• For the few of you who haven’t been following the Five Guys, Burgers & Lies drama, the synopsis is that a young woman with a history of mental illness and very limited video game coding and design skills grappled her way into industry prominence by exploiting feminist tropes and sex appeal. Her name will be withheld out of respect for her…[Read more]

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    I try to avoid quibbling over labels, but it seems that “reactionary” is a poor choice, presuming that one’s politics are more subtle and complex than reacting to and rewinding to “change” for antiquarianism’s sake.

    “Fascist” is also arguably an awful and less-than-accurate label for ourselves. But at least it’s got some bite to it.

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    “[...] Additionally, the fact that you think Solniger looked good [...]”

    I explained that I felt his proposed direction was too affected. In fact, yours is, too. Are you proposing that young men dress like they’re attending a funeral as an actual style? Does that not seem affected to you, also? I’ve read a few books on menswears, men’s fashion,…[Read more]

  • William Solniger’s post at Alternative Right, Dress Like a Reactionary, borrows heavily from an older article of mine, American Restorationary Fashion. According to statistical metrics, anecdotes, and my gut feeling, the Alternative Right web of subcultures is growing in America. Yet, a definitive look has yet to emerge. From what I’ve seen at…[Read more]

  • Credit Sébastien ThibaultAntony Lerman of the New York Times is bemoaning the demise of the “Liberal Zionist” position in American and British politics. “Liberal Zionists are at a crossroads,” he claims. “Columnists like Jonathan Chait, Roger Cohen and Thomas L. Friedman have all riffed in recent weeks on the theme that what Israel is doing can’t be reconciled with their…[Read more]

  • Ferguson RiotsOne of the definitions of “troof” in Urban Dictionary is “truer than true”, implying a meta-truth transcending mere facts. As the mere facts pile up in the racially charged shooting death of Michael Brown by officer Darren Wilson, the truth appears to squarely support the narrative that the officer did not abuse his force in this particular…[Read more]

  • zombiesWe Traditionalist ideologues are too eager to spread our ideas the way our opponents spread ideas; by making them attractive and appealing, rendering them “viral” among smart people. Some progress can be made in that manner, but we’ll never overcome the problem that our fully developed worldview is too subtle and complex for our target audience to…[Read more]

  • America still features a White majority, and it will remain White for decades to come. The demographic subset of that willing and able to vote in elections will remain solidly White for even more decades to come. White Advocates like myself are the first to highlight the extremely rapid demographic transformation of America, but even with Obama…[Read more]

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    Should we (white folks) vote for the white equivalent of Al Sharpton (i.e., a huckster, a showman, a race-baiting liar) when he comes along?

    I would hope we would not be in quite that conundrum. But, I land on: Yes. A flawed advocate and steward is a superior choice to a pristine system candidate.

    Is Sharpton really “more noble” than the…

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  • Chivalric KnightMen Must Be Controlled

    The great paradox of American politics is that the grand experiment in freedom has resulted in more tyranny than the traditional monarchies and theocracies of yore could fathom in their darkest fever dreams. This “free society” is drowning in far more red tape than Hitler’s fascist regime. Our police state has become far…[Read more]

  • An astute reader wrote me recently to ask why I don’t write about “the JQ” as much as I used to. He proposed that perhaps I have changed my position on it, or have settled on a less incendiary “angle”. Not really. I still believe that the organized Jewish community is the tail wagging the dog of Western decadence, the most mobilized and decisive…[Read more]

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    The manosphere is a broad effort by males to grapple with their gender identities in the modern age. Some of it confirms misogyny and some of it transcends misogyny. Your reflexively hostile and one-sided perspective is as toxic and destructive as that of the misogynists you despise. Arriving at a coherent, fair, and functional gender…[Read more]

  • district-9-armA few weeks ago, among the stampede of Orthodox Christians rushing over here to call us heretics for simply asserting the right of my people to exist, one of them called me a heretic for a plausible reason: I’m a Radical Traditionalist. According to him, Radical Traditionalism is a gnostic religion in and of itself, and men like myself are only…[Read more]

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    No, I’m simply pointing out a truth.

    I’ve been Orthodox for half of my adult life. There’s no point or insight in your nasty little question or than to bicker at people you dislike. You’re exactly what you falsely accuse us of being.

  • Jim Goad’s recent article on Feminism as a Mating Strategy for Beta Males explored how embracing feminism functions as a disingenuous tactic for men seeking to curry favor with women. The actual motivations behind their political approach to women are the perennial ones, but their angle for pursuing their prey manifests as a curious inversion of…[Read more]

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    the theological bickering that goes on at this site and others is a distraction

    Wait, who’s bickering? What have we posted that denigrates other faiths or denominations?

    So, what religion are the guys at TradYouth going to convert to next…?

    Oh, I get it. It’s you who’s bickering.

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    I’m skeptical about all these confident assessments of America’s impending demise. Wasn’t the same thing said in the 70s?

    I have no choice but to make the broad prediction. According to my “model”, a political entity’s success is a product of its optimal application of its cognitive capital to its available resources. “Optimal…[Read more]

  • Brett Stevens of Amerika.org argued in a recent article that “our” arguments ought to remain secular. After all, broadly religious arguments are lost on the irreligious, and specifically religious arguments are lost on everybody who doesn’t share that specific religion. It’s fine to be religious, he insists, but keep it in the closet and pitch…[Read more]

  • I love raining on parades, and I’ve been accused once or twice of being a reflexive contrarian. But I can’t bring myself to hate on “America” all that much today.  It’s not because I entertain a tiny sparkle of patriotism or hope for the Union. I don’t. This regime is dying, and everybody knows it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an “Evil Empire”,…[Read more]

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    It definitely was.

    Thank you for catching that. I believe I’ve resolved the problem and have updated the zipfile accordingly.

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