Right Question, Wrong Answer: Sympathy for the Dolezal

Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker

Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker

Our mission here at TradYouth is educating youth about identity and tradition. For most, both friend and foe alike, the slick word “identity” sounds like the latest euphemism for “race,” …with one especially fair and delightsome race in mind. The subject of identity is so much greater than one’s biological race, though.

While I have refused to compromise on my assertion that my racial identity is an integral and irreplaceable aspect of my “identity,” I believe that we’ll continue failing to persuade folks of the necessity of preserving our race until we successfully instigate and win an overarching conversation about identity.

The fascinating and sordid tale of Rachel Dolezal, the peachy Northwestern girl of Nordic breeding, pathologically lying her way into not merely passing for Black, but becoming a prominent regional figure in America’s Black community, is really a tale about the implosion of and vilification of White Identity, and the growing Diaspora of Whites and especially White males into identity groups which primarily exist as refugee settlements for those fleeing the shadow of Blood Libel hanging over those born White, or even worse, …White and male.

Contemporary White Americans strive mightily to find a precious redemptive drop of non-White blood in their ancestry. We even cling to our sexual perversions, having fabricated an elaborate pseudo-identity with a vast web of micro-identities around our private vices. To be homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, or whatever in one’s appetite is redemptive, liberating one from the shame of whiteness and maleness.

To be “homosexual,” or “transgendered,” or one of the rapidly proliferating categories of novel micro-identities with lovingly crafted victimization narratives is to be granted at least a partial reprieve from the white man’s burden of guilt and shame for “privilege” and “oppression.”

Our Brave New World

Our Brave New World

Medical technology is keeping pace with this phenomenon, with gender reassignment becoming an accepted and encouraged solution for tens of thousands of young men who have grown uncomfortable with their identities. You can bet that racial reassignment won’t be far behind, with unscrupulous plastic surgeons promising comprehensive racial reassignments which will be more convincing than Rachel’s half-assed spray tan job.

Honestly, I don’t blame these people. Every white male and white female is born with an uncomfortable question imposed on them by today’s pervasively anti-white culture: the shameful stain of White Guilt. This question, how one responds to belonging to the guilty race of privileged oppressors, is the right question; Rachel just arrived at the wrong answer. She rebelled against the existential horror of belonging to the people of injustice by radically transforming her life, her behavior, her biography, and even her body into that of the people of justice.

Rachel got to belong to the heroic victim group, the underdogs struggling for justice, the people to whom the future belongs, the good people, for years and years until betrayed by her own family.

The whole world is laughing at Rachel Dolezal now. The Blacks hate her for trying to steal their…privilege. The Whites hate her because they’re jealous of her audacity and courage to try to escape our shared life sentence of guilt and shame. Most White Nationalists mock her for betraying her racial identity, and I get that. But I disagree. I agree with Rachel that being a contemporary White American is a wretched and shameful thing to be. I agree with Rachel that identity is of paramount importance, and that it’ll require audacity and courage to flee this sinking ship of self-hating, self-indulgent, impotent, infertile wretches.

Rachel’s attempt to sue Howard University for discriminating against her because she’s White seems absurd at first blush. She pulled a Heimbach! Like Matthew Heimbach, she refused to be ashamed of herself because of the color of her skin and battled her University’s anti-white double-standard. For a good long stretch, she managed to overcome it before being cast back into the private hell of White Guilt, a private hell which is especially tortuous for the morally sensitive.

Keep pointing and laughing at Rachel’s humiliating fate, but her fate is the destiny of all White Americans. If you don’t trumpet your aberrant sexuality on the hilltop, mutilate your genitals, or convincingly pass for another race, then this anti-White system will hate and humiliate you. There is another option, of course, reaching forward to a White identity which isn’t as diseased, derelict, and doomed as the White American one.

Gas chambers and death camps are an unnecessary logistical hassle. All but a remnant of (increasingly vocal) White Americans have been persuaded to believe that they don’t have a right to exist. They don’t have a right to identify with their ancestors or their future generations. They don’t have a right to life, at least not in a sustainable and stable way.

Rachel Dolezal refused to live a life of White Guilt, and escaped from the madhouse of White Guilt for a few years before being recaptured. She’ll be re-educated and re-shackled in short order, and will be publicly apologizing to Black people for attempting to join them in having an identity which is allowed to have pride, allowed to have vitality, and allowed to have a future.

I believe she arrived at the wrong answer, but I applaud her for asking the right question: Should I tolerate a life of guilt and shame for being born with white skin?

  • Eric

    Sympathy? She’s “passing for black” because it’s lucrative. “Black” people who are literate and willing to defame white people with fake hate crimes are a rare combo, and when that combo enters the “job market”, it gets you a nice NAACP salary, bullshit college professor gigs, and 5 figure “speaking engagement fees”. That kind of money allows people like Dolezal to pay for quite a few fatherless mulatto children.

  • Lew

    Reportedly, Rachael Dolezal has four adopted black siblings. I can see a combination of reasons for her attempts to identify as black, some rooted in self-interest and some rooted in hate of her white identity but to some extent given her siblings legitimate some admiration for black identity as well.

