Traditionalist Catholics, Christ’s Radicals Under Siege

Wait for the Next BusTraditionalist Catholicism is the largest organized force in the United States against organized Jewry, and most folks in the White Right do not even realize it. Estimates put the number of radical Traditionalist Catholics in the United States alone at between 100,000 and 150,000 members, a truly staggering number when one compares it to membership rolls in both Left and Right wing organizations. Traditionalist Catholics refuse to accept the Jewish perversion of Christendom and stand against the combined forces of modernity. “Trad Cats” are a force to be reckoned with and could become reliable allies of White advocates.

The Catholic Church prior to the corruption of Vatican II was a powerful force for Christendom and European civilization. While my soul belongs to the Orthodox Church, my Catholic upbringing will always ensure my personal love of true Catholicism. The Church helped organize and fund Franco and the nationalists in the fight against the communists in Spain, led the voice of nationalism in America with Father Charles Coughlin, and lent the largest amount of support to the National Socialists as the Party was being elected to office. Even after World War II the Church under the leadership of bishops and cardinals helped evacuate fascists and National Socialists out of the Allied controlled zones to freedom. Catholicism showed the world that it was a power for nationalism and was the beating heart of much of Western Europe’s spirituality, and that is why the modernists had to destroy it.

Catholicism prior to the infiltration by Jews, Soviet Union undercover agents, and the push of modernity in the post-WWII period  was a powerful force for Tradition. Anything that was nationalist, interested in racial preservation, or grounded in Tradition was in the cross hairs. A concentrated effort to dismantle Traditionalist priests was undertaken from the Jewish controlled orders such as the Jesuits and the growing power of communist subversion.

The Second Vatican Council was the Church’s attempt to “modernize” the liturgy and the Church as a whole. Through destroying Tradition and abandoning almost two thousand years of experience, the Church attempted to meet the world half way, and that was the biggest mistake of the Church since the schism of 1054. Priests by the hundreds took off their collars and retired as parishes and congregations fled the Church that was radically different from the spiritual home of their upbringing. Overnight the Establishment Catholic Church transformed itself into another sick reflection of the modern world, a carnival mirror look at what Christendom used to represent.

All was not lost however for Tradition in the halls of the Catholic Church, a large number of priests and laity refused to bow to the orders from the compromised bishop of Rome. The writings of Father Denis Fahey and Father Leonard Feeney alongside the centuries of Church Tradition built the framework for Traditionalists to arise and resist the decrees of the Establishment Church.

It should not surprise anyone who understands the role of organized Jewry in their two millennia struggle to destroy the Church that the ultimate prize of the Jews is to dismantle Christendom. Secular White nationalists can recognize that the only group that organized Jewry wants to destroy more than the White race is the most Holy and blessed Church, in all of its forms. From tearing down the ten commandments from the public sphere when a Baptist puts them up, to subverting and corrupting the Catholic Church, and attempting to attack and mislead the Orthodox Church, all of Christendom is under attack from the Devil and his puppets.

Both Catholic and Orthodox prophecy declares that as we near the End Times, corruption will take root as the spirits of men become more easily corrupted. The Devil and his legions of minions, both willing and the deceived, will work to dismantle the Church to advance his agenda. While the Permanent Instruction of the Alta Vendita and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion may not be exact transcriptions of the enemy, they clearly outline exactly how the Judeo-Masonic forces will work to steer global politics, finance, culture, and the Church towards the agenda of Satan and his war against all that is Holy.  I recommend to all Traditionalists the book The Plot Against The Church to help explain this situation further.

The Devil is attacking the Church for the same reason he is attacking the White race, both have been standard bearers for the Holy Gospel and defenders of Truth for nearly 2,000 years, and that is opposition that the Devil and all of his forces cannot let stand.

The changes pushed by the liberal Catholic Establishment that included the removal of the prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, the banning of using nearly 2,000 years of Tradition in regards to the Jews, and changing the liturgy away from Latin and dozens of other serious scramblings of doctrine left many Traditionalists with only two choices: bunker down in a parish with a Traditionalist priest and ignore the transformation of the Church or to join together and keep the flame of Tradition burning.

