Here’s Your Ukrainian “Nationalism”

When you side with Jews, something interesting happens. Whatever Russia’s official views on race are, it’s common knowledge that negroes in the Russian sphere are perceived by most as hilariously flamboyant and worthy of mockery. Yet now, one year after NATO overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, they have been elected the voice of Ukrainian nationalism by the newly installed plutocracy.

So where is the Nazi revolution pro-Ukraine traditionalist neo-conservative Catholics, Baltic jingoists, and self-styled “Misanthropic” black metal fans have been claiming will happen any minute? Tough enough to overthrow the government of Yanukovych, but not the fragile Jew junta in charge now?

The only thing Right Sector and Azov Battalion have achieved so far is in putting down revolts on behalf of the thoroughly Jewish Kiev regime, which probably has to do with the fact that they are financed by Jewish billionaire Igor Kolomoisky (a widely reported fact that supporters themselves refuse to accept). The province of Mauripol, which Azov currently occupies and operates out of, saw 90% of the region’s votes go to deposed President Viktor Yanukovych’s pro-Russian, anti-EU “Party of Regions” in 2010. This sentiment against Brussels and the Pentagon’s “new Ukraine” was reiterated in the recent elections, which the Jews in Kiev have now suspended, since the people of Mauripol voted for pro-Russian candidates.

How Ukrainians voted in the 2010 Presidential Election. Is it any wonder that East Ukrainians want to breakaway after the coup d'etat?

How Ukrainians voted in the 2010 Presidential Election. Is it any wonder that East Ukrainians want to breakaway after the coup d’etat?

You can either live under the anti-white European Union, which will flood your country with non-white “refugee quotas” and  legally tie you down so you and your children are forced to watch queers get off on their exhibitionism, or somewhat normally in the Russian sphere (where so-called nationalist parties like Svoboda were legal and actually played a role in the pro-Russian government, today they have vanished). There is no third choice in the Ukrainian civil war, …the so-called “Nazis” have made it clear.

There’s a tendency towards knee-jerk reaction among unreflective types that feel they must support the guy waving the Swastika flag no matter what. It’s also true that some of the Russian nationalists have Soviet nostalgia, and wave Hammer and Sickles as well (something that “triggers” the ex-conservatives in our movement). But not all is as seems.

In Russia, the Communist Party supports putting fags in prison, increasing the national birth-rate, and preserving European Russian culture amidst the multi-ethnic Eurasian country. In contrast, the “Neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion commander Andrei Biletsky has been invited as an honorary guest of the European Union Parliament this autumn and answers to Jewish oligarchs wrecking his nation, all while cynically insisting otherwise.

Even George Lincoln Rockwell remarked that the Communists in the Soviet Union of the 1960s were pretty conservative compared to the West–especially the “New Left”. In fact, the Soviets’ preserving what Jews refer to as the “Authoritarian Personality”–albeit in a warped form–is the explanation for why former communist states in Eastern Europe are far more hostile to racial replacement and Judeo-American cultural Marxism today, despite the genocidal clauses of European Union membership.

Not just that, but contrary to what “Misanthropic Division” trolls on the internet claim, most Russian nationalists and racialists support the secessionist rebels in Ukraine, even though some suspicious recent Russian sign-ups with few posts and perfect English say otherwise on Stormfront. The most significant openly Nationalsocialist party in the country, Russian National Unity, supports the East Ukraine rebels and is on the ground fighting by their side. In fact, the closest thing to Nationalsocialists coming to power in the war has been RNU leader Alexander Barkashov, a very influential figure in the politics of the Donetsk People’s Republic in the Donbass.

The only genuine nationalists fighting in Ukraine

The only genuine nationalists fighting in Ukraine

Both sides of the conflict include people of all types of ideologies fighting side-by-side, so if you feel obligated to support the Ukrainians just because they use symbols plagiarized from the Third Reich, the Russian side has the real deal. And unlike the dupes in Azov Battalion, the Russian “Nazis” are actually getting political power and an actual role in the new secessionist states being formed in Eastern Ukraine.

I challenge anyone to provide a tangible pro-Ukraine position, without resorting to posting pictures of non-whites fighting on the Russian side (since plenty of them are fighting on the Ukrainian side, including within the Azov battalion), Putin standing in the same room as a Jew, or the humorously sad suggestion that Azov Battalion is merely “using” the Jews backing it, when in truth they’re one of the major forces keeping them in power. At this point, it’s time to close the book on the so-called “nationalists” in Azov and Right Sector–soldiers of fortune and ex-cons who–according to “White Fuhrer” Biletsky himself–make almost double the salary of a standard Ukrainian soldier.

The most well-known Azov Battalion fighter, Swedish “neo-Nazi” mercenary Mikael Skillt, along with the fighting unit as a whole, was profiled by Zionist mass media publication Newsweek earlier this year in a piece by system hack Nolan Peterson. His piece fawns over the supposed “racists” and demonizes Putin in the very title. According to what Peterson claims he saw:

“[…] the overwhelming majority of Azov soldiers say they’re fighting for Ukraine’s sovereignty and to repel what they call a “Russian invasion” of their homeland. Those with far-right convictions live and fight side-by-side with soldiers from 22 countries and various backgrounds, including Arabs, Russians and Americans—as well as Christians, Muslims and Jews.”

So even if we were to take Azov Battalion representatives’ claims to racial nationalism on social media seriously, it is still a minority tendency in the multicultural, multi-racial unit. Skillt in the piece denounced Nationalsocialism in no uncertain terms. There is no Ukrainian cause. There is only the viciously aggressive globalist Brussels-Tel Aviv-Washington axis that will not rest until all European-descended people vanish from the earth, and the Russian response that, while not racial, coalesces with our interests (primarily because the Russians aren’t hellbent on destroying their own people). Time to stop living vicariously through the admittedly well-crafted propaganda provided by Azov and others, and come back down to earth.

  • Brandan Geddes

    This is something I always wanted to ask TRC Folks. I know many of them really feel national pride and it drives them but handing over power to the chosenites is only anti nationalist..

  • machiaevil

    Putin is absolutely right to persecute and imprison the so-called Russian “nationalists”.

    On close examination these nationalists share the same ideological platform with the pro-western-liberal-US embassy-frequenting-Pussy Rioting-eFEMENnized Soros filth column.

    If you scratch a Russian “liberal” who fetishes on everything western and American you will find beneath the surface a bigoted and miserable waste of human flesh who hates the unique and organically developed over centuries multiracial and multi-ethnic composition of the Russian/Eurasian people.

    They see them as backwards savages who hold Russia hostage, preventing their long-desired goal of assimilation with their beloved West that will lead to the eventual dissolution of Russia.

