Ding Dong Mandela’s Dead

Today at the age of ninety five the butcher of Church Street has breathed his last breath on this Earth. Finally after generations of being the mastermind behind the destruction of the nation of South Africa and the demographic destruction of the Afrikaner people, Nelson Mandela is finally dead. Throughout his many years he has flooded the streets of South Africa with blood, tears with the support of International Communism. Praised by the Left around the world as a “pacifist”, Mandela ordered bombings, beatings, and countless acts of horror to be perpetrated to advance his war against the Whites of Rhodesia and South Africa. There are few greater myths of the modern age than the alleged Sainthood of Nelson Mandela. Mandela was a communist, a murderer, a terrorist, and a thug, and he will not be missed by anyone except for Leftists and fools.

The list of Mandela’s crimes is astonishingly long. Offered freedom in exchange for renouncing violence, Mandela instead decided to spend twenty seven years in prison on the principle of keeping violence at the forefront of his campaign to destroy South Africa. A list of just some of his crimes that he was indicted for is telling of his character.

“the preparation, manufacture and use of explosives—for the purpose of committing acts of violence and destruction in the aforesaid Republic, (the preparation and manufacture of explosives, according to evidence submitted, included 210,000 hand grenades, 48,000 anti-personnel mines, 1,500 time devices, 144 tons of ammonium nitrate, 21.6 tons of aluminum powder and a ton of black powder);

(b) the art of warfare, including guerrilla warfare, and military training generally for the purpose in the aforesaid Republic;

(ii) Further acts of violence and destruction, (this includes 193 counts of terrorism committed between 1961 and 1963);

(iii) Acts of guerrilla warfare in the aforesaid Republic;

(iv) Acts of assistance to military units of foreign countries when involving the aforesaid Republic;”

Mandela was not just a low rent terrorist, he was a commander of an armed campaign to terrorize the Afrikaner people into giving away their country. From wrapping burning tires around the necks of political enemies, including civilians, to using horrendous explosive devices against entirely innocent White men, women, and children, Mandela proved time and time again that he was a violent murderer who truly hated Whites, to the point of pushing for their utter cultural and demographic extinction. With the international Jewish propaganda mill to turn out lie and lie to advance the idea that Mandela was a “peaceful reformer” he was able to continue a decades long terrorist campaign.This was a war of extinction, and Mandela was in it to utterly destroy White culture, society, and people.

Afrikaners of South Africa throughout history have proved themselves a resilient people. At the Weenen massacre, nearly 200 men, women, and children were slaughtered by Zulu warriors. Despite watching friends and family be brutally stabbed to death in the bloodbath, the surviving Voortrekkers rallied and defeated the numerically superior Zulu forces. The battle of Blood River in which less than a thousand Afrikaners defeated nearly 20,000 Zulu warriors (killing three thousand of them) and taking only three wounded is the definition of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds. In the Vryheidsoorloë or “Boer Wars” the white South Africans faced the might of the most powerful nation in the world, the British Empire. Nearly half a million British soldiers fought a genocidal war against the Boer civilian population to subjugate and conquer the Orange Free State and the Transvaal Republic. The Boers cost the British more in money and lives than any war from 1815 to the First World War through a tenacious defense of their homeland. A “scorched earth” policy had to be used to starve the Boers into submission. British forces bragged they were turning Transvaal into a “smoking desert” by destroying crops, homes, and livestock of the civilian population. The British Empire starved close to 30,000 Boer women and children to death in the first concentration camps by withholding food, hygienic supplies, and medicine from the civilians. It would appear by looking at the historical record that the Afrikaners could seemingly overcome any opposition, but the sad truth is that in South Africa today the proud and noble Afrikaner people are in the midst of extermination.
White South Africans gave years of selfless sacrifice to the world. From feeding the starving citizens of West Berlin in the Berlin airlift, battling in the air alongside Rhodesian pilots to stop the communist takeover of South Korea, being the only nation on earth to choose to disarm all of its stockpiles of nuclear weapons, and gave an honest chance to the black majority to help build a republic that respected all human rights they continued to show good faith both domestically and abroad.

Strong Christian values have long been the bedrock of Afrikaner society. The Afrikaners banned abortion while they were in power (only to be repealed by the black majority in 1994), did not allow the sale of pornography, and even closed businesses on the Sabbath Day in accordance with Christian law. Moves against rampant gambling and homosexuality stopped the spread of moral decay within Afrikaner society while initiatives aimed at promoting the family and traditional values helped strengthen the culture and community.

