Confessions of a Stumped Trump Chump

Hillary has opened fire, challenging Trump to reject his “links” to the “AltRight” while warning that his attempt to discard us won’t cut it. She was perky, lively, and uncharacteristically energized as she lobbed one transgressed taboo after another at Trump. He’s a racist! He’s a sexist! He’s an Islamophobe! He’s a conspiracy crank! He’s not belligerent toward Vladimir Putin! He retweeted a guy who’s racist one time! She drilled through her list of broken rules with the aplomb of a frumpy schoolmarm who had finally gotten the better of the class clown who had been humiliating her the entire semester.

She enlisted the “moderate” establishment Republicans in her plea to reject Trump and his sinister vanguard. In a rare show of bipartisanship, she praised the GOP establishment for playing the game to lose. Why wouldn’t she? The mainstream GOP are the Washington Generals to the left’s Harlem Globetrotters. They exist to fail, to concede the moral high ground, (paraphrasing R.L. Dabney) to stalk the left like a shadow, always one step behind. The neocon think tank interns, Beltway lobbyists, and paid staffers will relish the invitation to join the winning team just this once in an inspiring and passionate denunciation of unmuzzled conservatism.

Trump will waste no time in throwing our movement from the sleigh to keep the wolves of political correctness at bay. He’s used us as a booster rocket to get to the general election, and now he’ll decouple from us in order to achieve a general election victory. I’m not referring to his outreach to homosexual and minority citizens which we always knew were always a welcome part of his national populist platform. I’m not referring to obligatory scripted denunciations of David Duke and the rest of us. Water off a duck’s back.

I’m talking about an abrupt and complete break from our core issues: immigration control, refugee limitation, and Islamic immigration. As of today, there is absolutely no daylight between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush in terms of immigration policy and American identity. There will be calls from within our ranks to stand firmly behind Trump. There will be arguments about the Supreme Court or the unique villainy of Hillary Clinton for remaining loyal to Trump. There will also be conspiratorial buffoonery about how he’s totally playing everybody but us for suckers.

As Ann Coulter noted, the manner in which he capitulated on immigration is stupid. The “they’ll pay taxes” line, straight out of Marco Rubio’s “Gang of Eight” playbook, means that they’ll qualify for tens of thousands in Earned Income Tax Credits while receiving legal status. There were sophisticated ways to pivot toward the center which I was preparing for. Eschewing the talk of immigration squads, talk of just enforcing the laws already on the books, and claims that legal immigration will potentially be expanded were all expected. They would’ve been water off a duck’s back.

I’m a cheap date.

But not this. This is a clear and direct betrayal. We’ve all been played for chumps.

I should’ve listened to Matt Parrott, whose “Let’s Not Be Trump’s Chumps” article over a year ago foreshadowed this outcome.

Trump cut through dozens of limp-wristed Tea Party libertarians, social conservative mumblers, and minority token candidates to land in the top spot in the polls and become the candidate that the other candidates are forced to react to with this one weird trick: Honestly and directly address White issues. To quote Ann Coulter, whose latest bestseller–¡Adios, America!–is scandalizing Beltway orthodoxy, “Drive up the White vote. That’s your base!”

But that’s all it is for him, a weird trick. Granted, an eccentric billionaire who’s beholden to his own ego rather than to Jewish and globalist financial backers is probably preferable to the rest of the available contenders. But he’s not one of us. He’s not pursuing shared interests. He doesn’t have shared goals. Trump is approaching this political campaign as a businessman, not as an ideologue, and he’ll follow the money and ego gratification away from White Interests as quickly as he followed the money and ego gratification toward White Interests.

The worst is yet to come. Trump’s pivot won’t merely leave us behind. He’s preparing to deliver a compelling story of redemption from his “nativist” and “racist” ways in the reality television finale leading up to the general election. It’s sickening because a movement which invented and championed the cuckoldry analogy are proving to be the ultimate “cucks” of this election cycle, throwing untold millions of hours and dollars at a globalist and multiculturalist shill running a masterfully orchestrated show business stunt.

Discerning who one should and should not politically support requires a lifecycle approach rather than a simple issues-oriented litmus test. Has Donald Trump established a record of nationalism and/or traditionalism which these positions are naturally aligned with? Has Donald Trump taken stands in the past for the American people against Organized Jewry and its multinational corporate lackeys? Do Donald Trump’s personal life and private decisions indicate that this man is even remotely aligned with our vision.