    So as long as Russia preserves its quasi-Oriental character they themselves become self-loathing Russians.

    The ideological convergence between Russian liberals and nationalists is best exemplified in the support of liberals for “nationalist” Navalny, an unholy alliance between liberal westernizers and ultra-nationalists made in the swamp, where the latter, as in Ukraine, would serve as the violent street muscle for the more presentable and media-friendly former, and their Transatlantic Jewish neocon and liberal masters.

    So Putin is wise to persecute these “nationalists” under any excuse, as not to allow them to achieve the critical mass necessary for a Maidan-type revolution in Russia, because lacking street muscle and numbers, it leaves the liberals little more than a hapless, and on the political fringe tiny minority/ figureheads, that no one takes seriously.

    • ALBKenshiro

      He is suppressing people that don’t wont shit like this to run on their TV

    • This is just the latest interation of bullshit from the Putin side. Variations on this claim have been popping up a lot lately with no credible sources behind them. “The west, cia, ngos, etc. are funding Russian national socialists. Therefore, Putin is right to suppress them.” The Putin side is getting creative in the propaganda war.

    • EricStriker

      Lew, answer me honestly, are you some kind of Baltic or Pole? Go read about the GLADIO type of program NATO/US created in the Ukraine to train these “neo-nazis” in paramilitary strategies.

      The worthwhile NS people are perfectly legal in Russia. It’s the clowns serving Western interests that are the problem.

      I think the sodomites at CC have given you some mental AIDS. I don’t think Putin is pro-white or NS, but he is definitely an anti-global establishment figure.

      Unlike you and Greg Johnson, I actually personally know top European nationalists in NPD, Golden Dawn, etc, and all of them are 100% pro-Putin, and have been to Russia multiple times. I guess you and the misanthrope division must know something they do not.

      You act as if this is some marginal opinion that only exists on the internet. Actually, it’s the anti-putin people who are the minority, and often derived from the left hand of the bell curve or with a personal agenda.

    • EricStriker

      Someone, somewhere, in the largest country on planet earth, decided to make a music video featuring a fat Russian chick and some African.

      You have to be trying really hard to pretend this is the same thing as a Ukrainian nationalist making a POLITICAL video like the one above. Nice job with your reaching.

    • ALBKenshiro

      Someone, somewhere, in the largest country on planet earth, decided to make a music video in line with the globalist agenda, that Putin is supposed to be against.

      Now you will bring up the faggot marriage, here it is an Italian report that states, faggot and drag queen clubs are rising like hot cakes in Moscow, after the legislation came to light.

      Those ‘Ukrainian nationalist” are not different then Putin’s ”united Russia” nationalism.

      However, there is always another side of the story champ.

      Ukraine’s biggest mistake was giving away its nuclear arsenal to the Russian Bolshevik scum.

      Had they still have those toys, they wont be trashed, left right like to day.

    • EricStriker

      LOL, what a shock, a shqiptar doesn’t mind collaborating with big Jew/NATO. Go back to polishing your Bill Clinton statue. Every one of your points is purposely facetious.

    • ALBKenshiro

      You simply disagree for the sake of disagreeing, champ.

      I could care less about NATO, the same Jews that gave our land’s to Serbs after WW I toke it away from them.

      So yeah, they did not mind collaborating with them for their interest, why should I?

      As for statues, i have a small on, of Benito Mussolini, as members of my family served in the Italian army.

  • Ezra Pound

    What I have noticed – and I am not trying to be flippant or mean here – is that most of the anti-Russianism in the New Right is coming from the homosexual-entryist wing. It doesn’t take too much imagination to understand why these folks harbor such irrational views when it comes to international relations and policy. If Putin was cool with poopdick marriage, I don’t think we would be seeing all of the irrational Russia bashing. Beyond that, these types can never, absolutely never, ever under any circumstances, confront the fact that the coup in Ukraine was supported, lock, stock and barrel by the the most virulent anti-white, anti-European political forces on the planet. It just creates too much CD for them I guess. *I am trying to post a picture our State Dept. Spokestweens, Jen “Firecrotch” Psaki and Marie Harf, holding up signs that say #UnitedForUkraine but the picture won’t post. Look it up on google.

    • EricStriker

      Yeah, somehow Bronys are welcome in the uber-intellectual “New Right”, but not people who have something positive to say about Dugin. That stuff has ulterior motives that you have outlined.

    • stil weerstand

      Bronies and Dugin are about equally useless.

    • BalkanPride

      “Whites need to be destroyed”

      “Russians are not white”

      “Cannibalism is fine”

      “Zimbabweans have more in common with the Russians, than the Russians with Europeans”

    • stil weerstand

      I think that’s coincidence. Anyway, Ukrainian nationalists themselves are likely not cool with fags, either. There’s blind dogmatism on all sides here – blindest of all, the insistence that Ukrainian nationalism can’t be anything other than a little Jewish Frankenstein monster. Ukrainians aren’t permitted any moral agency, or the mere ability to prefer one state of affairs to another. To avoid some “CD” of their own, WNs must rely on an assumption that they not only have a perfect understanding of this matter, but that they actually inhabit Ukrainian nationalists’ heads, and have discovered that they are totally empty, motivated only by greed for the gibsmedats offered by whoever it is supposed to be pulling their strings. As though that old dependable impulse to petty tribal pride weren’t enough to blind Ukes to the possible advantages of renewed vassalage ….

    • Ezra Pound

      Oh no, I wasn’t meaning to say the Ukrainian Nationalists supported the gay agenda, but only that the support for Kiev government within Western White Nationalist circles tends to come from the wing of the new right that is pro-homo. And I appreciate your moderate tone on this Russia/Ukraine issue. Both sides tend to be overly hostile toward and dismissive of the other side (myself included sometimes, unfortunately). But I think the reason for that is the situation appears so clear and obvious to both sides and neither can fathom how the other has been “taken in”. I just want to address your point about what the Ukrainian nationalists themselves are thinking. I think you’re probably right that the Ukrainian nationalists are not at all keen on going along with Washington’s agenda. You had said that we are treating the Ukrainian Nationalists as if they had no agency, and while they themselves do have agency, the simple fact of the matter is that they have no means to exercise it. Its not that Ukrainian nationalism can’t be anything other than a Jewish Frankenstein monster, but its just the case that that is what it happens to be at this moment. Regardless of the subjective thoughts and feelings of the Ukrainian nationalists, which all of us can sympathize with, all of their actions thus far have directly aided and the US/NATO/EU. Its not so much the thoughts and feelings of the Ukrainian nationalists – whatever those actually are – I take issue with, it is their subordination to the Washington-controlled Kiev government that I take issue with. The thoughts, feelings and intentions of a group are meaningless when they are not free to put those intentions into action, or when the actions that they do take objectively express a diametrically opposed reality to what they are thinking. And thanks again for the moderate tone, I hope my reply was equally moderate.

