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ANTIFA-HaHaHa: Left-Wing Working Class Narrative vs Reality

A brand new piece of cyber static has recently been uploaded by The Orphans regarding the victory for Western civilization won by our folk at the Battle of Sacramento. The article is, for the most part standard fare Judeo-left boilerplate, marred (as Cultural Marxism in general is) by a blatant disconnect between ideology and reality:

Across this mobilization, people worked on different tasks and in different capacities; on media and outreach, on legal support, building a medic response team, logistics, finding housing for the convergence, fundraising, and also on the gathering of information. While Heimbach (very ironically considering his background) portrays anti-fascists as all “students” and “rich kids,” in reality this was by and large a working-class mobilization, from those involved in organizing it to the base that was mobilized to participate.

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Five Strategic Lessons Learned In The Wake of The Battle of Sacramento

With a combination of reflection and action, theory is interacting with practice.  We are politically at a massive disadvantage, but a number of new tools are neutralizing the playing field, where money and control over the air waves is becoming less relevant.

  1. We can neutralize the Controlled Media’s Narrative

The internet’s revolutionary impact on politics is on par with Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press. Long before Jeff Zucker’s CNN could get his co-ethnic Richard Cohen’s Southern Poverty Law Center on TV to prejudice the public against the Traditionalist Workers Party,  local news journalists like Frances Wang were on twitter reporting raw facts on the ground. Cell phone cameras, livestreams, and social media coalesced to bring all the facts to light at a speed traditional Zionist wire services like Associated Press could not keep up with. By the time the AP was able to release its brazenly false propaganda piece about a “Ku Klux Klan” rally in Sacramento, people were already informed of the fact that the Antifa’s started the fight and were stabbed/beaten in self-defense.

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Outnumbered Sacramento Spartans Rout Leftist Scum; A Call For Nationalist Solidarity

A new chapter in the national worker’s struggle has been written. The tide is turning and this renewed spirit of world history begins to peak through the clouds gathered over our people. We are on the brink of the dawn of a new era, and no amount of money or violence from the foot soldiers of world plutocracy can halt its overwhelming might.

On June 26th, the Golden State Skinheads and California Skinheads alongside TradWorker sought to peacefully assemble on the steps of the Sacramento capitol grounds to protest globalization, neo-liberalism, and the unrestricted violence of deep state Marxist paramilitaries who traditionally have made it impossible for anyone to give an opinion that is the right of George Soros. For two months, we received hundreds of death threats, and an “Anti-Fascist” coalition made up of feral social justice warriors, upper middle class college “bohemians”, and California gang members meticulously plotted their attack.

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Traditionalist Worker’s Party and Keystone United Event: A First Person Perspective

On February 13th, 2016, the party cadre of the Traditionalist Worker’s Party co-hosted an energetic encounter with the leaders of the community organization, Keystone United, in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

This conference was a historical development within the racial advocacy and third positionist movement for one stark reason: the approximately sixty individuals in attendance came from all walks of life, and all were liberated from superfluous contradictions, snobbery, or subcultural hangups. Some wore suits, others preferred bomber jackets. A few speakers had Ph.Ds, but many work with their hands–equally valuable in their insight. Continue reading

The Collapsing Fairy Tale: Iranian Ayatollah and American Rapper Strike at Anti-White Holocaust Blood Libel

January 27th was International Holocaust Remembrance Day, but this year the rites that usually accompany the Religion of the West have been met with defiance from likely and unlikely sources.

The Internet today embodies the Great Information Equalizer. The free exchange of ideas sans consistent Jewish interception has replaced pyramidal top-down ideological instruction from mass media, Hollywood, and the politicized Education system. The Jews have muddled history, defamed nations and races, and kept the lid on scientific advancements, but it’s getting more difficult for them to get away with it.

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