To ask is to answer: No. Let’s not be Trump’s chumps. Let’s keep a healthy distance from endorsing or supporting the man, lest we discredit ourselves and our ideals as his true colors inevitably emerge.

All’s not lost. We’ve received an incredible amount of exposure and momentum. We nationalists are in a much better position than we were over a year ago when Donald Trump kicked off his campaign. As I write this, Hillary Clinton is denouncing us as the single greatest threat to her corrupt pay-to-play system, and we owe that positioning in no small part to Donald Trump. There’s no point in throwing a tantrum at Trump or denouncing him. That’ll just play right into his Hollywood “save that cat” screenplay formula he’s concocted.

Scott Adams (of Dilbert fame) has emerged as one of the most prescient pundits of this election cycle, and I’m persuaded by his determination that Trump is on the verge of an attempt at a grand redemptive reversal. Hillary seems to think so, too. Her Anti-AltRight speech was tailored to head off his attempt to rebrand himself. Whether or not the world’s greatest master of branding can pull off the single greatest rebranding feat in branding history will make for better popcorn faire than anything in this summer’s theaters, but I’m not in it for the suspense and excitement. I’m in it for White American families and their future.

Trump’s still arguably better than the other primary candidates we helped him defeat. His opposition to free trade and his refreshingly sober position on foreign policy go back for decades. He’s an Eighties Democrat. Others who wish to continue to invest time and energy in helping him defeat Hillary are welcome to do so without any bile from me. We all have our own balance of priorities and our own estimations of his creditworthiness on the various issues. But I’m tapping out unless there’s a stunning reversal of what we’re seeing and refocusing my activist energies away from the presidential race towards a more issue-specific agenda.

We’re not his booster rocket. Donald Trump is our big orange booster rocket. This election cycle may no longer be actionable for us, but we’ve now achieved proof of concept that our national populist vision can electrify the American people. Elections come and go. Politicians rise and fall. American politics can’t return to business as usual. The #altright has exposed the GOP establishment for the corrupt tools they are, and we must continue firing away, regardless of which side of the line Donald Trump or anybody else chooses to stand on.

The demographic mega-trends guarantee our victory. Islamic terrorism isn’t going away. Racial polarization and the strain on the White working class caused by our uncontrolled immigration system will only escalate. Even Hillary herself correctly stated that our movement belongs to a global phenomenon which is already setting Europe, Eurasia, and the third world ablaze with national populist fervor. The future absolutely belongs to us, or at least those of us who stand by our vision despite the seemingly insurmountable forces driving us to forfeit, to capitulate, to apologize, and to compromise.

Update #1: Trump appears to be walking back his remarks from earlier this week, presumably in response to pressure on him to do so. Very encouraging.

Update #2: Trump appears to be refusing to denounce the altright. Also, very encouraging.

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  • I agree with your botyom line: Donald Trump has done more for us as a movement than he ever planned or intended, but he is much more a gñobalist pro-integration foe than he ever was a friend.

    As of today, I would say Trump has served his purpose for the Alt-Right, but I am astounded that so many of our fellow travellers ever believed otherwise. “TRUMP MANIA” among alt-rightists has consistently bewildered me.

    Anyone who knew the basic details of Trump’s career in New York, New Jersey, Nevada and Florida should have known he was no real friend to the White Race or its future.

    I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Donald Trump just a little bit about 25 years ago when I lived in Palm Beach, Florida while working as a Judicial Law Clerk. He was an oppottunist and a showman above all else even back then.

    I was working for a very distinguished Federal Judge of the old school named Kenneth Ryskamp, who had flunked the New World Order litmus test by belonging to a country club in Miami which had (express sadness and shock appropriately) once denied admission and membership to Jews….

    I’ll never know for sure, of course, but I am fairly confident that I got the clerkship with him because, even after several Jewish law professors at the University of Chicago warned me against him during Edward B Kennedy’s attack on his nomination, I wrote in the law school paper that “Even Federal Judges have the same right to freedom of speech and freedom to associate with people of their own religion as anybody else.”

    Donald Trmp was appearing before that same Judge Ryskamp in bankruptcy proceedings, whic is part of the reason the already famous owner of Mar-a-Lago was willing to talk to a recent law graduate who lived in a rented two bedroom condo on Atlantic Avenue — “the slums of Palm Beach proper, two full blocks from the ocean and now goid view from the balcony even”. Trump was unhappy with some of the rulings he was getting and the way he grumbled and groused presaged his complaints this year about the even handed treatment he and Trump University have been getting in California.

