@HipsterRacist Unmasks Our Conspiracy Again

It’s been quite a week here at the TradYouth headquarters. We’ve been in the middle of Anonymous’s big bungled dox campaign. There’s a big campaign going on right now to drum us out for our supposedly harboring a bunch of morally indefensible positions on homosexuality (and just generally being proles), mainly centering on the hysterical myth that Heimbach intends to round gays up and torture and kill them, or whatever. Capping the whole thing off, the British Empire has declared war on us, banning Heimbach from the United Kingdom.

HipsterRacist, a dedicated enemy of the project, has taken the opportunity to give us the good firm kick necessary to kill off our projects once and for all. It’s understandable why he (she?) would wish to do so. He’s an edgy liberal and we’re traditionalists. He’s also the silliest sort of conspiracy theorist, and our bad blood actually started when he caught wind of my (admittedly weak sauce) belief that Osama Bin Laden did 9/11. That’s why he’s mad, but rather than prattle on about steel beams and nanothermite, he’s inclined to weave a fresh new set of conspiracy theories.

Scott Terry is an Atheist SPLC Troll

That’s how fraudulent con-men like Scott Terry, Matt Parrott, and Matt Heimbach get away with their lies, because they know that no one will call them on their completely fake pose of religiousity. But Scott Terry, in his artificial pose at being a Rushdooney theonomist, made a number of mistakes that only those “in the know” would notice.

I don’t have the time now, but in the next couples of weeks I’m going to take on this transparent con man, Scott Terry, who is the one that started the Southern Povery Law Center’s attack on NPI. You see, Rushdooney has long been a target of the $PLC, and Scott Terry’s pretense at being a Rushdooney fan comes across EXACTLY as you would expect an $PLC troll would do, if he was pretending to be a radical Presbyterian.

There are plenty of intelligent people with intelligent reasons to doubt the mainstream consensus on 9/11. There’s nothing intelligent about doubting Scott Terry’s religious faith or immersive familiarity with theonomy, presuppositionalism, and radical Presbyterianism. When I first came across Scott, he was exhaustively arguing obscure Calvinist matters for hours a day in obscure Facebook groups. His personal library is an impressive collection of rare theological books that few theologians have the patience to pore over. If he’s an SPLC troll, he wasted years and years backstopping an impressive reputation as a very very specific sort of obscure religious radical before going in for the kill.

He mocks my contention that there’s a clique of homosexuals who have it in for us as a conspiracy theory. Depending on the thread, they’re either righteously organizing against us because we’re out to get them (we’re not) or the clique doesn’t exist and we’re tin foilers for thinking it does. I don’t much care. It’s certainly less of a stretch than the proposition that we’re all pretending to be pro-White and pretending to be Christians for some nefarious reason.

Matthew Heimbach is an Eighties Televangelist

Going back to the early 1990s and reading some of their stuff is just like reading stuff from Pat Robertson or Jerry Falwell from the 1980s – it’s a bunch of “try hard” crap meant to sell records and tapes. Their pose at religion is just that, and the public records of the personal lives of these people show it quite clearly.

Remember how often these public “Christians” were shown to be cavorting in gay bath houses themselves, or were regular visitors to prostitutes, or how many of them were divorced by their wives for shtupping the church secretary?

Does anyone think that anything has changed in the last thirty years?

This is a typical complaint by anti-Christian sorts who don’t understand the difference between fundamentalism and traditionalism. We reject the Utopian approach to human sin, both politically and personally. Those of us in TradYouth who even are Christian don’t play off like we’re above sin and though we don’t bring our faith into things nearly as much as these guys would like to imagine, when we do, it’s never in a holier-than-thou manner. Seriously, take a few minutes to read Matthew Heimbach’s “Becoming a Legionnaire” series. Very humble stuff, hardly hypocritical high-n-mighty televangelist stuff.

Matt Parrott is a Closeted Pervert

Does anyone actually believe that Matt Parrott – a divorced man whose hobby is writing about gay sex orgies – is really someone who could stand to have his personal life examined?

