Jews Destroy Women: A Response to “Women Destroy Nations”

There’s a video floating around lately which is overwhelmingly accurate and factually corroborated. It essentially repackages information which is well-known in HBD and Manosphere circles into a polished and well-produced presentation. The thesis is simple: women’s biological drives are contrary to the best interests of civilization and that the past century or so of women’s enfranchisement and liberation has been detrimental to societal stability.

The thesis is correct, but it’s merely a piece of a puzzle, one which easily leads to the false conclusion that women are central to the destruction of Western Civilization. They are absolutely not. Ironically, my primary objection to the video lies in its closing shot at Western men. “Black Pigeon” claims that feminized Western males are the ones responsible for unleashing women to wreak havoc on us. This situation is not something Western males knowingly or willingly signed up for.

Male Impulses Are Degenerate, Too

Patriarchy isn’t so much a conspiracy of males against females as it is a conspiracy of old men against young males and females alike. Monogamy’s a counter-biological imposition on both genders, just in different ways. Your average viewer doesn’t have the grounding in alternative anthropology necessary to grasp the degree to which the presentation is one-sided, leaving one with the false impression that young men afforded the same freedom would develop flying cars and vaporwave cityscapes and such.

Young men generally require acculturation, social pressure, and various forms of accountability in order to invest in what offspring they do have. The female biological impulse is to go for the most socially dominant male regardless of societal consequence. The male biological impulse is to go for just about any female, investing more time and resources in more youthful and healthy females with little regard for “in-group loyalty.”

In-group loyalty in sexual matters is generally a socialized matter for both genders, and the film’s suggestion that women are worse than men in this regard isn’t borne out by either history or dating market statistics.



The Jews Did This

Women are definitely biologically predisposed toward degenerate dating and mating habits, but so are men. In a nutshell, civilization and tradition are the parallax between what we’re inclined to do and what we must do to thrive and survive. What’s happening in our civilization is not one where the once-dominant menfolk foolishly released women from their cages like clumsy scientists in the opening scenes of an outbreak movie. It’s one where the organized Jewish community is maliciously turning Western women against their civilization, …and also the men, and the homosexuals, and the unionized laborers, and the local chamber of commerce, and everybody else.

I_bet_the_jews_did_thisSave for an ever-shrinking subset of young White males who aren’t sexually deviant, aren’t affiliated with a cucked religious organization, and aren’t gainfully integrated into the educational and occupational sinecures of the anti-Western system, absolutely everybody in the West has been deputized in the liberal modern assault on the West by a well-organized and well-documented project of Jewish subversion. While there’s an organic (and not entirely degenerate) thread of indigenous feminist interest in expanding female power and influence in our society, the nature and scope of feminism in the contemporary West is almost entirely Jewish in origin and character.

Feminism has been described as the women’s auxiliary of Cultural Marxism, Cultural Marxism being a euphemism for Jewish subversion. I’m frequently inclined to blame global capitalism and global capitalists along with the Jews in my polemics. And industrialization definitely presented a series of grave challenges to traditional gender roles, norms, and dynamics. But the West failed to meet every last one of these challenges.

Capitalists would like Western folks to purchase more things, for sure. But market forces could as easily have been directed toward ensuring that the world’s foremost producers and consumers–Western folks–don’t become too derelict and endangered to work in their factories and purchase their widgets. Barren feminists and roving bands of Islamic rapists may be the be the bullet through the head of Western Civilization, but it’s a global capitalist gun with a Jewish finger pulling the trigger.

If you don’t believe that the Jews are primarily responsible for bringing feminist hysteria to its current fever pitch, just ask them. They’ll gladly boast about it unless you’re framing it in the manner it’s being framed here. From early feminist history to what’s hot off the press at the latest feminist blog, it’s overwhelmingly Jewish. The money? Jewish. Those topless chicks shown in the video agitating for things to get even more slutty? They’re basically Craigslist whores directly paid by Jewish billionaire George Soros to run around doing that.

This isn’t some illuminati stuff I’m setting in the table here. George Soros is a Jewish billionaire who invests millions in feminism. He also invested millions in working up the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson. He also invested millions in the color revolutions and “Arab Springs” which have victimized the Islamic World. Modern women are very much a major problem, but they’re not the problem, or even the primary problem. Western men aren’t being held down by Western women or by themselves. They’re being held down by Jewish billionaires who do most of this subversion openly, in broad daylight.

Women Are Part of the Solution, Too

As stated earlier, there’s very little about the video that’s outright false, though much of it’s inaccurate and the point it tries to drive home, that we’re doomed, is as vile as it is thankfully false. Some of it is blatantly false, however. For instance, the girl holding the “Will Trade Racists for Rapists” sign is an amusing photoshop of a sign which originally stated, “Will Trade Racists for Refugees.”

There’s much about the feminine disposition to shock the blue pilled normie into a cold sweat, but Black Pigeon takes it way too far in the video. The modern woman is not only subject to biological impulses which are counter to civilizational harmony, they are also subject to a web of subversive lies and perverse incentives designed to exacerbate the problem even further.

Were young women given complete sexual liberation but afforded a truthful and complete stock of the situation, they would make less degenerate choices. They’re repeatedly lied to about the situation. They’re led to believe that their fertility remains reliable well into their forties. They’re led to believe that they can ambitiously pursue a career and achieve a quality man and traditional family. Hollywood confirms that quality providers will gladly wait for them to finish riding the carousel. They’re led to believe that the contraceptives they’re eagerly offered are completely safe and don’t have grave effects on their hormone levels and future fertility.