    But Trump particularly attacked Judge Ryskamp’s membership in the Riviera Country Club, even when I told him that “my judge, our judge” had moved to open the doors without regard to race or religion”. Trump was then and is now still devoted to the New York religion of multi-cultural money “uber alles in der Welt”—

    “The only skin colors that should ever matter to anybody are Green and Gold; Money is Green, Gold is just for Show” the billionaire told me at Chuck & Harold’s on Royal Poinciana one Sunday afternoon during the pre-Easter Lenten season of1993. And that is pretty much all anyone ever needs to know about Donald Trump’s true allegiance and philosophy.

    • 00Lew11

      I remember that Ryskamp dust up, as I was living in Miami at the time. Trump also called Pat Buchanan a racist in 2000, and as recently as 2012 was telling Sean Hannity the GOP needs to pass amnesty. Many signs were there.

    • Thank you for reminding me of that. I had totally forgotten all about Trump going off on Buchanan…. an even clearer and more recent statement of where he really stands….

  • nordicman

    I hate to say this, but America deserves what it gets. We have been politically correct, tolerant of corrupt politicians, we screw over our own race to help out nonwhites (who hate us), etc. You name it, we tolerate it. God bless Europe, especially Eastern Europe, that is making a stand against white genocide while we in America slide into degeneracy and complacency. While we didn’t let the nonwhites in or give blacks permission to burn down our cities or hand our nation over to Jews, we tolerated it. Even as a born and bred American who has been patriotic my entire life, anymore I really don’t care about this country . It’s not worth saving.

  • Fr. John+

    And yet, he had Nigel for Roche speak how did Jackson Mississippi rally last night or the night before… I don’t see how this squares with your desire to leave him so abruptly, but I’m willing to suspend judgement on either his actions, or yours, until I know more. The election Isn’t tomorrow, after all!

    • Nigel Farage was and remains an “extreme moderate”—-hardly a White Nationalist or Racial Realist of any kind. While Farage does deserve a lot of credit for Brexit—Brexit alone will not keep Britain either white or Christian, much less “British” = Anglo-Saxon + Scots-Welsh-Cornish-Manx & Irish Celtic. Farage and Trump are a perfect pair in a way: they are both two steps better than the absolutely awful establisment but no more than two.

  • ALT RIGHT is…

    1. Speaking truth to Globalist oligarchical power.

    2. Noticing that Jewish elites rule America and saying so.

    3. Being honest about the role of race and racial differences in American society.

    4. Calling out on the hypocrisy of Conservatism Inc and Liberalism Inc. Both SAY one thing, but DO another. Hillary claims to love blacks and Muslims, but the new Democratic Party since Bill Clinton locked up record numbers of black males to bring down crime & accelerated gentrification — code word for driving blacks out of urban areas. It also pushed for Wars for Israel that killed over a million Arabs and Muslims since the end of the Cold War. Establishment and its minions are all about Weasel Words.

    5. Not being afraid of Political Correctness that chokes free exchange of ideas in media and academia.

    6. Calling out all American politicians as whores of the donor class, especially that of Zion.

    7. Opposing neo-imperialist Zio-American Globalism that arrogantly declares America to be an ‘exceptional’ and ‘indispensable’ nation that is beyond International Law. Alt Right has no use for such jingoism, chauvinism, and supremacism masked masked with neo-missionary zeal.

    8. Condemning the ‘new cold war’ with Russia concocted by Jewish oligarchs who remain sore at Putin’s nationalism that foiled the Jewish-oligarchical takeover of Russia.

    9. Refusing to kneel at the altar of Homomania — a cult-worship of homos and trannies as holy angels — pushed by Wall Street, Hollywood, Ivy League, Las Vegas, and rest of the oligarchic class.

    10. Believing in the right of free speech and right to own guns to protect oneself from crime and the tyrannical state.

    11. Supporting nationalism for all people to ensure sovereignty and independence for every country. Alt Right doesn’t look to the 2-PC’s — Pop Culture(controlled by Jews and homos) and Political Correctness — for core values and principles to guide life and morals. Alt Right leaves that to Bill Clinton and Lena Dunham. Alt Right believes in heredity, heritage, and the rich myths of a people.

    12. The realization that Diversity is the strength for globalist elites(especially Jews) who use divide-and-rule among the various racial and ethnic groups to prevent a unified challenge to elite rule.