I live in a fishbowl. Several movement folks have spent weeks, months, and years around me. There are certainly some complaints, and I can certainly be an ass, but HipsterRacist’s assumption that everybody who’s not happily married is up to some kink says more about him than it does me. The proposition that I allegedly have a “hobby” of writing about gay sex orgies is a bit of a stretch, given that my archives are readily available, and I’ve only infrequently engaged the gay thing. And when I do engage it, I don’t even put much religious spin on the matter. The gay subculture’s decadence and disease condemns it just fine without any need to lean on any of the chorus of traditions condemning it.

TradYouth is a Profiteering Scheme

Come on, folks. The Traditional Youth Network is fake; it’s a front group. It’s quite possible that Parrott and Heimbach themselves are just a couples of grifters, play acting “in the streets” to get donations on their website. But someone is promoting this front group and using it to discredit the pro-White movement and to associate the pro-White movement with every single crank group of the last 50 years.

For the year of 2015, our PayPal account has received a whopping $2,612.03. We’ve received about $100 worth of bitcoin donations and a handful of generous folks have chipped in directly here and there. But if this is a financial scam, then we’re all splitting about $10/day for our efforts. Considering the nationwide traveling, tons of printed materials, steady article production, professional video editing, and podcasting we’ve delivered within that time period, the question the antifa are asking is more apropos, “Where are they finding all this money to dump into pro-White stuff?”

I know I tease you about your harebrained conspiracy theories, HipsterRacist. But the conspiracy theory that we’re in it for the shekels truly takes the cake.

HipsterRacist is a Master of Unmasking Conspiracies

I swear, someone should pay me for this stuff. I am an EXPERT on how to infiltrate and disrupt political groups because, well, they used to pay me to do it.

So I’m going to be consulting here for free.

No. You’re a jackass.

Y’all are welcome to try your clever and exotic new angles, and I wish you the best with your newfound fixation on optics and liberal entryism. Seriously. Big thumbs up. Go for it. But when you and your pals get carried away with it, and insist that the traditional and traditionalist nationalist voices must be silenced and “drummed out” in order to sneak up on whatever cocktail cliques and effete subcultures you’ve got your sights on, you’re indulging in infighting and you’re overplaying your hand. There’s no point in any of this nonsense. Go do your thing and we’ll do ours.

We’re here. We’re not queer. Get used to it.

Update #1: Churches, Cults, and Front Groups

What about the fake front-group, Traditional Youth Network? Do they have any actual organic ties to any actual Christian group?

TradYouth is a broad network for identitarians and traditionalists to work together on common issues. We catch it from both sides with the anti-Christians, with them both accusing us of trying to impose a Christian litmus test on the movement and them going for an Alinskyite attempt to hoist us on our own rulebook. Both Heimbach and I did convert to Orthodoxy within the past several years. Before that, he had actual organic ties to Catholicism and I was essentially unchurched.

What we have here in the White Nationalist movement are a bunch of posers pretending that they speak for Christians. They don’t. No one is trying to drive out Christians from the White Nationalist movement. In reality, we have a bunch of trolls pretending to be Christians are starting divisions.

The divisions were neither instigated nor the bickering escalated by us. The notion that we’re constantly trying to speak for Christians is the kind of notion cliques get when they whip themselves into a lather without pausing to consider what’s actually going on. The vast majority of our work here at TradYouth has been generically identitarian and traditionalist in nature.

Heimbach said he read one book about the Iron Guard so he decided to “convert” to orthodox Christianity. He doesn’t know anything about orthodoxy, he literally just read some book. A serious convert to a real religion like orthodoxy would place themselves under the authority of the legitimate church authorities and an hones person would seek to LEARN something about their faith, not try to twist that new faith to be compatible with their pre-existing political ideas.

Heimbach was chrismated into the Church after a lengthy chrismation process following years of independent study of Orthodoxy and theological issues spanning several books.

I’m guessing that Scott Terry is about the same; learned a few catchphrases, picked up the “radical” scary parts, then poses online as a theonomist. The only actual theonomist idea he seems to care about is stoning people; that gets peoples attention, that’s “radical.”