Afrikaners have also played a role on the global stage due to the strong anti-communist stance they took from the earliest days of the Cold War. South Africa stood as a bulwark against the spread of Soviet style communism through the African continent. Americans even approached South Africa to help the Contras of Nicaragua in the mid 1980s. South Africa steadfastly stood behind Taiwan against Communist China under Afrikaner rule and against communist nations across the globe. As nations around the word cowered at the USSR, South Africa remained defiant against the might of Russia and those behind the Iron Curtain.

The worst fears of the so called “radicals” of the white minority that were discounted in the early 1990s now have come true.Plaasmoorde What resulted in South Africa under the communist backed African National Congress instead of a multicultural paradise has become a land in which white citizens have been placed under animalistic attacks. The Plaas Moordeor “Farm murders” has resulted in the slaughter of thousands of white farmers based purely on the color of their skin. The barbaric culture of this “new” South Africa places it as one of the most dangerous places in the world. The danger to women of being sexually assaulted is staggering “One in four men in South Africa have admitted to rape and many confess to attacking more than one victim”. The women of South Africa now have a higher chance of being raped than learning how to read. Murder rates following the end of apartheid are also some of the highest in the world especially in comparison to the United States. “ Interpol recorded the per capita murder rate in the USA as 6 per 100 000, while in South Africa it was 59 per 100 000.”

On top of the record high crime rates, South Africa is currently in a state of “functional decay” according to experts. “30% of roads are in a bad or very bad condition… the average age of the locomotives is 35 years..the country’s water purification works show that some 56% of the 821 plants are either in a critical situation or do not function properly. This implies that millions of liters of sewage waste – not treated or purified – are dumped in rivers and streams.”
South Africa’s prison system has the second highest percentage of prisoners per capita of any nation. This is unsurprising considering South Africa having the highest percentage of “assaults, rapes, and murders with firearms in the world.” Rape, sodomy, drugs, and the nearly 20 percent HIV infection rate in the civilian population has resulted in 41.4 percent of inmates having AIDS or HIV.

In South Africa in this age of rampant self inflicted disease (AIDS), murder, rape, and deplorable conditions for infrastructure how could it get any worse? If you are an Afrikaner you not only face the threats of South African society at large, you are facing the very extermination of your people. The Afrikaner language of Afrikaans, culture, and people are being driven to the brink of oblivion, with hardly a dissenting voice coming from the leadership of South Africa. This silence is not due to the government not caring about the plight of Afrikaners, it is due to the fact they are the ones who have orchestrated the systematic slaughter of the white minority.

The terrorist organization the African National Congress which took power in 1994 has been waging a war against the whitesMandela_communist of South Africa for decades. Men like Nelson Mandela who are regularly featured as grandfatherly figures by the liberal media are in reality bloodthirsty terrorists. One of the few accurate things from the Clint Eastwoods film Invictus was the line spoken by an Afrikaner following the release of terrorist Nelson Mandela from prison and his ascendancy to the Presidency of South Africa “This is the day our country went to the dogs.” Communists and black supremacists form the bedrock of the new South African government. Former Chinese political prisoner and human rights activist Harry Wu said of the second post apartheid South African President that “Thabo Mbeki, is definitely a communist. Recently, he went to Cuba to meet with Castro, and he was trained in Moscow.”

Nelson Mandela has far more in common with the thugs behind the Rwandan genocide than the heroic freedom fighter he is touted to be. Mandela supported a brutal campaign of terrorist violence that targeted men, women, and children based simply on the color of their skin. Few remember that he was offered freedom by the South African government if only he would renounce violence, he declined the offer on multiple occasions. In his book “Long Walk to Freedom” Mandela admits that he authorized the Church Street Bombing in 1983. Mandela who was serving time in prison for prior terrorist activities, signed off on the bombing which killed nearly two dozen and wounded over two hundred. This was not the first time that the armed wing of the ANC Umkhonto we Sizwe (Spear of the Nation) had attacked and killed civilians nor would it be the last. From 1961 onward Umkhonto we Sizwe, the African National Congress, and the South African Communist Party were united and dedicated to overthrowing the Afrikaners by any brutal tactics. From Johannesburg to Roodepoort the organization that Nelson Mandela supported regularly abducted, tortured, abused, and murdered innocents to advance political goals.

