Why I left the Libertarians behind (and why you should, too!)

The Liberty movement fizzled onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere in 2012, to the eyes of the general public, and lingered a few years before collapsing into a chaotic mess of anarchist hipsters who won’t lift a finger to get their own man out there in the running, instead whining that the Donald is owning him in debates and being mean to their precious ickle boy.

Yet to those in the know, the reason for this 2015 failure to launch is self-evident: Rand Paul, and the Libertarian movement as a whole, have abandoned his father’s positions on immigration, prioritized gay marriage and pot while downplaying the gun rights stance and opposition to the banking elites that got them years of sympathetic support from the disenfranchised on the alt right, and in short embraced their own ideology so hard that they forgot to appeal to the masses. I know this like I know my own right hand, because I was there with them from 2007 to 2014.

Ron Paul’s ideology drew massive support from white nationalists and other identitarians because his Paleoconservative rhetoric coupled with a voting record that firmly backed it up offered a chance to “turn back the clock” as it were on the forces that have been destroying America: mass immigration, gun control, abortion, financial power transforming a constitutional Republic into an oligarchy of raw power and greed, and send serious shockwaves of defiance to the overall increased “we don’t give a damn about you and you can’t stop us” attitude from those lording over the Christian people who built this nation. And the fact is that his Platform in 2008, when he built a core of dedicated resisters, was not entirely Libertarian.

He opposed illegal immigration and birthright citizenship, and he supported the use of government force to right that wrong. That’s right- the same position his son’s supporters now mock the American majority and Donald Trump for, was one he embraced and advocated.

Yet, when his supporters were accused of “Racism” by the powers that be, they responded incorrectly.

They kept trying to prove how racist they weren’t, to the point of openly pushing token minorities from among their ranks as candidates in various local elections in 2012 in order to show America that “this isn’t just a party of old white males!” (as if all of us white males are just monsters waiting to punch babies and kill kittens. )

What they should have done was shrug it off, and laugh and meme the opposition until their heads exploded and mock their opponents for the fools they were.

Instead, they cowered in fear, and surrendered to the forces they claimed to fight. This cost them many potential supporters, cost them a few dedicated supporters like myself, and ought to cost them any lingering identitarian support. It’s time to move forward and fight for our own existence, not the Utopian dreams of those who want us to support them, but only from a safe difference.

Let Rand Paul crash and burn under the weight of his own love for Israel. No need to support Donald Trump either. We’ll focus on building our ranks, using the same methods we used to propel each of those to their fifteen minutes of fame. Then we can run our own men in the open, in due time.

By: John Amery

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