“Environmental Justice” : lecture series video trailer

Trad Youth SoCal recently hosted our first Lecture on effective activism, by a youtuber known as grindall61. (youtube channel link)

Here’s a teaser trailer, we plan to edit and upload much more. for those who want the whole talk, we will consider selling a DVD to raise money for future lectures if there’s enough interest.

It’s always a good sign when teaparty type conservatives can see through the lies, wake up, and smell an ongoing genocide that has gone on too long already.

  • ps mike

    Well, I am no longer a youth, at age 46, but I follow issues concerning white genocide quite passionately. I am a member of the American Freedom Party. Recently I have wanted to meet and network in my area. I would like to know about this meeting you attended and where it was, and furthermore, I would like to attend any future meetings here in southern California. I would also like to know if this is federal money or state money being used for this. I know California pays out money to the feds net(we get back 78 cents on the dollar, I’ve heard), but I have believed that it is rebated for this type of social justice. I live in the Palm Springs area, and it is my hometown.

  • Anne

    Don’t miss Fashister’s

    Merchant Minute of the Daily Shoah.

  • Anne

    The youtube channel InHocSignoVinces is tracking the Islamic invasion of Europe and the Islamification of Europe. Great vids

    InHocSignoVinces youtube channel

    Here is a vid on the German gov’t evicting the poor from their homes to make way for Islamic invaders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S0nYDxVN13M

By: John Amery

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