Matthew Heimbach is a Stunt Monkey?

He appeared out of nowhere, took the media by storm, and ended up generating an incredible amount of buzz for White interests. But several insiders were deeply displeased with this development. Jealous of their fiefdoms and sinecures, they launched a nationwide campaign–both in public and in private–to insist that he was actually bad for our interests, a loose cannon who threatened to ruin everything by being too brash, too attention hungry, and too populist with his messaging.

The guy’s a reality show spectacle, a media fabrication, an attention whore, they said.

A powerful network, inspired by William F. Buckley’s tradition of purging everybody who presented populist or working class optics, instigated a smear campaign against him to try to drive him out. “He’s making us look bad!” they cried. “He’s out of control!” they shrieked. They were half right. He wasn’t under their control, and he wasn’t getting with their contrived gay-friendly, neo-colonialist, and classist agenda. He was a true maverick with a solid message that achieved what nobody else had managed to achieve for a long time, an inspiring and forward-looking vision for White Americans.

Whether or not Donald Trump will prevail against the GOP establishment remains to be seen.

On a completely unrelated note, Matthew Heimbach and the rest of the TradYouth project have had a pretty busy year. We certainly hope that our activism wasn’t so embarrassing, indefensible, or despicably amateurish that it needs to be actively driven out of the otherwise functional and focused White Advocacy movement. “First, do no harm,” right? I’ll offer a broad sketch of what we’ve been up to in the past year and you let us know in the comments what hobbies we should turn to if you feel our political work is outright harmful to White interests.

George W Bush w/ Watercolors

Sorry about starting two disastrous wars and crashing your economy, guys. I’ll stick with watercolors instead of politics from now on.

Heimbach networked with and showed his support for Golden Dawn in Greece…

Heimbach supported Czech nationalists in a street protest.

Heimbach attended a Golden Dawn New York meet-up.


Heimbach spoke at a private charity event to help raise money for a comrade with health issues.

Heimbach trolled CPAC, which was drumming up anti-Russian warmongering at the time. HipsterRacist picked this one at as another example of buffoonery, but the demo was inoffensive, topical, and well-received by passersby. Our haters have no sense of humor.

Heimbach was invited by a Black fraternity at a Big Ten college to speak with an NAACP representative and others regarding religious freedom issues.

Heimbach gave a nice inspiring speech for the Maryland Chapter of the CofCC.

Heimbach and pals disrupted a #BlackLivesMatter press conference, confounding local leftists and achieving nationwide coverage for opposition to the anti-White narrative.

Heimbach rallied hundreds of folks in defense of the Confederate flag and Southern heritage in Knoxville.

Heimbach supported a “Feds out of Kentucky” League of the South rally.


Heimbach confounded an Al Jazeera reporter with sane and sensible talking points.

The reporter was so confounded, he had to call in some experts for some group therapy about his sane and sensible talking points.

Matthew Heimbach traveled to California to speak at Camp Camaraderie, delivering a well-received message which inspired an incredible tribute video.

Heimbach released dozens of popular podcasts which consistently pushed an intelligent and sober message of faith, family, and folk.

Heimbach helped organize and establish a nationwide political party with active local chapters.

Heimbach spoke with the Canadian Broadcast Corporation about how White working-class frustration is driving the 2016 election.

Heimbach brought the #WhiteLivesMatter message to the All-Star game. The family of the victim of the vicious gang attack contacted us to thank us for taking a stand for him when nobody else would.


And that’s most of the “public stunts.” He attended several events as a mere guest, none of which he disrupted or “clowned” at. He helped submit multiple amicus curiae briefs, taking our defense of tradition and family values to the Supreme Court itself. He’s written dozens of excellent and popular articles for the website. He’s churned out thousands of pro-White memes on social media, many of which have achieved hundreds of thousands of shares and interactions. He’s achieved prominent and (relatively) favorable traditional media coverage, including in Al Jazeera, The New Yorker, and National Public Radio. Most importantly, perhaps, he’s actively mentoring several youthful identitarians and traditionalists. And that’s all while caring for a pregnant wife, helping out with the newborn, and even working hard at a difficult and exhausting full-time job.

