Our Sabbatical

Heimbach and I have, in accordance with the request of our priest, chosen to take a sabbatical from the project. We don’t know how long it will be, anywhere from a few days to permanent, depending on how things play out. What does a man do when his championship of Authority and Tradition results in his traditional authority prohibiting his life’s work immediately and without warning? It’s a profound riddle, one we’ll be digesting during our ongoing discourse with the Church.

I’m disappointed to the brink of illness, as my conviction remains that my White American people do have a right to exist. I don’t believe that my people are uniquely undeserving among all the world’s people of advocacy and stewardship. I believe that the Holy Tradition of the Church is on our side. I believe that those who insist that Christianity is integrally anti-White will be proven wrong in due time.

This is not our project, alone. It’s not our place to “shut it down” or “turn off comments”. To do so would be to sabotage the work of others. We are going to humble ourselves to pastoral guidance, affording them the time they need to fully digest what exactly we are and what exactly we stand for. We are going to humble ourselves to their guidance and wisdom, approaching the dialogue with open hearts and minds.