The only theonomist idea that he responds to is that one because that’s the only one the anti-Christians bring up when he’s engaging with identitarian circles. Perhaps you two could have yourselves a podcast where you can quiz him about this stuff in real time and decide for yourself if he’s academically invested in theonomy or if he’s operating an elaborate conspiracy.

Since most people in the White Nationalist movement don’t really know much about American Christianity, it’s easy to fake it.

You know, until they get caught by people who DO know.

Keep weaving your conspiratorial accusations. I’ll keep editing this post with updated responses to your scattershot campaign to eventually, one of these years, manage to unveil our elaborate conspiracy.

Update #2: He’s uncovered yet more conspiracies!

NPI has distanced themselves from the Traditional Youth Network, and TYN responded by:

1. Lying about NPI, saying that Heimbach was excluded for being “anti-gay” and that NPI is run by a shadowy group of homosexuals.

I never asserted that NPI was run by a shadowy group of homosexuals. I asserted that there’s a homosexual clique which is out to get Heimbach and his group. We’ve dismissed the garbage rumor that Richard Spencer is a homosexual repeatedly.

2. Lying that NPI excluded Heimbach for being Christian, as part of a homosexual conspiracy to drive Christians out of the White Nationalist movement.

Now we’re just splitting hairs. The clique is gay-friendly, anti-Christian, and not all that shadowy. They’re right there in the comments arguing their case for gay-friendliness and against Christianity.

3. Lying that NPI excluded Heimbach because he “names the Jew” – a rather ridiculous lie considering Kevin MacDonald was a keynote speaker, as was the guys from TheRightStuff.biz and Red Ice Radio, two media channels that have never shied away from the Jewish Question.

I didn’t see that, and it certainly didn’t come from any of the principals.

4. Disqus handles defending the TYN made up completely false rumors about the leader of NPI being a homosexual and wrote a number of homoerotic posts about him. These rumors have come from internet handles both defending TYN as well as internet handles associated with the “anti-fa.” […] So here you have the Traditional Youth Network AND the “anti-fa” spreading the same rumors about NPI at the same time.

Everything Scott and I have said on the matter has been under our own name, and our message has been to limit engagement, hold our fire, and focus on investing in our own work. We’re not sock puppeting, goading any friends into piling on, or encouraging any of that. We haven’t claimed Spencer’s a homosexual. We’ve actively rejected that claim. And we’re not claiming that they “control” him or NPI.

I called out Traditional Youth Network as the fake it is months ago, long before this conference was planned. I merely pointed to Heimbach’s long record of costume clownery, his attention whoring, and his close working relationship with the media.

Indeed, you and your Poz Nationalist associates have been trying to whip this conflict up for months, putting the lie to your talking point that we’re the ones who started this infighting.

Parrott and Heimbach wear their purported religion on their sleeves and claim to be sincerely relgious, but the reality is that Heimbach only converted to orthodoxy after reading a political book and was immediately ex-communicated for using the orthodox church for his media campaigns. Matt Parrott is also pretending to be orthodox, although he was apparently ex-communicated too.

I was never excommunicated, and I struggle to see how a case can be made that I wear my religion on my sleeve. My posts are pretty much all specifically identitarian political work. Of course, I can’t win here. If I post about my religion, I’m a shameless televangelist fraud. If I stick to secular political matters, it proves that I’m not religious.

On the other hand, after reading a bunch of Scott Terry’s blog posts, I’m willing to believe his is a sincere Christian. Although, he’s not married and has no kids, so in the real Presbyterian church he would have no authority whatsoever.

Smart move backing off on that claim that Scott Terry’s not a Christian and not well-versed in his Presbyterian theology. Shift to attacking our physical appearances and picking apart our personal lives.

It’s also funny how Parrott claims poverty, yet admits that people wonder where all the money is coming from? After all, Heimbach and Parrott travel all over the country, performing for the cameras, making videos, and the like. Somebody has to be paying for it.

Do we attack Parrott for soaking up all the money or do we attack Parrott for spending more on activism than everybody else? WHY NOT BOTH? “Somebody has to be paying for it.” Yup. We are.

In the intervening couple of years, he’s proved my suspicions over and over again, as his act gets more and more ridiculous.

