The Trump Train And the Southern Strategy: The Only Hope For the GOP

The Republican Party and the forces of Conservative, Inc. have been following the same losing playbook for generations, gaining victory only when their voting base forces it, not by design. The last time the Republicans in any form actually tried to win goes back to the Southern Strategy of the mid-60s where the Party aimed to become a party of increasingly disenfranchised White Southern voters as the Democratic Party moved to be a coalition of non-White ethnic interest groups, unchecked immigration, and the degenerate lobby (abortion, sexual deviance, etc…).

The Southern Strategy did not just aim to be the Party of Southern Whites, however. The talking point of “States’ Rights” was used to court White voters in areas where the Federal government to force integration was doing busing campaigns at gunpoint.  They took White children across town to Black neighborhoods and take Black children into predominantly White neighborhoods. These forced integration projects of course turned out to be abysmal failures. In areas like South Boston it has taken over forty years for public officials to admit this.

Test scores either stayed the same or fell, community cohesion fell to pieces, and violence within schools also soared. Parental and community opposition to forced integration and busing led to protests throughout America with the Democratic politicians increasingly abandoning their States’ Rights and community choice position and throwing in with the Leftist elites of the new Democratic Party.

White communities felt like their voices weren’t being heard because Federal authorities steadfastly refused to change their positions on forced busing while local groups like the Boston School Committee denounced the busing program for causing “bloodshed and racial hatred.”

Democratic politicians like Boston Mayor Kevin White “banned all public meetings or gatherings of more than three people in South Boston to try to limit the opposition to busing,” but this left millions of White Americans on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line frustrated with their government officials and looking for representation for their concerns in an America that demographically and culturally was changing from the historic norms of traditional America.

Republicans were able to take a a huge segment of former Democrat voters through targeting White working- and middle-class folks. This started with Barry Goldwater coming out against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but the Southern Strategy really took its stride with Richard Nixon who ran on a “law and order” and States’ Rights. This platform appealed to White Americans who were concerned about integration, Federal overreach, and the rise of far-Left groups on America’s streets and universities. This strategy allowed the Republicans to go from losing the Deep South to Alabama Governor George Wallace in 1968 to taking clean sweeps of former Democrat–but majority White–areas of the Midwest and South throughout the 1970’s until today. States like West Virginia that held out as Democratic strongholds until recently have now gone solidly Republican.

Richard M. Nixon, candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, is seen arriving at the airport in Atlanta, Ga. with his wife, Patricia, on May 31, 1968. A crowd of about 350 people greeted them as Nixon visits the South to meet with delegates from various states. (AP Photo)

Richard Nixon capitalized on White voters through dog whistling racial issues in his campaign

The Southern Strategy was racial advocacy through a dog whistle when the political mainstream turned against explicit White ethnic advocacy. The Republican Party decided to cuck its base with a fundamentally dishonest game of steering to the Left while dog whistling to the Right.

The New York Daily News discussed the Southern Strategy by noting,

Nixon was hardly the first Republican to notice that Lyndon Johnson’s civil rights legislation had alienated whites both in the South and elsewhere — Johnson himself had forecast that Southern whites would desert the Democratic Party…Johnson and the Democrats had wooed the black vote; Nixon would do the same for the white vote.”

As the Republicans lost the Black vote to the newly refashioned Democrats, they needed a base if they were going to compete in both State and Federal elections, that was found in the increasingly disenfranchised White folk of rural areas in the Midwest and South.

If the Republican Party had just been honest with itself and become vocal White advocates for Whites in America, we would likely not be in the same dire situation today that we now face. Driving into coded language about “States’ Rights” and “welfare cuts” did not answer the real racial problems in America, they only tried to court White voters into supporting the Republican Party. Republicans have always been shortsighted on racial issues, never actually wanting to defend the interests of Whites but using them as pawns in a battle against the Democrats, not the Democrats ideology.

The fact that Ronald Reagan kicked off his 1980 campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi, a town that was a hotbed of desegregation and Klan activity during the Civil Rights era, showed his rededication to the winning Southern Strategy that Nixon had won the Deep South on. Reagan in his declaration speech said “I believe in state’s rights; I believe in people doing as much as they can for themselves at the community level and at the private level.” This part of his speech was clear dog whistling on racial issues and issues of the Federal government forcing desegregation, busing and welfare programs on White citizens who didn’t want them.


