Upcoming Event: No Gay Agenda in the Bible Belt

Knoxville Tennessee, June 20th , 12pm-3pm

Support Traditional Values

The Traditionalist Youth Network will be assembling on the intersection of Wall Avenue and Gay Street in Knoxville Tennessee at noon to demand that Traditional Biblical values be enforced in our community.

The current homosexual agenda is promoting a worldview that is against the moral worldview of the majority of citizens of the Volunteer State. This agenda to attack the sanctity of Christian churches by promoting “homosexual marriage” and to influence young people with a deviant lifestyle must be opposed by all honorable means.

This protest will be demanding that our State and local government stop granting permits to homosexual pride events and to stop any government funds from being spent to support this attack on Christian morality.

The Traditionalist Youth Network is a Traditionalist organization that seeks to mobilize young people in the defense of Western civilization both on college campuses and on the streets of our cities and towns. We are actively recruiting in Tennessee and excited to bring our message to the people of Knoxville.

Local organizer Matthew Heimbach can be reached through the Traditionalist Youth Network website and would be happy to address the media about our message.

  • SimplyFred

    1. Trans gender surgery is free for homosexuals. The federal government has decided this ‘procedure’ is necessary, it is not an option. Not surprising, the feds offer no financial support to young people with brain tumors or leukemia. 2. Homosexuals with AIDS soak up an even half million dollars from the Social Security Trust fund before they go the great big bath house in the sky. They drain benefits away from 10-20 heterosexuals.

  • Lew

    Demanding they refuse to issue permits is not a very good protest angle. The United States does have a first amendment. It amounts to a demand to refuse them their rights under the law. If you expect permits for your own events, it seems consistency requires respecting others’ demands too. Apart from this quibble, it sounds like a good protest topic.

  • Jon

    HATE is the reason why nobody takes groups like this seriously. I will be sure to wave and blow kisses while my HUSBAND and I march in the parade. Love is greater than hate! Just know this… you’re a dying breed, and oh how gratifying that is! #progress #onward

    • Karl Ramstrom

      Jon, you sound like a fudge-packer. Am I correct?

    • EnemyofEdom

      Nothing is more loving than destroying an orifice, eating feces, and chasing HIV or Aids as a “bug chaser.” That’s healthy living!

  • Nathan

    I hate I missed this, I’d have loved to join you guys. I had the pleasure of meeting some of you at AmRen 2015.

    Will you be holding another event like this in the future?

  • An observer

    Here’s some topical vindication for the two Matts: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152119050361511&set=a.10150409741636511.342575.518336510&type=1&theater

    Maria Gwyn McDowell, the ‘orthodox theologian’ who got angsty about TYN and tried to have the two Matts thrown out of the Church. Months down the line, the two Matts are still comfortably cleaving to the Body of Christ, whereas she has had some diabolical ‘marriage’ to another woman, officiated by some heretical she-priest.

    Keep it up, boys.

  • Judge Tom

    Interesting new colour scheme for the site.

    Good to see a pushback on the recent unConstitutional judicial activism on the Supreme Court.

    Judgment Day is coming, gays and gay supporters better repent and stay chaste…

  • Dan

    A pro-gay book stated that gays succeed by showing 4 things: that gays weren’t 1) criminal, 2) insane (gay was a DSM mental illness), 3) sinful, and 4) subversive.

    Therefore show that all these 4 apply.

    I think it was this book:
    Victory: The Triumphant Gay Revolution

Support Traditional Values

By: Matthew Heimbach

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