Forging the Traditionalist International: Uniting in St. Petersburg

After the fall of the Soviet Union, Russia has spent the last generation rebuilding itself socially and spiritually to reassert itself as the defender of Christendom and the Third Rome, the heir of the Byzantine Empire. With this rediscovered purpose of supporting Tradition, Christianity, and identity; the Russian government has been leading the charge to organize and create a new bloc of nationalists, anti-globalists, and Christians to form what some could call the Traditionalist International.

The first step towards creating an official nationalist umbrella organization for Traditionalists around the globe was taken this past month with a pan-nationalist gathering in Saint Petersburg, and the implications could be huge not only in Russia and in Europe, but also here in the belly of the beast, the United States.

This is not the first time that Russia has positioned itself to be a guide and center to a political and social worldview. During the Soviet Union the Soviet government created what the world knew as the Comintern or Communist International. The purpose of the Comintern was to unite communists from around the world to work to advance communism not only in Russia, but to every nation on the planet.

The policies of the Comintern were the “overthrow of the international bourgeoisie and for the creation of an international Soviet republic as a transition stage to the complete abolition of the State.”

The goal of the Comintern was worked for through the cooperation of communist parties and movements from different countries, funding of communist activists and movements and the creating of a forum in which communists could come up with strategy, propaganda and tactics to advance the communist revolution.

Using Russian money and leadership, the Comintern and successor pan-communist organizations we able to have a large impact of both national and international politics in Europe and the world. The Communist Party USA was able to get millions of dollars a year to engage in running candidates for political office and engaging in a wide field of political activism. With funding from overseas, the CPUSA was able to become a large player in the American labor movement, three Democratic congressmen were secretly Communist Party members, their publications reached hundreds of thousands of people around the nation and the CPUSA was even able to elect communists to local and state-level positions.

Even though the CPUSA has been without large amounts of international funding and support following the collapse of the Soviet Union, the CPUSA is still able to use the foundation built over decades to push their worldview in both radical and mainstream politics. The current chairmen of the CPUSA John Bachtell wrote last year that “we we are about building the broad people’s movement led by labor that utilizes the vehicle of the Democratic Party to advance its agenda.” Without a doubt the CPUSA still is able to influence the Democratic Party on both a national and local level through their trained street activists and infrastructure, especially in areas like key areas like Chicago, New York and the West coast.

While the goals of international communism are the exact opposite of Traditionalism, the effectiveness of the Communist International and communist organizing in the Western world is a model of how a Russian-backed Traditionalist movement could get the training and resources needed into the hands of activists to begin changing the political discourse in our homelands.

Political knowledge and strategy are neutral, they are simply tools that can be used for any political side or faction to advance their cause. The strategy of the far-Left during the 20th century undoubtedly worked to advance the Communist worldview throughout the West, these strategies can be used to also allow Traditionalists to advance a love of Faith, family and folk to our people and rebuild our nations.

The first Russian International Conservative Forum that was held as a forum and staging ground to bring together nationalist Russians including Cossacks, Golden Dawn, the German NPD, former British National Party leader Nick Griffin, Forza Nuova and other groups to find common ground to begin building a world-wide alliance to find ways to work together to advance the goals of Faith, family and folk.

Each of these political parties and groups that came to the forum have stated objectives in their respective manifestos in retaking their nations from the influence of globalist Jewish bankers, NATO, the European Union and from cultural Leftism that has overtaken Europe in the post-war period.

This meeting in Saint Petersburg allowed nationalists and Traditionalists to share ideas with one another and lay a groundwork for friendship for future alliances, a very similar start to the beginning on the Communist International. The success of European nationalist political parties advances the interest of Europeans and also those of Russia.

To the Russians, the dissolution of NATO and the EU would stop the most obvious threat to Russian sovereignty of the 21st century. America and the EU are both working to advance the globalist agenda of destroying nations, religion and folkish culture in order to bring about a new world order of enslaved consumers that is beholden to the Jewish elite and their various lackeys that have betrayed their own people for a few shekels and pieces of silver.

The toppling of Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, Hosni Mubarak, and many other regimes that stood against the idea of a Zionist plantation planet stand as examples of what happens if the globalists are allowed to win. The leaders of the people will be removed and in their place various puppet regimes very similar to the banana republics of South America where foreign business and banking interests control every facet of the nation.

The globalist overthrow of the Ukrainian government in an artificial AstroTurf coup shows that these forced regime changes are not limited to the Third World, they are coming to Europe and any place where a people has decided to reject the advances of the elites. If nationalists and Traditionalists do not come together to fight the common foe, our enemy will pick us off one nation at a time until no shred of organic society remains on the face of the Earth.

If nationalism fails, all people will suffer the consequences, not only select groups, …all of humanity. If Tradition fails, our children and grandchildren will inherit a world that is degenerate, secular, borderless, and empty, with only the various passions of the flesh to distract them from having lost connection to their God, their family and their people.

Nationalists in Europe are against their nations being under the boot-heel of the European Union which dictates member states’ immigration policies, social policies, and even firearm laws. There is no national sovereignty in Europe as long as the European Union remains in existence just as individual States in America have no power as long as the Federal government lords over us all.

It benefits both European nationalists and Christians to unite with Russia to achieve goals that secure the existence of our Faith, family, and folk against the rising tide of atheism and multiculturalism. As Benjamin Franklin famously said “If we don’t hang together, by Heavens we shall hang separately” a lesson that we should remember. There is either revolution and total victory or total defeat, there is no middle ground.

To break the chains of oppression that are keeping our people down, Europeans must rally together to create a Traditionalist International. Russia has the finances and the spiritual position to be a leader in uniting various nationalist and Traditionalist factions to work to destabilize and eventually destroy the agenda of the European Union, NATO and the United States. By pushing for a new global crusade against the enemy we are beginning a Holy war to save everything that we hold dear.

Uniting under the same banner to help one another, fund one another and fight together is the future, and I hope and pray that this first meeting of nationalists in Russia will lead to a full scale alliance between the various factions of Tradition that are spread around the world. Hail the coming of the Traditionalist International and hail our victory for God will it!