    • stil weerstand

      Well, these eastern disputes are always maximally bitter, be they Slavic, Balkan, South Asian, or anything else. I’m 0% Slavic or any of it, don’t know a single Slav, and have no desire to symbolically “ally” myself with anyone, let alone Ukes or Ruskies, so objectivity is all that’s left.

      Of course, it’s indisputable that the Uke nats are pawns in a larger geopolitical game, as is anyone who takes up arms in a critical region (check out a map of existing pipelines & refineries in Europe; then check out the map for wheat production). I myself believe WNs systematically overperceive “Western” influence on the ground, mainly as a way to write off movements or events that would require more nuance in assessing (cf. Assad’s opposition), but certainly the Uke nats wouldn’t be the first people to think they’re acting in their own short-term interests when serving the long-term interests of invisible parties.

      But since you’re reasonable, you’ll agree that to avoid this fate, their options would be either doing nothing, which would invite Russian dominion, or actively welcoming Russian dominion. In other words: either they’re “Jewish” if they resist Russia, or they accept Russia, supposedly to avoid “Jewish” dominion (though according to others, Putin too is a puppet). In effect, this is a rhetorical “trap” laid for Ukrainian nationalists by WNs — who have no real interest in the dispute beyond projecting their own beliefs and preferences onto the combatants.

      Maybe it is as simple as tovarich Dugin makes it out to be — but then maybe Dugin is a dishonest actor himself. All I know is that for Russia, absolute dominion over three refineries in central and eastern Ukraine, and above all over the Black Sea tanker routes, is of vital importance; and for Kiev, letting eastern Ukraine break off to join Russia would leave them with a rump state of no importance whatever to them, their people, or Western Europe.

    • EricStriker

      LOL! Another verbose rationalization for taking up arms and installing/enabling white-hating Jews in the Ukrainian government.

    • EricStriker

      If the USSR was still around, I would side with them against America in a heartbeat, and would encourage WN’s to do the same (the Cold War was a missed opportunity, as most WN’s sided with America and NATO even though the New Left distanced itself from the USSR, just like CCs line implicitly does today, since it’s the only thing you do when you oppose Russia).

      Look at the difference between historical West and East Germany in regards to non-white immigration and you’ll see why, for all its flaws, being in the sphere of the East is nowhere near as bad as the judeo-West:

    • stil weerstand

      Indeed. I tried telling WNs just this for over ten years. I applaud you for your good sense. Unfortunately, encouraging WNs “to do the same” is meaningless, as there is no USSR, but more importantly, the global economy and the technology driving it have sped on past the stage at which the USSR was possible. And still more importantly: what WNs think doesn’t matter to anyone, especially Ukrainian and Russian politicians.

      As for your previous comment, I’m no stranger to this. I am aware of the list of Jews in the government of Kiev. I am aware that most of Putin’s opposition, real and controlled, comes from a similar list of Jewish Russian nationals. Sadly, that means Jews are already in Ukrainian politics, and likely wouldn’t go anywhere under renewed Russian dominion.

    • EricStriker

      There is no question that Jews would be substantially less power under the Russian sphere. There’s a reason they all came together in unison to support the US coup, and if Russian influence is regained, they will all flee for the US/UK/Israel where Jews are treated like infallible godmen.

    • stil weerstand

      I see – so the “shine a flashlight and the kikes will scatter like roaches” theory. So how do you explain the presence of Alla Gerber, Mikhail Fradkov and Boris Spiegel right in the Kremlin, to name just three?

    • stil weerstand

      By the way, a couple telling observations:

      1. Belarus has a similar linguistic division along the east-west axis, but, in part owing to the (sponsored) efforts of Lukashenko, there’s no such secessionism: there is just one existing pipeline going through Belarus and it’s entirely along its southern border, quite far from Minsk. It’s agriculture yield is minimal, and dropping.

      2. Kiev’s latitude is roughly N 50, while Saint Petersburg’s is roughly N 59 — almost a straight line from one to the other. Ukraine suffers from the same “one foot in, one foot out” identity, but there are real consequences for it. Point is, the people of Saint Petersburg, while no doubt identifying unambiguously as “Russian”, would also say they’re “more European” than Moscovites, whereas western Ukrainians are obliged to say they are “more Ukrainian” than either “Russian” or “European”. Psychologically this guarantees nationalist sentiment.

    • BalkanPride

      Who are the biggest haters of Putin and Novorossiya?
      It is the Russian Nationalists.

      The only “Russian Nationalists” who like Novorossiya are the lunatics from the “National Bolshevik Party”.

      “National Bolsheviks, National Feminist”, it’s not even real ideology.

    • Ezra Pound

      The so-called “Russian Nationalists” you reference here – those who “hate Putin” (and whom Putin has jailed on many occasions) – fall into two groups: (1) low-IQ, usually drug-addicted, “skin-heads” of the Hollywood agitprop “neo-nazi” style, and (2) treasonous individuals who posture as nationalists but who are actually loyal to the Judeo-Masonic “West” and form a “6th column” of “Hurray patriots” whose purpose to try to push the Russian government to do stupid things, like send an official force into Ukraine. These so-called “Nationalists” hate Putin – supposedly – for not sending the actual Rusian military into Ukraine. But the only result of such an action would have been to deeply damage Russia’s position and credibility. From that alone, it is clear that these hurray patriot “nationalists” are dupes or malevolent traitors who are pushing for Russia’s destruction, whether they know t consciously or not. A true “Russian Nationalist” joins the Russian military. Period. Those in the New Right that whine about Putin jailing putative “Russian Nationalists” have no concept of how Russian politics and ideology work, because if they did they would know that these people Putin jails are not truly “Nationalists” but are in fact useful idiots who are manipulated into betraying their own country.

    • BalkanPride

      You can’t be that stupid to claim that Putin is pro-white. You can’t be that stupid, so i probably misread your post. After all, we don’t live in 2008 when some guys were confused about the true goals of Putin.

      Thanks to Putin’s occupation.
      In Kieve, Daunbas and Lugantsk. The children kiss portraits of Lenin and Stalin; Communism is worshipped there RELIGIOUSLY.

      And you are a westerner, right?
      Well… with the rise of the “REAL RUSSIAN NATIONALISTS” and Putinism, you are mocked and degraded.
      You are depicted as Swines whos only purpose is to serve under a Communist boot.

      Have fun… Useful Idiot. You are like the right-wing version of ANTIFAs, useful fucking idiot. If you ask me, you are useless idiot.