    It’s not that different from a person raised Catholic with four adopted protestant siblings coming to identify as protestant. And the irony of course is that while she lied about here identity, there is no reason to believe was lying about caring about blacks. And she did more for blacks that most blacks.

    This ordeal shows how unanticipated developments can disrupt carefully crafted Jewish narratives (side note: I’ve never used “the Cathedral,” and I’ve quit calling these meta-narratives “liberal,” “leftist,” “cultural Maxist,” ect.). Rachael’s story emerged on the heels of the culture’s lurid celebration of Bruce Jenner’s psychological problems and “transition” into a “woman,” which had the feel of a reverse “two-minutes hate.” It’s just that in instead of expressing mindless hate, society was required to participate under pain of ostracism to express mindless admiration for Jenner, with hate implied for those who disagree there something in Jenner’s story to admire . The Jewish intelligentsia and its activist media quickly went to Defcon 1 inventing twisted rationalizations for how someone born with a penis can become a woman while someone born white cannot become black.

    The takeaway for me is that this notion of “trans-racialism” is regarded by Jews as a potential threat to their anti-white narratives. It’s OK for whites to debase themselves by proclaiming self-hate, or that they’re the opposite sex or homosexual. It’s certainly not OK, it seems, for them to renounce whiteness completely, because to do so would be to allow whites to escape white guilt and the power it has over their minds.

    “Trans-racialism,” therefore, is a notion that people aligned with identitarianism that includes a race component ought to consider promoting. It simultaneously shows how ridiculous the idea race is only socially constructed really is and the complete dishonesty of the other side (male to female OK, black to white, not).

  • Lew

    Also, Jews probably don’t want too much attention in the mass culture drawn to who made up the founding leadership of the NAACP. Certainly, Rachael’s situation throws the door wide open to bring that up.

  • Light Division

    “…the rapidly proliferating categories of novel micro-identities with lovingly crafted victimization narratives..”

    Great stuff there, sir. Nail on the head

  • John Gruskos

    Look Ike, your daddy’s not a White American anymore.

  • Petronius

    Rachel didn’t question “White Guilt”, she just wanted to be on the site that’s dealing out the blows. That’s all. I don’t see much “audacity and courage” to be jealous of, but rather a lot of things to despise and even feel sorry about.

  • Gavin Campbell

    Someone who holds your precise views on so-called “race” and white identity murdered nine people in Charleston. It was an act of white nationalist terror. Judged strictly in terms of outcomes, your views have the precise consequence of murder.
    It’s your ideology in action. You own it.

    • tradyouth

      Our message of faith and folk is closer to that of the victims than of the perpetrator. While this heinous act does indeed appear to be “white nationalist,” it’s entirely inconsistent with our particular flavor of nationalism, one which validates other identities, considers the church a sacred space, and strives to build relationships with other ethnic activists.

      We were among the first nationalist groups to denounce this action. I’ve expressed my sincere condolences repeatedly over the past couple days, and we intend to use this as an opportunity to remind our audience that dehumanizing and victimizing other folks is emphatically *not* the solution to the challenge White folks face.

      There’s a serious discussion to be had, internally, about how to share our message without pushing violent and mentally unstable folks over the edge into violence. We’ve been having it, and we’ll continue to have it. We won’t be having it with you, since you’re a vindictive anti-white faggot with malicious intent who immediately leapt on this tragedy as an opportunity to push your political agenda.

    • Eric

      35,000 white women are raped every year by blacks, while thousands of whites are murdered or maimed by blacks in the same time period. But will clowns like Gavin, forcing diversity on communities that don’t want it, own that?

      He takes a simplistic approach and tries to blame an entire political ideology for the action of a few nutcases. Should the Republican party’s “war on women” be blamed for its activist Ted Bundy? Why don’t we look at the voting records or political views of all criminals?

      If anything, there’s a better argument for holding Gavin responsible. Thousands of people are raped and murdered thanks to the forced integration people like him support and push through against the will of the majority.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      You have absolutely nothing in common at all with the faith of the victims.

      As a matter of fact, the only way of acting on your views is by means of all-out murder. If you can’t hold rallies numbering in the dozens. And write blogs!
      And now, you’re hard up for cash! You’re all washed up.

    • Eric

      Hey Gavin, can you refer to a single situation where you side with a white victim against a black aggressor? Racial nationalists have almost unanimously denounced Roof’s murder of some innocent black grandmas, but no Leftist has ever denounced the murder of thousands of white men, women and children (including babies) every year in South African farm murders.

      You know why that is Gavin? Because you secretly think those black racists who boil white babies to death in rural SA are anti-racist heroes.

    • tradyouth

      As a matter of fact, the only way of acting on your views is by means of all-out murder.

      Please stop proliferating that idea. The notion that the only way to advocate for white interests is with violence is part of the reason for the violence.

      And now, you’re hard up for cash! You’re all washed up.

      If I had a dollar for every time you wankers declared that I was washed up, I wouldn’t need to hold a fundraiser. 😀

  • Harry

    REDNECK REVOLT: for a new white identity

Rachel Dolezal: Crypto-Cracker

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