Liberal Fascism and Its Hypocrisy

On the heels of all this controversy lately concerning Matthew Heimbach , Trad Youth and Traditionalists in general, I can’t help but notice that the only true “fascists” rearing their ugly heads are that great gaggle of Liberals. I mean Liberal not in the American sense of the word , but in its classical definition: those who champion a very divorced radical individualism over any concept of a People, a Nation, or a Kingdom.

Indeed, America, that great champion of Globalism and Modernist Imperialism, was founded on the principles of Classical Liberalism. This includes today’s neo-liberals as well as neo-conservatives. Both join forces every single time whenever their precious New World Order is challenged or threatened. The world is truly becoming a final battleground between these Liberal Globalists and any and all ethnicities and cultures who wish to remain unique and distinct. European and Eurasian cultures are particular targets of this elite group of Internationalist Fascists who wish to make us all one homogenized blended rootless consumer anti-culture.liberal-tolerance-48348238160

Yes; I am calling these Liberals – both Left and Right – fascists. By their very definition of what that term means, that is what they exactly are exhibiting. Censorship. Excommunication. Tyranny. Suppression. Such is the Orwellian concept of the Liberal Fascist’s “freedom”. This is their “tolerance”. To claim all can repent of their past, except those of European descent who dare say they wish to retain – or more appropriately, resurrect – their God-given ethnic identity. We are told we do not exist…unless there is some group of people to blame for the ills of other groups; then, Presto!, we DO exist! We are told we have no right to reclaim our noble heritage and preserve it unless someone wishes to castigate us or criticize the supposed evils of Western Civilization..then we do indeed have a heritage, and it is pure evil if you wish to maintain it.

Of course, it’s OK for everyone else to do it; even Sodomites. Just not us. We are merely a social construct – unless some perceived slighted transgendered, non-European, non-Christian, feminist howls. Then we are quite real bogeymen. It is all quite absurd. To claim that we are a modernist construct, yet champion all these other ills of modernity is just blatant hypocrisy.

It is being said that the white race is an invention. This is the liberals’ argument. It is a ridiculous one. It is quite true that the identification of “white” is a post-colonial term. The ancient world did not know of such a term, but they did understand the very real concept of a Europa. I prefer to use the term European , in fact. But that really isn’t the problem, is it? The liberal agenda says that we do not exist and that various European ethnicities do not find a greater commonality among one another. This is simply not true. There was indeed a greater taxonomy in the ancient world. A Greek had things in common with a Roman, and the various Northern tribes had much commonality as well. The ancient Egyptians classified mankind into four basic divisions and drew pictures of them with the terms that they called them.

1 The ancients, Church Fathers included, definitely understood our differences and talked about not only ethnic differences, but broader ones as well.

2 Basically, all this demonization of any European-American claiming a right to exist and not hate himself is merely the natural outcome of decades of liberal corruption aided by groups of people who have historically had an axe to grind over real or perceived injustices. Also, certain groups of people, like Talmudic Jews, still carry a hatred for Christ and the Church that they will forever associate with Greater Europe, including Russia, since we were the Banner Bearers and evangelists for the Church in the classical world. This is what Hilaire Belloc meant when he wrote ,”The Faith is Europe, and Europe the Faith” . To bring any of this to light gets one labeled a “racist” or an “anti-Semite”; also terms unknown in the ancient world. In fact, these two terms were created quite recently in our history with the intent to suppress dissent. Leon Trotsky, a well-known figure of the Communist Revolution, used the term “racist” to demonize the White Russian resistance and anyone who was in favor of the Tsar and Imperial Russia. Some even claim he invented the word.

The bottom line is, organic identity is a real thing and is part of the human experience and part of how we as Peoples seek our God. They are not artificial constructs. Postmodern Nation-States and geopolitical countries are, but true nations in the sense of Genesis 10 and the very root of the word itself are extended families of kith and kin. A Folk or People. In turn, these extended families have greater extended families that people call races, which in turn eventually extends to all of humanity. I can love others’ families, but it is natural to love one’s family more and cherish and protect them. It’s not even about superiority or inferiority, or better or worse. The political systems of the 20th century that dealt strictly with biology , such as National Socialism, were what can be called the darkside of Liberalism..its bipolar brother.