      How long (the non-paid shills) the western nations will close their eyes what is going on with Russia, the open anti-whiteness, the mad rants of Dugin and his calls for “Planetar anti-white pogroms!”?

      Just wait around 4 months. But don’t worry, on ANTIFA websites “MAMA RASHA” will be still supported xD

    • Ezra Pound

      I don’t think I said anywhere in my post that I believed Putin was “pro-white”. I do not believe Putin is a “pro-white” ideologue, but I do believe that Putin’s actions patently benefit white people to the extent that he is battling – tooth and nail – the most virulent anti-white force that has ever existed on the planet, the Jewish occupied US Government. Re: “Putin’s occupation” of Donbass, it only exists in your imagination, stoked as it is by the lies of the US State Department. No, I am not a “Westerner”. I am a German-Welsh American and I despise everything the Jewish-occupied “West” represents. If I had to choose between the degenerate, Jew/atheist West or the white, Christian Russian Federation, I would side with my white Christian brothers of Slavdom over the degenerate demographic slag heap of the “West.” “The West” needs to be brought down HARD and replaced with what Europe always really was: CHRISTENDOM. No offense, but you do not strike me as the kind of person with the intellectual nuance to understand the dynamic that exists between the degenerate West and Russia. Go on believing that everyone who wears a wolfsangle or flies a swastika is on our side. The degenerate trash of the former Ukraine who call themselves “Right wing” are completely Jew-controlled and loyal to their Jewish masters. Since you’re on the side of Washington in this question, aren’t you ashamed to be aligned with the most destructive anti-white force on earth? Incidentally, are you a “pagan” or pro-homo by any chance? In my experience, the anti-Russian crowd in the alt right is almost always (1) anti-Christian and (2) pro-homo. Are you either of those?

    • BalkanPride

      Smashing a Cross after the 1:00 mark, it makes you a better person.

      Anti-Christian, absolutely. Loved to burn churches, best time.
      Putinist and Communist images and crosses Trigger me

    • Ezra Pound

      You belong in a concentration camp and a shallow grave swiftly thereafter.

    • EricStriker

      “Balkan Pride”? I know you’re not Serbian. Are you Croatian, or some other ethnic group where the “nationalists” have no qualms collaborating with the kikes at NATO?

    • BalkanPride

      The serbian “nationalists” try hard to combine Communism with Christianity.
      Have your fun with their pedo priests

    • EricStriker

      The irony is that the Russian Communist Party is more morally and racially conservative than the many different self-proclaimed Ukrainian “nationalist” groups sucking Jew dick side by side with John McCain (Svoboda) right now.

    • BalkanPride

      Again, have fun supporting Marxists (Leninists and Stalinists).

    • EricStriker

      The “Marxists” you speak of (Soviet nostalgics/Russian communist party) are more morally conservative and racially aware than the “far right” (Front National, Austrian Freedom Party) of Europe.

      Again, mindless reactionaries instinctively side with the guy holding the nationalist flag over the group where some people hold the hammer and sickle, and its understandable, but the evidence surrounding both cannot be ignored.

      So far, the biggest shills for Jew-bought Azov are people from ethnic groups with a recent history of Jew collaboration (Croatia and Albania). It’s either NATO/EU or the Putin led axis of resistance (Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, etc), the Jewkrainian “Nazis” have themselves proven there is no third choice.

      Those Misanthrope Division assholes have some nerve claiming some RaHoWa reconquista while the leader of Azov is having meetings with the European Union parliament in Brussels LOL.

    • BalkanPride

      You will enjoy the Cultural Enriched Union of Russia, Iran, Syria, Hezbollah etc
      Brown and Black Pride!

    • EricStriker

      What nationalists from Russia? All of the major NS and non-NS Russian nationalist groups are supporting the rebels in Crimea, many of them personally fighting there. Read the article above.

      Outside of economic and military stuff, I don’t see your point about the Russian, Iranian, Hezbollah bloc. In case you’re wondering, there are actually negroes, Arabs, and Jews fighting within AZOV battalion, so I don’t really see whose perspective you’re in favor of.

      Now go back to polishing Wesley Clark’s pole, Jew-loving EU “nationalist”.

    • BalkanPride

      Here is the official data published by THE REBELS in Donbass and Lugantsk.
      They published some facts which we (slavic nationalists) suspected.
      Less than 1% from the Rebels represent “Nationalists”. Less than 1%.
      The majority are Marxists and Communist organizations, alongside ANTIFA volunteers of course.

      This is not “Anti-Novorossiyan” propaganda, it is Press Release from the supporters of Novorossiya and the rebels.

      Putin is loved… by ANTIFA, by the Russian left, by the ill informed “WN” from the west who are not even from the region.
      You are desperate for messiah, you are not even paid shills… just desperate losers, who don’t want to change their bad reality themselves and expect a “New Hitler” to solve their own mess. Can’t happen.

      You expect to see a healthy white nation… under Marxism, under ANTIFA police, under religious worship of Communism.
      Sure, but your hope can’t happen. No matter your love for the Russian Commies and hate toward the Russian Nationalists… The Nationalists in the end will win. Sad news for you.

  • Christian Talour

    I’ve read a couple articles on this topic, some from the Russian side and some from the Ukrainian side. I have to admit that I feel like the whole situation is too vague and shadowy to make a good judgment call. Their are so many forces at work it’s almost impossible to make a good speculation.

    I like Russia because their moving towards a more traditional perspective and providing an anti-liberal alternative, but I also understand that their infringing on the sovereignty of many Eastern European identities, and that they have their own set of principles that don’t necessarily jive well with an Identitarian message.

    • Ezra Pound

      All you really need to know is “does the US support it?” If the answer is yes, then you should be opposed to it. Lots of people in the New Right, Greg Johnson most prominent of all, like to spread the notion that the conflict in Ukraine is not zero-sum; as if somehow you can support the “Ukrainian” [read: Judeo-American] side without simultaneously supporting the US, but this is simply not true. The situation in Ukraine is absolutely zero-sum because it is an instance of machtpolitik and machtpolitik is always zero-sum; what benefits one side, necessarily harms the other and vice versa. The only way to say that the situation in Ukraine is not machtpolitik, is to claim that there is some some legitimately constituted juridical authority which stands above the US, Ukraine and the Russia to adjudicate the dispute, but no such authority exists. That is why the moral preening about Russia’s “violations of sovereignty” ring hollow. If indeed Russia has violated Ukraine’s sovereignty, then by any fair standard, so has the US and therefore the argument falls apart, tu quoque notwithstanding (it’s not always a fallacy).

