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Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.

The Jewish People are Against Border Security

Jacob Weisberg, the editor-in-chief of what’s possibly the largest and most influential blog, Slate, makes a powerful case that even when confronted with the most virulent threats from abroad, the Jewish people will always hold open the gates. There’s no reasoning with Weisberg about the threat of organized Islamic terrorist radicals. There’s no explaining to Weisberg that America’s demographic crisis is a powder keg waiting to erupt. There’s no bothering Weisberg with the democratic will of the people.

Weisberg is Jewish, and to be Jewish is to stand against border security no matter what. Continue reading

What We’re No Longer Importing…

Slate’s Joshua Keating, a Jewish neocon who specializes in persuading Americans to take the kosher side in foreign affairs, has written an article, “What the refugees Donald Trump is banning are fleeing from.” I’ve interpolated some commentary to his article in blue. Everything in black is Zionist propaganda.

Donald Trump has issued an executive order temporarily banning refugees and blocking visas from being issued to anyone from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, and indefinitely banning refugees from Syria. […]

Here’s a brief look at the conditions in those seven countries:

Iraq Continue reading

Is America Still Worth it? …Nope.

Will Rahn, writing for CBS News, has asked the provocative question “Is America Still Worth It?

Something people will increasingly ask down the road: In a wildly diverse nation of over 300 million people, would it not make more sense to have, say, three countries with a 100 million people each? Or how about 300 countries with a million people?

To ask the question is to answer the question. This nation is already more divided in the relevant ways than it was on the eve of the American Civil War.

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Quarantinistan: Escaping the Diversity Death Cult

There’s an especially quiet trailer park in St. Petersburg, Florida, Palace Mobile Home Park. It’s so quiet because children aren’t allowed in the park. Children aren’t allowed in the park because it’s reserved especially for sex offenders. Pervert Park is a documentary which explores the miserable and mundane lifestyles and problems of convicted child molesters, rapists, and assorted perverts who’ve served their prison sentences. The community naturally and understandably despises them, just as many of them despise themselves.

I belong to the one group of people even more reviled than child molesters; white nationalists. While the pervert is required to place a sign in his own lawn, the folks in my hometown have a campaign where hundreds of people have put up signs against my beliefs in their own lawns. They could not remain silent, you see, as believing that white people have a right to preserve their community and identity is so toxic, so offensive, so insipid, that the entire village must pass an ordinance confirming that they renounce my evil. Continue reading

So You Wanna Be a Namefag?

In chan culture, “namefag” is a term of derision for a person who chooses to use a name rather than being anonymous on the board. It’s a culture where anonymity is prized and anybody drawing attention to his identity raises suspicion and oftentimes outright contempt. But for many, going public is seen a a natural next step, as a necessary act of courage one’s morally obligated to undertake.

Finally, you imagine, all of those jerks calling you a coward for hiding behind a computer will be silenced!

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