The True Leader of the AltRight Is…

For the past few months, the system’s media weasels, political consultants, and even the oligarchs behind the scenes have been scrambling to figure out what is going on with this emergent altright phenomenon. After Hillary’s speech, things have reached a fever pitch. Who are the leaders? What are the big factions? What are our demands? What are our plans?

In the grand scheme of things, we’re still very far from the ambitious goal of our cause, of granting a future worth showing up for to our own future generations. There’s still far more work and sacrifice ahead of us than behind us, of course. But for the first time in our lifetimes, explicit White Nationalism, the dream of a homeland for our folk, is an emergent and relevant political force in America.

Just hours ago, Hillary’s official campaign website even named and quoted our very own Matthew Heimbach as an example of the insidious nationalism seeping into national discourse in her post, AltRight: A Hate Movement.

“The ‘freedom’ for other races to move freely into white nations is nonexistent. Stay in your own nations, we don’t want you here.”

Matthew Heimbach, “I Hate Freedom,” Traditionalist Youth Network, July 7, 2013

It was an attempt to tie Heimbach’s position to Donald Trump. Trump doesn’t share Heimbach’s “radical” position or have any association with him, and the whole thing is just “gotcha” gutter politics, of course. But would Heimbach’s position be so radical if the races were reversed? Imagine tens of millions of White Americans flooding into Mexico. Would a Mexican demanding that they stop be evil? Of course not, because defending White folks is evil and defending any other group is good in their twisted anti-white worldview.

But this historical moment isn’t about Donald Trump, Matthew Heimbach, or anybody else. This historical moment was made possible by a groundswell of anonymous activists, generous donors, and loyal supporters of the movement as a whole. It all started a few years ago, when thousands of nationalists committed to winning this struggle by any media necessary.

They began “trolling” every comment thread, chatroom, image board, and social media outlet available. One name which has been infrequently raised during this media panic about the altright is perhaps its true godfather, Bob Whitaker. He certainly deserves more credit than Paul Gottfried, both in terms of defining the movement and in terms of manifesting it.

By boiling down the fundamental moral truth of our cause into a concise appeal and then inspiring an anonymous army to promote that truth far and wide, Whitaker’s White Genocide campaign has achieved its goal of changing politics by first changing the culture. Slick opportunists like Milo and Gavin McInnes have sensed this momentum and are riding the wave, but they’re certainly not true leaders in the operative sense. There would be no wave to ride were it not for the mantra and the surprisingly small cohort of surprisingly dedicated men and women who forced the world to confront the hypocritical and immoral core of the anti-white neocolonial moral paradigm.

Forget the Royal Air Force. Never was so much owed to so few as the keyboard warriors who achieved this victory, a victory the fruits of which will continue to ripen for decades to come. The term “keyboard warrior” has a negative connotation, conjuring a prideful and silly man who’s wasting his time. In this case, they were legions of humble and serious men and women who evidently weren’t wasting their time. Perhaps in the distant future, after victory is ours, we can erect a Tomb of the Unknown Shitlord to honor their groundbreaking revolutionary work.

Movements need visible leaders. They need political organizations. They need street activism, street fights, candidates, and cash. But there would be no movement in the first place if it weren’t for you. We here at the Traditionalist Worker Party will continue doing our part to develop grassroots community-level activism and advocacy for faith, family, and folk, for the identitarian ideals we all share. We will continue fighting for your vision. We can be trusted to hold the line for identity as the pressure mounts to detour the whole thing into a bizarre ironic civic nationalist libertarian homosexual fad.

Ten years ago, Time Magazine pulled a stunt where its Person of the Year was “You.” It was an attempt to celebrate the coming age when the democratization of technology would put the power to transform culture and drive politics into the hands of the people. A decade later, they’ve been proven right in the worst possible way for them. You now have control. It’s now your world. And you’re challenging the very foundations of the neoliberal globalist world order.

Congratulations on the tremendous success, and thank you on behalf of the entire Traditionalist Worker Party, whoever and wherever you are, for being the anonymous man or woman who breathed life into the dream of reviving Western Civilization at the eleventh hour. We deserve only a small fraction of the credit we’re receiving for instigating this political revolution. The rest belongs to you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. This is your moment.

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  • Richard Bird

    Jesus, what is this? The Dale Carnegie school for kissing ass? People who oppose zionism (aka, internationalism) don’t need to be praised for the way they feel and react on social media. On the contrary. People who don’t make use of every opportunity to expose zionism, are guilty of being accessories to the crime of white genocide and anti white racism. As for a leader, I don’t believe one will emerge until the fight is taken to the streets, where ultimately every fight must be won before victory is achieved.

    • It’s not about being a suckass. It’s about putting the power where it belongs, which is in the broader pro-white movement, not in any one organization or individual that the media or worse wish to hoist up as the “leader.”

      The best way to guarantee that this cause isn’t rapidly subverted and destroyed is to reject all this talk going on of there being some kind of formal leadership or organization. It’s too early for that.

    • Don Gates

      Well said, Matt Parrott. As usual.

    • Tim Harris

      You would take our Savior’s name as a common curse?
      And Trad Youth, you permit this?

    • Richard Bird

      Tim, if you were a real tradionalist, Christianity wouldn’t be your religion of choice. Paganism would.

    • eternalscythia

      Agreed. One of the few good things in academe is the interest of German scholars in Sanskrit; perversely, the Aryan religion was preserved by darkies, while Whites were swindled by the Hellenizing Hebes into surrendering their heritage. If Europe can shake free of the Judeo-globalist immivasion and expel the parasites, perhaps she will experience a glorious, neo-pagan future.