HipsterRacist’s latest salvos, “I Never Voted for Heimbach,” and “We Never Asked You To Parade in Front of the Cameras” rely pretty much exclusively on one single episode, the ABC News report (in which we made some known, acknowledged, and corrected erorrs) to push the conspiracy theory that I’m actively sabotaging White Nationalism and relying on my Golem, Matthew Heimbach, to achieve my dastardly scheme. The supposed proof of our sabotage is in the optics.

I do take the blame for the missteps in the ABC report, as I had told our designer to go with more aggressive messaging on account of the context of the specific event (direct confrontation with violent antifa). In hindsight, it was definitely too aggressive. There certainly are organizations which more precisely calibrate their messaging, and we do err on the side of action, even if that means we err a bit more often.

HipsterRacist asserts that the movement never voted for him to be the spokesman for our cause. Heimbach never asked for or expected to be the spokesman. He merely attempted to be a spokesman, as many more of us should. This isn’t a zero-sum thing where Heimbach’s silencing or limiting other voices. It’s loser logic to think that there’s a fixed amount of pie, and that activists must beg for and apologize for taking a slice of the movement’s pie from others. Besides, our prerogative is to bake more pie, and to reach more audiences.

He rattles off a list of men who should be the spokesmen instead of Heimbach, as if he actually thinks this position is some sort of official office. All of the men are admirable and talented men who speak well for our interests. He lists Kevin MacDonaldJared TaylorRichard SpencerDavid Duke, and RamZPaul, all of whom I encourage you to support, both generally and financially. They all play a vital role in getting our message out there, and we at TradYouth certainly don’t imagine that we’re so prominent and powerful that we’re overshadowing them. We’re proud of our media outreach success, but we don’t share HipsterRacist’s illusion that we’ve become the singular voice of White interests drowning everybody else out.

What has Matt Heimbach done EXCEPT for acting for the media? Literally nothing.

To hear HipsterRacist tell it, we had one problematic media appearance, on repeat, and absolutely nothing else. If you’re on the fence, take the time to watch all of those videos from the past rolling year of activism. We didn’t leave any out that we know of. If there’s room for improvement, we’re all ears. But what I saw when I watched his past year of activism was a high-energy presentation of our core beliefs which I’m proud to stand behind.

Heimbach just got married and from the look of him it’s the first time he ever had pussy in his life. Good for him. But it’s not like Heimbach knows anything about anything. He doesn’t even have any kids yet.

These types, and it’s certainly not limited to one unpopular blogger, are constantly throwing mud at Heimbach from within the identitarian movement. They insist that he’s a degenerate womanizer, while also insisting that he’s a virgin basement dweller. They insist that he’s a loser virgin, then also insist that he had relations with Jewish girls. They insist that he has no children, and they insist that his son is an especially ugly baby. Yes, that actually happened. It was from James Porrazzo, another prominent voice in the movement who shares HipsterRacist’s frustration with Heimbach’s visibility.

While my belief that my step-grandson Nicholas is a handsome young fellow is subjective, I’m quite sure that he objectively exists.

My question is, if we do suck as hard as our internal competitors would have one believe; why is the anti-white internal media so anxious about us? Drew Franklin’s “The Logic of Racial Justice Rhetoric” connects the actual dots (not the tinfoil hat dots) about what we’re up to with our carefully calibrated messaging, failing to arrive at a way to counter our rhetoric. It’s Going Down‘s “The New Neo-Nazis: How Matthew Heimbach is Building a Racist Network Across the US” thoroughly explains why our work threatens the Left, while throwing in a good share of smears, of course. If the counter-narrative were coherent, wouldn’t the anti-whites be high-fiving one another about or ignoring our work?

He’s just some guy. But for some reason, the TV News acts as if he is some sort of “leader” of “White Nationalism.”

I mean, think about that folks. Seriously consider this.