Both ways of thinking state that race is an idol; one in thinking it is the biologically supreme race, while the other feels it is a morally supreme race – white Liberals, for example- that think other races and cultures must be too stupid to have self-determination and constantly need the West’s aid to survive and be coddled.

I find this Liberal Fascism quite abhorrent and very condescending. Yes; the Liberal Fascists are indeed the world’s ultimate hypocrites, and it is pathetic that it has seeped into a Church whose Master hated hypocrisy more than anything else.


1.From theTomb of Seti I, the four types of man


2. St. Ephrem the Syrian said: When Noah awoke and was told what Canaan did. . .Noah said, ‘Cursed be Canaan and may God make his face black,’ and immediately the face of Canaan changed; so did of his father Ham, and their white faces became black and dark and their color changed.” Paul de Lagarde, Materialien zur Kritik und Geschichte des Pentateuchs (Leipzig, 1867), part II

The Cave of Treasures, attributed to St. Ephrem the Syrian (4th century): “When Noah awoke. . .he cursed him and said: ‘Cursed be Ham and may he be slave to his brothers’. . .and he became a slave, he and his lineage, namely the Egyptians, the Abyssinians, and the Indians. Indeed, Ham lost all sense of shame and he became black and was called shameless all the days of his life, forever.” La caverne des trésors: version Géorgienne, ed. Ciala Kourcikidzé, trans. Jean-Pierre Mahé, Corpus scriptorium Christianorum orientalium 526-27, Scriptores Iberici 23-24 (Louvain, 1992-93), ch. 21, 38-39 (translation).


Eutychius, Alexandrian patriarch (d. 940): “Cursed be Ham and may he be a servant to his brothers… He himself and his descendants, who are the Egyptians, the Negroes, the Ethiopians and (it is said) the Barbari.” Patrologiae cursus completes…series Graeca, ed. J.P. Migne (Paris, 1857-66), Pococke’s (1658-59) translation of the Annales, 111.917B (sec. 41-43)


St. Paulinus of Nola (354-431): “The dragon devours the peoples of Ethiopia, who are not burnt by the sun, but are black with vice, sin giving them the color of night.” Carmina 28.249-51


St. Jerome (347?-419 or 420): “People of the Ethiopians means those who are black and cloaked in the filth of sin.”

“Chus in Hebrew means Ethiopian, that is, black and dark, one who has a soul as black as his body [SIC]”. (The Homilies of Saint Jerome, vol. 1, trans. Marie Liguori Ewald, Homily 3, 28).


St. Augustine The Catholic Church has been foretold, not as to be in any particular quarter of the world, as certain schisms are but in the whole universe by bearing fruit and growing so as to attain even unto the very Ethiopians, to wit, the remotest and foulest of mankind.- Exposition on Psalm 72

  • Racism is Anti-Christian

    According to the book of Acts chapter8 , the first non-Jewish convert to Christianity was an Ethiopian eunuch. So you might want to reconsider using those Ethiopian quotations from the church fathers.

    Ethiopian eunuch

    • Leslie H. Higgins

      Good for him. In doing so he overcame his ‘heated’ nature, and was a fine example of a people “cloaked in the filth of sin”.

      The Early Church did not read winning one Black convert as a justification for White genocide.

      Face it. With the Church Fathers on our side, it’s Game Over for europhobes.

    • Orthodox Mike

      Reconsider wisdom from the Church Fathers?? Never! We are all sinners. We are all dealt our respective hands, and have to overcome our sin nature through Christ. The Fathers obviously didn’t say these things out of hatred, but out of love. If one is an alcoholic, for instance, you don’t say, ‘Hey, I love you, why don’t I buy you another beer.’ That is exactly what you Liberals of the Left and Right do when you approach everything as if we are all godless, indindistinct clones.

    • IT was not Jews who ‘converted’ but sons of Israel. There is a difference, and an Ethiopian Eunuch is childless, so his faith died with him.

      And the Ethiopian ‘Orthodox’ are anything but.

  • Leslie H. Higgins

    Unbeatable quotations. With these assembled, be sure to remind the Heresiarch Bishop that he had not only excommunicated Matthew Heimbach — he is booting Sts. Augustine and Jerome as well!