    • Shotgun

      So “real” traditionalists hold to incoherent, childish customs of a lack-luster tribe of nomads?

    • Tim Harris

      No because the truth trumps tradition.
      Paganism is not intellectually tenable after Augustine’s work. Ask yourself: how did these gods find each other? Who made the common “space” by which they relate?
      Some of the ancient pagans were honest, and saw Christ as the great answer to their riddles. Modern pagans can’t do that any more; they have lost their spiritual virginity. You can’t ever “go back home.”
      In any case, if the pagans insist, not just on co-labor, but on their right to blaspheme, then you will kill the movement, as no Christian will be able to stay long under those conditions.

    • eternalscythia

      Why isn’t it possible that Christ was an incarnation of Krishna?

    • eternalscythia

      Given Augustin’s risible claim in “City of God” that the barbarians spared the Christians when they sacked Rome, supposedly owing to the power of Christ, I wonder if he would have denied the ongoing jihadist extermination of the world’s original Christian communities, were he alive today. Why isn’t it possible that Christ was an incarnation of Krishna? Many Hindus accept Christ, but as an aspect of Krishna. I find this synthesis of the adopted God of the Europeans with Aryan tradition to be very appealing. In any case, if Whites can’t or won’t put their own race before a universalist Semitic deity, they are doomed.

    • Tim Harris

      If I remember correctly (and don’t have time to look it up just now), Augustine doesn’t claim that Christians were spared, but rather, that those taking refuge in churches were. The “barbarians” — my people — after all were Christians also, and honored churches as sanctuaries, much as later in Christendom (until the Americans came along) cities declared as unfortified were spared bombardment. (I visited Aleric’s burial site in Cosenza last spring and gave the Roman salute.) Granted the Semites must be expelled if we are to survive, but the living and true God is not Semitic. Any god that is not universal cannot be the living and true God.

      At any rate, the apologetic debate between Christ and Krishna can continue in parallel with our physical struggle, I agree with that. My remarks were addressed to Richard, pointing out that you can’t urge a common belligerency against the Semites yet insist on the right to blaspheme. That is not co-belligerency, that is just belligerence.

    • eternalscythia

      You make interesting points about the sack of Rome. My understanding had been that the Roman population was completely obliterated and that today’s Roman population is unrelated to the Roman population of Antiquity, but you may be right. I agree that the living and true God is not Semitic, and that is the main reason why I am skeptical of — or even hostile to — any suggestion that Whites should worship the God of Israel, even though I would readily concede the obvious point that, let’s say, Saint Thomas Aquinas or Saint Nicholas of Cusa was a divinely inspired holy man.

    • eternalscythia

      I guess it basically comes down to: Would you rather side with Tony Blair, Pope Francis, and Angela Merkel or Revilo P. Oliver, Ben Klassen, and Anders Breivik? The former three are prominent White Christian race traitors and the latter three are/were unbelieving nationalist heroes. By creating a link between Whites and other races where none would otherwise exist (e.g., “Here there is no Greek or Jew, circumcised or uncircumcised, barbarian, Scythian, slave or free, but Christ is all, and is in all.”), Christianity encourages race treason and abolition of the traditional Aryan caste hierarchy. In my view, Himmler was right that Christianity is “2,000-year-old Bolshevism”. I hope this will not offend you, but I think it needs to be said.

    • Tim Harris

      I have no truck with any of those 3 alleged Christians. That is not how debate proceeds. But moreover, Mars Parrott has not created this space for the debate you define — go to the kinist websites to get those answers. The only question here is whether pagans-only are to be allowed into this movement, along with perhaps weak Christians that learn to keep their mouths shut. But if “you” (whoever) expects both pagan and Christian, but with the pagan retaining the right to publicly mock and blaspheme Christ, then I am saying that such an alliance is impossible and will not happen.

    • 1. Try to use my platform to start a confessional shitstorm.

      2. Encounter obstacles to achieving that.

      3. Matt Parrott is not a Christian.

      Christians sometimes get away with taking a swipe at pagans and vice-versa. I don’t even know where the alleged unfairness you’re bitching about took place. I’m terribly sorry that you encountered an incident falling short of perfect fairness in our decision not to host endless religious flamewars and I regret having my Christianity card pulled over it.

    • Tim Harris

      Neither (1) nor (2) is something I have done, nor (3) something I have asserted. It was exactly my point that we should not abuse the forum you have created for the technical debate points raised by the Scythian.

    • Shotgun

      At the very least, every time a pagan or atheist blasphemes against our God, we ought to be allowed to call them weak-minded retards who believe whatever their government school teaches – with equal equanimity.

    • eternalscythia

      Sorry, but I was homeschooled because I couldn’t stand the illiterate Marxist jykes who passed for schoolmistresses in the state schools. I simply don’t care to unite with alien races in worshipping an alien god.

    • eternalscythia

      Thank you for providing me with the clarity I sought on this issue; indeed, within Christianity, I favor Kinism and Christian Identity. To me, your reply means that the movement is Compassionate Traditionalism, and has no intention of replacing Martin Luther King Day with William Luther Pierce Day.

  • AnAnon

    I do really like the image of the two TIME covers right next to each other.

  • 00Lew11

    Trump was cooking with gas tonight.

  • 00Lew11

    Awesome fucking quote by Greg Johnson.

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  • “Tomb of the Unknown Shitlord” … hilarious.

By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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