Most maliciously of all, they’re led to believe that the social fabric will remain intact when they reach the point in their life where they’ll need it the most. If somebody sat them down and explained to them that there won’t be the Affirmative Action advantages, Social Security entitlements, and men hovering around waiting to marry barren middle-aged women when they get to that age, even the girls who can’t help but wish to go clubbing with migrants might be frightened into considering settling for an uninspiring but loyal provider type.

There Is Plenty of Hope

The Jews have been at it for millennia, and they end up losing every time with the sureness of Wiley E. Coyote in a Warner Bros. cartoon. Assuming that this time the Jewish subversion of a civilization will not end in people waking up, getting angry, and driving them out is betting against the house. And if people were able to figure it out before the information age, how easy must it be for our civilization to connect the dots, arrive at the kosher root of the problem, and uproot them from our keystone institutions of societal control?

It’s already happening, and it’s happening more rapidly than most of us imagined it would. The army of frustrated young males that the film identifies are awakening and engaging. Regretfully, this process takes time, and there will be many false starts before a singular focus can be successfully leveled against the Jewish oligarchs. This film delivers a panoply of false start misdirections from the problem, namely pretending that the Islamic World is categorically part of the problem rather than potentially part of the solution. It also, more importantly, pretends that confused and degenerate sluts in urgent need of disenfranchisement and patriarchal submission are the primary problem.

Incidentally, I don’t believe women should be allowed to vote in matters relating to foreign policy or immigration policy. This isn’t due to Black Pigeon’s specious attempt to assert in scientific terms that “them hoes ain’t loyal.” It has more to do with perfectly healthy and natural feminine nurturing impulses clouding their judgment. European women didn’t go all in with the rapefugee crisis because they were ambivalent or subliminally excited about getting raped, but because the media triggered their maternal instincts with that picture of the dead kid on the beach and a firehose of similar pity porn.

Western women have always been a bit more inclined, organically and traditionally, to more autonomy and agency than the rest of the world’s women. They can and should be trusted in a variety of leadership and leading roles in a healthy Western society. They’re not generally well-suited to diplomatic and military concerns, but a West which attempts to solve its (Jewish) problem by subjugating and limiting the agency of its women will deprive itself of much of the energy and talent it requires to prevail. And I trust that we absolutely can and will prevail.

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  • EricStriker

    Women’s bad behavior is a secondary factor in the downfall of the West, but not the primary one. A lot of men out there are viscerally angry at women for ironically feminist reasons. I don’t personally believe a woman’s opinion is equal to mine when it comes to politics or other “big world” business they will never understand (or really have interest in understanding), so when a woman spouts off some idiotic non-sense, I’m prone to just laugh at them.

    With that said, if women come to the man’s table (politics), they ought to be treated as mercilessly as you would treat a man. I approve of Kasidiaris smacking that red pig Kanelli, I approve of Trump putting women like MeGYN Kelly down (he didn’t go far enough). Some women need to be taught a lesson. The reason we don’t slam them into the ground when they get uppity is because we’re benevolent, not because we’re overwhelmed by their grrrl power as Judah trains them to think.

    Nature intends for men to inculcate women with the right ideas. Unfortunately, in modern society, dads, brothers, and significant others play along and defer to women, as we are trained since we are little to be submissive to their whims.

    End of the day, this is all subject to us winning. If we can wrestle power to create culture and dictate politics from the Jews, women will not only come around to our point of view (at a quicker rate than men on the fence in fact), they will be begging us to re-open Auschwitz.

    The video is correct in one assertion: women are hardly ever protagonists in history. Which sort of makes his video pointless. But I think some antipathy for women in their current iteration is good for men, because many out there betray the cause since there are not too many women open to settling down with a man with radical political views (mostly because of the security and financial consequences).

    • Ezra Pound


    • russellmeans

      Oh I wonder about those women in the Muslims countries ? Oh I think you are a little off here. As women began to have more power, they will be open to more smack downs. I don’t think there has been a women more put down then Hillary Clinton.

    • William Finck

      I wonder if russellmeans isn’t one of those Jewish trolls paid to cause divisions among White traditionalists.

    • russellmeans

      They are a dying breed and should be. No troll here. Full blooded Danish American. Just will not let people and there stupid opinions get buy without challing them always have and always will.

  • Ezra Pound

    I was hoping someone would put that video in context. Excellent piece.

    • russellmeans

      What kind of context ? When something is crap, it is crap. NO context can change it.

  • Shotgun

    Maybe a small quibble, but an important one: why call these people “capitalists”? That’s like calling the Furguson rioters “socialists.” I mean, it might be accurate, but their socialism is at best an ostensible rear-guard justification for the violent manifestation of their racial stage play. Calling them “socialists” would seem like an underhanded way to swipe at socialism while completely missing the thrust of the event. The same seems true here, with the jews.

    • The metapolitical model I’m working with puts the peasant merchants from and center in the development of colonialism and its Enlightenment, liberal, and now neo-colonialist worldview.

      The Jewish elites are senior partners, and the more guilty partners in the judeo-masonic conspiracy against Western Civilization. But I consider it very much a partnership, one which subverted and destroyed the traditional aristocratic and ecclesiastical authority and are now moving on to a more thorough destruction of our civilization.