    My favorite by St. Augustine is actually missing here. From City of God Book XVI Chapter 2:

    And Ham (i.e., hot), who was the middle son of Noah, and, as it were, separated himself from both, and remained between them, neither belonging to the first-fruits of Israel nor to the fullness of the Gentiles, what does he signify but the tribe of heretics, hot with the spirit, not of patience, but of impatience, with which the breasts of heretics are wont to blaze, and with which they disturb the peace of the saints?

    The context is interesting too. I only discovered this passage in personal reading, and have not seen it publicized elsewhere.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      But, St. Augustine says absolutely nothing about the skin colour of any of Ham’s sons. You are making stuff up.

  • WG

    It would help if TYN articles like this one did not sound like religious sermons or theology lectures.

    • Leslie H. Higgins

      Why? If these are sermons, they are a fine example of the homiletic discipline. Head over to VNN forum if you want to read yet more counterproductive rants from Christophobes.

  • WG

    You’re not going to instruct and inspire White youth by presenting nerdy sermons to them.

    • Orthodox Mike

      We believe a big part of European-Americans’ problem IS spiritual in nature. We are tripartite beings. If we merely concentrate on genetics alone, we are putting a band aid on a bullet wound. Our illness as a People runs deep, into our collective soul.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      Yes Mike, listen to WG. Orthodox Christianity is not going to inspire white youth to hate. So give up.

    • WG, On the contrary. It was ‘nerdy sermons’ that first led me to Rousas Rushdoony, who was the only person asking the right questions, back in the day. And it was he who led me to true Orthodoxy, and kept me aware of the fallacy of a group known as the Scoba-dox, who could claim patrimony (!) with the Church of the Ages, yet be part of the NCC/WCC?

      Physician, heal thyself.

      Of course, they never did. Not in 1980 and certainly, not now, with this melange of heretics, homos, and hotheads filling up the comment boards with vacuous nothings, like Derek, et al.

      As Fr. Seraphim Rose said, ‘In the end, ALL the Churches will serve Antichrist.’

      Looks like they’re doing just that.

  • Hardy a post on this site goes by without naming and defaming “Sodomites”.

    • Orthodox Mike

      Yup. Although I wouldn’t call it defamation. The Holy Spirit called it an abomination, however.

    • It’s certainly defamation. We’re just ordinary people living ordinary lives. Your hatred has no rational justification whatsoever. Kindly list exactly what bad things i ever did to you personally.

      As for your claim of the “Holy Spirit” calling my relationship with my partner “an abomination”, that is your opinion, and is not shared by dozens of religions I can name, or you can easily Google yourself. However if you’re referring to Leviticus, then you expose yourself as a pick and choose Christian – “quote it if you like it, ignore it if you don’t”.

      Since Leviticus is the source of the alleged word “abomination”, let’s look at what else Leviticus says that you ignore:
      LEVITICUS 11:6-8 Outlaws the playing of football (touching the skin of a dead pig).
      LEVITICUS 11:9-12 Eating shellfish or pork strictly forbidden.
      LEVITICUS 18:19 A married couple who have sexual intercourse during a woman’s period shall both be executed.
      LEVITICUS 19:19 May not wear polyester cotton shirts (wearing garments of mixed fabrics forbidden)
      LEVITICUS 20:9 “Anyone who curses his father or his mother shall surely be put to death.”
      LEVITICUS 20:18 No marriage shall be sanctioned in which the wedding ceremony shall occur during the women’s menstrual cycle.
      LEVITICUS 21:17-21 “Speak to Aaron, saying, ‘No man of your offspring throughout their generations who has a defect shall approach to offer the food of his God. | ‘For no one who has a defect shall approach: a blind man, or a lame man, or he who has a disfigured face, or any deformed limb, | or a
      man who has a broken foot or broken hand, | or a unchback or a dwarf, or one who has a defect in his eye or eczema or scabs or crushed testicles. | ‘No man among the descendants of Aaron the priest who has a defect is to come near to offer the LORD’S offerings by fire; since he has a defect, he shall not come near to offer the food of his God.”
      LEVITICUS 25:45 Says it’s OK for a foreigner in your country to sell you their child, and equally OK for you to buy them and treat them as chattel.
      LEVITICUS 26:14-30 “Then if you walk contrary to me …you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters.”

    • Goodness, Mr. Williams, you really do not stop. Why do you seek to pester us traditionalists? We are not calling for crazy things like your execution, or, as you like to endlessly claim, that you marry a woman whom you have no feelings for.

