Born in the USA: An Examination of the Modern Plight of the White Working Class

Born in the USA, Bruce SpringsteenMost Americans all know Bruce Springsteen’s biggest hit Born in the U.S.A. This is one of those songs that everybody knows but you probably don’t know the lyrics to. At patriotic events and on the radio most folks mumble the words until they get to the chorus of “Born in the USA!” and we all get that warm fuzzy feeling about being citizens of the “greatest” country in the world.

As is common with American mass media, the people consuming it generally do not even examine the message of what it is they are consuming. This was demonstrated back when the song was originally released and Ronald Reagan decided to attempt to use this song as an anthem for his campaign, not realizing the true point of Springsteen’s lyrics. What was meant to be a ballad of the disenfranchised white working class was draped in the American flag and called patriotic by the very Establishment that the song was written against.

The white blue collar working class in America has always faced a dilemma, both the Establishment Right and the Establishment Left have forsaken them since the beginning of this country. Republicans and Democrats both advance policies that are a slow suicide to the working class through the use of free trade, high taxes, outsourcing of jobs, and using our young men as cannon fodder for international conflicts.

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Born in the USA, Bruce Springsteen