      Capitalists had a strong interest in first and second wave feminism. They wanted them in the factories creating more profit. They wanted them in politics because they’re generally more malleable to oligarchs’ agendas than their brothers. They want them to be as materialist, greedy, and selfish as possible.

      White women are far and away the world’s foremost consumers. They’re the driving force behind real estate development, the luxury industry, textiles, and the more profit-rich technology consumables (women prefer iPhones, men prefer Samsung Androids).

      I don’t go as far as Heimbach and most other national socialist types in my critique of capitalism contra socialism. What “socialism” means to me is establishing boundaries and limits on capitalists to ensure that the welfare of the people isn’t lost in the race to profit.

      A nation must have a strong market which rewards risk, innovation, and drive. But if the market can’t be regulated and taxed to some extent in the service of the national interest, then what’s the point of it, from a tribal and traditional perspective?

    • 5n4k33y35

      Quite the opposite from what Stefan Molyneaux promotes, which appears to be total non-accountability for capitalism. This so-called “Anarcho-Capitalism” reeks of jewish subversiveness, even worse than Libertarianism.

      I’ve heard it said that Stefan Molyneaux has attained a cult of personality. He is another obnoxious interloper like Roosh, yet more insidious because he wouldn’t directly taunt white men like Roosh did. There are proxies who do that on his behalf.

      Stefan Molyneaux versus Daryush Valizadeh – which one is more obnoxious? Roosh. Which one is more insidious? Molyneaux. Both of them are Liberal, Feminist and cosmopolitan, and neither one is white.

      Both are now drifting towards the patriarchal attitude, yet neither one truly comprehends the patriarchy. Ultimately, association with the insidious Molyneaux will prove the greater liability to white nationalists.

    • Shotgun

      Minus the historical commentary (which I agree with in part but would quibble with in places), what you’ve described is essentially Distributism. Add a few Belloc quotes and you’re golden.

      My inner slave-master, plantation-owner LARPer though, insists on maintaining clear social and legal hierarchies within this distributist program, but again, that strikes me as an intramural debate.

      Calling the program “socialist” leaves a bitter taste in my mouth and runs counter to everything I thought I knew about socialism; plus, the label is scary and will frighten off lots of Americans (not that that matters to us elitists).

    • EricStriker

      Bernie Sanders is a 74 year old communist Jew from New York, and yet his base is (…or was) normal white working people. He has in the last 6 months or so gone out of his ways to appease bourgeois SJWs (placating black lives matter, changing his stance on open borders immigration, etc) , but that is only going to hurt him.

      In the end, his candidacy shows that America’s fear of “socialism” is a Fox Jews invention. Just like the GOP claiming anti-immigration candidates like Trump can’t win.

      What Americans fear is socialism that takes money from whites and gives it to black holes like negroes, junkies, and illegal immigrants, not a society like Germany where law mandates 6 weeks of paid vacation a year, or capital feeds our nations first.

    • Shotgun

      Please don’t rely on Bernie Sanders as a gauge of American temperament.

      …and even if you do take all the Democrat hype in the media seriously, you’re looking to “win over” a rough half of this country that I really don’t want to be around at all. You can have them.

    • EricStriker

      The only reason Bernie Sanders isn’t crushing Hillary is because of mexicans, blacks, and people in households that make $200,000 or more. If blue collar whites were the only demo, “socialist” Sanders would be the nominee.

      Many people supporting Sanders could easily go to Trump if they nominate Hillary. I like these folks who think outside the box (even if their conclusions are wrong) more than I like patriotards bloviating about “small government” , the “Iran Deal” , and Ted Cruz.

    • Jack Spratt

      I agree on a political level. At the same time I’ve been around Bernie supporters and they’re pretty damn insufferable in person. I wouldn’t live anywhere near them.

    • Cooper

      You are absolutely brilliant. Articulated this perfectly. As a woman within the Alt-right, I’ve tried very gently and not nearly as articulate to explain this with peace pies.
      Unfortunately, the Anime Japan pornfront meme culture is just as subversive & even more dangerous in many respects.
      Im thoroughly convinced that the unrequited love obsession for white men drives a huge piece of this.
      My white men hate me. It’s understandable, and I see why.
      But it’s the visceral hatred from the Gay Jews within alt right who are helping to mold that radical anti Female mentality just as female Jews file up white/black feminists.
      these Gay males are fiercely guarding their territory. By territory, I mean the disenfranchised, angry, MRA, bitter white boys they have accumulated. Picked up like orphans shivering in the cold on Porch steps.My presence is deeply resented.
      Trying to mend relations with my Conservative white men is like tip toeing around a prison visitation area while a trigger happy, hostile firing squad is looking down with eagle eyes from watch towers at slightest transgression. I’m trying to tell you, please believe be suspicious ALWAYS when they encourage you to hate right women.

    • EricStriker

      Capitalism and cultural Marxism are inextricably linked. Feminism, globalism, open borders immigration, etc all benefit the bottom line, to think that non-Jew capitalists haven’t played a huge role in getting the Jew agenda through is an AnCap WN myth. With all their billions, they had the opportunity to stop them, but didn’t. Even Henry Ford put his money first sooner or later.

      Calling Ferguson nigs “socialists” is absurd on the other hand. They don’t loot the weave store in the interest of establishing a planned economy.

    • Shotgun

      I think you missed the subtlety of what I was getting at. The primary identity of our foes, in this case jewish bankers, television moguls,, isn’t their economic beliefs. It’s their tribal mythos; agreed?