    13. Rejection of finance-capitalism as the core economy.

    14. The consciousness that the peoples of European identity and descent have every right to preserve their identity, heritage, and territory.

    15. Seeing race-traitors like Hillary and Jeb Bush for what they are: comprador-collaborators of the globo-Zionist elites.

    16. The realization that WE ARE ALL ‘PALESTINIANS’ under Jewish domination and manipulation. Just as Jews took the land from Palestinians(who live in defeat and humiliation), they are engineering the loss of land and identity of Europeans and European-Americans.

    17. Choosing conviction and principles over careerism and self-interest unlike the cuckservatives and cuckerals who will sell their mothers down the river for thirty pieces of silver.

    18. Being tough and courageous than being ‘triggered’ by everything and demanding ‘safe spaces’.

    19. Having the guts to say the reason why blacks cause so many problems is because they are naturally stronger, more aggressive, and less intelligent. Evolution is real, and it matters.

    20. Having the guts to say the reason why Jews rule America is due to their higher IQ, tribal networking, cynical use of Holocaust(to suppress any criticism of Jewish power), and lack of scruples. Alt Right knows all too well that Jews push ‘universalism’ to expand their tribal power. If Jews are about rejection of race and identity for a globalized humanity, why do they pressure all US politicians to attend the Jewish Nuremberg rally called the AIPAC Conference?


    • I don’t know whom you are insulting more by comparing the AIPAC Conference to a Nuremberg Rally. I can see comparing AIPAC to the Nuremberg Trials—a completely fraudulent staged and externally manipulated even…. but the Nuremberg rallies—whether you agree with the message or not, were totally genuine….

    • Genuine in what sense? Preparing Germany as a war machine to fight other European nations and end up killing 50 million whites?

      I will say the Nuremberg rallies were impressive as pageantry, but Nazi Germany was ruled by psychopaths like Hitler and Himmler. They demanded total obedience, and they got it. German people followed them like sheep and brought ruin not only to Germany but to the entire right.

    • I guess I really don’t understand your position…. until I read this paragraph I had assumed you were a National Socialist sympathetic to the German position in WWII. How do you describe or classify your political philosophy? Where are you coming from? This is interesting even if wildly off topic…. feel free to pm me on Facebook or gmail if you want….

    • Sympathetic to people who invaded Poland and killed millions? An agenda that sought to reduce all Russians to slaves? Not me. I’m for white unity, not white vs white wars.

    • But just last week you wrote:

      “Maybe White Folks should look to German history to forge a New Order. Think of Prussia vs Austro-Hungarian Empire.”

      What followed in your comment then analysis of Austria’s failings straight out of “Mein Kampf” (which I totally disagree with: I think Austria stood for 700 years,as the Savior of Christian Europe, and I don’t call that a failure just because new and unexpected enemies arose from both inside and outside). Neither do I agree that Prussian Militarism and discipline produced anything superior to the softer, more Francophile, artistic and musical culture of Austria. To my mimd, the greatest achievement of Frederick the Great’s Prussia was the new annex to Charlottenburg, aka “Sans Souci”….Prussia’s Versailles… But Austria, Bavaria, and Saxony-Thuringia were always the wellsprings of creativity in Germany, with Baden-Wurtemburg and the Rheinland following closely behind…..

      Seems to me you have shown some strong sympathies…. but feel free to explain further….

  • While mass immigration of non-whites undermines white majority and white power, one thing will not change… namely that Jews will remain 2% of the population whereas gentiles will make 98% or even more.

    In any war, it is smart to focus on the biggest enemy first. If the main enemy falls, others will also. As the German army began to lose in the Eastern Front, all the allies of Germany were bound to fall too.
    And enemy #1 is the Jews. If the Jews fall, then the whole globalist enterprise begins to fall apart.
    So, until Jews are brought down, I think Alt Right shouldn’t play so exclusively with the ‘white identity’ card. It should pull out the Gentile Identity card, namely that WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS being ripped off, exploited, and shell-shocked by Zionist Globalism the world over.

    Jews know how to play this game. They despise and distrust all gentile groups but take care not to antagonize all of them.
    Notice how Jews did most to destroy the Muslim world but also recruit Muslims in the West against whites. Jews hate Muslims, but Jews do this because, for the time being, they see whites as the #1 enemy. If Jews vilify both whites and Muslims, both groups will become natural allies against Jews. Jews use white Christians against Muslims OVER THERE and use Muslims against white Christians OVER HERE.