Was there a petition? Was there an election? Is there some “White Nationalist” group that decided that Matt Heimbach is the leader of White Nationalism?

Okay. I thought about it. My thought is that Matthew Heimbach hustles really hard and has a high-energy approach which makes for more interesting media than the more articulate alternatives. I mean, it’s one thing to boycott the media’s preference for the outlandish and vulgar, but it’s another thing to attempt a boycott against the very natural and universal preference for more spirited presentations. I mean, it’s like getting angry that Donald Trump has become the spokesman for border security instead of Roy Beck. Roy Beck’s immigration gumballs video is a classic and he surely knows his immigration facts better than Trump, but let’s be realistic.

And by all accounts, folks, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott are really nice guys. They get along with everybody and they know every corner of the “White Nationalist movement.” They go to all the events, all the conferences, know all the people – even know lots of “insider baseball” like who is a closeted homosexual.

Huh, that’s actually interesting, isn’t it?

As a matter of principle, I do my best to avoid broaching mental illness in an argument, but can you go three paragraphs without drifting into a Beautiful Mind-style wormhole of conspiratorial suspicion?

He didn’t “make a mistake.” He didn’t just get a little bit “off message.”

Parrott is not that stupid. Everyone knows perfectly well that Parrott is not that stupid.

Nope. He can’t. There are no mistakes or coincidences for HipsterRacist, only clues to the sinister shenanigans afoot.

How many young college students saw their street theater and decided to be pro-White? None? Zero? There’s a kind of dorky looking “skinhead” type guy in many of their videos. He comes across as kind of stupid and kind of low class.

Thomas has never been a skinhead. He has male pattern baldness. He’s not stupid. He has a degree in journalism from a big ten university, with a respectable GPA. That certainly exceeds my own academic record. He’s one of our best bloggers and he’s a tremendous asset in our large and growing team which is much bigger than just Heimbach. And we do have supporters of all ages, including a good share of enrolled college students. Mere media fabrications can’t whip together several dozen men on a week’s notice to clash with hundreds of anti-Whites outside Tim Wise’s events.

I mean really, it doesn’t take much to figure this out. It’s so painfully obvious and right in front of your face, isn’t it?

I keep singling out HipsterRacist because he boils it down into such a tightly wrapped package of lovingly crafted hatred. But it’s part and parcel of an overarching campaign which isn’t limited to him, isn’t limited to the past week or so, and isn’t even limited to targeting me and Heimbach. There’s a faction of our movement which believes it’s necessary and appropriate to shout down and drum out populist voices and voices which aren’t on board with their strategy. It’s a strategy that we must only deliver a delicately ornamented, toothless, bloodless, and elitist message for “respectable” gentry and effete hipsters.

His most recent attack (but surely not his last!) follows the same formula as the previous attacks, calling back to that one event from years ago–out of hundreds–which could have been executed better. He carries on with a bunch of personal insults, then slips into batshit paranoiac speculation. He does wrap it up with something we can both agree on, though. He invites his readers to check back with us in a year and see the fruits of our actions for themselves. I’ve offered a look at the previous year, and I look forward to an even better year to come.

  • Ezra Pound

    The really funny thing is that the “white shoe coalition” of the New Right (versus, say, the “work boot coalition”) attacked Heimbach for being too “out there” in the real world. That was the basis of their attack. Now, this same coalition (via Colin Liddell) is attacking Andrew Anglin for…..not being “out there” in the real world. This is goes to show that the faction of the New Right attempting to organize these purges is lying about why they are doing it. These folks say fags, bronies and Jews are natural allies of the New Right and White Nationalism, but the ardent Faithful and National Socialists are beyond the pale. Something is very wrong with these people.

    • Shotgun

      I think Colin gets a bad wrap sometimes.

      I hate this WN snobbishness but I wouldn’t want the movement to lack critical evaluation all together. I know from my experience with Presbyterians that a peer-review process of some sort is vital to the health of a movement, both for its talking-points and ideals as well as for its presentation and demeanor. (Some Presbyterians like to wiggle out of this peer review process to maintain their guru status in some community or other).

