Israel is a Cautionary Tale, Not a Model

Whether it’s private clubs, elite universities, or negro jazz, Jews have a way of glomming onto emergent scenes and elbowing their way into the middle of things. They can’t help themselves. And for all of the perfectly valid concern that Jews are infiltrating the altright to neutralize a credible threat, some of the recent attraction is surely due to the energy, intelligence, and fun that we’ve brought to politics in the past few years.

David Cole is in many ways a sort of godfather of the altright Jews, having infiltrated the Holocaust revisionist scene for fun and profit decades ago. He more or less dropped out for a period, only to return now that the antisemitism and radical right politics he’s fascinated with are en vogue. His latest at TakiMag, “The AltRight Gets a Wedgie,” is a reminder of why they should always be regarded as more trouble than they’re worth, even if they’re as learned, witty, and prolific as David Cole.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Cole would like to educate us about why we should support Israel, and why we’re basically assholes for not looking to Zionism as an exemplary model for us to emulate.

As a disclaimer, I’m not speaking ex cathedra from any organization I’m associated with on this matter. We accept a full spectrum of opinions on the best diplomatic approach to the nation of Israel. Opinions range from dropping a nuclear warhead on it to dropping a neutron bomb on it instead, with some on the margins even believing we shouldn’t drop any radioactive weaponry on them at all. We’re a big tent like that.

People in those circles continue to be amazed that I’m a supporter of Israel. I, on the other hand, continue to be amused at the level of anti-Israel sentiment that exists among self-described white nationalists and alt-rightists. I don’t quite get it. Israel is the closest thing to “the West” in that fetid sandlot known as the Middle East, and Israelis do exactly the types of things that white nationalists and alt-rightists want to do themselves (build walls to halt immigration, unapologetically racially profile in the name of safety, unashamedly fight to preserve an ethno-state, etc.). Yet rather than admiration from the “white right,” Israel gets hostility.

First, a big part of the hostility lies in the simple hypocrisy of Israelis and Israeli-Americans (Jews) who demand ethnic “nationalism” for themselves and open borders for Whites. Why should White Nationalists smile and clap for Israel like grimacing cuckolds when the Israeli nation is the single most powerful and organized force standing against our own self-determination? Cole’s argument would be merely incorrect, rather than outright offensive, if there were some evidence of Jews sincerely supporting White Nationalists or White Nationalism.

Cole is about as close as we get to a Jew who’s friendly to White Nationalism, and we see what a concern trolling ax-grinding smartass he is about it. It’s as if a man were to steal another man’s chair out from under him, steal your chair out from under you also just for the hell of it, and then feign confusion about why you’re not happy for him that he gets to sit in a chair like you wish to do.

Back in the ’90s, I got my ear bent by a lot of Arabs, who would hang around revisionist events and conferences like burrs on a sweater. They never contributed a damn thing. Talking about the Muslim contribution to Holocaust revisionism is like talking about the Maasai contribution to space travel.

Right on cue, the Jewish entryist rolls out the vulgar supremacism. Jews can’t help but think of nationalism in terms of supremacism because their ancient cultural tradition is one of racial supremacy. We’re to laugh at the hapless, unintelligent Arabs and Africans and admire the comparatively intelligent Jews who are the closest thing to the West in the Middle East. A lot of folks presume I’m running a PR angle or I’m being a coward when I insist that racial supremacism is a toxic foundation for our political ambitions, but I hope that watching how Jews routinely manipulate it to their benefit is instructive.

Being “oppressed” doesn’t free you from the responsibility of crafting an intelligent strategy to improve your lot. Being right isn’t enough; you also have to be smart.

If managing to hang onto a sovereign homeland is all about being smart, Jews must be the dumbest race on earth.

I really don’t understand why the whining of Palestinians catches the ear of anyone on the alt-right. I mean, the cornerstone of the Palestinian cause is that they were “colonized by Europeans” who “grabbed land via warfare.” And you, Mr. Alt-Righter, are sympathetic to that complaint? You think we should force Israel to “give that land back”? Funny, because when the Aztlán loons in the Southwest also claim to have been “colonized by Europeans” who “grabbed land via warfare,” and when they claim that Mexico deserves to “get that land back,” I don’t hear a lot of sympathy. In fact, all I hear from alt-rightists is “Hey, wars happen. The Indians fought; they lost. The Mexicans fought; they lost. We don’t owe them their land back.”

