The Orthodox Nationalist: Was Erich Koch Working for Stalin?

Today’s episode of The Orthodox Nationalist is about Erich Koch, Reichskommissar in Reichskommissariat Ukraine from 1941 until 1943. His reign of terror turned a strong, anti-communist nation into an anti-German force that lost Hitler the war. Hitler and Himmler saw the Slavs as sub-humans regardless of the pleas of Rosenberg and Canaris. As late as 1944 and early 1945, they refused to organize any substantial Russian or Ukrainian force.

Koch instituted forced labor and slave camps. His penchant for hunting led to families and villages being uprooted when they got in the way of his favorite grounds. He called Slavs “European negroes” and said they were too “lazy” for civilization. He also introduced abortion and contraception to the area to control the population.

Rather than organizing a nation of millions to smash Stalin, Hitler and Himmler, through Koch, sacrificed hundreds of divisions that could have been assisted by strong Slavic armies. All offers of assistance against partisans were rejected and millions of tons of grain were shipped out of the country. Kiev and other major cities were sealed off, leading to famines that killed thousands. Within a short time, the Ukrainian and Russian population hated the Germans.

This episode argues that this factor, more than anything else, cost Hitler the war and led to the Gulag empire stretching from Alaska to Berlin.

Koch was condemned after the war but was never executed and strangely, he died of a natural death in 1986. He was never the subject of assassination attempts, like all the other SS men in the area were. All attempts to extradite him to the USSR were refused and Koch is the only example of that on record.

The argument that he was a Stalinist agent is almost irrefutable.

Source: Radio Aryan

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  • Richard Bird

    “Hitler and Himmler saw the Slavs as sub-humans”
    Just another of the millions of lies spread about Hitler and National socialism. Please don’t make claims which cannot be backed up with proof. It makes you appear no better than the jews.

  • Waljoy

    After studying Hitler and the Third Reich, off and on, for about 50 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that Hitler was, at best, a very mixed bag. My sources are primarily the accounts left by people who actually knew and worked with him. Somehow the single mindedness that helped bring him to power in the first place carried within itself the seeds of its own destruction. As you say, Father Matthew, this is a very tragic, even heartbreaking topic as we consider what might have been had a different approach prevailed. Hitler had many very low-caliber people in high places in his regime. He put them there and he kept them there. It’s a tragedy for Germany, Europe, and the world that, flawed as he was, he was able to wield as much power as he did without any checks or balances. Father, I appreciate this broadcast very much – please keep up the good work. 🙂

By: Fr. Matthew Raphael Johnson

Matthew Raphael Johnson is a scholar of Russian Orthodox history and philosophy. His research interests focus on Russian political theory and religious ideas, concentrating on the central role of nationalism, Eurasianism and the Orthodox tradition as forms of rebellion against globalism and liberalism. His Orthodox Nationalist podcast series is available here.

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