      Colin’s recent article about Anglin was, in my opinion, a hilarious spoof of Anglin’s writing style (an accurate spoof as well); it does contain criticism but it’s not the crass surface-level sort the article offers at first glance. Really, it’s a far kinder criticism than WN’s usually offer of each other.

      If I’m ever criticized, I’d want it to be from someone like Colin, in a light-hearted, friendly fashion.

    • It’s devilishly hard to tell when a Scotsman is crazed or clever. And all too often, it’s both.

    • Light Division

      Wait a sec, are you referring to the article in which he accuses Anglin of being a Jew agent that is secretly a nigger, literally photoshopping a pic with the word “Sheeeeeit” across it??

      That’s the article that doesn’t offer “crass surface-level criticism”??

      I’ve no dog in the fight, really, but that Liddell piece was an amateurish smear job, nothing more.

    • Shotgun

      I wont say anything more after this comment (feel free to have the last word), but compare Colin’s normal writing to that piece, then compare that piece to Anglin’s normal writing.

    • EricStriker

      You’re really overestimating Liddell’s cleverness, he’s actually a cookie cutter obtuse Bircher in most ways. He invented the conspiracy theory that Anglin is part of a mulatto CIA clone conspiracy not to be satirical, but because he perceives the daily stormer (as he admits) to be a threat to his conservative “overton window moving” projects–which have been comparably unsuccessful.

      There’s quite a few people like that in the US “alternative right”. They change all their discourse in hopes that a career climbing establishment conservative like Ann Coulter, who has only dated 1 non-Jewish white person in her life, will suddenly have a change of heart and do the right thing. And when she doesn’t, he childishly blames the Daily Stormer.

    • machiaevil

      Liddell is a dumbass. Anything he ever says never holds up to any serious scrutiny. He would be perfect for a Tedx Talk about alt-right complete with slides.

  • Shotgun

    This is another brilliant example of why Matt Parrott is one of the best writers in the alternative right – dat opening salvo, though… hilarious!

    I’m going to say something about this “Hipster Racist” guy, and I know it’ll sound cliche’ and overplayed. I don’t make this accusation lightly: he really does, in my sincere opinion and based on years of anecdotal observation, write like a jew. I’ve taken it upon myself to try and befriend jews through various online venues (and even in real life – having had a brief career in the media, I’ve met and had to work with dozens), and they all display a characteristic “style” in their writing. It’s a style that, to some extent I suppose, reflects their mental wiring. I see it when I read Von Mises, Hayek, or Friedman. I even get more refined hints of it in Michael Levin and Paul Gottfried.

    In our lovable critic’s case, he not only mimics jews in his writing style, he mimics them in his habit of shouting ridiculous lies over and over again, as loudly as possible. Every jew I’ve ever debated does the exact same thing.

    I would launch into my own conspiracy theory at this point, but I really don’t care. The guy’s blog doesn’t seem to get much traffic and were I him, I’d secretly thank G-d and Jon Stewart Tradyouth is willing to periodically give me credit.

  • Trainspotter

    First, a question. Who actually does support the execution of homosexuals for the crime of being homosexual? Do either of the Matts? And no, I’m not a homosexual. Far from it. I also am not part of any “pink mafia” that has some sort of secret homosexual agenda. Just asking a sincere question.

    Taking a position like that, when our objective is secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, is unacceptable. Reasonable pro-whites can of course disagree on what the proper policy concerning homosexuals should be, but anyone who takes the position of execution cannot reasonably expect others to work with them. Yeah, that’s purge material.

    But short of that, I don’t see anything “purge worthy.”

    Nobody is getting purged, for a number of reasons. One is that the movement is decentralized (which is a good thing), but another is that there are simply too many people who genuinely value, respect and admire ALL of the principals involved here. We value each of you, and aren’t interested in purging and infighting over nonessential matters.