      While I don’t consider “capitalism” to be an identity marker at all (Marxists use the word “Capitalist” to describe their enemies), I’m not going full retard in repudiating all free-market strategies nor Austrian economic models either.

      …and if you *are* intent on doing away with them, it’ll require more than a brief waving of the hand. You’ll have to take it seriously and wrestle with the Rothbardians, Mesiens, Hyekians, etc., on an epistemological and even “praxeological” level.

      I think if you ever do such a study, you’ll come away with many new tools in your arsenal.

    • EricStriker

      “I think you missed the subtlety of what I “was getting at. The primary
      identity of our foes, in this case jewish bankers, television moguls,, isn’t their economic beliefs. It’s their tribal mythos; agreed?”

      This is true. White capitalists who collaborate with them are also on my shit list. Like nationalists from Sun-Yat Sen, Adolf Hitler, to Juan Peron have all been hostile to large individual concentrations of capital, it inevitably leads to plutocracy. Ted Cruz’s major donors, for example, are all goy billionaires scared of Trump’s economic nationalism.

      “While I don’t consider “capitalism” to be an identity marker
      at all (Marxists use the word “Capitalist” to describe their enemies),
      I’m not going full retard in repudiating all free-market strategies nor
      Austrian economic models either.”

      So what, you refer to your enemies as “socialists’, and even go so far as saying you’re on the “look out” for “socialists” like me in the movement. Truth of the matter is, most people agree with me, not you, even if they’re conditioned by the GOP to think socialism means sharing your wife or having strangers using your toothbrush.

      I don’t believe there is such a thing as a free market. Markets are composed of people, and the massive concentration and monopolization of wealth in the market lead to it being rigged–planned, by billionaires in the shadows, rather than by a transparent entity. Hence why tax payers had to bail out “too big to fail banks” (I know Austrians oppose this theoretically, but what’s stopping parasites from buying politicians?) , and why the British military was basically the private security army of Jewish drug lords like the Sassoons and the House of Rothschild’s butt-goy Cecil Rhodes.

      Now, mind you, I support free enterprise on a local level (small business), but I think capitalism is wasteful and abusive in allocating resources on a national scale, and not one example can be found of it prioritizing our racial well-being. The number of brilliant scientists and engineers working to make sugar water like Coca Cola more addictive or taste better is a prime example about the waste of capitalism.

      “…and if you *are* intent on doing away with them, it’ll
      require more than a brief waving of the hand. You’ll have to take it seriously and wrestle with the Rothbardians, Mesiens, Hyekians, etc., on an epistemological and even “praxeological” level.”

      If you want to see Austrian economics in action, check out Engelbert Dollfuss’ Austria, where Mises basically had free reign over economics as his top adviser. The Austrian people gave their opinion on the gold standard when they applauded as he got shot out back like a dog while Mises speedily fled to NYC. The German “socialists” reunified Austria and Germany and caused the country to flourish. Unemployment basically eliminated in two years, wages rose, production doubled. This is a debate between capitalism and “socialism” nobody will have. Or try and come up with qualifications like it was due to the war effort, but neglect to mention that they did the same in Germany itself before war production really took off in 1938.

      The Japanese did something similar when the Mejii restoration broke with Judeo-British economic theories that left them stagnant and exploited, and transformed their society with the world’s first planned economy.

      You look at other economic miracles used as Cold War propaganda, like Taiwan, and you’ll find that these were ironically the product of economic planning as well.

      There is no real reason for me to go in depth on combating fans of Murray Rothbard and Ebenezer Scrooge because they are 1% of the population. Furthermore, I don’t target this miniscule crowd in my writing because their character dispositions are misanthropic and egotistical, inherently irreconcilable with collectivist concepts like nationalism.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Mathew Parrot is right to point out the obvious campaigns by billionaire jews to misguide white women. It is not a conspiracy theory.

    The more obvious this becomes to the general white public, the greater our racial awakening, and as a consequences of this, we should settle for nothing less than apartheid from jews.

    Never again, should white people repeat the mistake of allowing jews within our apartheid from other races. This is the mistake which cost so many Afrikaners their lives after the fall of apartheid.

    So this is one slogan I hope you will enjoy and repeat. Apartheid from jews. This makes the jews very irate, and they will surely send their errand boys after you.

    • russellmeans

      Listen up. We should get on our knees and thank God for jews. If not for jews we all would be in a fascists way now.

    • William Finck

      Wouldn’t that have been wonderful. Heil Hitler!

    • russellmeans

      Now how is that wonderful. jews are the chosen people. You know that.

    • William Finck

      Yeah, chosen for destruction. The devil and all his children are awaiting the Lake of Fire. That is the holocaust we owe them.

    • russellmeans

      No they are the chosen ones. They are the people of Abraham. They saved America from a Terrorists like the world had never saw. A terrorist that makes I.S.I.S. look good. They came to America to help us defeat the Fascists. For that we will be forever grateful.

    • Tom

      Elite Jewry, when supporting multicultural policies, concurrently employ a strategy of divide and conquer. Israel Cohen (Jewish) sums up this strategy with the following quote:

      “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negroes. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause. — Thomas Abernathy read this passage into the Congressional Record on June 7, 1957 (vol. 103, p. 8559)

      “Most jews do not like to admit it, but our god is Lucifer…and we are his chosen people”… Harold Rosenthal

      “The German National Socialists never referred to themselves as Nazis. The word “Nasi” as in AshkeNAZI refers to a “prince of Jewry”. “Nasi,” meaning “prince” of Jewry, was the title given the head of the Sanhedrin court, which meted out life and death under Talmudic law.