    So, as long as Jews are the #1 enemy of whites, Alt Right should consider a Gentile Identity that emphasizes how all gentile groups — whites, Asians, Arabs, blacks, Muslims, Hispanics, and etc — are exploited, robbed, leeched on by, and/or bombed by Jews. And then, all gentile hostilities can be concentrated on Jewish Globalist Elite Power.

    Alt Right as a white identity movement fights on too many fronts.
    It makes no sense to fight both ‘kebals’ and ‘bagels’ at the same time.
    Alt Right should fight one front at a time. Since Jews have the most power and are most effective as an anti-white power, Alt Right and all Euro-Identitarians should focus on taking out The Jew first.

    Support BDS. Support Palestinians. Emphasize how Jewish communists destroyed the Slavs and how Jewish capitalists fleeced them. Support blacks who’ve been historically exploited and cheated by Jews. Tell Hispanics that Jewish elites see them as little more than kitchen help, nannies, busboys, and lettuce pickers. Tell blacks about the dirty secret of Gentrification.

    • I understand what you mean and are trying to say when you write, WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS, but like your comment comparing AIPAC Conferences with the Nuremberg Rallies, it’s all rather too confusing. I think, from the standpoint of American History, it makes much more sense to say WE ARE ALL CONFEDERATES under occupation by Corporate Yankee Imperialists. We are the original and genuine Americans. …. our Civilization is much greater and more deeply, truly, Christian and European…. we are the true heirs of Greece, Rome, the Middle Ages, and the Renaissance…..

    • But “we are all confederates” only divides white people and it won’t mean anything to non-whites.

      If we are to bring down Jewish power, we need to rally all gentile groups against Jewish power. Jews have always singled out ‘white privilege’ and ‘white power’ for what is wrong with the world.
      It is time for whites to tell all gentiles that Jews control America, and Jews control foreign policy that messes up so much of the world including their homelands.

      Now, when the Jews fall from power and when the struggle is a free-for-all among the various groups, then we can go for explicit white identity and power.

    • Blacks are already “onto” the Jews, by-and-large. Many of them have more direct experience with the “Hymies” than the vast majority of White people. Many things divide whites, including whether to accept Jews or not. “WE ARE ALL PALESTINIANS” does nothing to explain our positions on civilization and its fundamental values. You obviously draw strength and inspiration from Hitler’s National Socialist Germany. Every day I run into Southern White people, Confederate Patriots and Sympathizers, who otherwise would vote for David Duke for Senate now but refuse to do so because they perceive Duke as anti-Christian because of his habits of quoting from Mein Kampf and his anti-Jewish, Anti-Zionist political philosophy. So I think, realistically, YOUR choice of referential framework is even more likely to divide white people than mine. I think Jared Taylor has some very strong points in this regard, I really do ….

    • Ben Sanderson


  • Dave6034

    Oh well, I’ve resigned myself to a Brazilian future no matter who gets elected. Brazil actually isn’t that bad outside the tropics — the southern states are mostly white and stuff there pretty much works. There’s a lot of corruption, but that’s to the whites’ benefit, because corrupt governments aren’t very good at collecting taxes, feeding the poor, or enforcing anti-discrimination laws. And Brazil has excellent private hospitals that charge reasonable prices.

    White people evolved to survive cold winters; wherever there are cold winters in the year 3016, there will still be white people.

  • 00Lew11

    Yeah, I shoulda listened to you too. I remember that article. I started off laughing at the people who took Trump seriously before being caught up in emotion and eventually dropping more money on the Trump campaign than I’ve given to movement folks in 15 years. So I’m one of the chumps. Feel like a complete fool.

    • While any and all money would have always been more wisely invested in TradYouth than in anything else you could possibly imagine doing with the money, our movement’s support for Trump created this amazing opportunity we have today.

      Had Trump slipped behind Cruz (or worse), it’s doubtful that the “altright” panic currently ensuing would have taken place, with all of the tremendous opportunities before us.

      Personally, I don’t feel that the support which brought Trump (and us) to this point was wasted. But we do need to reflect carefully on what to do from this point forward.

    • 00Lew11

      He used us and we used him. I suppose you are right the best way to view it is that the cash and effort went toward building exposure and helping wreck the GOP for good, which is a good thing yes. It’s still a frustrating outcome because an honest and competent civic national populist like an American Marine LePen could have won this.

