TradYouth Protests Tim Wise at IU-Bloomington (Humiliating organized leftists ver. 2.0)

Almost exactly three years ago to the day I held a one-man rally on Bloomington’s sqaure in defense of celebrating our White heritage. I was laughed at, shouted down, beaten with steel batons, had my (very nice) hat stolen, and also lost my sign to the protesters’ grabby hands.

The protesters joked, laughed, and congratulated themselves about how they chased me out of town. It couldn’t be further from the truth. That was only the beginning of my activism in Bloomington, and it has only increased in size and intensity from that point. For all of our opposition’s energy they have not managed to chase anyone out of Bloomington, nor discouraged us in the slightest.

That place where I demonstrated almost three years ago to the day is exactly where we started our demonstration against Tim Wise. We marched the five city blocks down Kirkwood Ave., onto campus, and then marched straight into our opposition outside the Indiana Memorial Union to hold our demonstration.

It was a veritable who’s-who when looking at our opposition. South Side Chicago ARA, Hoosier Anti Racist Movement, Btown HARM, Anarchist Black Cross Bloomington, Btown Justice, Stop the Kyriarchy, Students Against Intolerance, Cop Block Indianapolis, and Occupy Bloomington with their combined forces could not stop us from demonstrating, could not stop us from delivering our message, and they all worked together splendidly presenting themselves as a prime example of how a confused people can actively work to promote and protect a man, Tim Wise, who defames and vilifies the very culture and society responsible for creating our beautiful IU-Bloomington campus with its amazing buildings, and our wonderful city.

Members of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University were joined by comrades from White Advocacy Movement, American Vikings, Supreme White Alliance, Robert Ransdell, Ride to End White Genocide, National Youth Front, and new friends from the Bloomington area who connected with us through Daily Stormer and Stormfront. This was a multi-group effort fighting the same enemy from the same barrier, and we delivered something that Bloomington has not seen in at least 50 years. Tonight, this was history, and it would not have been possible without the support and backing from members of the extended White Nationalist and Identitarian communities. To all other pro-White groups in and around our area, please drop us a line and we would love to come help you with one of your demos.

We calmly strolled five city blocks to our demo site on campus. This was more than a half mile, and we had zero resistance the entire way. We demonstrated outside of Tim Wise’s lecture hall for more than an hour, speaking with our opposition and debating them when they were able to articulately speak in whole sentences. The rest of the time we red-pilled them until they could speak in whole sentences. Literally. When they wouldn’t respond to words we pelted them with cinnamon red hots. We literally red-pilled the opposition in real life with fiery cinnamon-flavored truths. Good thing for us that we’re already red pilled, so it didn’t make a bit of difference when they threw them right back. Once you’re red-pilled, there’s no going back.

We stand for Western Civilization and traditional Christian values, which is almost exactly everything that Tim Wise opposes. No amount of threats, violence, or vandalism will stop us from fighting for what we believe in. We believe in protecting the nation, we believe in protecting our faith, folk, and family. We believe the state has an integral responsibility to defend these things, too, but it is our charge when the state is negligent in its duty and our people are living in their self-inflicted suffering and pain of white guilt, secularism, liberalism, democracy, and multiculturalism.

The best our opposition can do for a counter demonstration is to act out like violent little children. They scream, kick, punch, spit, and throw their own urine and feces. Yet, they believe it defiles us and not themselves to behave as beasts. Such behavior is par for the course with them, and this protest was no different. Violence and advocating for violence are actually two of Tim Wise’s favorite techniques for shutting down his opposition. Wise is well known for his infamous tweet telling people to aim guns at Florida TEA Party supporters, and more recently saying he regrets having been unable to join in the fight against us when we demonstrated against him at Indiana State University in Terre Haute. Clearly, Wise thinks that violence against White people is the solution. Occasional lip service to the contrary doesn’t change the fact that he enjoys seeing violent leftists attack white people for saying that we don’t need or want his guilt-trips and lies in our communities. Universities don’t seem to mind this either, and they just don’t seem willing to connect the fact that violent leftists attack those who demonstrate against Tim Wise.

There was no need for TYN leadership to disrupt Wise’s lecture. Our message had already been delivered by the student paper, the city paper, and various social media news platforms days and weeks prior the actual event. Tonight was a show of unity and a declaration that Tim Wise is not welcome in our city. Members of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University performed a very aggressive activism and awareness campaign over the last 30 days. Our total activism on campus has been so aggressive that Indiana University did not advertise that Wise would be speaking here on the 11th. There was zero advertising that Wise would speak here on the 11th. The university even went so far as over-painting our own messages in violation of their own student free speech code. You can spin it any way you like, but the truth of the matter is that we won long before Wise stepped onto campus for his “lecture.” The only other thing that the university could do at that point was to make a last-minute change of speaking location (like what happened at Cincinnati University), or cancel his speaking engagement altogether. In fact, Tim Wise delivered our message himself when he responded to TradYouth@IU member George Skanderbeg’s article on Jewish privilege.