      Marxism, to which all branches of Socialism necessarily adhere, was originated by Jew Karl Marx, himself of Rabbinical descent and has been dominated by them from the beginning. Marx did not actually originate anything, but merely “streamlined” Talmudism for Gentile consumption.”

      It is estimated that in the past 100 years, governments under the banner of atheistic communism have caused the death of somewhere between 40,472,000 and 259,432,000 human lives. Dr. R. J. Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, is the scholar who first coined the term democide (death by government). Dr. R. J. Rummel’s mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to communism is that communism caused the death of approximately 110,286,000 people between 1917 and 1987.

      Theo Adorno, George Lukacs, Erich Fromme, Wilhelm Reich, Wittfogel, Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse, Walter Benjamin, all jewish marxists, and all members of the Frankfurt School which had it’s origin in Germany, and moved to the United States with the advent of WW2.

      Look up and learn the definition of “Loxism”.

      Loxism is the hatred of White people by Jews. It is the most pervasive form of racial hatred on the planet, and yet it is never mentioned by the mainstream of society. It is the driving force behind global events, and yet we are threatened with imprisonment or social ostracization for mentioning it. Jewish hatred of the White race has led to the spread of homosexuality, feminism, atheism and other forms of aggressive assault on our culture. It has led to a looting of our nations. It has led to an organized invasion by non-White hordes, controlled and commanded by Jewish agents.

      Loxism has reshaped the entire world. And yet, it goes unmentioned.
      LEARN the truth about how we are being destroyed economically and socially…all lives.

      “We will openly reveal our identity with the races of Asia and Africa. I can state with assurance that the last generation of white children is now being born. Our Control Commissions will, in the interests of peace and wiping out inter-racial tensions. Forbid the Whites to mate with Whites. The White Women must cohabit with members of the dark races, the White Men with black women. Thus the White Race will disappear, for the mixing of the dark with the White means the end of the White Man, and our most dangerous enemy will become only a memory. We shall embark upon an era of ten thousand years of peace and plenty, the Pax Judaical, and our race will rule undisputed over the world. Our superior intelligence will easily enable us to retain mastery over a world of dark peoples” –Rabbi Emanuel Rabinovich Budapest January 12, 1952.

      “Judaism is communism, internationalism, the universal brotherhood of man, the emancipation of the working class and the human society. It is with these spiritual weapons that the Jews will conquer the world and the human race. The races and the nations will cheerfully submit to the spiritual power of Judaism, and all will become Jews”… Rabbi Harry Waton

  • Brent Fraser

    Females played an important part in the Third Reich, and the Fuehrer was able to inspire them by appealing to their emotions in his speeches.
    It is true that being physically smaller, they had to wield power via guile or attaching to a strong male – and their nurturing instinct and emotionally driven behavior make them more susceptible to Judeo-Bolshevik seduction.
    Our mission is to appeal to their emotions – and reason – to show the Cultural Marxists seek to destroy them and want them to encourage miscegenation – and women can shun other women who produce mulattoes.
    Females are also part of the solution: Ann Coulter, the French Rock Band ‘Les Brigandes’, and we need for girls to have these role models, along with mothers and Queens like Maria Theresa and Catherine the Great rather than Libtarded Hollywood Whores.

    • EricStriker

      Ann Coulter is a mudshark who played a central role in promoting the war for Israel in Iraq to red state America. Poor and working class white boys died by the thousands out there and for nothing, and millions of Iraqis have been murdered as well–a travesty all around. She will write whatever Jews tell her to for the right price, the publishers of her latest book blaming non-white immigration on Ted Kennedy were all Heebs.

      Ann Coulter, if anything, is a testament to the dark side of women. A total cynic who fucks negroes while pretending to be the voice of the silent majority because it’s profitable.

    • Brent Fraser

      She may have sinned in the past, but was not shilling for Israel when she called out GOP candidates for pandering to Zionists. And her tweet stream against Marco Rubio was openly White Nationalist.

      I am unaware if she has pursued dating with Negroes, but if so, she has not been open about it like David French and the Cucks.

    • ZioFascist

      I love #muhdIcking Shiksas

    • russellmeans

      So did M.L..K.——Golda Meir——- but just remember that is Foolish talk and it failed. People will chose whom they like, not who others think they should. It is just plane stupid.

    • russellmeans

      Well well. You point out Ann Coulter a rich little girl. That only know what she has been tought. Let let her get out in the world, let’s let her spend a year in the peace corps. Let send her to some of poorest places on earth. O.K. then she talk and I will listen. I will throw in one more that maybe was the best of all. Hellen Keller. But you seem to forget about her. Those Hollywood Whores you say have taken the time to see how others live. Why do you think most of them are liberal ? Helen Keller tho blind and deaf could see much more than most people, she could feel the pain of America’s working class in great depression. She was a Marxist by all accounts. I do beleave in my heart Mother Theresa was also. So in closing, your mission will fail.

    • russellmeans

      NOT HILLARY. She will not attach herself to any man ever. That is why Republican men do not like her. I also MUST add the Dixie Chicks, Gloria Steinem, Mother Jones, Hallen Keller, Oprah Winfrey, Sally Fields and yes those Hollywood Whors.

