Marching with the Czech Worker’s Party

Czech DSSS

I am a true believer in is the idea of “Same enemy, same barricades.”  The idea behind this statement came from Italian nationalists during the recent illegal invasion of Gaza done by Israel. Italian nationalists saw in the struggle of Palestinian nationalists one that paralleled their own. Regardless of what nation we hail from, nationalists from around the globe could and should support one another. This is one of the principles of the global struggle against Modernity that everyone should accept.  People from every corner of the globe who stand for Faith, family, and folk are under attack by the soulless machinery of capitalism and globalism and that is why we must fight together against our common enemies.

In the battle between Tradition and modernity it is crucial to find allies who are fighting the same foe. To meet with and learn from allies who are  baptized in the fire of activism is a way to learn new skills, exchange ideas, and work to unify nationalists and Traditionalists from different areas

As the European people in the diaspora are fighting, and in many cases beginning to turn the tide, it is crucial for those of us in the TradYouth to network with, learn from, and fight alongside our comrades throughout the world.

With this mindset of networking and learning from other activists, my wife and I decided to take a trip to Prague to join the Czech Worker’s Party of Social Justice (DSSS) for their march on the anniversary of the fall of communism in the Czech Republic.

The protest was held to denounce not only the communists of the past generation, but also the failure of the subsequent Czech government to stand for the best interests of the people. The Czech Republic’s leaders said things would change following the end of communism but almost all ex communist Party members avoided any punishment for their many crimes and were able to simply change their political identification to different political parties.

If anyone thinks that the mainstream Right has any chance of saving us, just look at both the Republican Party and the mainstream Czech Right wing parties. The Republicans in America cannot sell the American people out faster with support for amnesty and a refusal to stand on and defend important social issues. In the Czech Republic, the political party with the highest percentage of ex-communists is the mainstream Right wing party. To believe in mainstream politicians to save us is beyond insanity, and that is why the forces of Tradition must lift the banner of Faith, family, and folk and march forward together for the sake of not only our peoples’ bodies, but also our souls.

I was able to meet an amazing group of young nationalists in the DSSS, men and women, dedicated to fighting for Tradition. They welcomed me as a comrade and treated my wife and I with the closest thing to Southern hospitality I think I will ever find.

My wife and I marched alongside members of the DSSS, other Czech nationalists, and German comrades to protest the occupation of all three of our nations by the same global oligarchs.  I was amazed by the event, and a full write up on my trip to the Czech Republic will follow.

Here is a video of the speech I gave at the event, I had the honor of speaking directly after DSSS Party Leader Tomas Vandas.

Czech DSSS

By: Matthew Heimbach

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