      A lot of people like Scott Adams, but I personally believe he has been trolling the alt right for a year now right along with Trump by saying crap people want to believe (though independent of rather than in coordination with him). Telling people things they want to believe is an incredibly powerful force for manipulation.

      Side Note: I’m going to watch the FEC filings next month. After raising 85 mil in June off of small donations, I predict a precipitous drop in contributions to Trump starting after the convention. The drop will have been caused by Trump’s post-convention antics and his signaling against immigration reform. His mild walk backs and refusal to denounce the alt right so far may be in response to declining donations and a play for more donations.

  • 00Lew11

    It’s sickening because a movement which invented and championed the cuckoldry analogy are proving to be the ultimate “cucks” of this election cycle, throwing untold millions of hours and dollars at a globalist and multiculturalist shill running a masterfully orchestrated show business stunt

    They’re at the very top of the global power structure and this historical jaggurnaut called the United States for a reason. They’re very clever.

  • AnAnon

    “His opposition to free trade and his refreshingly sober position on foreign policy go back for decades” – If the Mexicans made him blink he likely won’t stand up to China. While I hope that he hasn’t, America is in ultimately no worse shape than we’d have been had he not run, and what genuinely needs to be done at all levels hasn’t changed.

  • Wilburn Sprayberry

    Matt…Matt, my friend.
    First, you were never a “Trump chump.” You’ve done too much, and been through too much, to have ever fallen for The Donald. And you’re way too smart to get stumped by anybody.

    Some of our younger, more naive, friends in the movement, especially the meme wizards at TRS and elsewhere, yeah. They’re having a bit of a melt-down. They’ll get over it. They need some toughening up, anyway.

    Any port in a storm. That was (and is) my attitude. Trump was and still is better than any candidate I’ve seen in my lifetime, including Saint Ronald. I’m still pulling the lever for him in November.

    I predict there will be no Trump “grand redemptive reversal.” I don’t think that’s possible, given his character and ego. I don’t know what’s going to happen in November, but I do know that our movement, and you, are on the right track. So…as we (well, not I, but my thankfully declining generation) used to say, “Keep on, keeping on.”

    You probably need to pull over, have a slice of apple pie, and a cup of coffee.

    And you’re always welcome at my place. — Gerald

  • kingston

    Been waiting to write this article for awhile haven’t you??

    Fact is, there was no “alt-right” before Trump. There was no national movement, just a bunch of bloggers complaining about how everyone was too cowardly to stand with them on a street corner in Nowheresville, Georgia.

    I clearly remember that when Trump first rose last year, this site– specifically you, Mr. Parrott, and Thomas Buhls– were among the loudest voices of skepticism in the “alt-right”. I remember reading the article you quoted above, as well as a couple more… and I remember how after the first GOP debate you & Mr. Buhls seemed to agree that Trump had blown it and Jeb came off as “presidential.” Uh-huh.

    And then Trump pivoted right– the Muslim ban, the continual refusal to apologize for his supporters– and you couldn’t do anything but confirm your support. But now, at the FIRST SIGN of any softening/wavering, you seem to have fully retreated back to your previous position. People always want to be right, don’t they??

    Obviously the vast majority of Trump’s supporters know the deal– he’s a narcissistic Yankee businessman who is primarily concerned about himself and his money. Period.

    That being said, his contributions to the pro-white movement here in America have almost been too numerous to list: bringing formerly “fringe” ideas into the mainstream, opening the Nationalistic doors of the GOP to make it closely resemble one of Europe’s “blood and soil” far-right parties, exposing the cuckservative class as paid-for charlatans who don’t give a whit about conserving the people or the culture, making the Muslim invasion of White countries a central issue of his campaign (he has specifically mentioned Europe in this regard), and, of course, his signature issue, one he will never back down on for various reasons (fame, his own personal enrichment, job creation, legitimacy– i.e. “I mean what I say”)– BUILDING THE WALL ON OUR SOUTHERN BORDER.

    There is no question that Trump has done more for the pro-White movement in this country than any presidential candidate since George Wallace. To say the pro-white activists or the alt-right in general has been “cucked” in this situation is lunacy, and you know it.

    You know what they say: lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. Your choice.

    • I’ve been quite transparent about my motives and my reasons for my position this entire time.

      And that was Buhls and only Buhls who thought that Jeb performed well at one debate.