The GOP could continue to win elections if they actually listened to their White voting base, they won’t because Republicans are cowards and #cuckservatives

Washington Post correspondent William Raspberry said about Reagan’s speech that,

Reagan took the Republican Party from virtual irrelevance to the ascendancy it now enjoys. The essence of that transformation, we shouldn’t forget, is the party’s successful wooing of the race-exploiting Southern Democrats formerly known as Dixiecrats.”

Lee Atwater, a Reagan and Bush strategist explained the policy:

“You start out in 1954 by saying, ‘Nigger, nigger, nigger.’ By 1968 you can’t say ‘nigger’ — that hurts you. Backfires. So you say stuff like forced busing, states’ rights and all that stuff. You’re getting so abstract now [that] you’re talking about cutting taxes, and all these things you’re talking about are totally economic things and a byproduct of them is [that] blacks get hurt worse than whites. And subconsciously maybe that is part of it. I’m not saying that. But I’m saying that if it is getting that abstract, and that coded, that we are doing away with the racial problem one way or the other. You follow me — because obviously sitting around saying, ‘We want to cut this,’ is much more abstract than even the busing thing, and a hell of a lot more abstract than ‘Nigger, nigger.'”

The Republican Party became dominant in American politics due to racial dog whistling and courting racially aware Whites. That is without a doubt. The difference between Leftist news pundits and myself is that I don’t think that was a bad thing. Tribal welfare trumps the voting habits of every group of people in not only America, but the world. Whites should not be embarrassed about organizing for their best interests of their extended family. What White voters should have done is not throw in with the Republicans after the Republicans refused to follow through on their promises of fighting for White interests.

The 2012 election is a clear indicator of how high support is among Whites viewing the Republican Party as the de facto political vehicle for White interests.  If only White voters had cast ballots in the 2012 election, President Obama would have lost the electoral college 68 to 438, a stunning landslide for the Republicans. States like Mississippi in 2012 had 89% of all White voters cast their ballots for Mitt Romney while 93% of Black voters supported President Obama. There are clear racial divides in American politics and the Hispanic, Black, and Asian communities vote almost monolithically for the Democrat Party while over two-thirds of White voters stand behind the Republican Party.

Basic polling on issues of economics or social policy find that most voters cannot properly articulate the positions of their chosen candidates and Party. What matters is that American politics is winning the racial headcount. Black voters who are socially conservative on social issues still vote Democrat even though the GOP better articulates their religious views on abortion and gay marriage. Asians generally support lower taxes and should be as American Enterprise Institute’s Charles Murray says “a natural Republican constituency, Asians should define ‘natural’,” yet Asians voted 71% for Barack Obama in the 2012 election.

Regardless of individual social or economic views non-White voters have cemented themselves as the foundation and the future of the Democratic Party. Attempts by the Republican elite to promote non-Whites in the Republican Party, running more “diverse” candidates and investing countless millions of dollars in “minority outreach” have been met by communities of color with silence or outright mocking, but above all these programs have not made new Republican voters.

A sentiment shared by many of the Republican Party's base

A sentiment shared by many of the Republican Party’s base

Washington Post reporter Janell Ross pointed out that,

“Data suggest that no amount of repackaging is going to produce major minority voter gains for Republicans. Only actual platform revisions and policy changes — real shifts in the party’s positions — seem capable of a job this big.”

The question would then remain: Why exactly would communities of color vote for Democrat-lite when they can vote for the real thing? The GOP has proven through the 1986 amnesty and dozens of failed programs to court non-White voters that have been met with abysmal failure in pushing up non-White support for the Republicans and an alienation of the White Republican base that leaving the Southern Strategy may very well be the end of the Republicans on the national political stage.

Trends show that the Republicans supporting liberal positions and catering to non-Whites is not winning new non-White voters, it is only losing millions of White voters for the GOP. If Mitt Romney had received the same amount of support that John McCain did in 2008 he would have won the election in 2012, but …”Romney won 1.3 million fewer than McCain in 2008.”

Henry Wolff of American Renaissance wrote after the 2012 election that,

If whites do become a minority of the electorate, even a successful strategy of consolidating their votes will not work at the national level. But in the meantime, any Republican support for amnesty, more legal immigration, and any other policy that increases the non-white percentage of the electorate would only add fuel to the Party’s funeral pyre.”

The Republicans only hope is to return to the Southern Strategy and actively work to win White voters but due to Political Correctness and the corruption of the Party by the Zionist and business lobby, the chances of the Republican Establishment turning back towards White voters is unlikely, if impossible.