      If you understood the Christian context of the Old Testament, you would understand that Christ’s sacrifice for our sins and His resurrection established a new covenant with all of man, which overrides the judicial parts of the old covenant. That does not mean that the sin of homosexual acts is not left out, for the New Testament mentions it many times in the same context as the old.

      For the sake of your sanity, please, just give it a rest. We won’t change our opinions, founded in our ancient faith because you come sprouting claims that schismatic and heretical protestants or other religions say “it’s okay to be gay.”

    • Your innate sexuality isn’t a “tradition” – it is the way you are born. “Believe” all you like, but unless you are gay yourself, you cannot know whether my homosexuality is the result of a “decision” I made or not. I knew I was attracted solely to males well before I even knew what sex was, and now, at the age of 61, I’m still gay. This is the way I am, and I can’t change it.

      You on the other hand can educate yourself about this, since you seem to have many opinions about it, and an obsession with the sexuality of strangers to yourself that borders on

      So far as your idea that my homosexuality is “sinful”, this is nonsense. First off, there was no such word as “homosexual” or “homosexuality”. The science on this didn’t start until the 19th Century, when it was first defined by German psychiatrists.

      My homosexuality is no more sinful than your heterosexuality, which is the natural expression of the heterosexual. For me to conform to your notions I would have to take a wife in whom I have no interest whatsoever. How can that be good for either me or her? Alternatively, I would have to end my relationship with my male partner, which would cause us both every bit as much anguish as if you were to end your marriage to your wife.

      As a ‘reward’ for living this life without love offered by your religion, upon my death I am subjected to eternity with the likes of you! This product is ridiculous; no-one in their right mind would choose an afterlife forced into the company of people who hate what they are. Since all 350 million gays alive today are going to your “hell” alongside my family, friends, supportive colleagues and political allies, that’s where I want to go too.

      Regarding your idea that Jesus overturned the Old Testament, but just singled out gays for special condemnation, there is not a single word in his entire mission you can quote to substantiate that.

    • accidentally posted before completion (no edit feature on this site):
      “You on the other hand can educate yourself about this, since you seem to have many opinions about it, and an obsession with the sexuality of strangers to yourself that borders on ”

      should read:
      “You on the other hand can educate yourself about this, since you seem to have many opinions about it, and an obsession with the sexuality of strangers to yourself that borders on prurience.”

    • For you to conform would not mean to marry a woman. Marriage is not some natural biological stage. People do not need to be married to live, so you obviously cannot handle being alone. Either that, or you seem to not have many friends to fall back on.

      I am not a heretical Protestant. I do not believe in Sola Scriptura, and I believe the majority of writers and visitors here do not as well. We follow the tradition of the true Catholic, Apostolic Church established by Christ’s apostles. Just because Christ did not give a commandment on every aspect of life does not mean we should not listen to the Church who has been tasked to do so by He Himself.

      You can choose to go to hell. If that is your choice, so be it. But seriously, man, just go. You are not providing anything to any conversations and you are hijacking threads to post your pleas that we go against our beliefs. How about you focus more on doing something constructive, such as protesting the actions of Uganda and other Muslim and African nations who routinely murder your kind?

      You used to be funny, trying to sway people’s minds here, but now it is quite sad. God bless you Sir.

    • 1. There was no word at the time of the writing of the different books of the bible by divers people for “homosexual”
      2. There are over 41,000 denominations of Christianity, which do not agree on birth control, divorce, and women’s ordination. Your claim to supremacy is a fiction and if there really is a god as you depict him, who is all-powerful, knows everything and created everything then he/she/it knew in advance he was going to create homosexuals. Most homosexuals wouldn’t even know about his alleged commandment for us not to experience love of the same sex.
      3. There are over 450 English translations of the Bible – many conflict with each other, and some use the word ‘homosexual’ despite the word not existing at the time
      4. I repeat, homosexuality is not a ‘tradition’ nor is the absence of one. The Catholic “tradition” includes Indulgences, burning astronomers at the stake, or imprisoning them for declaring the present understanding of the solar system. The Church has since apologised for these egregious mistakes, and one day it will apologise for what it has done to homosexuals.
      5. You fail to explain how my same sex relationship harms your opposite sex relationship, or anyone else at all, and how it is a benefit to society at large and you in particular for me to forgo the love of my life and either live in romantic solitude or marry a woman I am not interested in. Your paternalistic sneering suggestion that I have no friends overlooks the driving force for every sentient human being, to find a romantic partner to share your life intimately with. Friends are wonderful to have, but you can’t ever have the level of intimacy with a friend that you can with a spouse whom you share your bed with.

