate battle flag also represents the millions of Southern women and children who suffered starvation and deprivation to support the war effort to make the Southland a free nation.

The Confederate Battle Flag has flown for over one hundred and fifty years as a proud symbol of a unique people, the Southern people. I do not ask or expect other ethnic communities to give the same reverence to the flag that my people do, just as I could not properly appreciate with the proper depth the symbols of another people. However, I do feel that honoring our war dead and the values of the men who fought for Dixie should be respected and held up as paragons of Christian virtue. The Confederate soldier followed the call in John 15:13 of “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

The Traditionalist worldview toward ethnic differences is to respect each individual people expressing their history and their culture within their own communities. In a Traditionalist world, Confederate symbols would be honored and revered in the South while the feelings of White liberals in New York or San Francisco would be irrelevant.

My message to other communities is leave my extended family alone, you have your own Identity and you should follow it, not spend your time desecrating the memory of my ancestors and attempting to rewrite history.

In modern America though, there can be no tolerance for dissenting worldviews or narratives. It’s an unending march for “equality” under a globalist banner in which every people has been stripped of their past, their present, and their future. The globalists wish to steamroll Identity, history, and Tradition throughout the globe. From the dusty streets of Palestine to the shores of Cuba and here in the land of Dixie, all national and cultural Identities are under attack.

Those who believe that Conservative Inc can save us must only take a look at the current political situation to know that the reactionaries will actively work against us, not for us. The Republican Governor of South Carolina and of Alabama could not wait to jump in line with the Democrats and various outside agitator groups to win political correctness points by spitting upon the memory of the Confederate war dead. CNN reported that “Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley has directed that four Confederate flags be taken down from a Confederate memorial at the state capitol. Bentley’s order comes just two days after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley asked state lawmakers to remove the flag from her state’s capitol… the move [of the flags from the memorial] will be permanent.”

Conservatives were only too happy to tear down Confederate flags from veterans memorials, what makes you think they won’t do that to every symbol of Faith and Tradition?
Conservatives were only too happy to tear down Confederate flags from veterans memorials, what makes you think they won’t do that to every symbol of Faith and Tradition?

The majority of Southerners in a wide variety of polls have said they want the flags to remain at the various monuments to Confederate veterans throughout the South, but the conservative political class care more about their supposed “legacy” than the wishes of their constituents or their duty to uphold the gallant sacrifices of their ancestors. Throughout America, a majority of Americans accept the media narrative against the flag with “57% of Americans see the flag more as a symbol of Southern pride than as a symbol of racism” Polls, votes, and most importantly, the Truth, are irrelevant to a political class who care more about the shekels deposited in their reelection funds than standing for any sort of principles.

Taking down Confederate flags from veterans’ memorials is especially reprehensible because these flags are not political statements, they are posted at memorials specifically dedicated to the men who fought and died underneath that flag in service to the Confederacy. If there is any place the flag of an army should fly on our soil, it is at the graves and monuments of the soldiers who were willing to give their lives underneath that flag. The Confederate Battle Flag is specifically a soldier’s flag, not the flag of the Confederate government, a flag for the armed forces of the CSA. While I wholeheartedly support the Confederate ideals, even those who are opposed to the Confederacy should have some semblance of respect for these soldiers.

I believe that the graves of the soldiers of the Red Army should fly a Hammer and Sickle flag over their graves and monuments, the Indians who fought the American settlers should have tribal flags displayed, and any soldier regardless of their Cause should be given respect in death and honored the same as any other soldier who fell in service to a nation or ideology that they were willing to die for. That is a key difference between Traditionalism and globalism. Traditionalism is based in respect and dignity for all peoples and cultures while honoring history, while globalism desires to create a human population utterly reliant on consumerism and atheism where no group has any form of expression for their unique triumphs, sacrifices, and Identities.

The eye of America will never stop hunting you and your family.
The eye of America will never stop hunting you and your family.

I proudly fly my Confederate flag to honor my ancestors, right next to my Southern nationalist flag, and this is why the globalists must destroy any display of the flag even in graveyards or at monuments, any living pride in our Confederate ancestors could be enough to spark people to realize that the values of localism and secession could be the fix to our current political and social situation. Only through secession can we hope to keep the memory of our ancestors alive and bring to fruition the dream they died for.

America has become the new Babylon. The Jewish-led banking and media elite set the tune, but traitors among every ethnic group, especially Whites, are more than happy to betray their God, their Identity, and their extended family for the sake of praise, profit, and power. The government is actively persecuting those who think they can bunker down and hide from the System.

Soon our priests and pastors will be taken to jail for refusing homosexual “marriage” ceremonies in the House of the Lord, our churches will be bankrupted through endless lawsuits and cries of discrimination, our children will be carted off to government reeducation centers in the name of promoting “equality” and “social justice.” There is nowhere left to hide from the Eye of America.

Through a centralized police State infrastructure we already know that our phone calls, emails, web searches, and even the books we check out at the local library are monitored by the American regime. The noose around the neck of White Christians who only wish to be left alone will keep tightening until people realize that we cannot coexist as citizens of a regime that hates our history, our ancestors, our people, and our Traditions.

The only path forward is secession. We must become free from the Satanic American regime that revels in its sins. America has enshrined the murder of over fifty million babies as “freedom”, the Supreme Court has called degeneracy and sin a “civil right” while they stand by and let God’s definition of marriage be mocked. The judgment coming to America will be righteous and it will be severe because as Scripture tells us in Galatians 6:7 “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” We must stand up for the sanctity of life, of Biblical values, and the right of every people to have their own Traditions and Homelands, free from globalist imperialism and moral degeneracy.

Saint Paisios of Mount Athos said “Difficult times are ahead. Great trials await us. Christians will suffer great persecutions. Meanwhile, it’s obvious that people don’t understand that we’re on the verge of the end times, that the seal of the Antichrist is becoming a reality.” We are facing the end of days my brothers and sisters, so say so many of the blessed Saints. It is with this mindset we must band together to stand for the Truth, no matter what the cost.

The Left and Conservative Inc will not stop their move to control every aspect of our lives. They desire to take away our ability to educate our children, to be able to have businesses in which we have morals, take away our ability to worship our God and keep His commandments and they even strive for the total demographic destruction of unique ethnic groups.

Every century has a battle between different worldviews and the battle of the 21st century is globalism versus nationalism. Nationalism and the creation of organic communities that respect the dignity of every person and our Traditions is something we should all we willing to fight for. This struggle is global, for the rights and dignity of every ethnic and cultural group to have a right to self-determination. For us in America, our only hope is to use our political organization to break free from America and her globalist masters.

Secede to survive brothers and sisters, for if we do not; ourselves and our families will suffer under the boot-heel of a regime that hates us, hates God, and wishes to eradicate all that is good from the Earth. The enemy will not stop, they will not accept compromises or pleas, only through breaking free can we ensure our children and generations to come can live healthy lives, both physically and spiritually.

We must chart a new course for our people and for every people. Trust me on this, I’d hate to have to say “I told you so” again.