  • Ezra Pound

    On the issue of Russia jailing putative “Russian nationalists”, the issue is largely a canard: true “Russian Nationalists” join the Russian military. The “Russian Nationalists” that get locked up are the kind of people who are Russian “purists” – they demand that all non-Russian ethnicities within the Russian Federation either be expelled or formally subordinated. What these types – and those in the New Right that support them – do not understand is that if the Russian Federation pursued a policy of Russian purism, the only tangible effect would be the break-up of the Russian Federation and the effective balkanization of the the only force strong enough to oppose Anglo-Jewish world hegemony. So is “Russian purism” synonymous with “Russian nationalism” as the Russia-bashers in the NR argue? No, obviously not. It is acutely and objectively anti-national. But these folks often come back and say, “The Russian Federation is artificial and the Muscovites are trying to dominate the other nationalities.” That may or may not be so. And if it is so, it also may be right and good. But the Russia-bashers seem to think it would be better if Russia was turned into a land-locked, second-rate power incapable of resisting the dictates of Anglo-Jewish Washington, London, Brussels and Tel Aviv. When confronted about this fact, the Russia-bashers can only say one thing: “It’s not either or; we can advocate for the dissolution of Russia without at the same time helping the US.” No, you can’t. Advocating the break-up of the RF is tantamount to advocating for Anglo-Jewish world domination. The people who seriously are behind this idea – many of them prominent in the New Right – are very likely working from motives of personal interest or parochial ideology and do not have the best interests of whites and nationalists at heart.

  • It’s a good illustration of what happens when the Jews take over. That said, I still believe this quagmire has little real relevance to Europeans or diaspora Europeans. That will not change until I see some actual evidence of serious opposition to the American and Jewish agenda by Russia in places where it actually matters for whites. Putin’s Russia in fact recently dumped some refugees into Europe. I’ve also seen no source documenting the claim made by many people that Putin supports Golden Dawn, but there is plenty of evidence of Putin reaching out to Alexis Tsipras.

    • EricStriker

      How about opposition to the European Union, which is going to demand all of Europe take in millions of Africans and Arabs?

      Tsipras and Putin are not close. If they were, SYRIZA would’ve left the EU without accepting the ridiculous IMF terms by now.

    • machiaevil


      Cheaprass is a Soros-Obama stooge, and the supposed “overtures” to Russia were not based on “plenty of evidence” but on typical western msm paranoia to view any newcomer on the political scene as controlled by the Kremlin. In fact the actual evidence suggests that Cheaprass tried to play a very dirty game against Russia on behalf of his US/Jewish masters and those overtures to Russia were never meant to formally materialize.

      From a former Syriza member who took part in the negotiations of the now dead energy deal:

      “……..fundamentally the Russians did not know what the Greeks wanted. They were extremely distrustful, since they had the impression that Greece’s moves toward an opening were being used as a card in its negotiations with the European institutions, as a PR tool.The photos with Putin served as a means of exerting pressure, but it all
      remained very superficial, and they could tell that it was not going to be followed up with concrete commitments. And they did not appreciate
      being toyed with


      It is also clear that having relations with Russia in no sense means thinking that Putin is politically or ideologically close to us. This is a question of international relations.”

    • Machiaevil: Perhaps you don’t realize there are dupes, and there are cucks. Dupes can realize the error of their ways and quit being dupes. Many do. Cucks, on the other hand, enjoy being cucked. There are a lot of sincere dupes out there on this issue, but I’m not sure which wide of the fence you’re lining up on yet when it comes to Russia and Putin.

      Your own article says Russians reached out to Tsipras first rather than the other way around, and it also says they’re open to working with a Syriza offshoot with less support than Golden Dawn. If the Russians had any real interest in undermining American goals in the region, they’d be funding and supporting an actual pro-Greek, anti-EU, anti-American party like Golden Dawn as strongly as the do the Hezbollah.

      Again, get this through your head: Russia does not oppose American and Jewish geo-political goals and narratives in places where it matters to whites outside Russia.

      The Russian government is not anti-EU. You don’t appear to know the facts. Sorry. Until the Ukraine crisis started, many EU nations were among Russia’s largest trading partners. Maybe the desire to restore normal relations explains why Putin has not spoken out against Merkel destroying Germany? Can’t endanger Gazprom’s interests in selling to Germans now can we?

    • machiaevil

      You really have no idea of what’s going on, do you?

      Yes, Russia is not an interventionist power to meddle in the affairs of countries where its interests are aren’t at stake, and where it hasn’t been provoked to react, that’s the job of the US and its Tikkun Olam masked as exceptionalism. It respects the sovereignty of other countries no matter how different they are ideologically or if geopolitically allied with its adversaries. And it expects – to no avail – its sovereignty to be respected in return.

      Russia views “Gazprom interests” for what they are and what they should be: strictly business and not as a tool of political leverage to influence the decisions of its EU “partners” as the Russia-bashers accuse Russia of doing.

      Putin was outspoken about the causes of the immigrant crisis and although he didn’t name Germany he critisized the European vassals of the US of having brought this to themselves by blindly following their Translantantic master’s adventures at their own peril.

      In his words:

      I think the crisis was absolutely expected.“We in Russia, and me personally a few years ago, said it straight that pervasive problems would emerge, if our so-called Western partners continue maintaining their flawed … foreign policy, especially in the regions of the Muslim world, Middle East, North Africa, which they pursue to date.

      and added :

      We have to be honest, these decisions came from overseas, while Europe deals with the problem.

      Of course Putin is not anti-Europe or anti-EU, because that is the strategic goal of the US, to create tensions between Russia and Europe so as not to allow integration and mutually beneficial co-operation, that’s why the US created the Ukraine crisis and artificially constructed a “Russian threat” where its various puppets in their respective countries – really little more than regional overseers taking care of US interests at the expense of the ones of their own nations- facilitate for a bag of shekels.

      Coming to Syriza, you spoke about “plenty of evidence” of Putin reaching to Tsipras and I called you out on your bullshit and refuted your pathetic claim that you pulled out of your ass. I followed the story very closely and the link I gave also proves that it was Syriza who made first overtures to Russia by making a false and premeditated promise that it would not vote the renewal of the sanctions against Russia and that it was interested in energy partnership with Russia. The Russians put to the test Syriza and found out that Syriza was full of shit, much like your posts. End of story, Russia didn’t pursue or pressed the situation further. To give more credence to my initial point about interventionism, Russia respects the spheres of influence of the US while the US does not.

      So could your complete ignorance about everything suggest that you are a dupe with no chance of ever realizing that you are a dupe and also a cuck at the same time since you seem to have bought into the every alt-right cuckoldry spreading about Russia, but that wouldn’t be complete without your own contribution?

