RE: RE: What About Jewish Privilege? Sophistry, Slander, and the Making of Strawmen

This is in response to Tim Wise’s post, Responding to a Young Reactionary: White Privilege, Judaism, and the Making of Sloppy Analogies, which is in response to my original post in this thread, What About Jewish Privilege?

Strawmen, Strawmen EverywhereDear Timothy Jacob Wise,

First, allow me to thank you for taking the time to respond. Second, thank you for addressing my arguments directly and responding, more or less, to all of the points I made. Last and certainly not least, thank you to pointing out to the readership base of your website that I am not a White Nationalist, yet a Shiite Muslim before anything else, followed by a belief in American nationalism which is transracial and transreligious.

But much of your response is sophistry, especially your claiming that I accused you of being a Zionist. From the tone of your article, it is clear that you assume me to believe each and every Jew, including yourself, is a participant in a vast conspiracy to subjugate gentiles. I am fully aware that this notion of a vast conspiracy involving millions of people is infantile and not worthy of serious consideration. I made this very clear in my letter at several points, pointing out that I fully respect various Jewish groups who are anti-Zionist, rather they be extremely liberal, as in the case of Chomsky, Finkelstein, Atzmon, and the like, and the extremely conservative like the Nutrea Karta and Satmar. They believe that any attempt to establish “Zion” on earth short of supernatural intervention is heresy.

Furthermore, many remnant Ultra-Orthodox communities believe it is heresy to rebel against any nation and to bring harm to gentiles. Especially, as a Shiite Muslim and a Traditionalist, I respect the spirituality of Jewish Orthodoxy, for as a Muslim, I recognize that Jews are followers of the same Prophets (Peace be upon them all) as we are. Jews, together with Christians, are who the Quran and the Prophetic Sunna refers to as “the people of the book,” those who believe in the scriptures which God has revealed a portion of his Light.

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Strawmen, Strawmen Everywhere

What about Jewish Privilege? An Open Letter to Tim Wise

Double Standard

Is there a double standard in your application of privilege theory?

Dear Timothy Jacob Wise,

You’re scheduled to make a grand visit here at the Indiana University at Bloomington, and the Traditionalist Youth Network has plans to picket you. Already, this has caused an uproar on the University, with our flyers being torn down, and I am curious to see what the reaction will be when we show up to protest. Already, on the Jordan Bridge, our messages have been covered up with “IU welcomes Tim Wise!” There has been a significant reaction to the fact that one of our flyers has a classical “Jewish” stereotype with a mask on, saying this is “anti-Semitic.”

I personally didn’t have a role in spreading these flyers, nor have any particular interest in spreading them. I do however; wish to ask you a simple question. Why, if you are ideologically consistent, not renounce, or even discuss the notion of “Jewish Privilege?” When you and other academics argue against so-called “white privilege,” “cisnormativity,” “straight privilege” and the like, there is never a discussion of “Jewish privilege.” Jewish privilege, in it’s quantitative (in terms of raw statistics which demonstrate Jewish influence) and qualitative (in terms of the contradictory reactions to various actions when committed by Jews vs Non-Jews) form is never discussed. If it is discussed, it is always to be scoffed at and dismissed.

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Double Standard

Does Islam Actually Justify Islamic Extremism?

Does Islam Actually Justify this Extremism?Tragically, a gang of bloodthirsty savages, whom many of us Muslims call “Khawarijites“, took the lives of eleven innocent people. Many people are pointing their fingers at multiculturalism, Islam, and immigration; …and of course, there are those who are claiming this is a “false flag.” None of these answers are necessarily wrong. Certainly, broken mass immigration policies, a twisted interpretation of Islam, and likely outside involvement are part of the problem.

Those dimensions of the event are already being discussed, but what exactly is the “Traditionalist” dimension of this event? Should we accept the claim of these “Islamic extremists” that they’re even Islamic at all? As a Muslim, especially as a Shiite Muslim, I have nothing but contempt for them and I pray every day for their destruction. True Islam cannot possibly justify these actions, but it can point toward a just solution. A world of cooperation between Christians and Muslims is commanded by the Quran. History has shown that not only is this possible, it happens every day.

Guenon, Schuon, Nasr, and Dugin, four luminaries of the Traditionalist School have written about how within the confines of modern religion exist two extremes. One extreme is of course the “modernized” form of religion, which reduces everything to allegory and to cultural relativism. On the other end are the fundamentalists, who are founded on the same root as the “liberal” believers. They both reduce religion down to its base meaning. For the fundamentalists, they are like the prisoners in Plato’s cave, they only care about what they can quantify. For them, religion is only a box of rules and rituals. They don’t care about actually being spiritually fulfilled, about traveling through the higher spheres of being until they achieve a state of spiritual perfection. Continue reading

Is My Race My Nation? Doubts Concerning White Nationalism

"Merchant Receiving a Moor in the Harbour", by Nicolaes BerchemDear Matt Parrott,

I have decided, in light of your recent “Tribe vs. Tradition” article to express my views on race in America. This article is not being written for the purpose of defaming, or even debating you brother Matthew. I consider it a privilege and honor to know you in person and consider you a friend. I should warn that the majority of those who read the TradYouth Blog may not appreciate my views on race, but quite frankly, that does not matter. You and I both know that Traditionalists do not concern themselves with agreeing with the mob; they look for the Truth with a capital T, wherever it may be found.

I appreciate that you elaborate, quite superbly, the difference between “Tribe” and “Tradition.” One could say I might be one of the Radical Traditionalists whom you refer to who may have issues with the “tribal” mission of Tradyouth. However, I am not, like so many subscribers to Guenon, Schuon, Evola, Lings, Burchkhardt, Smith, Eliade, Valsan, and the like, an armchair metaphysicist. I also stand for “tribe” together with “Tradition.” I do not however, tribally identify with the so-called “European.” As I will explain, my “tribe” is of two traditions, first as a Shiite Muslim, second as an unapologetic American. This note will mostly be explaining my position regarding my identity as an American, not as a European.

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Rape Culture Revisited: There’s Enough Shame for Everyone.

timthumbOn April 21st, there will be a “Slut Walk” at Indiana University.

If you are unaware of what the slut walk is, the President of Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University, Thomas Buhls, has already elaborated on that. Our group, the Traditionalist Youth Network, has plans to picket the event. Although chapter president elaborated on the issue, I would like to extend on some of the reasons why we, or at least, myself, oppose the so-called “Slut Walk.” Before I continue, I must express that these views are my own, and are not necessarily from a Traditionalist perspective or fully represent the opinions of the Traditionalist Youth Network.

Buhls has said why the Traditionalist Youth Network in no way shape or form endorses rape culture, let alone rape. Rape is a horrifying and inexcusable practice. Rape, no matter what kind of rape it is, rather it is rape by intoxication, spousal rape, or any other kind of rape, it is not acceptable. We will not be counter-demonstrating to defend the monstrosity of rape, not by any means.

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