    Perhaps Cora said it best on Twitter:

    I'm so relieved to find any pro-Whites at all that I honestly appreciate every one of you. #NoInFighting— Cora (@CoraStevenss) November 10, 2015

    • Trainspotter

      Just to be clear on my post above, obviously there are a variety of ridiculous positions that theoretically could be “purge worthy,” but the only one that I’ve seen in the context of this latest bloodbath which would qualify is the execution of homosexuals – something that I’m not even certain is genuinely believed by anyone involved.

    • Ezra Pound

      What about advocating that we work with Jews or the idea that Jews are white? Is such a belief “purge worthy”?

    • Trainspotter

      Those are good questions. When we use the term “White,” it’s just shorthand for the indigenous people of Europe and their descendants across the globe. In the way we are using the term, Jews are clearly not White.

      Theoretically, pro-Whites can work with nationalist Jews or other pro-White Jews, though of course the danger is infiltration. Is the Jew in question actually pro-White, or just riding herd on the goy?

      This question should never be evaded.

      Pro-Whites should be extremely wary of any such project, but would I consider advocacy of it “purge material?” Not necessarily. It doesn’t rise to the level of telling other pro-whites that, if you win, you want to execute them.

      There is a difference between honest disagreement, however serious & substantial, and taking a position that is literally impossible for others to overlook. We’re winning on the Jewish question, and those pro-Whites who have been resistant are either coming along or will become irrelevant. But how do you get around a “comrade” who wants to kill you? You can’t. It’s not reasonable to expect people to ignore that.

    • EricStriker

      There is no pro-white position that includes support for Israel or Zionism, period. If you actually look at what Zionism is, you’ll see that it is not real nationalism to begin with. It’s Nazism for Jews, and globalism for everyone else, because Jews need to leech off other countries in order to have a national-state.

      For Jews to thrive, Gentiles need to be weak. The statistics are in: Jews in the USA are the happiest ethnic group in the country (, while white Americans have seen the highest contemporary increase in both mortality and unhappiness.

      There is no pro-white position that includes Jews to any extent. Jews that have made it their life mission to fight Jews, and explicitly work towards this goal , are welcome (Gilad Atzmon, Brother Nathanael, Norman Finkelstein), but the type of Zionist Jew vipers that go to AmRen and other “alt-right” conferences show their true colors whenever you even ask a question on the topic:

    • machiaevil

      Case in point: for Jews to “thrive” in academia they had to alter the criteria by which universities favored typically white traits and replace them with Jewish ones in the name of “meritocracy”.

      ‘The Chosen’: Getting In, boasts NYT Jew.

    • ps mike

      The 21st century Nazi is the Jew!

    • demize!

      Ive copied your first paragraph as its the most concise elaboration of that position I have read. Id like to use it as copypasta if I may.

    • Stubbs

      Wouldn’t Terry only execute homosexuals who’ve already agreed to be in his theonomic covenant or whatever? Not really a threat.

    • Exactly.

      The following things would have to fall into place for a contemporary homosexual nationalist to end up executed by Scott Terry.

      1. Whites would have to win.

      2. After Whites won, a highly fragmented arrangement would emerge, with a (presumably) modest area being allocated to Presbyterian Theonomists.

      3. The homosexual would then need to either move there, or be unlucky enough to already be here and not have the sense to relocate to the gay-friendly neo-pagan fiefdom along with his like-minded kinsmen.

      4. The homosexual would then need to go out of his way to bring his private business to the attention of the regime.

      5. The homosexual would then have a complete trial, with appeals and such, and lose that trial.

      If all of these events fall into place just-so, then I reckon the contemporary homosexual nationalist would find himself in jeopardy.

    • Trainspotter

      It is incumbent upon those that hold such a position to make clear that they are not a threat to other pro-whites who disagree – which is going to mean the vast majority of pro-whites. After all that has happened, your post here is the first effort I’ve seen to do that.

