Kill Your Local Drug Dealer: Rodrigo Duterte Against the United Nations

When Rodrigo Duterte was elected the President of the Philippines I wrote about how he was going to be far from business as usual for a leader in Asia and have been happy to see that position vindicated.

The same no-nonsense worldview that drove Mr. Duterte as mayor of Davao City to clean up the streets, improve social services, and crack down on corruption has been brought to the entire nation. Since taking office, President Duterte has had tens of thousands of drug dealers, pimps, thieves, and other criminals turn themselves in to the police in order to avoid either being shot by the police or by the vigilantes that are active with the blessing of the President.

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Brown “Germans” and the Redefinition of Nationality

The list of recent terror attacks in Europe is staggering. From Nice to Paris to Munich, Europe is under siege. Pregnant women are being disemboweled on the streets, soldiers have been beheaded, thousands of young European women have been raped and sent into human trafficking gangs, public transit has been hit by Molotov cocktails and in multiple nations bombs, gunshots, and knife stabbings have become chillingly routine.

The Jewish press is split between calling it terrorism or blaming a “German” or “Frenchmen” or some other European nationality for the senseless and callous murder of innocent men, women and children. Whenever it is convenient for the anti-White narrative, the race of the perpetrator corresponds with his passport, not his actual ethnicity.

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Daily Traditionalist: Interview of Ben Raymond – The New National Socialism

Ben Raymond from National Action joins Matthew Heimbach for Friday’s edition of The Daily Traditionalist. Ben starts by explaining what inspires him and why National Action are National Socialist. So much of our culture has been eroded, but German National Socialism has been remembered as it was the last resistance of the White working class masses. Anglo countries tend to have a very complicated type of nationalism that does not have a defined ideal or revolution to refer to, so Russian nationalism from the mid 2000s has been a big influence on him, as they were able to create a mass popular movement right from scratch.

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My Interview With Argentinian Nationalists

I have had the pleasure as the Chairman of the Traditionalist Worker Party to build friendships with nationalists from around the world. While we have focused much of our time on bringing unity between nationalists in America and Europe, I have also been blessed to build relationships with our comrades in Latin America. Below is the interview, both in English and Spanish, that will soon be posted on an Argentinian nationalist website. United, we will win.

How would you explain your party to people who didn’t have any knowledge about it until the Sacramento incident?

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“Make America White Again” Conference Action Report

The event this weekend in Tennessee to support Rick Tyler, engage in activism, and have a series of great political speeches and live music was an overwhelming success. I want first of all to thank my Party comrades and our friends in multiple organizations who came to the event and made it one to remember. Comrades from the Traditionalist Worker Party, the American Freedom Party, the National Socialist Movement, and the League of the South were in attendance, coming together in the spirit of uniting for Faith, Family, and Folk.

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