      As for your alleged “hell”, it seems all the decent, kind people are going there, and only the annoyingly self-righteous judgmental bigots who hate homosexuality are going to the other place, so if there are really two such extreme outcomes for my existence, it can only be that you have the two confused. No way do I accept an eternal future in the forced company of the likes of you. To me the prospect of that is ipso facto a living hell.

    • Mr. Williams, you do not understand the bible, theology, or church history well enough if you claim any one of the 41,00 “Christian” churches could be the real one or supreme. The only true Church of Christ is the Apostolic Church.

      If we are hell to you, why are you even here?

    • “If we are hell to you, why are you even here?”

      Because homosexuality isn’t a ‘tradition’, a ‘lifestyle’, or a ‘value’, or even a choice, it merely exists, like left handedness, and is just as harmless. Take a look at the late Fred Phelps’s evangelical “God hates fags” Westboro Baptists, and witness his own offspring seceding from his mission of hate. I can’t force you to accept gay people, but I can be a thorn in your side for as long as you keep poisoning the minds of others against us with no good to come of it.

      “you do not understand the bible, theology, or church history well enough if you claim any one of the 41,00 “Christian” churches could be the real one or supreme”

      I understand it at least as well as you do, since I own two editions personally, have researched many others and I was raised and educated in the Roman Catholic faith and traditions. I have every reason to rail against the religion based persecution being inflicted upon homosexuals in the paces you mention, like Africa, and wrongly accuse me of not caring about and doing nothing about. I invite you to examine correspondence with my local representative as evidence (there’s a lot more than this, I might add) and

      As for all the other 41,000 Christian faiths, they lay the identical claim to catechistic supremacy that you do, and declare as you do, that all others are apostate. Which to choose, if any? Someone born into a family of atheists might chance upon this idea of religion, and then be faced with which religion to choose. When it comes to your particular religious bias, there is no single, authoritative world religious view that can be proven to be so. Religion presents a megastore of designer choice, and it’s up to the individual to find one that allows him/her to find what they’re seeking, however, whatever choice is made, the prevailing imperatives are the rule of just law and respect for the international declaration of human rights. Human rights take precedence over all local choices of government or religion.

      Now here’s the thing. The only way a homosexual could find out that marrying the love of his life was “a sin” would be to go to a church which taught that or lived in a country like Iran that executed or imprisoned him for it. Otherwise, he or she would have absolutely no idea that something so wonderful as this mutual love that brings joy to both partners was incredibly, hated by his creator God/Jehovah/Allah, the very creator who knowingly made him a homosexual. Many homosexuals are born into remote areas that have no connection with the Roman Catholic religion, or others which teach against same sex relationships. Your idea that they should be consigned to “hell” (whatever or wherever that is) without even being told not to love anyone but the opposite sex is monstrously unfair, to say the least. However, as I said, it seems all the nice people are going there anyway.

      Please study the logical fallacy Someone born into a family of atheists might chance upon this idea of religion, and then be faced with which religion to choose. When it comes to your particular religious bias, there is no single, authoritative world religious view that can be proven to be so. Religion presents a megastore of designer choice, and it’s up to the individual to find one that allows him/her to find what they’re seeking, however, whatever choice is made, the prevailing imperatives are the rule of just law and respect for the international declaration of human rights. Human rights take precedence over all local choices of government or religion.

    • Orthodox Mike

      You are no thorn in our side. We stand with the Church Fathers and what they said on the matter. You are here because you are trying to convince yourself, or just like to be irritated.

    • You stand with the “Church fathers”? So you must reject the Galileo view of the Solar System, and you support the sale of Perpetual Indulgences, and the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, whom you consider “killed Christ” (himself a Jew) – all positions taken at points in the Church’s history. The fact is, the so-called church fathers change their tune and have been doing so since the First Council of Nicea.

      Before you make accusations of Straw Man, let me remind me of how many insinuations you have made that are utterly false, such as that I do nothing about LGBT persecution in Africa and Russia.