      In any event, I think the thing to avoid is having a movement where, when it wins, its adherents turn their knives on one another. If there are people planning on stabbing other pro-whites in the back, decent men will want nothing to do with them, and properly so. No one wants to exchange one set of lunatics for another.

      Revolutions can easily devolve into carnage, and we all have a tremendous interest in avoiding something like that. Conversely, our enemies will have a tremendous interest in encouraging it.

      Obviously, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves here, but though victory is not even in sight at present, the trust has to be built now.

    • Heimbach and JD both released statements that they had no beef with one another immediately after the drama bomb went off. Last year, we were in a photo negative situation, with Pastor Tom Robb instigating a partially successful purge against us because Heimbach was willing to attend events alongside known homosexuals.

      Scott’s elaborated on the context, both with the gay thing and the baby thing. We’ve all contextualized repeatedly, but it’ll continue being a thing because the clique of anti-Christian neo-pagan types keep making these things a thing.

      Has anybody heard us complain about Varg? Have the prominent Nationalist Christians been crowing about how skeptics and folk religionists must be purged? By and large, I think we’re being team players.

      There are real differences between the different factions that need to work together to win, and trying to pretend they’re full comrades instead of mutually respectful allies is actually counter-productive.

      Striking that exact balance between unity and common vision is an art, not a science. We’ll have to wait and see which viable and sustainable sub-movements organically emerge. And there will likely be some drama and recrimination as that process takes place.

    • Shotgun

      Thanks for the fair coverage guys although I’d certainly want to put my own spin on the discussion – to that end, I’m working on an article called “Theonomy for White Boys”.

      I wont hash that out here but I’d like to make a quick point:

      Theonomic ethics are not at all as odd as Trainspotter suspects. In Conservative Presbyterian circles, it’s almost a majority position and is growing fast (thanks, in large part to the advocacy of Dr. Bahnsen and the Presuppositional school of apologetics).

      But even in other Christian traditions, especially in the Orthodox tradition, theonomy is (or was) taken very seriously. In Dostoevsky’s “Brother’s Karamazov” a group of young Orthodox priests spend an entire chapter discussing the role God’s case law ought to play in the state.

      We Kinists have always been open about our theonomic views (see: Tribal Theocrat podcasts as well as various articles at Faith and Heritage).

      White nationalists, if they want to be philosophical and debate ideals, need to engage with contemporary ethics literature – we Presbyterians are far ahead in that respect (if I do say so myself). That’s not to brag though – the average Calvinist is so heavenly minded he’s of no Earthly good.

    • Shotgun

      And don’t forget:

      6. And then Scott Terry would have to be elected as an official civil magistrate, given authority by the community to carry out executions.

      There are no willy nilly vigilante slaughterings.

    • Scott Terry technically does, as a biblical literalist theonomist. Neither Heimbach nor I are theonomists. While the Orthodox tradition is certainly not gay-friendly, its general application in the places it’s allowed to be applied confirm that it’s a bit more merciful in practice.

      It’s a theoretical thing for him, one which he’s clarified wouldn’t be relevant until his theonomist state were established. One Leftist also asked him if he would kill a baby if God told him to, and he confirmed that he would if he were completely confident that God told him to. A lot of it’s “gotcha” gutter sniping, though I can definitely see why homosexuals and their allies would think twice about working with Scott.

      Those who are only familiar with situational moral precepts are boggled by this, but it’s standard faire in philosophical circles. We could as easily phish in their group for prominent anti-Christian radicals who believe that the churches should be burned to the ground. Heck, we could find one who spent hard time for doing exactly that. Just last week, the Feds entrapped some anti-Christian Odinist nationalists who were scheming to attack some churches.

      For some reason, the strident position on the issue is incorrectly ascribed to Heimbach in the anti-Christian and “pink mafia” circles.

      I also am not part of any “pink mafia” that has some sort of secret homosexual agenda. Just asking a sincere question.

      When I referred to that group, I was referring to the group within a group within a group who are actually trying to purge those opposed to homosexuality from the movement. Outside of that group is a larger group of homosexuals and gay-friendly nationalists who have a more pragmatic approach. And outside that concentric circle is a circle of nationalists who aren’t homosexual or particularly fond of it, but are generally opposed to Christianity and populism.

