Marching on Chicago

The livestream coming out of a Chicago apartment last week awakened countless White Americans to what the politicians and lying press have been trying to hide for decades; that multiculturalism is actually dangerous to each and every single one of us. Multiculturalism is dehumanization, violence, and even torture.

White Nationalists have long been the voice for the White Americans who have been abandoned, ignored, and forgotten by the corrupt system. The politicians and media want us to die quietly, to accept our demographic displacement, and to not fight back against the murder, rape, torture, and persecution that our people face.

As soon as the case in Chicago of this kidnapping appeared, nationalists jumped into action. Our comrade Paddy Tarleton wrote a ballad about the case, singing that “Whitey ain’t playing around this year.” This is one hundred percent accurate. We would not ignore this case, we would not just post about it, we were honor and duty bound to do something about it. Continue reading

White Lives Matter Rallies Against the BLM Kidnapping in Chicago

TradWorker was honored to team up with the Nationalist Front, the National Socialist Movement, and a strong showing of some trusty TRS shitlords to respond to the brutal kidnapping and torture of a young White man in Chicago earlier this week. It was something of a victory rally, as public pressure has forced the hands of the anti-White system already.

The local government wanted to hide it, downplay it, and under-prosecute it. The national media wanted to silence it. Then when that failed, the national media tried for a spell to re-frame it as having to do with the man’s disability rather than his whiteness. They tried to insist that it’s apolitical, since they weren’t wearing #BlackLivesMatter uniforms while they repeated Black Lives Matter talking points as they tortured him. Finally, after the popular outcry reached a fever pitch, Barack Obama came out for the first time ever to explicitly denounce an anti-white hate crime, confirming it was a hate crime to be perceived and punished as such.

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Against Ethics and Intelligence

As some have already noted, I have no time for ethics and little respect for intelligence. It’s true, but let me explain. Back in the heat of the general election campaign, I stated in a social media discussion that I don’t believe Hillary should be prosecuted for inappropriately handling her email server. This was a pointedly unpopular position of mine which I tried to keep to myself to avoid being a contrarian distraction from the important work of defeating Hillary.

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Israel is a Cautionary Tale, Not a Model

Whether it’s private clubs, elite universities, or negro jazz, Jews have a way of glomming onto emergent scenes and elbowing their way into the middle of things. They can’t help themselves. And for all of the perfectly valid concern that Jews are infiltrating the altright to neutralize a credible threat, some of the recent attraction is surely due to the energy, intelligence, and fun that we’ve brought to politics in the past few years.

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How to Cover an Anti-White Crime

Arrive Fashionably Late

While the story had fully bubbled up from the undernews into the mainstream news cycle yesterday, Wednesday, at around 5pm, it wasn’t until half a day later, at the wee hour of 4:30am, that the Washington Post managed to cobble together an article about this shocking news event. Even their trending section betrays that it’s the story most interesting to their readers, yet it’s not to be found in the print edition at all. Not on the front page, not on the back page. Not on it!

The anti-Black hate crime which happened years ago remains front page news, while the relevant one receives no print at all. I’m sure the excuse will be that the article didn’t quite make the deadline. Despite the story being obviously, quantifiably, the most interesting story for their audience, it receives one single late and meandering obligatory web article, while half the paper is about their stillborn “russian hackers!” narrative they’ve been trying but failing to shove down our throats for months.

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