    • What’s conspicuously missing from Putin’s remarks on the refugee crisis that reasonable people might expect to see if Putin is an ally in the fight for white preservation?

    • machiaevil


      He is the only leader to address the problem in its right dimension and to point to the root cause. That wars and destabilization need to end so that these people will not be tempted to leave and return to their countries.

      Compare that with the ZOG western ass-clowns where they point only to the humanitarian dimension and “human rights” in order to make it compulsory for Europeans to accept them in their lands. As if these refugees/immigrants aqualify as humans only once they set their foot on European soil.

      Putin’s stance is the only pro-white one.

    • Putin did not address the problem in its root dimension. He told a small slice of the truth that suits Russian interests: Simple pandering for simple people and for not so simple people who choose to buy it.

      Putin mentioned the American but not the Jewish role in causing and sustaining the crisis, so right off the top he lied by omission on that question, as usual. There is a wider context here that matters. It’s not Americans selectively bombarding global media to shape mass opinion using images like dead Syrian toddlers rather than 8 year-old German rape victims.

      Furthermore, while Americans were the direct cause of the problem at the source, now that the refugees are there and on the way, it’s the EU and Russia’s big trading partner Germany, led by ex-East German Commie Angela Merkel, who are doing the most to keep them there and keep them coming.

      Although you wouldn’t know it from Putin’s comment, the US actually has no say in what the EU does or does not do. The US has a lot of say in what NATO does, none in what the EU does. So what Putin suggested is false on its own terms, because not all of the key decisions are coming from America.

      Most importantly, Putin skipped a chance to defend Europeans. Far as I know, he didn’t say these people have no right to be there, that they have to go back, that Europe is for Europeans, that it’s for Christians, that the EU and German policy is morally wrong, that fences need to built, that the military needs to be deployed, or that Russia will help Europeans under seige by their own governments.

      Russia has actually allowed over a 1000 refugees to enter Europe through Russia. Russia has done nothing to stop the refugees Russia is in a position to stop. This is gravest crisis, and if Putin is an ally he sure has a funny way of showing it.

    • machiaevil

      “the US actually has no say in what the EU does or does not do”


    • The US definitely has no formal say in anything the EU does any more than the EU has a say and what the US Congress and President do.

      You are really dumb.

    • machiaevil

      The EU is no more independent from Washington than Eastern Europe was from Moscow during communism. Actually, the state of California is more independent from the US Federal Government than the EU countries are. US occupation – that is the prevailing ideology of American liberalism – is the main reason of Europe’s demise, while even Obama admitted that when necessary the US arm-twists their vassals when they don’t do the things the US wants them to do. Get a fucking clue, moron.

    • fgarrett

      Can you make a point without hurling an insult? I’m disposed to agree with you, but Christ, you’re obnoxious.

    • EricStriker

      Lew, what do you think the 70-80,000 American troops stationed all around the European Union are for, to help them make potato salad? To say the US has no say over the EU is as laughable as the old soviet claim that they the USSR had no say over Czech Republic.

      Not to mention turn on the TV in any EU country, you’ll see nothing but Jewish produced American shows or adapted derivatives. Ditto for music, stores, trends, etc. It’s all exports from Jews across the Atlantic, and implemented by military force.

    • The EU is pretty independent from the US. It’s one reason the US got involved in Ukraine. By developing strong trade relations with the Russians, Germany and the EU were showing so much independence from America that the US had to overthrow Ukraine to drive a wedge between them.

    • machiaevil

      While the last part of your post is mostly true the first part is total bullshit.

      Hint: There was never EU involvement in Ukraine. It was the US right from the start

      The EU is a mere vassal of the US and Merkel is the regional overseer of the US empire. The EU has no independence from the US on anything and this asymmetrical relationship is going to be cemented with the TTIP.

    • Kim

      “Putin mentioned the American but not the Jewish role in causing and sustaining the crisis,”

      You Putin-bashers always set impossible standards on what Putin should do to be accepted. You really expect Putin to start talking about “the finns”, and instantly be shot down by the international zionist media ?

    • Putin could have singled out Merkel or the EU for criticism. They are doing the most to let the refugees in and keep them there. He didn’t do that either; he didn’t mention the institution or leader most responsible for allowing the refugees into Europe for rapes, etc.

    • Kim

      He *has* said that US (even implying the neocons), and its european vassals, are themselves to blame for the terrorism and refugee crisis. You just moved the goalposts (about who Putin should be blaiming), BTW.

  • Catiline_Conspirator

    Strker has lost all perspective and sense of proportion on this issue. He is quite literally beyond any rational reach.

    (Just because):

    • EricStriker

      What does this have to do with what I’ve written about the Ukraine? If you can’t see why we think Russia is doing the right thing, why not support neither Russia or the Ukrainians? Can Brandon Martinez show me one–just ONE–Jewish organization anywhere in the world outside of the token one in Russia that sides with Putin against the USA? Some of the shit on that website is Veterans Today tier trash.

      But ok, Putin sneaking Kornet missiles to Hezbollah that were the deciding factor that let them win the 2006 war is just some greater abstract jewish conspiracy VT types.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      The historic Right doesn’t exist for the sake of Putin and a bunch of Russian bums. It exists for it’s own sake. There is more involved here than jews and the USA. Putin fellators ought to be more discreet with their fetish.

    • EricStriker

      What else is involved? I think the non-fags, non (fanatical) Trad Catholics, and non-Estonians in the movement who are hostile to Russia are simply suffering from their conservative hangups about Eastern Europe and USSR. What the Russians believe or are motivated by is irrelevant, end of the day having two diametrically opposed superpowers gives us dissidents like us greater breathing space a wider range of options.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Everything you said here is wrong. YOU are the fanatic. YOU have the hangups. Russia is hostile. Russian beliefs and motivations are important. More to the point Russia is far from being diametrically opposed to the US.

    • EricStriker

      I guess all of the authentic nationalists in Europe cooperating with Russia simply don’t know the big secret you know, cledun (?)

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Authentic, aye? Qualifiers in the service of Putty-Put. Incoming circular argument. Western Putin boot-lickers are drawn mostly from patriotard/christard circles. (See Marine LePen, Srdja Trifkovic, Nigel Farage…)

    • EricStriker

      The political parties closest to Russia aren’t FN and UKIP, they are NPD, Golden Dawn, and Forza Nuova, These guys are often persecuted by their government (unlike kosher nationalists) and have gotten closer to Russia in hopes they will help them legally and monetarily. It has been successful so far. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Putin has done nothing for these three parties. The fact remains that kosher nationalists uniformly back Putin. The reason for this is clear to anyone not a pro-Putin goon, like you.

