Five Groups that Should Fight the Left

Capitalism Better Watch OutYou know them, they’re glued to their Macbooks, eat strictly Vegan, behave in an infantile fashion, and live in the most expensive districts of your city (yet don’t seem to be employed). The “radical anti-racist” Left has opened up bases in newly gentrified areas such as Bushwick and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, Pilsen in South Chicago, as well as middle class, lily-white cities like Bloomington and Portland.

These groups are usually composed of Midwestern whites who grew up in racially homogeneous suburbs or flyover USA, are in college or recently graduated, and are taking a playcation on mommy and daddy’s dime in a trendy place far away where they fanatically take up some of the most violent, absurd, and Jewish ideas in an effort to seem “with it”, effectively distancing themselves from the simple little football town they grow up in (in their minds). Ironically, in the cases of Bushwick, Pilsen, and Williamsburg, these White “Anti-racists” have ethnically cleansed once predominately black and hispanic neighborhoods in a way that would make a Balkans irredentist look on with envy.

While one can’t help but laugh at these ridiculous people, we must also understand that they are well-funded, enjoy legal protection from the system and numerous NGO’s, and can be violent when in large groups. The Left is at war with just about everyone that’s normal, here’s a list of groups these Jewish-led degenerates are out to censor, sabotage, and destroy.

1. White People

According to Leftist “white privilege” dogma, a homeless White person is innately more “privileged” than a wealthy Black man. This new type of deformed Marxism swaps race in the place of class to formulate a theory popular in New Left/Euro-communist circles that indeed cannot be called anything but strictly anti-White. To the Left, the White majority of America being the logical majority in many fields is proof that White Christians hold everyone else down. Yet they say nothing about East Asians who make more money on average than Whites, or Jews who essentially dominate the most socially influential positions.

Interesting enough, if you were to apply the very same things individuals like Tim Wise say about White people to the very obvious and blatant Jewish privilege (who are over-represented thousands of times over in the centers of Western financial, media, big business, and academia), you’ll be labeled a “anti-semite” and “Racist” by these same entities. The insane Jewish “Academic” Noel Ignatiev, another “white privilege” theorist, has written books calling for the extermination of “Whiteness”, picture someone calling for the same for Jews. Interesting enough, unlike white gentiles, it is Jews who have an extreme, essentially race-centered/ethnocentric, exclusive “religion” that is made specifically for them to stick together and shut others out.

While most theories of “white privilege” are abstract and depend on blind guilt and soft repression, a simple search of the most influential people in international finance, capital, pop culture, academia, mainstream media, politics, the health field, the law, and other positions that essentially mold every aspect of the society we live in bring up a list that looks like a Tel Aviv phonebook. Still, the dishonest Left will reject these obvious facts as “conspiracy theory” that Jews exert the greatest influence over our social dynamics, but is it really a conspiracy theory when Vice President Joe Biden “thanks” Jewry for this?

The saying “anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White” is simple, but true. I dare any anti-racist to show me a single scenario where the organized Left has supported the plight of a White gentile against a non-White. Have the antifa made any statement whatsoever about the overt racist nature of the “knockout game”, where young black males punch random White men, women, children, and old people–which have maimed and killed? Will anti-racists condemn the racially motivated murder of thousands of humble Boer farmers by racist black gangs, who rape the women and disembowel the babies?

2. Palestinian Liberation Movement

(L: German ANTIFA’s wave Israeli and American flags to harass people mourning the hundreds of thousands of dead civilians killed by the Allies in the Dresden. R: German social-nationalist group NPD has demonstration in solidarity with the common anti-Zionist struggle of the Palestinians. )

(L: German ANTIFA’s wave Israeli and American flags to harass people mourning the hundreds of thousands of dead civilians killed by the Allies in the Dresden. R: German social-nationalist group NPD has demonstration in solidarity with the common anti-Zionist struggle of the Palestinians. )

It’s hard to ignore the fact that so many Pro-Palestinian activist groups in America are led by Jews. For this reason, the Pro-Palestinian movement is far less radical, completely ineffective, and incongruent with the one in Palestine itself. In America and the West, Jews entangle Palestinian liberation with things like drug legalization, the “gay rights movement”, and other Frankfurt School garbage that the average Palestinian wants nothing to do with. Some Palestinians believe Jews are trying to take over and redefine the Islam-inspired nationalism that has made Palestinian liberation movements so effective against Israel, and morph it into the typical toothless New Left ‘controlled opposition’ movement where people who talk openly and criticize Jewish power are not even allowed to attend events. It’s hard to believe that the Jews who compose much of the pro-Palestinian movement on campuses and intellectual circles across America will not at very best be heavily prejudiced by their own Jewishness, or at the very worst be saboteurs/controlled opposition holding the lid on the simmering pot of outrage at brazen, bloodthirsty Jewish behavior and the kidnapped Gentile countries whose tax payers are forced to subsidize it.