      We do not know for certain why Richard Spencer purged Heimbach, and his private remarks to Scott were merely speculation. For all we know, Richard’s stated reason may well be the full story, and we don’t really dispute it. We don’t know.

      We value each of you, and aren’t interested in purging and infighting over nonessential matters.

      Thanks. And we also wish Richard and Radix the best, in his decidedly separate project.

    • Shotgun

      Re: the poor baby…

      Scumbag atheists like to play that card against Divine Command Theorists. In light of Plato’s “euthyphro” dilemma, A DCtheorist must either say that God is beholden to a higher moral power, or that He can capriciously command right and wrong, in which case, He could command acts that we find horrible, like murdering infants (an ironic illustration for a leftist to use given how he advocates for the murder of unborn infants).

      IF I lived in a world where a God would command such a horrible act.

      and IF I wanted to be a consistent Divine Command theorist in that world…

      …then I’d *HAVE* to obey the command and do the horrible act.

      But Christians avoid Euthyphro by noting that God acts according to His nature and His nature is the highest possible good. So He’ll only ever command the good. (There is a lot of point and counter point about this response but in the end, it holds).

      But scumbag atheists will cry and feign outrage and claim that “Scott Terry will kill babies if God tells him to!” Yeah, well, that’s better than killing unborn babies on a selfish emotional whim.

  • EricStriker

    Why are you engaging with this person? His issue is obvious personal, and not political. The only thing you should be doing to address “hipter racist” is challenging him to a fist fight, to settle this like men. Chances are, this guy is either in the counter-currents pink pony butt-battalion or a cointelpro rumor mongerer. The stuff he comes up with is made up out of thin air.

    • He’s a convenient foil, as he’s airing a lot of gossip and misinformation which has been floating around for months.

      The whole “challenge to a fight” thing has a history of being a great way for law enforcement to entrap and ensnare nationalists. That’s actually been done, and we have skinheads in jail who were clearly entrapped in that manner. If you are going to fight somebody, you just go do it without advertising, and do it knowing you’re most likely running right into a trap.

    • EricStriker

      Well, I was referring to an unarmed fist fight, only if he explicitly agrees to, which is legal in most states (mutual combat). This guy is not debating your ideas, he just doesn’t like you.

      I don’t think this guy is an informant or agent provocateur either, I think he’s just someone who doesn’t take this stuff seriously and is close to the queer pony brigade.

    • EricStriker

      I’m really curious as to where all this gossip originates. There’s not even an iota of truth to any of it.

    • PaleHorse is definitely some kind of simple and deliberate liability to our struggle. I think the simplest answer for HipsterRacist is that he’s pissy about the Truther thing and Heimbach’s class signaling rubs him the wrong way.

      Besides, I would argue that there’s an iota of truth to it. Some things were said which we’ve walked back, and we’ve made some mistakes which we’ve corrected and even apologized for. Blow that wildly out of proportion, then liberally sprinkle paranoiac speculation and counter-populist signaling, and you have yourself a HipsterRacist article.

  • ps mike

    I agree that there ought to be MORE Matt Heimbachs taking the message to the streets. For Goodness sake, look at the leftist groups protesting for more black agitation. The critics are either idiots, embarrassed for being only keyboard warriors, or jew sympathizers. Every time I see Heimbach DOING something, I am uplifted. Things are only getting worse, and the time for action was long ago. Thanks for all you do, Matt.

  • J.j. Cintia

    William F. Buckley’s New Zoo Review and the rest of the GOP brand of losers who want to lose with dignity can KISS MY ASS. I LOVE MY ANCESTORS. The only mistake they made was trusting people who weren’t like them and had a problem with them having their own best interests front and center. I won’t make that mistake. All I care about is winning, and I don’t care how I do it. If you don’t like it, KISS MY ASS LOSERS.

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By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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