Frankly, given the hostility of the Jewish people to our very survival, a blatant unflinching double-standard where we defend our right to have land we colonized while supporting indigenous peoples’ return to Palestine is entirely appropriate, if not necessary. Why, given the organized Jewish community’s hostility to me and mine, am I obligated to be impartial? By his logic, which is revealing, we should reflexively side with the stronger and smarter nation’s imperial ambitions rather than the weaker and less advanced nation’s will to survive.

This goes back to what I believe to be the cardinal rift in White Nationalism, one which is ever-prevalent yet is rarely explicitly defined or discussed. Our struggle is fundamentally against neo-colonialism, which is an involution of the colonial world order. One faction within the movement wishes to revive the paleo-colonial world order and its concomitant politics of Western domination and supremacy. The other faction wishes to develop a post-colonial world order that White people also belong in.

I belong to the latter faction, which is why I often sound like a Latin American Marxist in forum arguments. For me, the White Western nations are merely among many nations being oppressed by the Atlanticist and Jewish globalist elites. The fact that we got to be their sidekick for a few centuries is beside the point. We’re not allowed to be their sidekick anymore, they’re crashing the plane with no survivors, and colonialism is rapidly becoming obsolete anyway.

Attempting to revive and restore colonialism would be as asinine as attempting to revive chattel slavery. Not only does it raise a host of moral issues we would do best to step over, but the economics, social order, and technology which once rendered that situation inevitable now render it impossible. “It’s not even wrong.” If there’s a nation we should be emulating right now, it’s not Israel, which represents a sort of last stand of Western colonialism, but the Philippines, which represents defiant and populist local leadership telling the global oligarchs to get f***ed.

The problem with “supremacism” is that it means totally different things in different contexts. In a meaningful political sense, it means believing that one race or nation has a natural right to dominate the other. My identity group managed to produce both William Shakespeare and Taylor Swift, and I’ve made no secret of being partial to it. But political supremacism is a vestige of the obsolete paleo-colonial White Nationalism which Jews like David Cole rely upon to subvert our movement, leftists like Rachel Maddow rely upon to vilify our movement, and neocon Islamophobes rely upon to redirect our momentum toward more warfare in the Middle East.

Just as I refuse to apologize for the slavery that my direct paternal forefather proudly fought for, I refuse to apologize for the conquest of this Continent by the pioneer mothers on the other side of my family. It’s not my place to apologize, and I honor the sacrifices they made to guarantee my inheritance. But it doesn’t follow from this that I must endorse and support either the ongoing African slave trade or Israel’s ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people.

The historical moment has passed, and it’s time to move on from both slavery and colonialism. I don’t believe Dr. Ben Carson should be forced to do my laundry. I don’t believe the surviving Native Americans should be deprived of one more inch of sovereignty. And I don’t believe what happened centuries ago here in America excuses Cole’s supremacist campaign to wipe out the Palestinian nation. When he keeps pleading with the altright to resolve our philosophical contradictions and come to his aid, he’s speaking to the other half of the altright.

Colonialism and supremacism aren’t my philosophy.

I stand with Palestine. Our organization was the first and only non-Arab organization to actually hold a street protest in America in support of Assad’s government when the United States and its allies began its proxy war against the Syrian nation, because we take the fact that anti-globalism is a global struggle seriously. Cole’s national supremacism pits the strong nations against the weak, while our anti-imperialist nationalism joins every sovereign nation as allies against the imperial globalist oligarchs.

Cole erects a veritable cornfield of strawmen, suggesting that everybody who supports Palestine wishes to see Israel driven into the sea. Jews float, unfortunately, and they would swim their way back to the West. The post-colonial orientation doesn’t necessitate some futile and moralizing attempt to turn back the clock on each and every historical conquest. It’s about nations respectfully negotiating a separate peace. While I have no standing in Israel’s internal politics, I favor a Two State solution where Israel drives every last Arab and minority out of its 1967 borders, then goes hog wild with all of its wall-building, border patrolling, DNA testing, and African deporting.