Now as the Republican Party has decided to become “more inclusive,” which is a nice way of saying that the Party is abandoning their base lock, stock and barrel and still expecting the base to turn out at the polls it appears that the Republicans are done for, at least that is until the rise of Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has positioned himself to be the first candidate since Pat Buchanan in the early 1990s to do what the White Republican base actually wants on immigration; deportation of illegal immigrants and enforcement of Federal immigration laws. While the mainstream GOP candidates have to follow the marching orders from the big Party donors and elites and cater to illegal immigrants and the desires of big business lobbies, Donald Trump can afford to actually speak to the desires of the Republican Party base.

The fact that Donald Trump is not a bought man by the big money donors of the Republican elite such as the Chamber of Commerce who cares far more about corporate tax rates than they do about the ethnic composition or cultural well-being of their country, who are the absolute worst shills for unchecked immigration, is why he can follow the views of the base wherehalf of Iowa’s expected Republican caucus-goers favor deportingand80 percent of voters [who] see illegal immigration as a serious national problem.” Almost by what appears to be an accident, Donald Trump has positioned himself as a fighter of the “silent majority” as Nixon was and once again rally the White voters of America.

Donald Trump is standing for White Americans on immigration and that is why the Jewish elite will have to attempt to destroy him

Donald Trump is standing for White Americans on immigration and that is why the Jewish elite will have to attempt to destroy him

While Donald Trump is speaking to White Americans like few politicians since the 1980’s have, he also has positions that could actually win him more minority support than his GOP competitors. Trump’s immigration plan speaks to both White and non-White voters, the majority of whom have been hurt by both illegal and legal immigration. Breitbart reported that:

A 2012 Pew Poll found that 69 percent of Americans want to place greater restrictions on who was allowed into the United States. A recent poll from Kellyanne Conway found that a plurality of Americans wish to see a moratorium on immigration for the time being. And a separate poll by KellyAnne Conway found that Hispanics, by nearly a seven to one ratio, want employers to hire workers already in the country rather than importing foreign workers to fill jobs. Black voters support this measure by a ratio of almost 30 to 1.”

No one, other than Jewish elites and self-hating White liberals, want to have their jobs and communities filled with people who drive down wages, increase crime and further fragment America’s already broken and failed multicultural experiment. By not even trying, Trump could get the largest White, Black and Hispanic support that the GOP has had in recent elections, all while not apologizing and groveling like the rest of the Republican contenders.

In the bizarre world of the 2016 Presidential Election it looks as if nothing can stop a former reality television star and business mogul from becoming the populist candidate for the White working and middle class. While I do not think that Donald Trump is anything but a civic nationalist, any basic understanding of economics unskilled Third World immigration is bad for America, Donald Trump is blowing the dog whistle for White racial interests harder than any other candidate, and louder than the Republic elites would ever dream a candidate would do in our politically correct age.

The reason that Trump can dominate is because the #Cuckservatives of the Republican Establishment are forced by their own allegiance to political correctness or the demands of their paymasters are forced to fight politically with both hands tied behind their back. Even Zionist lackeys like Senator Ted Cruz point out that “The people who show up at the polls, who elected you and me, and who elected this Republican majority… far too many of the Republican donors look down on those voters as a bunch of ignorant hicks and rubes.”

There is a disconnect between the Republican base and the donor class, a divide that is both religious and racial. The Jewish mega donors hate the fact that the Republican base is both Christian and White. Jews have a religious and tribal hatred of both Christianity and the European people, primarily because of our long history as being the front-lines of the Christian Church for the past two thousand years. Jewish elites want to destroy Christianity and the European people through their social, political and economic weapons so it should not be surprising that their interests are the opposite of the interests of White Americans. trumppp

Republican mega donors like Sheldon Adelson, Norman Braman, Howard Jonas, Mel Sembler and the rest of the Republican Jewish Coalition believe in strong borders and defense for Israel, but a prostrated and defenseless America and Europe. These donors like Fred Zeidman make immigration an issue about the Jewish people and what is best for the Jewish mercantile class, not what is best for the American people.

Zeidman told reporters that the GOP has to support amnesty because “The rest of the party has to understand what we as Jews have always understood — that this is a nation of immigrants and to ignore them is to end up losing.” While standing strong on immigration enforcement and deportation of illegal immigrants will win elections and votes, the Jewish power structure of the GOP is not interested in victory or the desires of everyday White folks, only positions that benefit fellow Jews politically and financially.