      So far as your patronising judgment of my inborn sexuality is concerned, this is based on your personal disgust of gays, and on the religion you head hunted to match your disgust. You have the unfettered right to be disgusted by gender equality, gay people, people of different race, because those are your feelings and I cannot force you to change them. But they are incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus, and by not only refusing to understand and thereby overcome them, but instead proselytising them, you are failing to attract rational people to your “cause”.

      When I was a child, it was not permitted to eat meat on a Friday according to Catholic Tradition, and the Mass was spoken in Latin, which fortunately for me, I could understand, because I learned the language at my Catholic school. These policies seemed unchangeable at the time, but no-one now questions them.

      When it comes to telling homosexuals that we should marry someone we have no feeling for, or simply butt out of any chance at romantic love, that is one step too far. What’s worse, is the entirely unprovable promise of an eternity in the company of those who hate what I am.

      The fact that you can’t even see how childishly ridiculous this is points to problems you have understanding the human condition.

      If I am not a thorn in your side, then you can feel completely free to cease responding and we can make this word the final one.

    • This image is tongue in cheek, but I hope you’ll understand its message:

    • It is about time to stop feeding the troll. Farewell Mr. Williams.

      May God bless you and may He have mercy on all of us.

    • “Your innate sexuality isn’t a “tradition” – it is the way you are born. “Believe” all you like, but unless you are gay yourself, you cannot know whether my homosexuality is the result of a “decision” I made or not.”

      I am, and I do.

      REPENT. or Die.

    • There are so many gods to choose from, why would I choose yours, who hates that which he has made. And love is not something I can or should repent from, however your hate of those who are different from you, and who represent absolutely no threat to you, is clearly the product of a troubled person. You need help, and you won’t find it in your twisted world of religion and supercilious, judgmental sanctimony.

  • Gavin James Campbell

    These are falsified quotes from the Church Fathers. Some simple research will prove this.

    • Orthodox Mike

      Of course, because they don’t fit your Anglo-Liberal worldview. No matter. Anyone can be saved, even though we all have our various sin natures to overcome.

    • Orthodox Mike

      “When I drew near the end of my life and the time of my departure hence had come, I saw a great multitude of Ethiopians who had surrounded my couch. Their faces were dark like soot and pitch, their eyes were like glowing coals, their entire appearance was as frightening and evil as the fiery hell itself. They began to grow indignant and to make noise like dogs; others howled like wolves. As they looked at me, they were full of anger; they threatened me, kept rushing at me and gnashing their teeth, and appeared ready to devour me. Yet they seemed to wait for a judge who had not yet come but would do so: they were making ready charts and unrolling scrolls on which were written all my evil deeds. My miserable soul was taken by great fear and trembling. Not only the bitterness of death tormented me but even more the terrible appearance and the cruel demeanor of the frightening Ethiopians; these were to me like another death, only a worse one. I kept turning away my eyes in all directions so as not to see their terrible faces, and wished not to hear their voices, but I was unable to be rid of them. They turned everywhere and there was no one to help me.

      “When I was at the end of my strength I saw two radiant angels of God, who were like youths of inexpressible beauty. They were coming toward me. Their faces were shining, their gaze was full of love; their hair was like snow, white with a golden tinge; their garments glistened like lightning and were girded with gold. When they came near me, they stopped on the right side of my couch and entered into a quiet conversation between themselves. As I saw them I was filled with joy and looked at them with pleasure.

      “The black Ethiopians shuddered and retreated some distance. One of the radiant youths, angrily addressing the black ones, said: ‘O shameless, cursed, dark, and evil enemies of the human race! Why do you always come first to the dying and frighten and confuse every parting soul by your words? You have no reason to rejoice, for here you will find nothing. God is merciful to this soul, and you have no part and no allotment in her.’ When the angel ceased speaking, the Ethiopians tottered, began to cry out, and mutter, and point to all my evil deeds, committed from my youth on. They exclaimed: ‘We have no part in her, you say! Whose sins then are these? Did she not do such and such?’ With such exclamations they kept their position and were waiting for death”

      From the Vision of St Theodora

      Is this “falsified” too? .

    • Orthodox Mike

      Excellent treatise by the late Metropolitan VITALY of ROCOR – Memory Eternal

    • Gavin James Campbell

      Let me get this straight;-
      According to you, the Church Fathers teach that blacks and Ethiopians are just innately bad, to the point of not being human . . . .
      . . . . while you hail Metropolitan Vitaly for wanting the negroes to find their way to Orthodoxy – ?! In which case you should be accusing Metropolitan Vitaly of heresy!