The Society of Saint Pius X is perhaps the most well known, and one of my favorite, Traditionalist Catholic groups. SSPX was for me personally the biggest way I began to open my eyes to the Jewish Question and the advance of the enemies agenda. The homosexual movement, abortion, liberalism, and all of the other points of the enemy are built to spit upon God and his standards, and through the reading of SSPX priests and other Traditionalist Catholics my understanding of this battle for the survival of our civilization as being a Holy Crusade was ignited. SSPX helps lead the way forward for Traditionalists who wish to remain loyal to the Catholic Church of their ancestors, and with that I see a great potential for Traditionalist Catholics to come to Orthodoxy as allies against a common foe.

The Society of Saint Pius X has refused to compromise with modernity, even when it seemed like the easiest path. Many of the priests have stood strong on supporting Francisco Franco and the fascist movements of the 20th century. Father Tam is just one of these such priests who stated that fascist values are “the real values” of the Church. Refusing to speak to Satanic “faiths” such as Islam would be common sense in mainstream Christianity a century ago, but now only a select few stand against the lies of the modernists.

Due to the recent push by Pope Francis to liberalize the Church even further, hardline Traditionalist Catholics are taking a stand now more than ever to rise up and resist the influences of modernity. The Vatican recently announced that SS Veteran Erich Priebke was not to be given a Catholic funeral due to his sins in life. As a Christian I find the idea that the Church would bow to political correctness when we are all sinners and “filthy rags” in comparison to the glory of Christ and his sinless life. SSPX came and asserted itself as being true heirs to the spirit of Christ by offering to hold his funeral and brave the international condemnation of the Jews and political correctness. A SSPX church held a commemorative mass for Mr. Priebke last Saturday in Treviso, northern Italy and is deeply involved in giving Mr. Priebke the Christian burial that he deserves.

The leadership of SSPX has declared that they are “glad” that they did not rejoin Rome because that would mean they would have to answer to Pope Francis, a man seemingly dedicated to uprooting Tradition. The purpose of the Church is to save souls, to fight the Devil, and to advance the Kingdom of God, not do outreach to the forces of Satan and pander to secularists. As mega churches and priests and preachers who try to pander to greed, lust, and shallowness drive away the faithful, more and more Catholics are flooding the pews of Traditionalist Churches, both Catholic and Orthodox in the seeking for Tradition and a stalwart defense of true Christian beliefs.

All of us in our lives must remember the calling of Christians, Tribe, Tradition, and Trinity. Groups like SSPX and the Orthodox Church will continue to stick to their guns and stand against modernity, as we all should. We must serve the honorable memories of our ancestors, the blood that runs in our veins, and the Almighty and ever loving God who created us and leads us in this time of darkness. While Satan may appear to be winning, just like the communists who take to the streets, their victory of short lived. The forces of Truth are rallying, our Cause is just, and Our Day Will Come.

  • Leslie H. Higgins

    A recent, encouraging sign of rapprochement between Catholic Tradition and ethnoracial nationalism was the inclusion of former Forza Nuova MEP Roberto Fiore at the Fatima Network’s recent conference. As you can see, they defended Fiore against the predictable calumnies.

    I certainly don’t think Pope Francis is trying to destroy Tradition; he is impolitic and frequently speaks without thinking, but nearly all of those statements have been spun by the media to make him look heretical. A good example are the times he spoke about naturally good atheists, and his words were bent to say that atheists can go to Heaven. The Fatima Network, at least, has spun his papacy positively due to his apparently heartfelt devotion to Our Lady of Fatima.

    • I disagree that Francis’ positions have been “spun” by the media in a dishonest way. Francis or his advisors must be aware of how his statements are being interpreted in the media. If this were really of concern to him, then he could simply release official statements clarifying that, for example, sodomy is a sin, and that although he does not personally judge people, God has decreed that sodomy is an abomination and that unrepentent sodomites will not inherit the kingdom. This would quickly and effectively clear up any media distortion.

      Plus Francis has already declared that “a true Christian cannot be anti-Semitic.”