  • German-American

    Matt once again you’ve offered a voice of reason on this issue. The attempt to divide white men from white women is such an obvious and destructive tactic of the Jew, it amazes me that so many in our movement fall for it. Alienating the proletariat from the bourgeoisie through Marxism and Capitalism would be only a minor accomplishment compared with the prospect of alienating white women from white men, which in every case has the immediate effect of ending bloodlines and killing off future families in a single generation.

    I’m all for white unity and blah blah blah but at some point there is going to have to be real leadership with an organization built on iron discipline, and at that point all traces of this anti-woman talk, however well intentioned or misguided, is going to have to be ruthlessly expunged. It is the most irresponsible and incredibly dangerous trend in the Alt Right, because it takes an already-horrible situation with feminism and makes it much worse. It gives young white men a moral justification for saying, “see, it’s not my fault — it’s the women!”

    I am not interested in whether this or that criticism or politically incorrect observation about women might be more or less objectively true. We need to think totally subjectively and with single-minded obsession towards the goal, and the goal is OUR RACE MUST LIVE and every thought, every idea, every whisper which does not serve this goal, or runs counter to it, has to disappear completely.

    To that end EVERY tactic, every campaign, every word, deed and thought must be to attract and win over support from white women to win them back for their people. If they’ve been raised on feminism, fine! Let’s give them a true Aryan feminism in the best traditions of our people as opposed to the Jewish feminism which corrupted and destroyed our families. In the same way the Fuehrer gave the German proletariat an Aryan socialism to oppose the Jewish socialism of Marxism.

    We have to sell women on our ideas, not self-righteously hold women in contempt and tell ourselves we don’t need their support. Finding ways to close that sale is what politics is all about. The veiled misogyny in some Alt Right circles is no different than telling your customer your product is too sophisticated for them and they are stupid and wrong for not buying from you. If you do that, your lose the sale and you go out of business. If we don’t succeed in finding ways to sell young women on our ideas, our race goes out of business forever. This is the plan of the Jew and its success is openly celebrated by them. We need fewer philosophers and sociologists in our movement and more salesmen, more people who know how to use every trick and tactic in the book to persuade and convince and win over support.

    Why this is not obvious to everyone in our movement is mind-boggling to me. We all love women and want to be lucky enough to win the love of a great woman in our lives. This not only makes us happy, it is the most essential prerequisite for the future survival of our people and is literally the starting point of life. It is totally natural and normal. Our enemies have adapted their tactics to exploit certain weaknesses inherent in our people or our culture, therefore we must adapt and exploit the weaknesses in their tactics.

    If strong, independent women role models are held up in the media, let’s point to the long history of the strong, independent women of our race who did their duty and made some of the greatest sacrifices for our people. Let’s find ways to make young women the path of corporate career slavery to the Wall Street Jew is not a path of liberation, but the path to subjugation. Let’s show them we respect their courage and intelligence and for this reason we honor them as our sisters and comrades in the common struggle. Let’s fight and defend their honor even when they have lost all of sense of it themselves, because we know this was not their choice but most of them were left no alternative by the degenerate poison they’ve been fed since they were little children. Let’s be strong, upright, SS-like men who by our mere example inspire attraction and loyalty by all decent women.

    We cannot yield on this issue and there can be no compromise. Either we are pro-woman or anti-woman, and that means either pro-white race or anti-white race. He who is anti-woman is harms his own race. Anyone who doesn’t see that yet either needs to learn better, or they are useless to the movement.

    • Cooper

      As a woman within the Alt-right, you have given me hope. As well as this article. 🙂 Let me know how we can keep in contact.
      They are trying to gay our men

  • Jack Spratt

    “If somebody sat them down and explained to them that there won’t be the Affirmative Action advantages, Social Security entitlements, and men hovering around waiting to marry barren middle-aged women when they get to that age, even the girls who can’t help but wish to go clubbing with migrants might be frightened into considering settling for an uninspiring but loyal provider type.”

    There’s some truth to this, but you’re missing a crucial piece to the puzzle.

    In the 1950’s the “loyal provider type” of White man wasn’t whipped by political correctness into coming across as a coward when he talked. Women notice and care intensely about that.

    In contrast now the Jews and the Capitalist system have conspired to turn most loyal provider type men into timidly unattractive weaklings, scared to say something that will get them accused of “racism” or “sexism”.

    In contrast Arab and other non-White men are left alone and allowed to talk how they want by the anti-White system. This puts the loyal provider type of White man at a disadvantage his ancestors weren’t.

    The loyal provider type of White man needs to slip off the shackles of political correctness. Being submissive but with a paycheck doesn’t mean anything. Honestly, it never has and never will, no matter what messages the media/education complex does or doesn’t expose women to.

    It’s a mistake to think the past was a paradise for White beta males. Our idea of a beta male is the past’s idea of prancing faggot. The past’s idea of a beta male is out idea of a lesser Alpha.

  • aodh macraynall

    matt may you remain the voice of reason. Among the red-pilled, women are too often made the to be the only bad guys in this goat-stanpede of modernity. They are not event the most important bad guys. Such is too be expected in any backlash approaching revolutionary fervor such are we are beginning to experience. Thanks for being the voice of reason and not the voice of moderation.

  • Fr. John+

    In other words, all your verbiage basically boils down to three players:

    Jews = Satan= Snake
    White Males = Adam
    White Females = Eve

    Western Civilization = seduction by Snake of Eve, and Adam has to pick up the pieces.