The battle lines of 2016 are going to be the Jewish backed candidates and the White American’s candidate. Whoever the GOP picks to go up against Donald Trump is assured to be kosher and the primary battle and potential election with Trump possibly running independent will get bloody. To the Jewish puppet masters of the Republican Party to lose control of the Party, albeit temporarily, to someone who cannot be bought or sold is something that cannot be allowed under any circumstances.

While Donald Trump is neither a Traditionalist nor a White nationalist, he is a threat to the economic and social powers of the international Jew. For this reason alone as long as Trump stands strong on deportation and immigration enforcement we should support his candidacy insofar as we can use it to push more hardcore positions on immigration and Identity. Donald Trump is not the savior of Whites in America, he is however a booming salvo across the bow of the Left and Jewish power to tell them that White America is awakening, and we are tired of business as usual.

The march to victory will not be won by Donald Trump in 2016, but this could be the stepping stone we need to then radicalize millions of White working and middle class families to the call to truly begin a struggle for Faith, family and folk. For this reason alone I will campaign for Donald Trump because as the saying goes “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” and that is doubly true if that person is viewed as an enemy by the International Jew.

  • Louis Marschalko

    O.R.I.O.N. (Our Race Is Our Nation)

    • “Enthos” in Greek is “nations” From a Biblical perspective our race truly is our nation

  • RealistReport

    Very good article Matt. You write:

    “While Donald Trump is neither a Traditionalist nor a White nationalist, he is a threat to the economic and social powers of the international Jew. For this reason alone as long as Trump stands strong on deportation and immigration enforcement we should support his candidacy insofar as we can use it to push more hardcore positions on immigration and Identity. Donald Trump is not the savior of Whites in America, he is however a booming salvo across the bow of the Left and Jewish power to tell them that White America is awakening, and we are tired of business as usual.”

    Very well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    Many claim Trump is a shill or controlled opposition. I don’t see much evidence pointing to Trump being a bought and paid for Jew shill or controlled opposition – all the evidence (Trump’s statements, performance in the debate, interviews with the media, his immigration policy paper, etc.) we have at our disposal demonstrates the fact that Trump is a totally rogue, independent actor in the political arena.

    I think we should be trying to influence Trump (and the millions of people following his campaign) to recognize the truths we have been harping on for years now, especially considering all the otherwise uninterested people now following politics due to the presidential campaign. Now is our time to reach a HUGE audience of people being exposed to ideas the mainstream HAS NEVER let into the discussion in any serious way.

    Trump is exposing millions of people to perspectives they’ve never heard – that’s important, and it’s the main reason why we shouldn’t be attacking Trump. Rather, we should be working to help the people interested and intrigued by Trump to recognize the bigger picture (racial realism, Jewish supremacy over the West, Jewish subversiveness and parasitism, 9/11 Truth, WWII revisionism etc.).

    Why would we waste our time running in circles talking to the same crowd we always talk to about how Trump *may* be a shill for the Jews when he is out there calling for the deportation of millions of illegal aliens and ending the disgraceful phenomenon of “anchor babies,” not to mention the countless other important issues he is talking about (disastrous “free trade” policies, foreign policy debacles, horrendous treatment of veterans, etc.)?

    Now is our time to influence millions of people who are being exposed to “radical” ideas in a major way. Your analysis is spot on, and dovetails perfectly with mine.

  • ryu238

    .” Tribal welfare trumps the voting habits of every group of people in not only America, but the world. Whites should not be embarrassed about organizing for their best interests of their extended family. What White voters should have done is not throw in with the Republicans after the Republicans refused to follow through on their promises of fighting for White interests.”
    Why do so when it doesn’t fit reality?

    • 1. Paste random quote from article

      2. Type a short incoherent snarky sentence

      3. Paste a dozen or so off-topic links

      4. Get paid

    • Ezra Pound

      Matt, even though this guy is a paid troll, you still shouldn’t dox him by posting his actual real-life photo…

  • Anne

    The Owners have lost control of the narrative in their ZOG JewSA. Therefore they will have to resort to naked treachery. As when The [Judaic] Crown of the UK on the sq mi of The City in London financed Hitler. He said everything everyone knew (and the German people knew a lot more than we ever did) his secret orders were to provoke the invasion of Russia and lose Germany to the invasions of two ZOGs on two fronts.
    The US is at the same point that Germany was when The Crown shoe horned Hitler into power.

  • Trump has powerful enemies and a long way to go. Here’s hoping he goes all the way.