Often times Jewish pro-Palestinian “activists” will have those who call Israel “Nazi” or “fascist” removed or turned into pariahs, all while ironically accusing anyone that disagrees with them Nazis and “anti-semites”. A great example would be to look at one of the chief ideologues for the Left-wing “anti-fascist” (but in action, only anti-White Gentile) paramilitary group Anti-Racist Action: Spencer Sunshine. The man is a Jew who lives in one of the most closed off, segregated Orthodox Jewish area of East Williamsburg, Brooklyn . At one Anti-Racist Action convention, he gave a speech on how the ARA should approach Zionism.

The speech (listen for yourself) is little more than a “I’m not a racist…but” type of argument…except replace Zionism with racist. He is also a writer for the NYC ANTIFA website and has his work duplicated often on the rest of the “Anti-Racist/Anti-Fascist” cyber-sphere, where he seeks to organize Leftist dupes against anyone who is even remotely critical or asks questions about the Jewish power structure, even when the targets are not White Nationalists. With this in mind, it is no coincidence that the “polite society” Orwellian “Left-wing” Zionist NGO’s of America ( SPLC, ADL, B’nai B’rith etc), the bridges between the two worlds (One Peoples Project) , and their violent hooligan wing (Anti-Racist Action/antifa) never confronts or takes on organized Jewish hate, which is deeply entrenched in the system, unlike the small, powerless groups they harass.

The violent harassment of non-political events hosted by David Irving, a historian who doesn’t even “deny” the Holocaust anymore, is further proof that these groups are not out to “fight racism”, but instead intimidate and silence any and all critics of anything relating to Jews. With Jews controlling the discourse of both the “radical” Left and “conservative” Right, both White gentiles and the Palestinians being exterminated by our money and guns in Jewish hands, get the short end of the stick.

Some quotes from the talk given at a 2010 Anti-Racist Action Conference hosted by “Rose City ANTIFA” will show the naked double standards:

  • “Israel is an ethnocracy established by revolutionary struggle of a historical oppressed people”
  • “Zionism [Jewish Racial Nationalism] Is not Right Wing” (Yet his writings suggest every kind of European self-awareness and preservation in any context is right wing and “racist”)
  • “Just as the denial of the oppression of African-Americans is racist, and the denial of the oppression of queer people is homophobic, denying that Israel was founded by Jews on the basis of an attempt to escape antisemitism is antisemitic.”

Omit some of the canned Leftist buzzwords and the rationale for founding a Jewish race-based state is no different than the hypocritical trash leading neo-conservative writers come up with. Even some minority tendencies on the Left that fervently denounce Israel have absolutely no issue teaming up with Zionist groups in protests against European nationalists. Often times, you’ll see the antifa flag flying side by side with the Israeli flag at these demonstrations.

3. Christians

Anarchists Fire Upon Statue Of Jesus During Spanish Civil War

Anarchists Fire Upon Statue Of Jesus During Spanish Civil War

I think it’s pretty self-evident, since the essential basis of Anarchist and Marxist ideology is atheism, but you’d be surprised at how many dopes feel they can synthesize these theories with Christianity. Aside from the millions of people murdered for their religion in the USSR, or the thousands of nuns and priests executed by Anarchist thugs in the Spanish Civil War, the idea of a self-professed Christian marching side-by-side with Anarchists and Communists is as ludicrous as a homosexual marching side-by-side with the Westboro Baptist Church.

No religion was hated more by the Left than Christianity. While the Midwestern , middle class , suburban college kid in the bandanna with the Che shirt is not Jewish, his ideology was formulated by Jewish individuals such as Karl Marx, Emma Goldman, and Leon Trotsky who were in some shape or form inculcated with the same urge to mock, hate, and destroy Christ and his followers.