  • civil rights apostate

    I want to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jews are not Israelites before I oppose the state of Israel outright. It’s my upbringing as a dispensationalist. I am still a protestant, and I will always be, and I still have a soft spot for the Jewish people… and their religion–unfortunately.

    • Forgive me for my shameless self-promotion, but you might want to check out some of my writings. I originally conceived my website for the express purpose of addressing these exact concerns felt by protestants.
      In particular I might direct your attention to the following article:

    • You’ve probably been “pickeled” in Schofieldism much like I was in my early days of the 70’s. Along with the phony rapture-ism of J.N. Darby of the early 1800’s. You can find the truth about both on the internet. Schofield had a jew financial backer who “encouraged ” him in his jew favoritism deceptive endeavors, which millions later came to imbibe, particularly among Baptist-dom as I was.

    • civil rights apostate

      I am actually only 20, so it wasn’t in the seventies. I am an ag-millenialist, which means I don’t really have it figured how the world will end. and by the way, Mr. Pulaski, do you have anything concerning Jewish ancestry?

    • I’m not sure I understand your question; are you asking about what makes a Jew from a religious vs biological perspective?

    • civil rights apostate

      yes, I want to know they are not biologically Jews–for absolute certain

    • KO

      Thanks to Mr. Pulaski for the intriguing article linked above. I don’t agree with it, but I might be wrong. In my understanding of natural law, peoples have the right to seek self-government regardless of whether they are Christian, Jewish, or pagan. Christian Jews could have properly supported a nationalist Judean rebellion, if they could have done so without subscribing to the belief that the Messiah had not yet come. However, if the nationalist Jews were persecuting Christian Jews, Christian Jews would not have been obligated to support the rebellion and would have been justified in opposing it, because survival of a community is another right under natural law.

      I won’t say I disbelieve Eusebius, but in understanding him it is important to understand the purpose and context of his writing many years after the events. Orosius’ great history, for example, was written to prove the thesis that wars and other catastrophes were less destructive as a result of Christ’s birth. We know from experience that a few sentences about an event rarely convey the complex truth of it, without actually being false.

      In general, American Protestants are rooted in a view of the American colonists as a new people of Israel who were given this homeland just as the Israelites were given Canaan. Our view of reality is founded on the Bible, OT and NT. Beyond the confines of WASPdom, the entire Western view of nations, peoples, governments, and wars is founded on Biblical history. Thus when we believe Israel has a right to exist, we are rooted in our Biblically-based view of nations in general, not only our Biblically-based view of Israel’s role in Christian history.

      My natural law philosophy doesn’t require America to spend billions in support of Israel, which is potentially a betrayal of our own people, a corruption of both our government and Israel’s, and a dangerous addiction to foreign support that Israel, for its own well-being, needs to kick. As a nation, Israel is required to trust in the Lord and defend itself, as we are. The Palestinians are sort of a made-up nation, but natural law permits new nations to come into existence. (As black Americans and white Americans were made into nations by slavery, abolitionism, and Jim Crow, and now by racial socialism under the names of welfare andaffirmative action.) In short, I don’t think the hostility between Christian and non-Christian Jews over the question of Jewish independence proves that American Christians should not support Israel, but it does raise the question whether Israeli treatment of Christians outweighs Israel’s natural right to exists. I would say it doesn’t, because Christians do fairly well in Israel. There are other good reasons not to spend billions supporting Israel, including that it is against our interests and that Israel doesn’t need that kind of help.

    • I haven’t directly addressed or looked into the biological origins of contemporary Jewry, and I don’t see that it really matters that much.
      If the Jews of today are who they say they are, then they are the direct descedants of the mob that cried out “crucify him”, and also support the lies of pharisees who conspired to murder Christ.
      If the Jews of today are actually Khazars, then they pretend to be the direct descendants of the mob that cried out “crucify him”, but still also support the lies of the pharisees who conspired to murder Christ.
      In either case, they are enemies of the Church.

      In the article I linked to, the point I tried to prove (regardless of whether or not you believe the details of Eusebius’ narrative) is that the early Church did not think that the Jews who rejected the Messiah had any right to occupy Israel. Quite the opposite, they viewed the expulsion of the anti-Christ Jews as divine retribution for their crime. Whatever the pedigree of the Jews of today, the Jews who revolted against Roman rule in the 1st century AD were certainly ethnic Jews.