  • J.j. Cintia

    Democracy is dead. Wait until the naked cheating by the Leftists start coming out in force before the election. The GOP has always been controlled opposition. Wallace could have set it all straight, but the Cuckolds in the Log Cabin Wing like Cuckley sold out the voters and Americans. Being friendly with jews will get you killed or worse. Look at Nixon. He was the most liberal Repub ever and even had Kissinger as his Secretary of State, but when he wouldn’t fold against North Vietnam they engineered the break-in at the Watergate building and two jew reporters got the “inside” story on the whole thing. It was all a set up to get the NVA to take Saigon. Nixon would have fought them so they got rid of him.
    The Democrat Party is becoming the black party. They’ve gone BLM Crazy. I’m sure a lot of those in the rainbow have serious doubts about this…

  • Ed Edgerton

    No racial or ethnic group can have its interests adequately represented without explicit identity politics. This applies regardless of whether it is a majority or a minority. The GOP leadership says it has to reach out to nonwhites while avoiding explicit white “inreach,” but that is just a cover story. No one should be falling for it anymore.

  • ps mike

    I can’t support Trump. He was in favor of treason back in 2008 with the jew banker bailouts. He helped Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs become a billionaire off our backs.

    It looks like Puerto Rico is next. I bet Trump supports this also. Look at the kike Antonio Weiss asking to not call it a bailout.

    • In fairness to Trump, the bailouts did appear to prove stabilizing and Europe’s austerity and accountability strategies has proven to be problematic, …at least in the near-term. I neither fault nor praise him for that call.

      The betrayal was letting it get to that inflection point, not borrowing against the future to avoid a cascade failure.

      If Trump specifically is guilty of anything relating to the housing crisis and bailout, it’s his having publicly talked up real estate during 2000-2007 while staking out defensive positions which he ended up coming out ahead on. His investments clearly suggest that he had fully prepared for a bubble, but he was evidently more concerned about his private profits than the common good in that case.

    • ps mike

      I am hard on Trump because I believe he fully understands the nature of debt based money and the inevitable boom bust cycle within it. You correctly and intelligently point out his general activity leading up to the bust. I was around playing the stock market preparing for it. In fact, was my entry into the blogosphere back in 2005. We all knew it was a bubble, and Trump’s activities came up for discussion and ridicule occasionally over Trump University and only selling his name as a brand on various condominium projects. We all knew the sheep would get fleeced, and they did. We were there in real time and we called it, as we did the entire bubble.

      To call the bailouts stabilizing is highly subjective. To steal the life blood of the average joe and the future to prop of the nefarious financial system is morally reprehensible in my book. The fat cats should have gone under, banks should have returned to local entities(not New York controlled), and deflation, which is helpful to lower wage earners, but not prolific borrowers, should have been allowed to take hold to cleanse the system. Even if one accepts what you call “stabilizing”, it is immoral to achieve it off the backs of the innocent in my opinion. The stock market goes up based upon digital money creation, which we must later repay as debt, and that is the kicker. I did not know this until a few years ago, and it killed all joy and pride I had taken in becoming somewhat skilled in this area.

      Long story short, we, at predicted the crash as we detailed in real time much of the fraud that was occurring daily as well. People were getting shacks in El Cajon appraised at La Jolla prices, and walking away with 100k or more off fraud, with no labor, and we are all paying for that now.

      I post often that the bailouts were the end of America, that stealing from the poor and middle class to sustain Wall St. set a tone from which there is no returning. When I scan the right wing/politcal protest blogosphere today, I often notice that many started in 2009 or 2010, right after the bailouts(or Obama, but I blame the bailouts). I have seen video of Obama talking about the crash of 2008 and the credit card money system that allowed for it, all before he became president. He objected to it until he was able to use it for his own means, which was his plan all along in my opinion.

      I can go on and on about the financial system and the fraud we are all paying for, but I will close by saying that it all, on a long journey, lead me away from the Ron Paul loving libertarian I had been to the White Nationalist sympathizer I am today. When I discovered the American Freedom Party last year, I was impressed that they knew all about the evils of the federal reserve and fractional reserve banking. You can read about their positions on their website regarding this. Ditto for other positions even outside of race. That’s what impressed me so much. I guess when you are not out pimping for money, what is left is just purely the truth.

    • ps mike

      I’d also like to add that I’m not anti Trump. What he’s done to expose the republican field for being “cuckservative” has been an enormously positive development, and it has uplifted my spirits very much on a personal level, as it has done with nearly all of us.

      In my opinion all roads lead through finance, and I wish at least the anti federal reserve message would grow and not be pushed into second or third tier status.

      Thanks for your response.

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