4. The Working Class

The working classes of the West are naturally incompatible with the modern Left. While in the late 19th and early 20th century Communists took on economic issues that were relevant to the toiling masses, by and large the Left was almost immediately defeated when a third force that combined socialism and ethnic nationalism emerged, which reflected both the economic and social interests of the working class.

One of the reasons for this was the great mental disconnect between the bourgeois Judeo-Leftist leadership and the gentile workers they were trying to organize, even in correspondences between Marx and Engels we can see the latent disgust for the working poor held by these snobby types, as the factory-owner Engels urged not to mix with the unwashed workers. Because of these failures, post-1960’s Leftist formulators have essentially given up on using workers as a battering ram for their agenda, and instead use the bourgeois status of most Leftists today to impose their “Dream” on the working class from up top.

Queer SocialistThe greatest proponents of Cultural Marxism are not individual workers (although their Jewish or Democratic Party affiliated union bosses may impose this) but instead Hollywood actors, trust-fund Hipsters, academics, and other members of the leisure class. Furthermore, the New Left “interestingly” finds itself in the same corner as big business. Even Anarchist intellectual Noam Chomsky acknowledged big capital’s support for staples of the Left like the Civil Rights movement, the open borders movement, or the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.

Today’s Left is pro-illegal immigration, pro-Affirmative Action, and pro-globalization just like the Fortune 500 companies it claims to fight, these are policies diametrically opposed to working class economic interests. Even further, the Left and big business walk hand in hand on other issues such as gay rights, “diversity”, destruction of tradition, amalgamation (and hence extinction) of races and hence cultures, feminism, and “do-what-makes-you-feel-good” nihilism, which either provoke indifference or disgust from the typical working man. Swap the golden arches for a red and black flag in a typical McDonald’s commercial and it’ll be impossible to tell the general worldview they seek to impose apart.

Race aside, if the contemporary Left wer really for the working class and opportunities for the less fortunate, it would support an Affirmative Action system based on economic status rather than race. The system as it is today overtly favors middle class blacks and White women while stomping down poor yet talented Whites strictly because of their race and/or gender. I dare anyone to bring this very logical point up in typical Left-wing circles, you will be labeled a “White Supremacist” and banished forever by the demagogic Jewish witch-hunters at war with Western civilization that control their discourse.

5. True Radicals


(L: Golden Dawn national revolutionaries take over privatized toll booths and allow drivers to pass for free R: Southern Poverty Law Center led leftist reactionaries get together to harass a Keystone United event commemorating Leif Ericson)

(L: Golden Dawn national revolutionaries take over privatized toll booths and allow drivers to pass for free R: Southern Poverty Law Center led leftist reactionaries get together to harass a Keystone United event commemorating Leif Ericson)

Oswald Spengler rightly noted that there has not ever been a Left-wing movement that wasn’t in the pocket of global money. From “radical” Jewish feminist Gloria Steinem’s self-admitted CIA ties, to the Freedom Of Information Act revelation that the U.S. government covertly funded Jackson Pollock and the rest of the godawful “Modern Art” movement (which was intertwined with “radical Left” politics, and ironically used as a Cold War weapon), the Western Marxist and Anarchist Left is just another proxy for the goals of the elites.

We see such useful idiocy in the iPhone Left’s take on global issues. For example, in Syria the Left took the side of the rebels, a mercenary force of Saudi and Qatari convicts, mercenaries, and Jihadists logistically supported by the US State Department and Israel to destabilize the Assad government. Most Anarchists and Communists also supported the CIA and Mossad orchestrated “Arab Spring” revolutions, and in the past supported the George Soros sponsored “color” revolutions that were deployed by international finance to undermine the Russian sphere of influence. While the Left will violently silence you for asking any question about the gaping logical holes in the system’s Holocaust narrative, no such anger was in sight when the Anti-Defamation League and other “tolerant” Jewish groups spent millions to prevent the U.S. government from recognizing the Armenian genocide.