    Yeah, so? This is the ‘given’ in all of Christendom.
    It’s called Original Sin.
    It’s also pointed out by Saint Paul that women ARE more guilty, than Men.

    “And Adam was not the one deceived; it was the woman who was deceived and became a sinner.” – I Tim. 2:14

    Christ gave us the clearest indication WHOSE SEED are the “Jews” in St. John’s Gospel. [ For the word ‘seed’ in Genesis 3:15 in the LXX is ‘sperma’- physical, incarnated sperm, to be blunt]

    “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. …” – John 8:44

    So, we come back to the same position we have been in, since AD33.

    Christ has come to save ‘His People’ (not the ‘world’) from THEIR sins [Matt. 1:21] The Jews, descendants of both the Baalism/paganism of Babylon; (‘the mother of harlots’-Rev. 17:5) as well as the forever accursed Edomites/Esau, (Gen. 36:8) via their inclusion/circumcision at John Hyrcanus (cf. Josephus),are NOT that people. The lies and ‘traditions’ of the Pharisees lulled the True Israel into a state of accomodation with the world, as well as gave the impression the racial exclusionary clauses of the Pentateuch didn’t apply to the interbreeding with the pure race, and the mamzerim Edomites. (Mk. 7:9, Gal. 6:16, Jas. 4:4, Tob. 4:12, Mal. 1:3-4)

    It was this indiscriminate interbreeding of the ‘Children of Israel’ that angered YHWH God, (Amos 2:11) and was the proximate reason for Christ’s Incarnation (Gen. 48:6, Mal. Chapter 4, Gal. 4:4, Rom. 5:6) as the ‘Last Adam’ (Gen. 2;23, I Cor. 15:45) “he who is fair, ruddy, able to [visibly] blush”- cf. Strong’s Concordance #120) that FOREVER pitted the seed of the Serpent against the Seed of the Woman (Eva/Ave).

    It is this SAME Anger today (Lev. 20:2, Romans 1) that has brought us low, becuase WE HAVE LISTENENED TO THE INCARNATED SEED OF SATAN, JUST AS EVE DID!

    Hitler was right. The exclusion/expulsion of the accursed, God-damned (Matt. 27:25) Jews, and their ‘shabbas goyim’ (cf. Francis the First, among others) from all White Nations, is OUR ONLY FINAL SOLUTION.

    Any questions? Go thou, and do likewise. Deut. 12:30/Lk. 10:37
    There is a time for economia, and a time for acribea. THIS IS A TIME FOR ACRIBEA.

    “Live in peace with your enemies, but only with your Personal Enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES OF GOD.” – St. Theosodius of the Kiev Caves Lavra

    “He who is not angry, whereas he has cause to be, sins. For unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices, it fosters negligence, and incites not only the wicked but the good to do wrong.” – St. John Chrysostom

    “For the honorable Cross and golden freedom!” -Sv Lazar
    “Give up everything for Christ, but Christ for nothing!” -Sv Sava

  • aodh macraynall

    This is why i feel so at home here.

  • Nice work…

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  • It is Jewish created Christianity and Semitic style patriarchy leading to feminized men which has destroyed civilization, literally, from allowing non Europeans into our countries, to destroying our European temples and military monuments.

    • Firestarter Radio


    • Thank you. (-;

    • EricStriker

      The earliest Christian sects were quite egalitarian and even proto-feminist. It was after Christianity became Hellenized and Romanized that it developed a more masculine character, it was a vehicle to carry pre-European values to a point. Judaism itself is quite matriarchal, on the other hand. Anecdotally, who wears the pants in a Jewish household? In Medieval Europe, Europeans saw the Jewish family structure where the woman worked and the man stayed home to study the Talmud to be bizarre.

      I really don’t know where people get the idea that the Vikings and pagans were like the League of Women Voters either. They had an incredible honor system and were talented engineers, but let’s just say that when a woman was plucked from the shores of Italy or the British Isles, and dragged onto a longboat, it didn’t exactly play out like “The Notebook”.

      I take a neutral stance as I see good and bad in both paganism and Christianity, and admittedly find the former more inspiring. But blaming Christianity alone for modern men being pussies is pure reductionism, and inaccurate as well. Christian entities destroying the ancient knowledge in the libraries of Alexandria was a crime, but things went both ways back then as well.

    • Christianity is and was the glue that built this white protestant Republic in the face of Spanish crypto-Jew Jesuit inquisitioners, and Islamic invaders.

    • Miyako

      You And The Jesuit’s”!”’? Please…! Some Maybe’? Not The Whole Order”! Don’T Blanket The Whole Group…..Have You Met And Talked With Any..? If not…..Why not”? Then Share…..

    • +zeitgiest2012 That is utter nonsense. Christianity is pure cultural Marxism. It destroyed our civilization and our honor and has led us to the brink of extinction.

    • +EricStriker If the earliest Christian sects were less women hating and Semitic, and some were in Celtic lands, that is because it was not possible to pervert people to that extent with Jew religion all at once. Judaism is Semitic and has never been matriarchal. They only reckon by the female line because they are so immoral they do not always know who the father is. I don’t know who you are but you know nothing about the ancient world, quite obviously. Also Scandinavian men were then and are now, almost universally extremely handsome so you even got that little detail wrong.You cannot take a “neutral stance” with a religion which promotes White genocide as Christianity does and involves hating and disrespecting our own ancestors and religion and expect to be called pro White. Things “went both ways” in regard to destroying the Library of Alexandria? How is that? Jews had no culture or knowledge to destroy and Christianity is Jewish.