His act hasn’t gotten more ridiculous. His “act” has gotten more polished, more focused, and more traction.

The Orthodox Christian church has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott, Stormfront has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott, now NPI has distanced themselves from Heimbach and Parrott.

One assumes they are all in a Grand Homosexual Conspiracy?

Nope. There is a homosexual nationalist clique and it is out to get Heimbach. The funny thing about the Stormfront incident was that it was actually at the behest of Tom Robb, the same klan wizard who was out to get Jack Donovan. The only common factor with all the infighting is that it’s all coming at us rather than from us. A certain degree of territorialism and infighting is to be expected against rapidly emergent projects, and we expect it to take a few years before all the pre-existing factions recognize that we’re not a dangerous threat, but a promising new development.

LOL, and as far as the all-too-common potshots at 9/11 Truth, I notice that Matt Parrot’s OWN tard corral at TYN are essentially truthers as well, as well as Parrott’s buddies at TheDailyStormer, you know, the troll site that publishes known disinfo from Jews working with Rita Katz’s SITE Intelligence propaganda campaign.

Truthers are welcome in the project. You’re correct that most folks involved in and supportive of our project are some sort of Truther. I politely disagree with them on that, and we’re a big tent inclusive of a wide array of positions on this and most other issues. You’re the one who started with politely disagreeing on that. Not all Truthers are pathological conspiracy cranks, but all pathological conspiracy cranks are Truthers. The way to tell the difference is that the pathological conspiracy crank can’t resist the urge to spin off several more conspiracies when provoked.

Seriously. I’ve lost count.

So folks, just keep on watching. Eventually Parrott and Heimbach will be involved in more disinfomation, more fake religious posturing, more idiotic “street theater” and more disruption. After all, it’s their job.

I’ve been around for pretty much my entire adult life. And with a handful of exceptions, my record is one of consistent and humble activism on behalf of my folk. My record is one of working constructively with a broad range of identitarian factions. My record is one of investing my own time, money, and creative energy in delivering solid propaganda, thinking useful thoughts, and taking real risk on behalf of our folk.

You can cherry pick together your own narrative with my tens of thousands of posts, projects, and interactions, but you have to dig through a mountain of humble and respectable work to find it. Everybody’s invited to keep watching TradYouth to find out if we’re going to be disruptive or productive.

What is ACTUALLY happening is that Parrott’s and Heimbach’s ridiculous posturing is finding less and less of an audience among serious people – both in and out of the “movement.”

Make no mistake, folks, the NPI conference was a HUGE COUP for the pro-White movement. It was a win and that is exactly why Parrott and Heimbach are upping their disinformation campaign.

We’re glad the NPI event went well, and there is no disinformation campaign. We’re not claiming that Richard Spencer is a homosexual (he’s clearly not). All we’ve done here is respond to a tsunami of disinformation with corrections, trying to avoid adding fuel to the fire with accusations of our own. The closest thing to an accusation is that there’s a homosexual nationalist clique that’s out to get us. There absolutely is. And our milquetoast message to them is that they need to knock off the infighting, stop with attacks like this one, and join us in plugging away at useful work.

  • machiaevil

    What’s with the NPI banning Heimbach for his views on gays and the faggotry I just read on Radix like “being passionate about gay issues”?

    Have NPI events turned into semi-secret society meetings where screenings of Judy Garland movies take place?

    F*ck this bullshit, Spencer has just joined my shitlist along Cuckan Liddell and Greg Kohnson.

    And btw Matt: JEWS DID 9/11

    • It ain’t quite that bad, with either Spencer or the Jews.

      Spencer’s happily married with children and the NPI conference wasn’t as much about gay stuff as the SPLC framed it to be. I find the classism as gay as outright gay stuff, but that’s their prerogative.

      It’s imperative that we take a moment to zoom out in moments like this and remember how grave the threats from outside our cause are, and how little time and resources we have to waste on personal drama.

    • machiaevil

      I don’t doubt Spencer’s hetero credentials or even care, and wasn’t referring to the SPLC “assessment”, but reading on Radix as a sort of justification for banning Heimbach that they are open to people who are “passionate about gay issues” and therefore closed to those who are not made my stomach turn.

