TradWorker Meets with the NPD

A common complaint about us American nationalists is that we’re not as advanced and effective as our comrades in Europe. We couldn’t agree more! While we’ve had contacts and warm relations with European nationalist leaders for years, we’ve doubled down in the past few months on our networking with a concrete goal in mind. We need to learn what they’re doing right and figuring out how to adapt those approaches and ideas in our American context.

With that in mind, we’ve been traveling all over Europe recently for a series of private and public meetings with leaders and organizers of several of the leading identitarian projects. Germany’s foremost voice of the German nation, NPD, showed us the utmost hospitality. Local leaders took us on a tour of historic Weinheim. We humbly introduced ourselves to Jens Puhse, Udo Pastors, Udo Voight, among others.

Matthew Heimbach Speaking at the NPD National ConferenceTo cap it off, we were invited to attend and briefly speak at the NPD’s national conference. Thousands of “anti-fascists” did what they always do, throw a childish tantrum against political freedom, lose their composure, and viciously attack the police officers who are there to protect them. More than 150 ended up arrested when it was all said and done. While both the nationalists and the degenerates are a bit better organized over there, that dynamic is apparently similar on both sides of the Atlantic.

My speech before the conference was well-received, though I strove to do more listening than speaking. Party members helpfully translated much of what was going on for me throughout the event. Afterwards, the party’s press team interviewed me about our nascent political party, which we’re steadily rolling out over the coming months.

To learn more about TradWorker, visit the website, review the draft platform, and sign up to receive updates on its formal launch and political progress.

  • ps mike

    Excellent job, Matt. I had a feeling you were out DOING something, as I hadn’t seen any posts from you for a few days. It looks like you are ahead of the game on just about everything. You formed a white student union back in 2012 and were lambasted for it. Well, over three years later, in the wake of this BLM nonsense, someone at the University of Illinois has just done the same thing, of course without “official” permission.
    The backlash is coming, and I’m appreciative you’ve had the vision and foresight to pave the way.

  • Sven Longshanks

    Well done Matt, you have to be one of the hardest working White Nationalists there is and its great to see you networking with other nationalists outside of your homeland.

    White Americans are lucky to have someone as eloquent as you speaking up for them and taking a public stand for their interests.

  • EricStriker

    NPD is the most exciting political development in Germany right now, yet has almost no profile in the English speaking world. They demonstrate that it is possible to preserve ideological integrity even in totalitarian states like the BRD.

  • Shotgun

    What a stunt monkey. You’d never see respectable pro-whites building international coalitions; he’s an obvious troll and harmful to our cause. And he’s so terrible on camera – the NPD guy is clearly ridiculing him.

    • Imagine how haunting it must be to go your whole life never knowing who your real father is, only to run into him in a chance encounter such as this one.

    • ps mike

      Someone who has guts, confidence, and intelligence should want the publicity. We all know bloggers are in plentiful supply. No one is holding you back here if you have what you think is a better plan. I think Matt is great on camera…passionate yet polite and friendly as opposed to vitriolic. Imagine who one would be compared to if full of vitriol, which will happen anyway, so I think Matt is the right persona all the way.

    • Shotgun

      At least I have a strapping Adonis-like physique and wear my suits pressed so tight, an inner Buckley oozes out of my neck-line. Plus, i have presumed authority on all topics that fall within the purview of my commenting whims and you ought to pay them heed.

      If you don’t, you’re probably just an unfashionable retard and wanna-be stunt-monkey yourself.

    • ps mike

      I think your “commenting whims” are how you strap-on your Adonis.

    • The whole thing’s frustrating, because I actually do believe in and respect the notion of elites and the value of social hierarchy. It’s not that I object to deferring to my betters, it’s that a gaggle of men with nothing over me but money, effrontery, and custom-tailoring purport to be my betters.

    • Shotgun

      Yeah, but all joking aside (I really love Heimbach @ PS Mike, I was just caricaturing the exhausting stream of pompous Heimbachian critics)…shouldn’t “elites” have to do something to earn their status?

      Through acts of heroism, they’re granted large swaths of property by which they, in turn, parcel out to their friends and family, creating a defacto hierarchy.

      That sort of thing doesn’t seem feasible today though. If there are any acts of “elite-making heroism” today, then certainly what Heimbach’s doing has to count.

    • ps mike

      LOL. I see that now that I saw your comment stream. You got me. Ha Ha!

  • hanfeedback

    These are the kind of stories I like to see. Any video of your speech to the NPD?

  • God bless you Matt! Great work, the NPD is literally the only party over there which is preventing a total domination of the political will of the deutsches Volk. Though they are quite small, they are nevertheless a a candle in the darkness. Keep it up, and good luck!

  • glacierstorm

    My knowledge of the NDP is limited. The Wikipedia page on the party states “The likelihood of success of renewed banning attempts has been questioned, given the Office for the Protection of the Constitution has over 130 informants in the party, some in high positions, raising the question of whether the party is effectively controlled by the government.”
    Can anyone speak to how true this is? Given the state of the West today, it would seem that any party on the right that becomes popular will be subject to government subversion.

    • It really gets to be a rabbit hole with that. The fact that the government’s so open about having it infiltrated raises its own questions. It’s both naive to assume that infiltration isn’t a factor in any significant political movement, especially one as reviled by the intelligentsia of the intelligence communities as our own.

      If mainstream and official sources ever tell you that there’s a slick and professional party which isn’t infiltrated, steer clear of that one.

      As astronomical as the risks are for engagement, I err on the side of taking them given the stakes. And there’s no guarantee that everything’s cut ‘n dried and sewn up. After all, Hitler started his career as an infiltrator.

    • nordicman

      the point is that EVEN IF these nationalist groups are infiltrated or Kosher, there is a strong will among Germans and other Europeans to preserve our people and our nations. Europeans are going to take our nations back one way or the other, politics or not. As the saying in America goes, “By bullet or ballot, restoration is coming.”

    • netzredaktion

      We are not controlled by the goverment! 🙂 They try to fight us but they wont win!

      It is possible that they have some informants still within the NPD but for what about will they inform them ? About our target to improve our country and to save our culture and nation? If so so let them do it 😀

    • nordicman

      Much support for you, my German friends!

    • Fr. John+

      Die Gedanken sind frei.

  • Ezra Pound

    Matt is a machine. Thank you for your tireless efforts on out behalf, Matt (and the rest of TradYouth writers and admins).

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By: Matthew Heimbach

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