  • john king

    Thank you for all you are doing, brother. May the hand of God be with you always.

  • Dustin

    What white nationalists do not realize is that white nationalism was actually put into practice several times throughout history. One of the most famous examples was the United States of America, founded in 1776.

    In each and every instance, white nationalism has proven itself to be merely a stepping stone to the system we have now. This is because white nationalism’s vaunted “White Republic” necessarily contains the poisonous snake of republicanism, which necessarily contains the deadly poison of egalitarianism.

    What we need is a truly massive empire ruled over by a wise and enlightened king and large enough (at least as big as the US and Canada combined) to be a true challenge to the global Marxist power structure and international leftist organizations such as the U.N. Because of this empire’s vastness, it will necessarily contain many different races, but all of those races, indeed all individual people within this empire, will be able to see their proper place without being deluded by the evil serpent of republicanism and egalitarianism.

    • Leslie H. Higgins

      Good points, but how did you get talking about this? This does bring up one of the best strengths of Catholic Traditionalism, though: persistent devotion to Throne as well as Altar, and perennial skepticism of republican institutions.

      ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

  • Under siege is the place to be. The place we are supposed to be. “Take up your cross and follow me.”

    “I am writing to all the Churches and I enjoin all, that I am dying willingly for God’s sake, if only you do not prevent it. I beg you, do not do me an untimely kindness. Allow me to be eaten by the beasts, which are my way of reaching to God. I am God’s wheat, and I am to be ground by the teeth of wild beasts, so that I may become the pure bread of Christ.” —St. Ignatius of Antioch, Letter to the Romans

  • Shawn

    Perhaps some in SSPX would support the White nationalist cause, but I doubt it. The true Catholic Church does not subscribe to racism nor nationalism and neither would those in SSPX who are well informed.

    As a true Catholic who does not follow Antipope (imposter) Francis nor his schismatic false “Catholic Church.”In addition, I do not support the popeless schismatic SSPX nor the popeless schismatic Orthodox church.

    “The Church helped organize and fund Franco and the nationalists in the fight against the communists in Spain, led the voice of nationalism in America with Father Charles Coughlin, and lent the largest amount of support to the National Socialists as the Party was being elected to office. Even after World War II the Church under the leadership of bishops and cardinals helped evacuate fascists and National Socialists out of the Allied controlled zones to freedom. Catholicism showed the world that it was a power for nationalism and was the beating heart of much of Western Europe’s spirituality, and that is why the modernists had to destroy it.”

    I am not certain of the truth of all of these statements. The Catholic Church undoubtedly opposes communism, so that explains its support of Franco, but apparently not all in the hierarchy did not support Fr. Coughlin for some reason. It may have supported the Nazi’s to begin with, but knowledge of and examination of the document: MIT BRENNENDER SORGE ENCYCLICAL OF POPE PIUS XI ON THE CHURCH AND THE GERMAN REICH (MARCH 14, 1937) reveals that there was not a close friendship between the Third Reich and the Catholic Church. Along these lines, the Catholic Church charitably hid Jews from the Nazi’s to the extent that a rabbi in Rome converted to Catholicism.

    Again the Catholic Church does not support nationalism, but it does support patriotism. Nationalism believes in the superiority of one’s nation while patriotism is the love of one’s nation which translates into the charity (willing the good) towards all members of the nation.

    • FinnShane

      “As a true Catholic who does not follow Antipope (imposter) Francis nor his schismatic false “Catholic Church.”In addition, I do not support the popeless schismatic SSPX nor the popeless schismatic Orthodox church.”

      I am curious as to which Pope you follow since you don’t support the “popeless” SSPX. Do you view Benedict as the true Pope? That still leaves the entire Vatican 2 problem though.

    • Shawn

      Pope Gregory XVIII who is in exile. Check out the website “The Pope In Red.”

    • FinnShane

      Thank you for your response. I had never heard of this and what I have been reading on the site is chilling and things make alot more sense now (the direction the “RC” church has taken). This has given me alot to ponder.

By: Matthew Heimbach

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