      Opposition to the gay agenda is as important as opposition to the attack on our racial, cultural and religious heritage since gender belongs to the list of identities globalists, liberals etc are deconstructing.

    • Jeff Davis

      What does anyone mean by “being passionate about gay issues?” Why should anyone embrace an individual or group that’s “passionate” about normalizing abnormal behavior. Jack Donovan is gay but I don’t think that he insist that his perversions be normalized throughout society.

    • machiaevil

      Why don’t you ask Spencer? As I said on Radix, Spencer fell for the trap the SPLC set up for him way too easily and instead of dispersing the fears of his readership he looked more interested to beg the SPLC for indulgences to let go of his sins – whatever he perceived them to be and probably as a result of his cucking. So he gave a stupid answer and a stupid reasoning for banning Heimbach that looked copy pasted from a curriculum that embraces diversity and inclusiveness. That’s the fastest way to kill his project at birth since excellence in anything is never inclusive.

    • He’s made it quite clear that he prefers distance from our project, and I’ll oblige his request.

    • machiaevil

      Count yourself lucky then, because any association with him damages your cred and harms your cause. Spencer and NPI are now the official laughingstock of nationalism/white identity and even antifas and libs are onto them and realize that Spencer is the best “enemy” they could wish for.


      “This position from Spencer, which sounds more like liberal apologetics than the defenses of someone on the radical right,”

    • Jeff Davis

      From the antifa link you provided

      No matter who they are, they usually oppose gay marriage(Donovan included), as marriage is a cultural institution used to prop up Western Civiilization.

      Once again, our enemies understand the importance of the marriage issue than most of the Right. How can cultural institution used to prop up Western Civiilization be considered a non issue by those who wish to save Western Civilization?

    • Jack Donovan is cool with all sides and uninvolved in the infighting.

      A rich irony is that just about a year ago, there was an equally seismic movement eruption in a different branch of the movement expressing outrage that Heimbach would attend and support a different event because Jack Donovan was attending.

      Donovan is second only to Ben Garrison when it comes to unwittingly and undeservedly finding himself in the middle of godawful Internet drama.

  • 1Lew0

    One of the reasons western elites are so contemptible is that they hate and betray their natural constituents for ugly and venal motives. The contempt shows itself through their actions toward the working class including constant ridicule, derision, signalling and swindling.

    Good elites have compassion for their natural constituents and act as stewards for their interests.

    Anglin had a nice line in his piece about the snobbery and classism — not the healthy elitism — the snobbery and classism around Spencer and NPI. It was something like no one is asking you to embrace working and lower-middle class culture. Just show you care about them.

    The Trump phenomenon is a nice example that shows elites and the masses can’t get anywhere without cooperation. Only Trump, a super-elite with money, smarts and charm, could do what he’s doing in this climate. Major change always starts at the top. Spencer is right about that. But if Trump didn’t have mass support, he wouldn’t be in a position to threaten the current order. One reason for Trump’s success is that he comes across like he really cares about people who have been betrayed even though when he’s out of the public eye I doubt he pops canned budweiser.

  • Shotgun

    Thanks for this commentary Parrott…

    I know it’s a bit of shameless self promotion but earlier this year, I moved the majority of my “theonomic” articles to a new blog, devoted specifically for the purpose. I call it:


    For those in the know (like our astute Mr. Hipster), the “jot n’ tittles” is a reference to a contentious verse in Matthew 5, around which many debates about theonomy take place.

    “Kinism” is an ethnic nationalist movement arising out of conservative (“theonomic”) Presbyterian circles…and I’m a Kinist, so… yeah. If anyone doubts that I actually believe what I profess, they ought to do some more research.

    • Honestly, I just got a kick out of writing “Scott Terry is an Atheist SPLC Troll” in bold formatting.

    • DenisetheCelt

      That is truly funny. I know subverters try to cast doubt on and discredit people – but that is so absurd it’s funny!

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  • Anonyma

    Matt, could you please edit out the part where Hipster Racist editorializes about ‘Harley.’ His assertion about me is simply untrue.