      Did you read the article? The thing about being cucked was IMMEDIATELY and EXPLICITLY followed by a statement confirming that we’ve profited tremendously from his candidacy. And in follow-up comments, I further confirmed that.

      What happened here was I joined Ann Coulter and several other immigration hardliners in expressing outrage at a radical repositioning on immigration toward an explicitly pro-amnesty position.

      I admit it. I’ve actually just been anti-immigration and pro-white and don’t actually give a shit about Trump. You’ve got me. I’m nailed to the wall. Well played, sport.

    • And where do I call people cowards for failing to engage in local activism?

      I don’t. My message has been consistent from the outset. Everybody’s activism must necessarily be tailored to work with their specific situation, and those choices ought to be respected.

      But don’t pretend that the guys out there fighting the antifa on the street are somehow less cool than you for their sacrifices. The struggle’s going to require more than climbing aboard the Trump train and sipping your tea as he transports you directly to the destination.

    • kingston

      Right, right. I’m the bad guy.

      Look man: I respect you and like what you do here. And maybe it’s not you specifically, but don’t pretend that there wasn’t a strong undercurrent of “our readers are too cowardly to stand on the street holding signs” vibe in the pro-white blogosphere prior to Trump.

      And I’m not some do-nothing– I’m a LOS member who has given more money than I can afford to the “cause” over the years. Save your preaching for someone else.

      Your vitriol is unwarranted. I’m not insulting you or your project here, just factually stating that you were an early skeptic who is predictably jumping off the “train” at the first possible moment. It’s probably slightly discouraging to some of your readers, but other than that, no big deal.

      I also listed the numerous positives things that Trump and his campaign have done for American pro-Whites, none of which you refuted.

    • You just clearly shit all over me, my project, and our street activists.

      I didn’t even put your activism on trial. I didn’t accuse you of not doing your part. All I did was ask you to not shit on the guys who are doing something different than what you’re doing.

      And I have absolutely no reason to refute the positive impact Trump has had on our movement. In fact, I invested paragraphs of my own spelling out his positive impact in the very piece you’re shitting all over for apparently no other reason than I pitched a (valid) tantrum when Trump went Gang of Eight on us earlier this week.

    • kingston

      Are you serious?? “shitting on” you and your project???

      I don’t know if I touched a nerve or what, but I’m very surprised you’re reacting so strongly here considering all the genuine “shit” I’ve seen thrown your way on this board and others.

      I was not “shitting on” or insulting your project in any way. As a matter of fact, I specifically said that I respected you and like what you’re doing here. I also said that this “movement”, prior to Trump, was rife with “activists” and bloggers who frequently accused their readers of cowardice for not standing on a street corner. This is undeniably true, and you know it.

      I guess maybe I was a little harsh with my language (though again, I’ve certainly seen MUCH HARSHER), but my sentiment was certainly correct: you were an early alt-right skeptic of Trump and at the very first sign of him turning towards the center (which we’re not even sure he’s done yet, despite your assertions of a “radical repositioning”), you’ve returned to your position as a skeptic, going so far as to accuse the alt-right– again, a “movement” that had ZERO national recognition prior to Trump’s campaign and now is the focus of major news organizations around the world– of being “cucked”.

      it was just a little surprising to see you throw the Trump movement under the bus so quickly, considering your repeated calls for a “big tent” approach.

    • “I also said that this “movement”, prior to Trump, was rife with “activists” and bloggers who frequently accused their readers of cowardice for not standing on a street corner. This is undeniably true, and you know it.”

      But I’ve NEVER done that.

      I also didn’t challenge your own activism record.

      Yet you charged me on both counts. And now rather than stepping over that error or retracting, you’re insisting that somebody, somewhere, perhaps, was probably doing that to you.

      Allow me to apologize on behalf of that guy, whoever and wherever he is.

      “it was just a little surprising to see you throw the Trump movement under the bus so quickly, considering your repeated calls for a “big tent” approach.”

      I stated in the article that I’m not going to stand in the way or discourage Trump activism, but that I’m bowing out if he doesn’t reverse his position.

      He reversed it the following morning, as per the update on the post.

      The bile is because your insult to our guys in parking lots in Nowheresville, Georgia is an insult to men who are putting a lot on the line. It’s despicable.

    • kingston

      Oh, come off it. “Despicable”. You sound like a pearl-clutching leftist.