    • Gavin James Campbell

      And if anyone can be saved, as you adroitly observed; then it should follow that the blacks can be saved. So then why quotes to present them as though they are beyond salvation? Why quotes to present blacks are being fallen and more sinful than any other so-called “race”?

      Because if anyone can be saved; then, it should follow, that race can be of no significance to salvation. You should condemn yourself as a heretic!

    • Orthodox Mike

      You are mentally retarded, I believe, Gavin. The point I was making is that the Fathers did acknowledge differences. No one said or is saying anyone is beyond potential salvation. Even mentally handicapped Anglo postmodernists can be saved too. 🙂 With God, all things are possible. Race has nothing to do with salvation. But it is a real tangible part of the human experience and how we relate to the world.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      Well, actually, the quotes you’ve provided are not a mere acknowledgement of race. They are all out expressions of inferiority.
      And the quotes you provided don’t use the word “race”. Neither are they taxonomies. Race and racial taxonomies are invention of the Enlightenment.
      Read “The Fount of Wisdom” by St. John and Damascus, especially the “The Philosophical Chapters”, and you will see what I mean.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      But why don’t I suppose that you’re right, and that race is real. And yet, by your own admission, race has nothing to do with salvation. Which means then that there can no moral problem with letting races mix and mingle.

  • Ken Boeker

    The remotest and foulest right her.

  • R_Moreland

    Modern liberalism is full of contradictions. But that’s a key to defeating it. Take a page from Alinsky. Attack the contradictions:

    Liberals tell us that they believe in “tolerance” but are intolerant of any dissent. (Even a private comment can be enough to cast one into the liberal outer darkness, e.g., the Sterling Affair.)

    Liberals tell us that “race is just a construct” but then enact policies based on centuries’ old racial issues (like slavery in the USA).

    Liberals tells us that they believe in “democracy” but then then use the federal courts to overturn popular laws (e.g., on immigration, etc.).

    Liberals tell us that they believe in “multiculturalism” but then denounce traditional Christian culture, Southern Nationalism, and, etc.

    Liberals tell us that they believe in “majority rule” for post-colonial Africa, yet turn a blind eye to the endless one-party black dictatorships while castigating white South Africans.

    Liberals tell us that they believe in “diversity” but their idea of diversity is to give the liberal side, the progressive side, and the marxist side.

    Liberals tell us that they believe in equal rights for women and homosexuals, yet do not criticize Islam even though Islamic governments have cracked the whip on these groups.

    I can go on, but the point is this: the traditional right/alternative right/white nationalist movements are in a position to claim the mantle of the defenders of Free Speech.

    • Gavin James Campbell

      And then take that freedom of speech away from anyone who does not agree with radical traditionalism!

    • costa

      Dear R_Moreland:
      Since humans are full of contradictions, so will all human culture too be full of contradictions. This is because at the heart of every human is a divine core, and paradox is at the core of God the Trinity.
      Therefore, paradox is at the very core of Orthodox Christianity. I mean.. God became Man, died on the Cross, went down into hell to liberate humanity from Death…

      There’s at least half a dozen paradoxes in my last sentence, which is the Patristic view of Christianity.

      Whenever anyone peddles worldly ideologies claiming to be systematic and self-consistent, I tend to wonder about the humanity of the person making this claim – and even to think it is a diabolical delusion.

      Embrace the paradox. Free your mind of fear and diabolical influence, and all it’s insistence for certitude by eating His Precious Body and Blood…
      — Costa.

  • Orthodox Mike

    I think I will enact censorship when I get home to my computer. Tired of giving these liberal-Fascists a voice here. Why don’t yall go and pontificate on some neo con or libtard site, or go to a black nationalist site and tell THEM they don’t exist.

    • Excellent idea Mike! They are not doing anything constructive except whining and continue to maintain a presence here to waste our time. This is definitely a step in the right direction.

  • Krsnik

    Why do you tarnish fascism so?

    • Orthodox Mike

      There are many types of fascisms, just like there are many types of nationalisms. The Liberal-Fascists are by far the most heinous and a culture of death. Just as I am an Imperialist, but hate the Globalist Imperialists.

By: Orthodox Mike

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