It is rather astonishing that the the supposed reason for the armed black murder campaign was due to the “Sharpeville Massacre” when one evaluates the facts. Before the event in Sharpeville one must consider that only two months prior at the Cato Manor massacre nine police officers had been beaten, tortured, murdered, and had their genitals cut off by a black mob over the police trying to seize liquor. In a final act of barbarism, the dead and mutilated officers were dragged through the streets by a large black mob. In Sharpeville two months later, it is logical to assume that the mostly rookie police officers who manned the police station would be concerned about a mob of thousands of angry protesters outside their police station doing the same brutal actions that were done on their comrades only weeks before. The mob would not disperse and began pressing against the fence of the police station. No one is exactly sure what happened next, some claim shots from the crowd were fired while others blame a jumpy police cadet with dropping his pistol which resulted in its accidental discharge. What can reasonably be assumed was either self defense or as a tragic accident, became known throughout the ANC and the worldwide liberal media as the worst atrocity imaginable. This distinctive part of the narrative allowed the murderous criminals of the ANC to claim to be the injured party for eternity, while the Afrikaners of South Africa continue to have to dig new graves daily for police officers, soldiers, and white civilians killed by the ANC. To this day everyone remembers Sharpeville, but few go to the graves of the thousands of whites who have perished at the direct hand of the terrorists who killed indiscriminately with knives, guns, and bombs.

The slaughter of innocent white South Africans did not stop with the fall of the Afrikaner government in 1994. Whites were assured by men like Mandela that the violence would surely end when whites gave up their power and allowed black majority rule. Whenever interviews were given in English, much like as is common with radical Islamic extremists. The interviewee in English would preach love, tolerance, and acceptance of the white minority. When the cameras were off and members of the ANC were surrounded by comrades, in native African languages they would frequently sing and discuss the slaughter of the whites.
As the nations infrastructure fell to pieces and went from being a First World nation down the tubes towards collapse, the Afrikaner genocide truly began. Instead of being a simple terrorist organization, the Communist Party of South Africa and the African National Congress in 1994 were given the keys to the country. Christian laws such as those against abortion were quickly removed while those who had been behind numerous murders and car bombings swiftly became government officials. Songs such as “Kill the Boer” were sung by high ranking government leaders like ANC Youth League Leader Julius Malema. Malema not only made jokes about female rape victims, insulted reporters, but also frequently went on anti Afrikaner tirades that gained international attention. After the white minority cried foul at the blatant hate speech, the ANC defended its members in singing songs about wiping out all whites in South Africa.

Since the end of apartheid, close to ten percent of the white farmers of South Africa have now been murdered. The over three thousand murders generally involve torture, rape, and violent executions. These are not crimes of robbery because in most cases nothing is ever stolen besides the lives of the farmers and their families. Genocide Watch, the international monitor of genocide around the globerecently upgraded the South African genocide against whites to a stage six genocide, one step before “mass exterminations commence.” White South Africans in recent years have had government and police protection removed and instead are left to fend for themselves.

Self defensive actions by the Afrikaners seem to not even slow down the vile spread of the murders. The situation is so bad that Afrikaners have even been invited to come to the nation of Georgia as a safe haven against the murders. Afrikaners due to the affirmative action put in post after apartheid severely limit any whites ability to get work in towns and cities. Major companies were originally forced to fire over ten percent of their work force based purely upon skin color. Over time this anti white discrimination has only increased. Small businesses that are owned by whites are frequently robbed or vandalized by blacks. Government land seizures of whites property, some of which has been in families for four centuries is outright robbery at gunpoint. Following the example of Mugabe’ land seizures in the former nation of Rhodesia in which farm “food production dropped 70%”, the destruction of the bread basket of South Africa is beginning to take a great toll on the nation. Not only are farmers being slaughtered, but the government is seizing land from under the survivors as reparations for ANC described “injustices.”

Each day grows darker for the honorable Afrikaners of South Africa. After facing genocide by the British Empire, external communist threats, bombings by radicals in their own country, and the betrayal of the world it looks as if the Afrikaner people are facing their demise. At the hands of mobs led by the ANC and murderers like Nelson Mandela who are hell bent on the rape and murder of every white in South Africa, the Afrikaners are at a crossroads. They need the support of the world to resist the extinction of their unique Afrikaner culture and to stop the war that is causing the extinction of the white minority.

Now as the ANC is left to make a choice about the future of the failed multiracial and multicultural nation, they are left with a choice. They can continue Mandela’s policy of destroying the Afrikaner people or perhaps forge a new course, one that respects the fundamental right of self determination for the Afrikaner people and the various African tribes of South Africa. Without assistance soon the land of South Africa will be devoid of Afrikaners and in their place only white crosses will be left as silent tribute to the murder of an entire people while the world silently watched.

I call upon all Afrikaners to use this moment to assemble together and to demand, and take if necessary, a Homeland for your people. White nationalists must heed this as a chance to save the Afrikaner people and culture. As Mandela rots, the White South African culture must rise from the ashes of a failed multicultural State to achieve greatness once again.

(Portions of this article are from a post written originally by this author for Youth for Western Civilization)