    • russellmeans

      Oh you have so bad. You are being destroyed. I feel so bad for you. Maybe time to wake up. Maybe time for all to wake up and become Atheists. They have no ulterior motive. They just want to live and let live.

    • NeverTrustCrazy

      You lying sack of shit. Atheists have killed more people than ANYONE. Stop pretending they’re the leaders of virtue, you’re full of shit beyond belief. Atheist leaders have killed more humans than ANYONE in history except for maybe the sicknesses Europeans brought to America.

    • russellmeans

      Not even close. Religion and there wars take the gold for that. Not even close. Religion organized is fading fast around the world. It soon will disappear. It has to. Science is proving every day that the Bible’s are crock. EVERYDAY. Funny you have to stoop to name calling to get your week point across. Can only mean one thing you are a loser.

    • James McDowell

      I disagree about athiests……can you elaborate?

    • NeverTrustCrazy

      It is estimated that in the past 100 years, governments under the banner of atheistic communism have caused the death of somewhere between 40,472,000 and 259,432,000 human lives. Dr. R. J. Rummel, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Hawaii, is the scholar who first coined the term democide (death by government). Dr. R. J. Rummel’s mid estimate regarding the loss of life due to communism is that communism caused the death of approximately 110,286,000 people between 1917 and 1987.

    • Ramsay Snow

      Another falsehood spewed from the idiotic mind of christards. They didn’t slaughter people in the name of Atheism, They were killed because of a political ideology, not a vendetta against religion. Stalin, one of the greatest mass murderers in history, trained as a priest and even took confession many times during WW2.

      he reopened thousands of churches and undid anti-religion laws.

      He wasn’t a very good Atheist.

    • NeverTrustCrazy

      Worship God, worship the state, or worship yourself. It all leads to fanaticism you sanctimonious fuck.

    • Ramsay Snow

      Can’t refute so resort to shaming tactics, How very Jewish of you.

    • russellmeans

      You don’t have a clue. You can’t name me one bonafide Atheist. Name one———– I know a lot of them, they have no beef with a person and there religion. NO you are very stupid. I Have, right in front of me ( The World Almanac and Book of Facts ) You want numbers ? well do you air head ?

    • sonofseawolf
    • Hello +sonofseawolf I shall look. Thank you! (-;

    • russellmeans

      Time to get a brain tune up. Women are now well educated, you in 2017. More and more women are being leaders. As for destroying temples and monuments. I sure have not seen that. I know some people dream things and pretend they real, but you will always lose. Just like Hitler did. I would hope that my daughter and granddaughter do great things and have a chance to those things. No man will put them down as long as I am alive. Women of the world Unite and bring down the raises and the bigots and fascists.

  • russellmeans

    That is one of the most stupid videos I have ever heard. Women have not built civilizations BECAUSE they were made to stay home and have babies. Many men still beleave that. I am happy to say that is not going to happen. Given the chance women are not only equal, but often better then men in many endeavors. Don’t forget it !!!

  • P.J.101

    Women destroy everything, because of their infurious greed, constant lying and egomania. They are inhumane creatures, because they have no humanity within them. Also because they dont contribure any sort of significantly to civilisation and never have.

    This is why islam WILL win and take over. fact.

  • I disagree. Women are absolutely central in saving and destroying nations. There are many biblical examples of this fact. Kings have lead their nations to destruction over women. Our white christian women have been lead astray and made dependent upon the leftist enemy subversives who have hijacked our economic and sociopolitical institutions through dark hedonistic multicultural subterfuge and subversion. Many of our once white christian women seem to support the leftist elitist Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic white genocide agenda according to Jew TV talking heads…useful idiots or progressive parrots who flaunt their capricious dark heathen miscegenation by promoting it to others while many go shuffling around town stoned to the bone in their pajamas touting nappy haired kids around with them. We white christian men cannot fight back in self-defense of our kindred and nation under threat of govt incarceration and violence….Treason!

    • Bud

      Strong women have been ridiculed and vilified by the media every since I have been alive and there have been many more before my birth. However, today the woman we are ask to vote for is not of their ilk. I think of these women when I think of strong female leaders; Margaret Thatcher, Golda Meir, Indira Gandhi and the effect they had on their nation. Do we see any of there traits in any woman in American politics today. I leave it to you to answer.

    • Good point my friend…

  • Paladin

    Mary Magdalene comes to mind… founder of Knostic Christians and valued associate of Yoshke Mshikh…

  • NeverTrustCrazy

    Sigh. Of course you don’t agree with the video, you destructive liberal fuck.

  • David Sims

    Very good. Thoughtful. I knew that Black Pigeon had omitted (probably intentionally) all mention of the Jewish root cause of the feminism problem. I still don’t know why.

  • True grit

    The saddest thing is young boys being taught that its bad to be a boy. All the natural feelings that they have are wrong and that girls are great and correct in their thinking, and that boys should behave more like the girls.
    Then, lo and behold, some little boys decide they want to be a girl (to be on the winning side)
    The parents immediately give full support to their sons “Discovering who he is” and take him to a sick azzhole Phsyke who nurtures the child’s wrong thinking and his life gets ruined!

  • Whaaaaaa Whaaaaaaa da big bad joos kicked my ass.

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