We no longer live in an agricultural age where land is necessary in the same way it was for most of human history. Israel’s economy is in telecommunications, engineering, and medical science powerhouses in Tel Aviv. Agriculture is less than 3% of their total economy, and much of the land in dispute is hardly arable anyway. Cole’s correct that the Jews are a smart people. And if they invested those smarts in making the most of the land they have rather than inflaming world opinion against them by contending for the land around them, their nation would be dramatically more secure.

It’s not like they must seize arable land to survive, as nations had to do in generations prior. Not a single Jew has starved in 72 years. According to the IQ charts altright Jews are so fond of, they’re even smarter than the Dutch, who were smart enough to drain the sea when they wanted more land. I trust they can figure it out. Israel has no moral case for its ongoing expansion of its territory, and the credible threat to the survival of the Israeli nation actually lies in its chipping away at its moral case for existing. Might makes right is a dandy foundation to build your argument on right up until it ain’t.

To be sure, a lot of anti-Israel sentiment on the part of the more reasonable elements among the far right comes from a place of “Israel is a millstone around our neck regarding our relationship with the Muslim world, and Israeli lobbyists meddle too much in our foreign policy.” Granted. No argument from me. I’d never for a moment deny the influence of Zionist advocacy groups on U.S. foreign policy (and for the record, I’d be tickled pink if all foreign aid—to every country—disappeared tomorrow).

What would be really great is if altright Jews like Cole took the lead in fighting this, rather than offering us an obligatory golf clap immediately followed by cough up bile at us:

But the conspiracy-minded on the far right tend to see “Zionism’s” hand in everything they hate. “My health insurance premiums just went up…fuckin’ Zionists!” “The Supreme Court just approved gay marriage…fuckin’ Zionists!” “The dang city won’t fix the potholes on my street…fuckin’ Zionists!” Too many on the far right take anti-Zionism to ridiculous extremes.

Well, actually, …

Our Israel Lobby spearheaded wars in the Middle East have drained our nation’s coffers of trillions which could and would have been invested in our aging and rotting infrastructure. So, yes. Next time you hit a pothole, go ahead and blame the Jews.

There’s also a tendency to assume that “all of our problems” with the Muslim world come from our support of Israel. That’s simply not true. A lot of the radicalization and destabilization that occurred in the Muslim world in the 20th century was the result of Cold War politics (Iran and Afghanistan, for example), oil, and European colonialism. Israel is and has been a factor, sure. And not a small one. But it’s hardly the only factor.

Fr. John Sheehan said it best, “Every time anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can’t help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East.” Israel isn’t the only factor in the Middle East, but let’s try an experiment where Israel stops actively antagonizing its neighbors with our military, economic, and diplomatic support, and see how things play out.

David Cole actually has a point when he tells us that we White Nationalists have much to learn from Jewish Zionists. Unfortunately, he’s trying to teach the wrong lessons. Back when the ideas were first being formulated, Louis Brandeis and other prominent early Zionists dreamed of Israel as a humble nation among nations, liberated from the constant contention and risk that shuffling about in the Diaspora has caused. Albert Einstein supported Zionism, but had a dark foreboding that becoming a sovereign state would pose terrifying new moral challenges that the Jewish people weren’t prepared to navigate.

As our movement builds momentum and support, we should look to Israel not as a model but as a cautionary tale for how the nationalist dream can transform into a nightmare on account of hateful and destructive relationships with a nation’s neighbors, how alliances and entanglements can result in precarious positions, and how the moral capital which once ushered the nation into existence can be steadily squandered by future generations who fail to live up to the dreams of their forefathers.

Israel’s future depends on the Jewish people preparing for a post-colonial world order where they can no longer rely on the West to help them dominate their neighbors. And as Cole demonstrates, the Jewish people, as smart as they supposedly are, haven’t even begun to have this national conversation. The Western left has been souring on them for decades. The Western right has taken a sharp turn against them in the past couple years. Unless Zionists can come up with a better argument for our sympathy than babes in IDF uniforms and the fact that Israel has Western-style gay nightclubs, it’s not going to go well for them.


