Andrew Anglin Isn’t Radical Enough

A healthy debate has broken out in White Nationalist circles on the proper imaging, tone, and direction of the movement. It began with Ohio nationalist Robert Ransdell’s “With Jews You Lose” campaign, which RamZPaul objected to for being tone deaf. Andrew Anglin, the editor of the popular neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, leaped to Ransdell’s defense. Then everybody else dove in.

Anglin’s propaganda theory is correct. There can be and should be more polished and bourgeois outlets targeting different audiences, but any serious movement necessarily requires a bold and unapologetic presentation at its core, one which makes its case with vivid imagery and direct language, one which connects with the central driving force behind every street revolt: a minority subset of intelligent yet alienated and aggressive young men. Anglin’s “Full Retard” approach is masterfully executed, and his Daily Stormer site achieves more traffic and influence than most of his critics combined.

If the goal is a relatively modern and secular state which happens to be loyal to its nation rather than to its lenders, then Anglin’s execution is correct. As he notes, reviving national socialism and fighting its predominantly Jewish opposition requires breaking through the wall of WWII and Holocaust propaganda which has been erected between ourselves and that goal. Rhetorical schemes to pole vault over the wall, tunnel under it, or find a way around it are all well and good, but the best hope would lie in busting directly through the wall with rhetorical explosives, embracing and championing Hitler and the National Socialists, all the way down to the aesthetics and agitprop.

Why reinvent the wheel when your opposition has already firmly planted all the necessary themes in the target audience’s mind, leaving only the unfinished business of subverting those themes and inverting the propaganda back against fascism’s opposition? After all, speaking from street experience, nothing says opposition to White Genocide and Jewish Power as succinctly or directly as a big scary swastika. Nice guys in polos making friendly pleas for reasonable concessions from the current system aren’t going to inspire either confidence, action, or results. “Advocacy”, “influence”, and graft-oriented politicking are entirely within the opposing system’s frame, and categorically cannot break out of that frame.

The flaw in Anglin’s model is that Nazism isn’t radical enough. For all the exaggerations, distortions, and lies about the NS regime, it was a 20th century political answer to 20th century political problems. The Nazis were a political party with no coherent religious or metaphysical vision. A lot of the early leadership were folk religionist, the rank-and-file were almost entirely Christian, and Hitler himself was about as close to being an atheist as a politician is allowed to be. They were a proportionate reaction to the threat of Bolshevism on the horizon, offering both Christian workers and their employers a robust alternative to the threat of Jewish Bolshevism.

Nazism isn’t the answer to today’s problems. Marxism is moribund, and global capitalism is realizing its most pernicious goals. The decline of religiosity since then has been precipitous, resulting in a spiritual crisis with real political consequences. The Jewish Problem has metastasized greatly since then, with their religious, cultural, and financial influences having been deeply internalized by our people, to the point that merely identifying and expelling the Jews themselves at this late stage in their subversion of our society would achieve little in the way of curing our sickness.

William Dudley Pelley
William Dudley Pelley

Confidently and directly rejecting and opposing Jewish influence and inclusion is all well and good, but only building our immunity, as individuals and as a society, to the means and methods of corruption will confer meaningful protection. Only a fervent religious awakening to purge ourselves of sin and vice will actually work. This is necessary both in our temporal and ethnic context. We Americans have a rich tradition of fervent religious awakenings. In fact, the American analogue to Nazism, William Dudley Pelley’s Silver Shirt movement, was a Christian mystical project.

To the extent that there remains a coherent Anglo-Celtic “White American” identity, that identity is fundamentally less collectivist and more religious in nature than the German identity within which Nazism emerged. Comparatively, we’re a nation of opportunists, religious zealots, and loners. The ethnic German who embraces ideological libertarianism retains certain instinct to be a “team player” that an ethnic American who embraces a collectivist ideology lacks.

Corneliu Codreanu’s Romanian Iron Guard was superficially similar to and allied with Germany’s National Socialist regime. Both carry the largely meaningless and derogatory epithet “fascism”. Yet the former was distinct from the latter in critical ways which make it a firmly superior model to emulate. Most importantly, Codreanu understood Christianity’s roots-deep challenge to the Pharisees (contemporary Jews) in a way that the Germans never did. To the limited extent that the Germans of the time grappled with Christianity, it was with the mistaken premise that Christianity was an integrally Jewish religion to be contorted and adapted toward their political goals, rather than the metaphysical answer to and final negation of the Jewish Project.

Only the Jews grasp how dangerous Christianity can be if understood and applied properly, which explains their fear and contempt for it even as it appears not only neutralized but adapted to their interests in the form of Christian Zionism and its derivatives. Secular and folkish White Nationalists, and even most Christian White Nationalists, fail to grasp that even if one opposes Jewry and defends identity through the front door, our sins serve as numerous unlocked windows, open ventilation ducts, and basement doors through which they can readily enter. How many of us rail against Jewry while eagerly gobbling up their pornography and subversive entertainment? How many of us bemoan our demographic plight while making selfish and prideful decisions which leave us childless and disengaged from our communities? How many of us are motivated by greed and fear of poverty to abstain from speaking and acting in bold defense of our family, folk, and faith?

The typical refrain from the White Nationalist community is that I’m “blaming the victim” when I draw attention to our defects as a people and as a movement, and they’re at least partially correct. Much of our plight is our fault, and there’s much we’re empowered to do as individuals, as a movement, and as a society to protect and strengthen ourselves against Jewish subversion and the degenerative impact of global capitalism.

The 20th Century German folk were a far less degenerate people than we are today, and mere Nazism may have been sufficient for them. Personally, for ourselves, in our current situation, I believe the answer lies in a fervent vanguard of legionary religious zealots who invest at least as much time in the Inner Crusade against our familiar vices as we do in the Outer Crusade against the usual suspects.