TradYouth on a Mission: Boxcar Books

Boxcar Books is an institution in Bloomington, a storied hub of Marxist agitation. Were it merely a friendly meeting space for Leftists and queers, we would have kept things academic and rhetorical. But this bookstore and the subculture around it actively promotes terrorist violence. When I say this, I’m not saying it in a fruity rhetorical “guilt by association” manner, like the Liberty Lamp folks who claim we’re the real “terrorists” because some of our signage can be taken out of context. I’m saying that Boxcar Books directly advocates for, provokes, and then defends actual factual homeland terrorists before, during, and after their attacks on peaceful citizens and innocent bystanders.

To hear the Indiana Daily Student tell it, Bloomington’s Leftists were just peacefully minding their own pacifist social justice business until we came along to hurt their feelings with our virulent hatred. They shrieked that “White supremacists protest bookstore”, calling us by an epithet we all reject and calling them by a euphemism that doesn’t even scratch the surface. Boxcar Books openly and completely aligns itself with the Tinley Park Five Six.

Boxcar Books' Terrorist Cohorts

Boxcar Books’ Terrorist Cohorts

The Tinley Park terrorists are a group of five communist Europhobic terrorists in the United States, associated with Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement (based in Indiana) who were arrested for a violent hate crime attack on a patriotic dining club known as the Illinois European Heritage Association in May 2012. The criminals in question are Jason Sutherlin, Cody Sutherlin, Dylan Sutherlin, Alex Stuck and John Tucker. All the criminals were self-loathing European in ancestry but the Sutherlin brothers’ mother remarried to a Black African and their sister is a product of miscegenation. They took part in an attack on Ashford House in Tinley Park, Cook County, Illinois near Chicago, where 18 masked terrorists armed with hammers and steel bars attacked the restaurant and the people (including women) dining, causing $15,000 of damage and hospitalising three civilians.

This isn’t an isolated incident, as Boxcar Books also stands united with the anti-White thugs who’ve mercilessly attacked [email protected]‘s chapter president Thomas Buhls multiple times. They boasted of having run Mr. Buhls, a Marine veteran and IU senior out of town with these attacks, but this recent incident confirms that he hasn’t been run off, hasn’t backed down in his defense of tribe and tradition, and is steadily building up a formidable and courageous response to the Marxist violence. It has to start somewhere, with one man who refuses to back down in the face of intimidation.

Matt Parrott, Marking his Territory

Matt Parrott, Marking his Territory

We kicked off our campaign with a painting of the famous bridge on campus. The next day, we chalked up miles of sidewalk with our message, then marched on Boxcar Books and delivered a clear message that we’re not intimidated, we’re not backing down, and we’re growing rapidly. While the herd response on the notoriously liberal campus was predictably hostile to our message, we’ve received several emails, messages, phone calls, and in-person contacts with Indiana University students and faculty who are sympathetic to our message and who know exactly what Boxcar Books and its HARM associates truly represent.

Their most recent activism was a bizarre stunt in which they created a fake Facebook account for a non-existent White Student Union on campus, then pretended to stomp their imaginary opponents half to death. While they did their best to bullshit and spin their way through their bungled agitprop stunt, their own press release highlights exactly where their motives and imaginations lie: violence, intimidation, and anti-White hatred. Take some time to read our platform, explore our activities, and check into our backgrounds. Then do the same for them. Then ask yourself who the real “terrorists” are.

TradYouth: Countering Hate Speech

TradYouth: Countering Hate Speech

The actual confrontation at Boxcar Books went as expected. They’re very eager to instigate violence, but they only do so while wearing masks and sneaking up on their opponents. Even with the 100 vs 4 odds, they were keen to settle for spraying us with a hose, chucking several apples at us (poorly aimed, almost exclusively striking the unfortunately placed car behind us–trannies throw like girls), and flinging their signature weapon of choice at us: condoms filled with urine. Our opponents will never learn that flinging their shit and piss at us degrades them rather than their targets. The Indiana Daily Student and the rest of their mainstream media can spin us as vile “supremacists” who supposedly aim to “oppress” them, but the truth is that we stand for timeless values and noble traditions, while they’re flinging their bodily fluids at us.

The entire event was a blast, and even the hose attack was a refreshing break from the balmy weather. Our favorite incident of the spectacle was when their appointed roughneck Wobbly bad-ass (carted in from over 200 miles away) accused us of being “buttfuckers”, causing the roaring crowd to suddenly fall deadly silent, then scold him for his insensitive cis-privileged homophobic rhetoric. Other highlights include an obnoxious Jew getting up in my face and becoming befuddled over his hypocritical support for Israeli nationalism and identity and hatred of my own nationalism and identity. Apparently, he had never in his life grappled with the glaring hypocrisy at the heart of his Jewish Supremacist worldview.