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  • Flick Yoli

    Naturally, a parasite can’t “see” the host.

  • Pareto

    I happen to sympathize with the Palestinians, but one need not be a Palestinian sympathizer to despise the Israelis. The fact that Israel is illegimate and has no right to exist has nothing to do with its founding or whose land it is on; it has to do with the crimes committed by Israel since its creation. Those crimes are of such a magnitude that this criminal enterprise masquerading as a nation will have to face retribution eventually.

    • machiaevil

      We sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs because they are oppressed and dispossessed by a force that has also established control in our homelands through various institutions with the same intention. Hollywood and PR, utilized and invented by Jews, don’t have to be renamed Knesset.

  • Laguna Beach Fogey

    I detest the “Palestinians” even more than the Israelis.

    • machiaevil


    • Balaton

      20 % of the “Israelis” are Palestinian arabs, mind you.

  • straitlacedmissouri

    As someone raised Catholic and currently a bible follower it is easy to see just based upon my belief system that monetary support for israel should be null. We do not worship the same God. The Word tells us that no one has any clout with God without coming to his Son first. The jews do not believe in his Son as a Saviour. I view them much the same as I view satanists. If all “Christian” groups did this then the fox wouldn’t be in the hen house.. I for the life of me can not understand how so called Christian’s can sympathize with such blasphemers.

  • Fr. John+

    I think the reason so many in the Alt-Right feel such animosity against Israel, is NOT because they are doing the things we WANT to do, but haven’t dared think before Trump. The reason I am so loathe to even consider the Jews as humans, is because THEY consider US non-humans! In short, the Modern Jew is an Imposter, a Usurper, a Charlatan, and a Deicide.

    All of those things are corroborated in Scripture, History, and Culture. From St. Paul’s ‘Not all Israel, is Israel,’ to Wagner’s “Judentum in Musik,” to Hitler’s and Luther’s screeds against the Jews, the West has a LONG AND VERIFIABLE REASON TO HATE the Christ-killers.

    It is not that the Jews aren’t doing many things correctly in their own self-defense, racially speaking… it is that they don’t have a RIGHT to do so, as they are ‘outside the covenant,’ ‘strangers to Grace,’ ‘sons of their father, the Devil,’ and, to sum up, are exactly in the state of existence that St. John Chrysostom put them, 1700 years ago.

    “God hates the Jews.”

    No more succinct statement need be said, for all eternity for those who ‘despised the Lord of Glory.’

  • JMoore

    Very good point towards the end of this excellent article; “how the nationalist dream can transform into a nightmare on account of hateful and destructive relationships”. This brings to mind something dangerous lurking around these parts, a sort of “white talmudism”wherin white qua white is seen as all good, while all others are inferior in some absolute sense. It seems the evil of judaism is centered on the talmudic-pharisee ideal of the jew as God, or even in a sense superior to God. Only the jews have within them the antibodies to this deadly spiritual virus. Instead of trying to outjew the jew we should rather pray along with St. Benedict; “Begone Satan! Never tempt me with your vanities! What you offer is evil, drink the poison yourself!”

  • Armoric

    about Jewish hypocrisy:

    “First, a big part of the hostility lies in the simple HYPOCRISY of Israelis and Israeli-Americans (Jews) who demand ethnic “nationalism” for themselves and open borders for Whites.”

    I think White people are hostile to the Jews because the Jews are hostile to White people.

    But no matter what everybody says, I don’t see any hypocrisy on the part of the Jews. They basically want to kill us, on a collective level, and they don’t want to kill themselves. That’s simple enmity. It means that the Jews are White people’s enemies.

    In a war between two countries, you try to kill the enemy, but certainly not your own troops. That doesn’t make you a hypocrite. The Jews are also liars and duplicitous crooks. They hide their identity and act by stealth. But I don’t think the word “hypocrite” describes them well.

    Maybe they could be seen as hypocrites if they were unaware of their “double standards”. But I think they know what they are doing.

  • ZioFascist

    i wish more Zios would read this. Jews are doing what they do best..putting their heads in the sand.

    • (((costopenedge)))

      Sadly you’re right, ignoring the problem until it’s to late.

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