‘Jews,’ ‘Shabs,’ and ‘Cucks’: Moving beyond the “SJW” Label

I’ve never cared for the “SJW” shorthand for our opponents in the culture war. For one, it’s a clumsy acronym which doesn’t quite roll off the tongue very poetically in speech. It also ascribes the term “warrior,” to our opponents. Even if one’s being ironic or facetious, it’s still not the best framing. There’s no courage, honor, valor, or discipline among these “SJW” opponents, and only a fraction of them even pretend to be militant in any sort of martial sense.

Most importantly, though, “social justice” was originally and should remain our demand. Historically, the popularizer of that term was Father Coughlin, the fiery radio priest who stood for the working man and traditional family against the capitalist and Jewish oligarchs of his day. Social justice is a good thing, something we should be striving for, and the reason we forfeit on that label is because libertarian and Redbeardian “Dark Enlightenment” types want us to adopt their neo-colonial capitalist worldview which happens to have HBD realism and some chortling about Jewish cultural foibles awkwardly stapled onto it.

A more effective lexicon would be one which directly names Jews when (and only when) they are Jewish. The Jewish media mogul, the minority immigrant interviewer, and the white guy crying with shame about his whiteness are all three very different types of enemies, and hurling a singular “SJW” label at all of them reduces the amount of information conveyed in the attack and inappropriately implies that they’re all three earnestly (if incorrectly) pursuing some form of “social justice” rather than more base motives.

Stephen Friedman, Jew



Stephen Friedman, the producer of the virulently anti-White propaganda documentary “White People” is doing what he’s doing because he’s Jewish. Jews have a reflexive contempt for their White Christian hosts which is baked into their cultural DNA. I am the Pharaoh, the Philistine, and Führer of his ressentiment-fueled Pharisaical memeplex. I did nothing to become a target but be born in the wrong place, in the wrong time; a hapless member of a host society that Mr. Friedman is hellbent on subverting, perverting, and inverting.

And just as Whites continue on thinking and behaving in broadly Christian themes and memes long after they don fedoras and start worshiping Dawkins instead, secular Jews pursue their Group Evolutionary Strategy compulsively, with neither sergeants nor scripts guiding them along, because it’s embedded in their cultural firmware.

Typical White Cuck



The term “cuck” irritates and aggravates people because it’s so vulgar and direct, but it’s not going anywhere and it shouldn’t. “Cuckoldry” is the biological root and psychological basis of the grieving White liberal flagellating himself and begging the documentarian to scold and shame him for being White. It’s degenerate and destructive submission, unlike the noble submission of a Muslim to Allah, a warrior to his commander, or a daughter to her patriarch.

The word makes people sick because it strikes a subconscious nerve. Within the sexual fetish community, cuckolds vividly describe the visceral “gut punch” sensation that overwhelms a man who discovers his wife’s unfaithful. His sperm production, testosterone levels, and a variety of other hormonal and psychological factors are programmed to react instinctively to “cuckold threat.”

Most awakened Whites describe their rapid paradigm shift in terms similar to men who realize they’re being cuckolded. It’s that “gut punch” moment when you realize that you’re being had, taken for a fool, humiliated, and exploited. The Jewish ability to masquerade as “white” in our society is pivotal to our political cuckoldry, as it empowers anti-White Jews like Tim Wise to convince them that anti-Whiteness is an altruistic in-group moral phenomenon rather than an out-group competitive phenomenon.

Jose Antonio Vargas, Shab



This is a new insult I propose be added into the mix, an abbreviation of shabbos goyim. In Jewish tradition, the shabbos goyim is a gentile who assists Orthodox Jews with duties that their religious laws forbid, such as running an errand or flipping a light switch during their Sabbath. The majority of the prominent opponents of our identities and traditions aren’t Jewish and they aren’t properly described as cuckolds, either. Unlike the cuckold, they’re achieving money, fame, and acclaim by serving the degenerate agenda.

Jose Antonio Vargas, the illegal immigrant face of the White People documentary is your prototypical “shab,” a man who’s achieved money, fame, and acclaim by dutifully attacking our people and our way of life on behalf of his Jewish paymasters at the Viacom headquarters. Vargas would like to be seen as some sort of “social justice warrior,” and we should stop rewarding him and others with that label. He’s a tool of very wealthy and powerful Jewish oligarchs who are haranguing and harassing random White kids to turn against their own identities …to be cucks.

Campus feminists are shabs, encouraged and goaded by the Jewish leaders of the feminist movement into attacking their white male and Christian targets. While a good share of them most certainly have gender issues and backstories which explain their neurotic behavior, it’s the Jewish academic, Jewish media, and Jewish political system which affords them a platform to spew their bile and rewards them with money, fame, and acclaim for doing so.

Anita Sarkeesian would be an anonymous women complaining about sexism in video games if her campaign weren’t useful for (and therefore supported and perpetuated by) hostile oligarchs who haven’t a clue whether Link is male or female. The oligarchs see that young white men are increasingly retreating into video games, obscure message boards, and darker and darker corners of the deep web to avoid the hostility and degradation which comes with being a young white man in today’s society. There’s good money for Anita and others in spelunking into those “safe spaces” white men are attempting to find refuge in.

There’s good money in being a shab.

  • Hammerheart

    This is a pretty good piece. I don’t think the ‘cuck’ word is going to catch on or solve much of anything, but the underlying idea is sound. Our enemies are generally extremely good at language use & manipulation, at Orwellian methods, & we ignore that at our peril.

  • A very insightful article. Love the categories of cucks and shabs. Thank you.

  • Kudzu Bob

    For whatever reason, “SJW” really drives leftists crazy, and so I will continue to use it.

  • Lynda

    The term ‘shab’ is nothing short of bardic. This cuts right to the quick. It immediately references the ethnopolitics. The abbreviation of shabbos goy connotates: shabby. We get the true picture of the underling grubbing for the overseer to do down his/her own people – nothing is too shabby or grubby for the shab.

  • “the noble submission of a Muslim to Allah” <—- Really? Why couldn't be "the noble submission of a CHRISTIAN to God" ? Were you trying to be PC?

    • Matt Parrott


    • Eric

      A_W_G: what do you care what religion an Arab wants to practice in his own country? We need to respect anyone’s right to their own confession.

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