    • Ezra Pound

      “a pro-Putin goon”, “Western Putin boot-lickers”, “Putin…, the Jerk”, “Putty-Put…”, “Putin and a bunch of Russian bums”, “Putin fellators” – This is a sampling of your obsessive, vituperative attacks in just this one comment thread alone. Do you see how it makes you look? In all seriousness, I want to offer you some advice: at least make an attempt to look like you’re having a good faith debate. People with clean hands, good arguments and facts to back them up do not need to resort to the kind of frothing and verbal finger-jabbing that you evince here. You come off looking really bizarre and irrational in this thread. Just some friendly advice….

    • Kim

      “Putty-Put…. boot-lickers…fellator”

      You’re really sounding infantile and s*x-fixated, you know.

    • machiaevil

      The historic Right and more particularly the New European Right exists for its own sake but that doesn’t prevent it from forming alliances with states and political movements that are seen as best representing traditional values such us national sovereignty, preservation of religious and ethnic identity, and traditional morality in order to present a united front. These values are represented by Russia and affiliated ideologies such as Eurasianism so someone who has in mind the best interests of his people and nation, like European nationalists do, would naturally be inclined to ally themselves with them.

      When you talk about fellating you are obviously projecting about yourself and what is the common practice of the overwhelmingly lefty-liberal US “allies” and the homo crowd cheering for Obama because #lovewins, and that includes the Ukrainian Neo-Nazis as well.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      An alliance is a two-way street. Yours is not an alliance. Yours is servitude to Putin and Russia.

    • machiaevil

      You still make the mistake of judging any relationship to Russia with the terms of relationship to the US.

      Russia = equal partnership, mutually beneficial

      US = servitude, going against your interests to serve the US/Jews.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Wrong, you do.



      FYI, I was a supporter of Russia and Putin before the invasion of Ukraine. I support Putin’s moves in Syria. It’s the Putin fanatics that show no balance in their assessment of the jerk.

    • machiaevil

      There was no Russian “invasion” of Ukraine. That’s Jew propaganda that you swallow whole.

      As we speak European nations hurt their economic and national interests in order to accommodate the US/Jew war on Russia, so supporting the Jew controlled regime in Kiev and acting as apologist for US foreign policy makes you just another liberal/neocon ZOG ass-clown.

    • Ezra Pound

      “There is more involved here than jews and the USA.” No, there’s really not. At least not to any politically significant extent. When you’re against Russia, you automatically, necessarily and unavoidably place yourself on the side of the Anglo-Jewish hegemon which is the supreme enemy of white nationalism.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      It’s not that simple. The potential Russo-Jewish hegemon must be guarded against too.

    • Ezra Pound

      But all of Russia’s international actions have been aimed at thwarting Jewish initiatives. The Jews hate Putin (except for a few lubavitchers apparently). There is no evidence that such a Russian-Jewish hegemon exists. The last time it did was in 1938 when Stalin liquidated the Jewish section of the Communist party.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      Your servility to Russian imperialism/Putinesque triangulations knows no limits.

    • Ezra Pound

      “Your servility to Russian imperialism/Putinesque triangulations knows no limits.” – You realize how desperate and irrational you sound here, right?

    • EricStriker

      It is that simple. Russia isn’t with the Jews. I ask every single Azov crony to name me a single Jewish org on earth that doesn’t morally and materially support the Ukrainians against Russia? There is one, and its in Russia itself. The Iranian Jewish congress also supports Iran against Israel , I guess they’re controlled too lol.

    • Catiline_Conspirator

      They don’t have to. Putty-Put is doing their dirty work for them.

  • My general alignment is with the Eurasianists, and my support is for the secessionists. But I have a tremendous amount of sympathy for Ukrainian nationalists. I feel like the Russians, especially the Eurasianists, could have handled some of their messaging and rhetoric in a manner which left more room for Ukrainian identity and pride.

    The current dichotomy between being a Ukrainian ethnic nationalist and being a Eurasianist was an unforced error which set Dugin’s project back by years in Western circles by giving the masonic and anti-Christian identitarian factions the opening against Russia they’ve run with.

    Russians in general, and the Eurasianist circles in particular, are still operating from a parochial and revanchist perspective where they’re eager to sacrifice their long-range global messaging (identity and tradition) to score some ephemeral talking points in a local campaign. In time, I think they’ll discern through trial and error that the liberal/pseudo-Atlanticist talking points (the Ukes are Nazis!!!) burn bridges and the identitarian and traditionalist talking points build bridges.

    The Pink Swastika circles in the West are outright delusional on the Ukraine. The confluence of “neo-Nazi” and homosexual factions is entirely situational, a predictable product of their being aligned against the Russians and the West not being in a position to be picky with who they funnel money to. It’s not an emergent mannerbund.

    Washington probably loses more sleep over using Ukrainian ultra-nationalists as proxies than it loses over using ISIS as proxies.

    These aren’t O’Meara’s “war boys.” What they imagine happening is not happening. The homosexuals accuse Eurasian-friendly folks of wishful thinking in our hopeful perspective on Russian developments, but we’ve got nothing on them when it comes to wishful thinking.

    The following infographic illustrates the relationship dynamics between the relevant parties.

    Left: Azov Battalion
    Center: NATO
    Right: Ukrainian homosexuals

    • EricStriker

      Svoboda was one of the biggest parties in the Ukraine under the pro-Russian government, and operated openly as Ukrainian nationalists without any hindrance. Now their leader either took a bribe or was made to disappear into the background after cozying up to scum like John McCain and there is not a single authentic nationalist force in the Ukrainian government.

      Dugin and such are 100% right on the ukrainian nationalists. They picked a totally contradictory angle to run out of some pissant historical grievances against a government that hasn’t controlled Russia for 25 years.

    • Kim

      “They picked a totally contradictory angle”

      It was picked for them, by the same interests that run the USSR and now call themselves neoconservatives in US…

  • “Russia Insider” is a propaganda site. A quick review will show that it collects all of Russia’s English-language message points in one place. The author appears to specialize in rebutting Western narrartives about Russia of the kind found at Vox and NYT.

    What makes the site interesting from a white perspective, however, is that it quite clearly shows how anti-white themes and Jewish narratives are an integral part of Russia’s messaging for mainstream audiences.

    For example, the author speaks in terms of “right-wing scum” and had this to say about the right-wing orgs that met in St. Petersberg a while back:

    “In Putin’s Russia, right-wing groups (and a guy dressed up like a cossack) met together and shared their common woes: The looming Muslim takeover of Europe; Asians stealing all the good university scholarships; babies still not white enough. The usual grievances from the usual weirdos. Which isn’t to say it’s not terrible.

