White Turan Against Gay Atlantis: Polarity, Plurality, and Ancient Sexuality

The following article was originally published pseudonymously, in large part because this writer was not yet satisfied with its scholarship. The problem was not that the original theses were wrong, but that they were vague and lacked notations. Here, some corrections have been made, and the brief article’s length is more than doubled by citations and notes.

The Real Turan: Confusions and Clarifications 

An abundance of archeological evidence shows us that the ancient Indo-Europeans, or Aryans in older writings, originated on the Pontic Steppe, which stretches from eastern Romania to Central Asia, but especially in present-day Ukraine and southwestern Russia.  They were the first in human history to domesticate the horse.[i]  They vastly expanded from Western Europe to Western China, though their direct and permanent influence in the east may have more or less stopped at India.  (The extent of their influence on China remains a bit of a mystery.)[ii] Continue reading

The Deep State vs. The Donald

The Washington Post is signaling that it has the CIA on its side against Donald Trump. And they’re making it very clear that they are on its side against the American people and their electoral process in a potential coup d’etat. That sounds like some conspiratorial banana republic nonsense, because it is. WaPo has deep ties to the (((deep state))), and it’s not going to wait for Trump to blunder before it gets busy working to depose him by any means necessary.

WaPo’s David Nakamura, a card-carrying CFR member, is kvetching that “Trump, CIA on collision course over Russia’s role in U.S. election.” Continue reading

Nordic Resistance Movement Manifesto — Now in English!

The Nordic Resistance Movement is one of the premier nationalist organizations in the world. They are a National Socialist movement that has brought National Socialist principles into the 21st century, with modern day ideas, solutions and a professional presentation.

Beginning in Sweden in 1997, the NMR has grown to Norway, Finland, and Denmark; bringing together a Nordic nationalist movement that is laying the foundation of a united Nordic State; one that will be built on National Socialist principles that will preserve the culture, identity, traditions, and blood of the Nordic peoples for all time.

The men and women of the Nordic Resistance Movement have exemplified the courageous European spirit of our ancestors, facing off against corrupt and treasonous governments and hordes of anti-fascist lackeys. Continue reading

Bloomington’s Herald Times Retracts its Endorsement of TradWorker

Of course, HTO never endorsed our party, ourselves, or even one of our ideas. If I insisted that babies vaping is dangerous, they would scramble to purchase sweet mods and fresh juice to put under the Christmas tree. These people hate us. They’re a time-honored integral part of the viciously anti-white and anti-traditional subculture infesting the future neutron bomb target which is Indiana University’s campus and the community parasitically feeding on the federal government’s unsustainable student-loans-for-Gender-Studies-degrees investment bubble.

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A Premature Congratulation to the Syrian Nation

Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy positively devastated the Syrian nation, which will not fully recover within our lifetimes from the senseless barbarity she unleashed for the most vile of reasons. And some of the “refugees” in the West are indeed legitimate refugees, not scheming jihadis or feckless deserters.

I would like to take a moment to shine a spotlight on America’s “canonical” Orthodox jurisdictions, all of whom either remained largely silent as their brothers abroad were subjected to genocide or, in some prominent cases, actively sided with the genocide to curry favor with the American regime they (understandably) figured would surely be the victor.

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