The Orthodox Nationalist: Christian Anarcho-Nationalism in the USSR

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a new episode of The Orthodox Nationalist concentrating on two New Martyrs and the ideology that they died for.

St. Valentin Sventsitsky (killed 1928 – pictured above) and Andrei of Ufa (killed 1936-1944), were both New Martyrs for Christian Nationalism and Anarchism in the USSR. During the worst years of Jesuit-Jewish repression in Ukraine, the Athonite elder Ivan Vysenskyj forcefully restated the Nationalist-Anarchist teaching that would later be revived by the Old Believers, Nepluyev and St. Andrei of Ufa. Ignored in the west (and for clearly good reason), Monk Ivan mocked and verbally assaulted the oligarchy in all its forms and guises.
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The Orthodox Nationalist: Traditionalism on Trial

In this week’s Orthodox Nationalist Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson exposes a recent attack on Traditionalist Christianity coming from within the Orthodox church itself and concerning both him and Matthew Heimbach directly.

A trial has been set by a faction of the Autonomous Orthodox metropolia of the Americas. The target is Matthew Heimbach, but the scapegoat is Matthew Raphael Johnson. The Canadian Bishop Joseph Royer has threatened to leave the Synod if Heimbach and his allies are not removed. No clear reason has been given other than he is politically incorrect. This bishop seems to have no functional knowledge of theology and no steady principles of any kind.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Nationalist Philosophy vs Marxist Deception

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the nationalist philosophy of Martin Heidegger with the unnatural oppression that is Marxism in this week’s Orthodox Nationalist.

Martin Heidegger is not accessible to the average American, even the average American intellectual. As it turns out, there has been a substantial effort to censor his ultimate meaning and purpose. His conception of Dasein, while esoteric to many, is ultimately about the German community in particular and ethno-nationalism in general.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: Neplyuev and the Labor Brotherhood of the Holy Cross

This week Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us a presentation on the social theology of NN Neplyuev, who was a Christian and both nationalist and socialist. “Socialism” has been hijacked by Jewish materialists and revolutionaries who care little for society or labor. Socialism had always, prior to Marx, been an idealist and religious entity based on the idea of love. Love is the opposite of self-seeking. Cicero defined natural law as the restraining of someone from prospering at someone else’s expense. Love would be the opposite: suffering so that someone else can prosper. If society is not based on this, it descends into oligarchy, war, evil and irrationality. The ego is a contradiction and cannot sustain rational analysis.

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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Truth Behind the ‘Tsarist Pogroms’

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson brings us the latest edition of The Orthodox Nationalist, this week exposing the truth behind a subject that the Jews love to wail about, the so-called Tsarist pogroms in Russia at the beginning of the last century.

The story of the “Tsarist pogroms” is a familiar one. Stated in pious terms, the overpaid American history professor will intone that the “Russian Tsar” ordered his “Black Hundreds” to slaughter Jews for “no reason” in the cities of western Russia. Like all stories of this kind, it is not only false, but utterly nonsensical. The cities where these pogroms were supposed to have occurred were the most strategic in the empire: Kiev, Odessa, Starodub, Minsk and many others. These were at the heart of the old Russian empire economically speaking.
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