      Extreme rustling of jimmies was truly not the intent of my post, but it’s clear that’s where we are here. That’s fine. Good luck to you and your project. I truly mean that.

    • Thank you.

    • Wilburn Sprayberry

      Of course there was an alt-right before Trump. It was mostly networking, seeking out and finding like-minded people, mostly on the internet. It’s still mostly that, punctuated with a growing number of face-to-face “meet-ups” and conferences, and real honest-to-god friendships.

      And then there are a few people like Matt (and his pal, H-bomb) who do old-fashioned street activism, as well as all the other stuff. I’ve known Matt for almost six years, and I’ve watched him and his projects make progress, and grow. I tell him, and everybody, we are building towards critical mass – the self-sustaining chain-reaction which then takes off on its own. (That’s my one and only meme.) Reaching critical mass (which is not victory, btw, but a critical step towards victory), may take many years.

      Then Trump came along last year in a very dismal summer (LGBT in your face forever, female Army Rangers, Dylan Roof, the media hatefest against the South and its flag, Obama’s erasure of our southern border and his flouting of immigration law). After the Trump-bomb exploded (Peter Brimelow’s “It would only take one speech to start a patriotic immigration movement.”), some of us got distracted (better, drunk) for a while. Timelines to critical mass or even victory suddenly seemed to get a lot shorter. Even people who were initial skeptics eventually got swept along by the Trump-tide.

      Matt’s skepticism and caution were always the smart play. But he also recognized the benefits that Trump has brought to our movement. I see no reason for intra-movement backbiting over anything Trump does or doesn’t do. Yes, he has helped us a lot, even though he isn’t one of us by a long shot. As long as supporting and helping Trump helps us make progress, let’s continue. Getting him into the White House – even if he has morphed into Jeb! – would still be a triumph for our side, and wouldn’t just open the Overton window a little bit more – it would blast a hole in the wall for us to drive our troops and ideas through.

      And that’s when the real work begins.

    • After Dylan Storm Roof’s false flag (“let’s kill 9 really old black Christians at a prayer meeting in the Oldest Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, and then accuse those old folks of responsibility for black rape, robbery, and reprehensible behavior”) attack, Trump did IMMEDIATELY join the chorus demanding removal of the Confederate Flag. I never dreamt White Christian Southerners would ever vote for him after that—but since then a lot have done so and are obviously considering doing so again. I personally think we need a constitutional amendment limiting citizenship to Christians and atheists or pagans people with at least two Christian grandparents. So I never thought Trump’s ban on Muslim immigration ever went far enough.

    • ps mike

      I don’t think Matt Parrott has called out anyone who doesn’t publicly protest or engage in street activism. In fact, he has been a complete gentleman to someone like me in a different circumstance. Take a look at the comments here and tell me MP has any inclination to call others out.

    • ps mike

      My comment was intended for Kingston.

    • 00Lew11

      Trump hasn’t walked back shit in a week and a half. This my friend is what cuckin looks like. As recently as this morning, his top surrogates signaled hard there will be no deportations which means there will be amnesty. Which means, in turn, because the illegals will stay there will be no relief from downward pressure on wages for the working class, no reassertion of borders and no meaningful national sovereignty under Trump.

    • I’m afraid the tactically sensible thing for us to do is just ignore Trump until after the election (and perhaps beyond).

      There’s nothing he could possibly say or do at this point which would compel them to reconsider. They’ll just interpret it all as brilliant strategery. To this day, there still linger WNs who believe Ron Paul is secretly one of us.


    I’m not ready to give up on Trump quite so easily, but I certainly do not trust him to do all that he has stated, particularly regarding deportation of ALL 15-30 million illegal immigrants. However, I know the amount of pressure from all the forces aligned against us and Trump will create an enormous amount of pressure to “pivot” away from that which has brought our support. He needs to stick to his guns, but I still support him as much as I always have this far.

  • aodh macraynall

    No one should be discouraged about this. I have never been a Trump believer and have said as much. He did every thing he needed to do in the first few months of his campaign. If Michael Collins had not been assassinated he would not be the hero he is today. Eamon Devalera, at least as great a hero as Collins, was tarnished simply by virtue of being in politics. Trump does not and never has approached the level of virtue of these two. Not only that but unlike Michael Collins, he is not going to die in glory. Trump woke people up, he gave them the ability to say, “Wait a minute! I don’t have to be silent when I hear the leftist bullshit.” Accept the gift, use it wisely and let’s move on.

By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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