Hell, if Anarchist icons like Bakunin, Proudhon, Marx, and Engels were around today, their names and addresses would likely be put on some “antifa” rogue list. When the debate took off at the First Internationale, Marx would refer to the Anarchist homosexual Bakunin as a degenerate faggot while Bakunin accused the Jewish Marx of deforming the very German doctrine of Socialism to suit Jewish financial and social goals. Proudhon himself had not so hidden opinions on Jews and race that would evoke feigned outrage from today’s politically correct Left. Summon the greatest and most influential Anarchist and Socialist intellectuals to a 21st century Internationale and you’d have the same junkies and rich college kids who harassed last years NPI conference camping outside the door warning people about the “Nazis”.

In the end, the modern Left does not fight the system; it is the system. The 1930’s and 40’s Soviet ideal of a Communist- a masculine, patriotic worker wielding a hammer against bourgeois decadence (which to them included homosexuality, abstraction, and other integral aspects of big capital as well as the modern Left) has been replaced by… Pajama Boy.

What the Left doesn’t realize is that most of the new people coming over to our side are not the baby boomer fiscal conservatives from the Tea Party or the John Birch Society. Many, instead, are coming from the Left, completely disenchanted by the MTV created façade of radicalism, realizing eventually that they have been pawns in the war against their own people and mankind in general.

History’s momentum is shifting across the world, Nationalist youth are rebelling against the wretched system we’ve inherited. Now with the capitalist global crisis, the Left plays the role of inquisitor for those who struggle against the elites, but they are merely the first hurdle that is thrown at us. In the end we will win the hearts and minds of the people, as we have beautiful and truly revolutionary ideas worth fighting for, while our foes are just caught up in a passing, flimsy, corporate-created fad.

  • Shawn Robinson

    This was such a thought provoking article. I’m glad to know we have such intelligence on our side. Thanks.

  • KO

    Fine article. The quality of writing here is high.

  • RangedMartialArtist

    You guys seem really knowledgeable about the Spanish civil war, what books would you recommend for someone looking to learn more about it.

  • Leslie H. Higgins

    Fine writing Eric. The mutilation of the body these Leftists practice (the title image is very mild) is just appalling, and is a good indication of the state of their souls by itself.

  • Bulan Sabiel

    Is this an argument against Zionism or a parody thereof? You keep calling anti-semitic antiZionist ideas Jewish, as if anyone with a drop of Jewish blood magically represents Jews and Judaism. Of course, you would laugh hysterically, if someone quoted Engels to represent Christians. There is no difference.
    Karl Marx was a Jew for three years, a Christian for over 20, who then became an atheist. When he became a Jew-hater is unclear. But Marx wanted to destroy Judaism and Jewishness.
    “Since in civil society the real nature of the Jew has been universally realized and secularized, civil society could not convince the Jew of the unreality of his religious nature, which is indeed only the ideal aspect of practical need. Consequently, not only in the Pentateuch and the Talmud, but in present-day society we find the nature of the modern Jew, and not as an abstract nature but as one that is in the highest degree empirical, not merely as a narrowness of the Jew, but as the Jewish narrowness of society.

    Once society has succeeded in abolishing the empirical essence of Judaism – huckstering and its preconditions – the Jew will have become impossible, because his consciousness no longer has an object, because the subjective basis of Judaism, practical need, has been humanized, and because the conflict between man’s individual-sensuous existence and his species-existence has been abolished.

    The social emancipation of the Jew is the emancipation of society from Judaism.”
    Karl Marx “On the Jewish Quesiton

    Most of the “Jews” you quote are antisemitic commuinists antiZionists. What kind of retarded untermensch do you take us for with your lies? Do you think people can’t read? You find one antifa “Zionist” and misrepresent this as representative? Everyone else is antiZionist.

    Meanwhile comintern was anti-Zionist and the Soviet were major supporters of the Palestinian cause and the Arab Nationalist and Jihadi campaigns against Israel.
    So I ask again, is this a parody of antisemitism and antizionism?

  • Daniel

    There is no doubt that atheism is an essential aspect of Marxism due to Marxism’s materialism but the same cannot be said of Anarchism. Anarchism is not a single monolithic political ideology like Marxism and many anarchists derive their political views from Christianity such as Leo Tolstoy, Nikolai Berdyaev, Jacques Ellul, etc. Anarchism is simply the belief in the superiority of a stateless society. Stateless societies have always existed and still do today. The most traditional societies are stateless. Believe it or not many anarchists are vehemently anti-leftist.

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