    But can we really say it’s so much worse than the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) conference, held annually in America’s swamp-capital? Your Moscow correspondent once covered a CPAC extravaganza, and basically it was non-stop anti-immigrant, Islamophobic garble — the major difference being that at CPAC all the racist garbage came from Donald Trump, and not some no-name skinhead from Golden Dawn.”


    But the best part is, if you drill into the site, you’ll see this particular pro-Russian author pretty conclusively refutes the oft-made claim Russia is meaningfully helping Europe’s right-wing parties. He painstakingly points out there is no evidence of Russia meaningfully helping the European far-right parties. The exception is one large loan from a Russian bank to the controlled opposition and kosher-friendly French party the NF.

    The author goes on to say the Russian government uses these parties for its own agenda.

    “Russia sees the far right largely the same as the Soviet Union and its satellites saw the far right in Western Europe during the Cold War, which it actively supported (particularly in West Germany).

    They are seen as a useful irritant within the EU, one of its main competitors, potentially obstructing (perceived) anti-Russian actions, and providing the Russian elite with propagandistic ammunition for the home audience.

    In their propaganda, Russian elites alternate between references to the European far right as positive examples of ‘the protection of genuine and social interests of the population’ and negative examples of widespread xenophobia in the European Union.

    While the connections between the European far right and Russia deserve serious scrutiny, rather than wild speculation, they are not in fact Russia’s Trojan Horse within the EU. Rather, they are Greek soldiers throwing spears from outside Troy, slightly threatening and barely effective.”

    • EricStriker

      Yes, Russia supports a full spectrum of ideologies as long as they don’t work with America. What’s the big deal? Sure is better than the USA which only allows ideologies that advance the interest of world Jewry.

    • A Russian bank funding a blatant controlled opposition group like the NF that is overrun with Jews isn’t a concern for you? Now that I think about it, I can’t help but wonder if Marine LePen was required to dump her father and go full-on civic nationalist as a condition for getting Russian money.

    • EricStriker

      Marine Le Pen was like this way before any interaction with Russia. The Russians give her money because she’s in theory against the European Union, nothing more. It’s not there are hardly any groups to give money to in Europe.

    • Marine LePen has been in moving the wrong direction for years slowing diluting the NF. Recently, however, she seems to have accelerated the process, dropped all pretenses and lip service of France for the French, gone full civic nationalist, condemned her own father and earned a spot on the NYT editorial page.

      Matt Parrott speculated a while back that maybe somebody bought and paid for the NF. No doubt he didn’t mean it this way, but I’m open to the possibility it was Russians. No way to know, but the timing is there. There is actual evidence of serious Russian money going to the NF.

      Eric, I think you’re sincere. You would do well to listen to the other sincere people telling you you’ve lost balance here.

      My view is that TYN better run Alexander Dugin out on a rail if he’s the one guiding you on this nonsense before you do severe and irreversible damage to your project.

    • Ezra Pound

      “anti-white themes and Jewish narratives are an integral part of Russia’s messaging for mainstream audiences.” – This is an incorrect interpretation. Russia, via its propaganda network, is pandering to Western leftists: that is who Russia is attempting to reach: Western leftists. How would Russia do that if its propaganda was all, “1488, gas the kikes, race war now”? I don’t quite think you understand the point of propaganda as you are implying that propaganda is meant to be taken at face value. Propaganda must ALWAYS be evaluated based on what its actual purpose is, not what its surface content is. Russia’s goal with RT, Russia Insider, is to reach the “popular West” which is indisputably liberal/leftist. So you can see now why Russia panders to leftists with egalitarianism and anti-racism in its anglosphere propaganda. If you want to know what Russia’s actual policies are, then look there, not to its propaganda for Western audiences.

  • ALBKenshiro

    Here it is your Russian counterpart.

  • I’m an American Southerner from Huey Long/David Duke country. I have English, German and Italian ancestry, no Polish.

    I agree with you on many points. I think the Ukraine coup is an example of a classic Jewish takeover of a vulnerable nation, that Putin has a right to defend his country against Americans and Jews, that Americans and Jews fully intend to destroy Russia if they can, and that the eastern Ukrainians shouldn’t have to be part of Ukraine any more.

    That said, I also think the other contributor is right. It’s really you that’s lacking balance in perspective on this issue. There is simply no good choice here from a white interest pov. While America offers anti-racism and anti-traditionalism, Putin and the Russian elite offer pro-traditionalism and anti-racism. Neither works for white interests.

    • Ezra Pound

      But the thing is, what we could call Russian “anti-racism” is not expressly anti-white, whereas Judeo-American anti-racism is blatantly anti-white. Russia’s so-called “anti-racism” is really just “anti-racial chauvinism.” There are no anti-white initiatives in Russia; there are anti-racial-supremacist intiatives (for the purpose of securing the Russian nation, i.e., such intiatives are nationalist in orientation), but there are no anti-white initiatives in Russia.

    • Putin and the Russians expressly promote Jewish narratives which undergird anti-white narratives. Reportedly, for example, Putin said the holocaust was the most abominable atrocity ever. A man that shows that kind of deference to Jewish sensibilities while knowing damn well what Jews did to Russia, slaughtering the Orthodox, destroying churches, killing the Tsar and raping his daughter is never going to take sides for Europeans and diaspora Europeans. It’s wishful thinking bordering on something else.

    • Kim

      “Neither works for white interests.”

      Russia is still far more (slavic) white that America. In fact, the Russian leadership (ministers etc.) is almost 100 % white.

    • The point is that white interests and Russian interests are in conflict. Stopping white genocide is not a priority for the Russians for numerous reasons, one of which is their commitment to anti-racism.

    • Kim

      Stopping white genocide is NO white country’s priority in our current world order. You’re setting abnormal standards for what Russia should be doing.

  • BalkanPride

    Putinism in Action:

    Spewing hate against the whites, the far-right, praising the Communist genociders, villifying the Germans for even being alive.

    It’s fucked up.

    If you are not on the side of Ukraine, you are on the side of people like Dugin for call for “Planetar pogroms against the white race”.

  • The “the nationalists are Jews” is a canard borne of people not
    understanding the situation, over-simplifying things in terms they are
    familiar with. Yes, a couple Jewish “oligarchs” wanted to bolster Ukrainian internal security and channeled funds to the only people who were willing to stand against Russia, the citizenry itself, save for the separatists (Like Alexander Kofman, who helps Israeli’s and ex-IDF fight against Ukraine).

    If the Nationalists in Ukraine are Kosher due merely to Jewish proximity then Donald Trump sure is kosher seeing as his Daughter converted to Judaism, all his children who are of age are with Jews and he’s surrounded by Cohen’s and Cohn’s and Goldman and Sachs alumni.

    Heil MDI, Heil A30b

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