This is basically exactly what it was like watching the AntiFa throw rocks at us with their baby pinko arms. Be sure the check out the rest of Iron Pill The Iron Pill comics.
This is basically exactly what it was like watching the AntiFa throw rocks at us with their baby pinko arms. Be sure to check out the rest of The Iron Pill comics.

My old friends Edward Vasquez and Joseph “Ninety Nine Percent” Varga were both in attendance. The both of them had an entire month to prepare for this event and the best they could muster were a handful of limp-wristed bitchy little children with unpainted banners (which we promptly stole, shred, re-purposed and lit cigars with.) The most hilarious part of the demonstration was when Vasquez became so furious with his self righteousness that he literally started spitting, mumbling, and grunting. Thanks for making the night worthwhile, Eddy. In true chicken hawk-fashion, Varga stood back and let his confused hands-up-look-at-me kiddies limply throw rocks at us and run their filthy gutter-mouths. I wonder if those kids’ mothers know that such filth was pouring out from those lips. For the record, Bloomington has the faggiest Anti-Fascists in the world. They can’t even throw rocks with any kind of energy. You so-called “anti fascists” were so badly embarrassed tonight that I’d be amazed if any of you ever try to put on another smash-the-fasch-counter-demo again. (What now, bitches?)

Towards the end of the demo a black woman hushed the crowd and tried to get everybody to stop with the chanting matches. When she expressed support for us and said that we should stop fighting each other, some other screechy voiced white counter-demonstrator screamed “FUCK YOU!” The left will devour their own if they show even a modicum of tolerance for our side or try to discourage the leftists from acting out against us. This was right up there on the TOPLEL-scale with the time that Bloomington anti-fascists attacked a black cop at a Black Lives Matter demo on MLK day. This is a comedy that writes itself.

We left from the demo at 7:00pm. The demonstration was finished, our message had long since been delivered, and there was pizza and beer waiting on us at Buhlshöff. If you believe that we were chased away from the demo site, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you (gently used, sold as-is, no warranty, cash only…). If we wanted to trash the so-called “anti-fascists,” they would have all been carted off in an ambulance. Our stroll back to the Rockwell’ish white(power) van was led by the “hard core” black bloc anti-fascists. When we arrived at the square and were outside Fountain Square Mall things started to get a bit more exciting.

The Anti-Fascists started fighting the cops, as opposed to “smashing the fash.” Not one of our event participants left with even as much as a scratch from the maladjusted little children who came to fight us tonight. We all went home for beer and pizza, and they went to the Gray Bar Motel for an all-expenses-paid overnight stay downtown. Don’t think that we aren’t going to get your booking information through public records requests. We’ll make you famous. We might even put your face on the front of our first mix-tape album, and, no, you won’t get any royalties because that photo is part of the public domain now.

While watching Bloomington’s finest smash the anti-fash into the sidewalk we stood over the top of them shouting “HASTA LA VISTA ANTI-FASCISTA!!!’ and “DON’T FORGET! COPS AND KLAN GO HAND IN HAND!” Their humiliation and embarrassment is something that we will bring up at any moment’s notice should they boast about making the Bloomington scene ever again. We piled into the “hate mobile” (thank you, Budget Rent-a-Car!) and then made our way back to the west side to watch play-by-play updates on Twitter (search term “trad youth”). By the way, to the silly tart who took a photo of the license plate: you didn’t “doxx” shit. You can find that van at the Budget rental car lot at 912 S Walnut St. Don’t forget to screech “smaaaaash the faaaaaschhhhh” while trying to save some face.

IU-Bloomington receives the “friendly fascist stamp of approval.” We have also received some of the most fair and balanced news coverage seen anywhere courtesy of the Herald-Times and the student paper, the Indiana Daily Student. The Indiana Daily Student has been a perfect example of what objective news should look like. For real, you guys and gals at the IDS are the best (even if you wish I would just go away.) I’m a student of the Ernie Pyle School of Journalism (now part of the Media School) and I wouldn’t dream of having gone anywhere else in the world for a college education in journalism.

This is what happens when the White Nationalist community unites to fight a common foe and to deliver the message of traditional Christian values and Western Civilization to our people. We fight together, we speak together, and our people hear us together. This demonstration could not have happened without our generous sponsors and material donors. You are the ones who made this possible, and you are the ones who helped us bring the fight to the street. When TYN promises a demonstration, we deliver, and we look forward to having everyone at our next demonstration.