Trad Youth Hour: Anti-Rainbow Flags and Resistance to Usury in Russia

Matthew Heimbach returns with his weekly podcast for Radio Stormer.

This week the new uniforms for the Trad Worker Party are revealed and Heimbach responds to criticism that some party policies sound Marxist.

Good news from Russia, where Putin has come up with a flag to rival the rainbow one, a flag with a White couple and three White children on it.

Nationalists, Traditionalists, Monarchists and Christians all came together there recently for a huge rally where opposition to usury was declared, with the backing of the Orthodox church.

Russia is also cracking down on the NGOs, labelling them as agents of a foreign power and severely curtailing their influence.

Back in America Tim Wise is up to no good again, preparing to tour universities with a transsexual faggot who teaches that God and the Virgin Mary were both queer.

Trad Youth will be actively opposing this sideshow from appearing in any colleges at all and are looking for your support to help achieve this.

Source: Daily Stormer

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By: Traditionalist Youth Hour

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