Domesticated Man

“…the truth is that there are many civilisations,
developing along very different lines…”  – René Guénon

Were this not almost universally the case, the evolutionary process would be vastly less efficient than it is at producing new species. It would depend entirely upon geographical isolation. In fact, however, psychological isolation has played at least as important a role in preventing the recombination of incipiently divergent branches of the Tree of Life.

It should be noted, however, that psychological isolation often breaks down when animals are not in their natural state. In captivity or under domestication many of an animal’s built in behaviour patterns become inoperative or distorted, and this is especially true where mating is concerned. When confined, bulls may mount mares, roosters will sometimes attempt to copulate with ducks, and baboons have been known to lust after women.

The domestic dog, Canis familiaris, provides the classic example of the breakdown of the psychological inhibition against miscegenation, where races as divergent as the St. Bernard and the Chihuahua are not only interfertile but are willing to mate. Dogs have been domesticated and bred by men for at least the last 10,000 years, and constant interbreeding has prevented their separation into distinct species, despite the enormous range of somatic and psychic traits they display a range approached by no other mammal except man.

Man, of course, is the most domesticated of all animals, and it is not surprising that his natural inhibition against miscegenation has become confused even without the perverse efforts of the egalitarians to promote racial mixing.

We should instead wonder at the degree to which this healthiest and most essential of our natural sexual predispositions has survived centuries of a most unnatural lifestyle.

There is a great deal of evidence, historical and otherwise, indicating that in the past the european race, at least, felt a much stronger inhibition against miscegenation than it does today.

As urbanization has spread, so has racial mixing. The evidence also indicates a marked variation from race to race in the strength of the inhibition against miscegenation a variation which, to be sure, may only reflect the effect of different racial lifestyles.

An attempt at a more precise definition of species has been made by Theodosius Dobzhansky. According to Professor Dobzhansky (who is an unabashed propagandist for the cause of racial equality), two groups of sexually reproducing animals constitute two separate species when the groups “are reproductively isolated to the extent that the exchange of genes between them is absent or so slow that the genetic differences are not diminished or swamped.”

What does Dobzhansky’s definition really mean? Certainly, where the exchange of genes between two groups of animals is physically impossible, because no offspring or only infertile offspring can result from a mating, the groups are specifically distinct. Thus, for example, donkeys (Equus asinus) and horses (Equus caballus) belong to separate species, because their mongrel offspring, mules, are always sterile.

As professor at CSULB, Kevin MacDonald, wrote in a study – the number of Europeans and non-europeans in South Africa were equal by the year 1869; bearing that in mind if we as a species of people here in Africa are meant to survive – Considering that Europeans globally constitute less that 10% of the planet’s human demographic – then we must choose to love our kind – our blood, our people.

Nature as it has, time and time again – Abhors a Mongrel.

Dean Dart
Front Nasionaal Jeug / Front National Youth

Pictured: From National Geographics “America in 2050”

  • ML

    Not sure what the photo is supposed to prove. He doesn’t look like a baboon – hasn’t the author seen a baboon? – and a negro mating with a European is obviously not the same as a gorilla assaulting a human female (most common). Viable offspring, you see. Evidently the author hasn’t understood how that works, so this “article” is basically a bunch of abused concepts. Ironic, given the storied last name.

    Unfo, the only thing “nature abhors” is the proverbial vacuum, which it will fill with anything, as long as it can breed.

    If author genuinely believes that miscegenation hasn’t occurred until just now, he ought to revisit the -gen- part of the word and consult a genomic map of Eurasia: it’s a choppy picture of incessant cross-migrations over the long haul of our history. Not saying we are hopeless “mutts” who have no right to keep out the Africans or preserve our whiteness, just that this isn’t quite new under the sun, though global civilization be.

    As for Guénon, I think the truth is he had no idea what he was talking about: if he couldn’t see globalism on the horizon in his day like every other fin-de-siecle contemporary, for and against, he was simply lost in his own cobwebs.

  • J.j. Cintia

    These fake “scientists” are full of shit. Different birds can mate, but don’t. Several bird species seem identical in skeletal structure, but because of distinct plumage they will not mate in the wild. I’m fairly sure they might in captivity which these bogus degree-owning sophists will claim its proving and not disproving their goals, which are political not scientific. They want to breed out Whites because of their brains. Racism is a fake and phony libel that lying jews (is that redundant?) made up to attack Whites who are intellectually superior. Don’t believe that jews are smarter than you, they’re not at all. They are intellectually vastly inferior. Their degrees are faker than they are. Most have not really studied anything and just received fake degrees and awards from their racial kinsmen who have bored like ticks into academia.
    Their IQs are not averaging 115. The Terman test had three parts and the jews are lying by omission by only telling you the verbal scores. You are supposed to add the three scores and divide by three, which when you do the math, puts them around the Mestizo IQ possessed by their gardeners and maids. This is why they want you mutted out and mongrelized. You are smarter than they are and they can’t fool you like the brown and black inferior people they want to whore your women out to. They need a brown race to serve them, because Whites and Far Eastern people are far smarter than they are. And no, the Far Easterners are not smarter than you either. Don’t trust anything published by “science” after 1929, because that is when the infestation made science just another jew fraud.

