Site Redesign Notes

We hired some Jewish techie kid to perform some much-needed improvements on the site. Just kidding. It’s all me, between my real jobs and my movement shenanigans. Don’t stress too much about the dramatically different look. We can easily change the style of the site back to the old way or to a different and better way if we reach a consensus. Better yet, we can tweak this theme to work better.

I know everybody’s going for a different look nowadays than the blog-with-sidebar-widgets look, and we may try something more edgy in the near future. I’m all about simplicity, and I’ll probably be simplifying this all over the next few days. It’s not looking very simple right now, but I’m working in that direction. There’s just so much quality video, podcasting, social media engagement, and conversation.

If you find the darker theme juvenile, please bear in mind that it’s a youth-oriented project. While we wouldn’t want an “unprofessional” site, per se, professionalism isn’t the goal. The handful of youths who’ve seen it so far have claimed that it looks much cooler now, but they may have been humoring the elderly for all I know.

A few of the issues are known issues…

  • Archive pagination is broken
  • Thumbnails need to be on index views
  • Various text formatting glitches
  • Chiclet management

Some features are done…

  • Finally put a video playlist on the site
  • Created a podcast display widget
  • Imported and syndicated the TradYouth Hour
  • Embedded videos now fit properly
  • Caching and CDN improvements

Some features are incoming…

  • Improvements for author promotion
  • More social media integration
  • Ad network integration (A feature?)
  • Homebrewed bitcoin tip jar (for authors)

Some of it’s up for debate…

  • Does everybody prefer dark text on light background?
  • What’s some functionality we’re missing that you’d like?
  • Is the sidebar too cluttered?
  • Is it working on odd setups (tablets, widescreens, OS/2 Warp, etc…)?
  • Change it back!!! Reeeeeeeee!

  • Ezra Pound

    Take pity on my poor eyes! White text on black background is torture! Please rethink.

  • I like it a lot better, actually. And the way it previously was, it was screwed up here at work (we have an older version of IE).

  • john smith

    thank you for abandoning the toilet bowl white/urine yellow design

  • thuleanwarband

    yes, i have to admit: the white on black is not so pleasant. i liked the
    last colour scheme better. it was more open, inviting, and easier to

    the steel grating thing is not working for me, same with
    the ye old parchment font. i would suggest something slightly less
    chthonic, less tonka overall.

    it definitely doesn’t look jewish, however. so that’s good.

  • Peter

    Dark theme… usually, I have to pass on such sites, at least when they´re reading-stuff heavy, it´s pretty much unreadable for me. My vote: never dark theme!, only black text on white background possible.

  • Mobile site looks the same to me on the default android browser.

  • Are you going for the giant monster truck demographic?

  • The previous theme was indeed inspired by a truck stop toilet and the new theme is officially “monster truck.” Funny how a man’s vocation and experience insidiously finds expression in his creative work.

  • I like the podcast information/player on the side of the page, thank you. I didn’t know where to find the podcasts prior to that.

  • Stubbs

    For some reason I feel like the yellow parts shouldn’t be translucent. It doesn’t have that industrial paint look I think you’re going for.

  • machiaevil

    Your content keeps getting better and and better but the site (re)design keeps going from bad to worse.

  • It looked way better before.

By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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