    • Anonyma

      ETA: Every assertion he’s made about me in this chapter of Last Days of Our Lives is BS. He’s still more right about conspiracies generally, however.

    • Anonyma

      ETAA: I have also never accused Richard Spencer of being gay. Actual gayness isn’t a requisite for being a faggot. Not all gay men are fags, not all straight men aren’t.

    • Done. Sorry about that. I should have caught that on the first edit.

  • Fr. John+

    The fact that this angry person can’t even spell Theonomy (no ‘e’ in the last syllable) in his indictment of evil against y’all, is indicative to me that he’s a complete idiot. Sorry to be blunt, but everything that is virile in Holy Orthodoxy, and everything that the Fordham Jesuit PhD’s in the SCOBA-dox assemblies ‘H8,’ is what you stand FOR.

    The fact that you note, mention, and even gave glory to the Romanian Nationalist Saint, Cornelius Codreneau is astounding enough in the USSA; whereas the GOA consider it an ‘act of righteousess’ to post pictures of the late Iakovos of sorry memory holding hands with a Communist, Adulterous, Plagairizing N’er??? The differences in that one exchange, speaks VOLUMES.

    It’s as if the Modernist Scoba-dox have not read their own national histories, and how the heretics were dispensed with, via sword, stoning, and expulsion from Romanity. All one can say to such wilfull ignorance, is ‘Duh.’

    Many years, you two. Axios. As for “HipsterRacist’ (Lord, what an utterly ‘gay’ (meaning ‘lame’) screen name) he clearly FEARS you.

    In reading his shrill little hissy fits, it’s like listening to the screeds of the ADL, or the AIPAC cucks, worried that their unique position as shills for the Decides/Zionist state of Isra-hell, will be FOUND OUT by the ‘goyim’ and all their shekels will magically disappear.

    Meh. Let the dead bury the dead. HR’s already done a pretty good job in all this useless verbiage you’ve shown from his site.

    Keep up the good work, Gentlemen. +

  • Ronnie

    Homosexuality should not be praised or condoned in any capacity. Donations made by homosexuals should be returned and denied. One can not build a movement on a weak foundation, associating with homosexuals only corrupts any forward movement.

  • Anonyma


    Hipster Racist’s persona isn’t ‘real.’ Neither is his claim that I ‘Harley’ have emailed him regularly, much less at all, soliciting information about anyone. I feel the need to make this very clear, as his penchant for mixing fantasy with reality is now impinging seriously on my privacy. Why he felt the need to add some made up element involving me to his seemingly sincere expose escapes me. Anyone who’s encountered me offline would easily attest that my personal dealings have featured just the opposite – attempts to disentangle myself from associations with machinators.

    He does a disservice to the truths he does expose when he mixes them with fiction.

  • KO

    Mr. Parrott,
    This is more worthy of a detailed comment from you. Best wishes.

  • Anonyma

    After all the dust has settled on this latest seemingly gratuitous drama, I want to add some qualifiers. My judgments about all the speakers (I maintain my stand that Faye and Donovan are beyond suspect) at NPI came across as too harsh perhaps. I’ve always respected Kevin MacDonald’s work, and know little about the others so issuing such rigid judgment is unfair.

    I refuse to engage further fallout on the instigator’s blog where I’d reacted harshly to his baiting, but state this for anyone still following. I don’t like Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren at all, and haven’t seen much good come out of Richard Spencer. But I don’t want to sound overly critical of all Spencer’s work and certainly not of all the other speakers.

    If only white men could find a way to articulate a defense of themselves that didn’t involve gay men preaching to other (mostly younger) men on how to make love to women. It’s just too outrageous for Spencer to promote that absurdity. And it inherently leads to violence against women. Gay men sleep with other men because they don’t find women’s bodies attractive.

    If a lesbian took the podium at one of these conferences and opined to female audience members on how to have intimate relations with men it would be rightfully assumed to be a comedy break. There isn’t a complete analogy there, but close enough. White men may need to bond in actual combat but the fight over ideas and politics won’t be won without women. Richard Spencer would achieve a lot more if he understood that.

By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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