    • My own in-depth research into Jewish intelligence, performed several years ago and quite rusty, suggests that the global Jewish IQ is comfortably below the White American average, at around 90-95. Ashkenazism as a whole do exceed our average, but only slightly, with American Jews being an unrepresentative privileged elite within the global Jewish community.

      The hypothesis that the Jews who swarmed in during the early to mid twentieth were a privileged elite subset suggests that the American Jewish IQ will fall like a rock as:

      1. Peasant Jews flow in through HIAS and related programs;

      2. Elite Jews have lower birthrates and higher integration rates than peasant Jews;

      3. and the successive generations of Jews gradually deviate back to the Jewish tribal norm.

      That’s precisely what we see happening, the the more recent the Jewish IQ test, the more narrow the gap between White and Jewish IQ in America. The last figure I saw was 107.

      An additional consideration lies in the nature of Jewish intelligence. Civilization select over time for endogamous castes adapted to a few reliable niches within the overarching civilizational habitat; martial, managerial, mercantile, and menial. The Jews are refugees from an ancient civilization, a priestly managerial caste not unlike the Brahmins and Mandarins in the nature of intelligence and disposition selected for.

      Tesla once remarked that, “One must be sane to think clearly, but one can think deeply and be quite insane.” The Jews are selected for verbal intelligence, memorization, superior future-time orientation, and gregarious social dispositions. In contrast, the Whites have not been civilized long enough to undergo that process, retaining a pre-civilized martial intelligence that is more creative, ingenious, spontaneous, and inclined toward social dominance.

      Just as the African exceeds Whites at the competitive sporting culture which is intrinsically White, the Jew performs quite well in the institutions of education and inquiry which are intrinsically White. Without the White context, the African has little if any sport to excel at and the Jew reverts back to his more native form, that of a Talmudic scribe memorizing, reciting, obeying, and enforcing arcane lists of precise rules.

      If the Jewish disposition were otherwise, then the Jewish tradition would have more to show for its impressively long history than a snail trail of hypergraphic scholarship on obscure (but rarely esoteric) matters and a variety of high-ranking administrative positions. It can be argued that Jewish financial wizardry perhaps extended the reach of Western civilization, especially during the colonial expansion, but its impact on the nature and spirit of the West has been nil at best and likely even negative.

      Jews in technology don’t create exciting new systems, the politicize and legalize existing ones (Stallman). Jews in business don’t make wealth, they take wealth (Madoff). Jews in the fine arts don’t create masterpieces, they horde masterpieces while poisoning art culture with a revolving circus of inside jokes and contrived critical subcultures (Saatchi). Jews in politics don’t lead, they control and manipulate (Schumer). Jews in science don’t make discoveries, they make Talmudic gordian knots of self-referential abstractions which take decades to unravel (Freud).

      As Unz has effectively documented (with characteristically Jewish patience and precision), the domination of the Ivy League is more a product of Jewish ethnic networking and anti-White discrimination than it is of their plausible incremental advantage in general intelligence. From an early age, they’re inculcated with a battery of myths and narratives from the Torah on up to the Holocaust which are designed to incline them toward subverting and cuckolding their host populations.

      From the tale of Joseph on up to the new Spielberg film Above and Beyond, Jews are brainwashed to be suspicious of and hostile toward the host population, always striving to “kill the czar.”

      The Jewish group evolutionary strategy relies intensely on leverage and bluff. It’s not only fractional reserve banking, but fractional reserve social manipulation, as well, with the Jewish Lobby inspiring far more fear in the contemporary American politician than his actual numbers or even actual wealth or power warrant.

      The transparency that the Internet provides makes it more and more difficult for the Jewish strategy to work effectively. It makes it more and more difficult for their patterns of behavior to go undetected and untraced. It also makes it easier for us to awaken people to their influence and effect.

      The Jew can only rarely “break paradigm,” because that’s not how the Jewish mind works. Jews rearrange existing patterns and paradigms around them by instinct, while the White is capable of envisioning and breathing life into entirely novel patterns and paradigms.

      We can handily defeat them if we can overcome the intensive brainwashing and work around our inferior future-time orientation. The Jews were able to infiltrate and subvert National Review to their interests, but they’re lagging the goyim as new patterns and paradigms of political action are bubbling up all around them.

      They’re still trying to rely on magazines and television news to defeat us because pioneering ain’t their thing. They’re comfortable stepping into pre-existing institutions, and are out of their element in the new frontier of action and ideals being blazed primarily by Whites.

      To circle all the way back to your original point, I’m quite hopeful about our prospects and I’m not the least bit intimidated by the Jewish mind.

  • Anon-e-moose

    Remember, Pit Bulls constitute 60% of total dog bites, despite being a very tiny minority of dogs.

  • Richard Bird

    How would Kevin MacDonald know that in 1869 there were equal numbers of whites and non whites? The first recorded census only took place in 1911.

By: Dean Dart

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