We didn’t advertise our protest on Facebook or on our website, because it was never about demonstrating our strength in numbers. This was about our leadership showing up at their doorstep and putting them on notice that we’re not intimidated. We’re not retreating. Indiana University is not undisputed territory where vigilantism against those who stand for heritage and tradition will be tolerated without a confident and direct response on the street. We warned the supportive students of the very real physical risks and encouraged them to slip into the hostile crowd and enjoy the show.

Boxcar's crowd was as confused and conflicted

Boxcar’s crowd was confused and conflicted

TradYouth is what the radical right has been waiting for, a complete synthesis of authentic street-fighting courage and Radical Traditionalist principles. Half of our critics within the movement accuse us of being too abstract and the other half accuse us of being too rowdy. This is precisely the response we expected, because we’ve designed this organization to be a real world fighting force with a transcendent vision. We slice through the false dichotomy between action and ideals, challenging the Left in both the battle of ideas and the turf war on the street.

The media and its dupes will continue to believe we’re “supremacists”, “haters”, and other empty epithets. But they know now that we’re the formidable opposition, and we’re just getting started. These Leftists claim to be for “peace”, while engaging in masked vigilantism and supporting Obama’s imperial warmongering. These Leftists claim to be for “the workers”, while doing everything they can to imperil America’s working class with their globalism, their open borders, and their alliances with multinational corporations. They claim to stand for diversity and inclusion, while barking down and bashing anybody who defies their rigid orthodoxy.

They’re full of it. They can fling their urine-filled condoms at us all day long, while framing themselves as the victims. But history and the folk spirit of our people are gradually but surely shifting in our direction. Our numbers will grow, our strength will grow. And in due time, the Indiana University campus will once again belong to its rightful inheritors; the descendants of the men and women who built that beautiful campus. IU will be home turf for the honest Christian folk of Southern Indiana.

  • Lew

    A brilliant, rising essay. It made my day.

    I caught a podcast of yours a couple of years ago where you said something to the effect of we’re going to fight ’em on the internet, we’re going to fight ’em on the radio, we’re going to fight ’em in the street…still recall it when I read your more combative stuff.

    You definitely walk the walk. The others in your organization do too.

    Regarding criticism from within the movement for being “too abstract,” I will say this FWIW. I mean it as friendly feedback not criticism. I understand what you’re going for with Trad Youth because I follow your writings, have a decent understanding of your overall viewpoint, and read CC. I’m not sure I would have immediately “gotten” TY without this background.

    Thus, my feedback (friendly) would not be “too abstract” but more in the zone it’s not immediately obvious what TY stands for if you don’t a minimal background in these ideas. I believe there is enough here for people to “get it” if they’re willing to put in the time.

    Great read and good job.

  • truth

    you showed up for a very short period of time, and got hosed. don’t come back. no one wants to hear your hatespeech and there will be more of us all the time. equality, being an inclusive idea, draws a crowd, you know.

    • Matt Parrott

      We hung out for the better part of an hour, after having chalked up a massive amount of the campus, painted up the bridge, and marched across campus. We don’t care what you think of our ideology, and we’re not asking permission from you to exist. We confronted you nose to nose, right at your doorstep, and put you on notice that we won’t be intimidated by your “inclusive” smashin’ ‘n bashin’ street thugs.

      I know it’s a disconnect for you dirty hippies, but we enjoyed the shower, especially given the warm weather.

    • So Simple

      Oh they’ll be back and with more people this time. ;3

    • Shotgun

      Equality, being so darn inclusive, doesn’t include Trad Youth, I suppose?

      These hippies are intellectual embarrassments.

  • Nomoremisterniceguy

    Good, guys get an SA body guard street fighting group together, train yourselves in martial arts and confront these faggots everywhere, fight them in the streets and run them out, take over their book store and plant a flag right outside. Have a big book burning and immolate their inventory and restock it with worthwhile titles. We need to start driving these sorts of bastards out of every white country.

    • What’swrongwithhumansthesedays

      I’m just confused I guess. I walk down the street, and have to hide my heterosexuality. I can’t even go out with my white girlfriend anymore, because us being straight and white is just so looked down on, just because we aren’t interracial like everyone else. I feel like I HAVE to be gay, since every single one of my friends is gay. I’ve thought about killing myself because I just can’t hide my sexuality anymore, and being white is really cutting off a lot of my options. I can’t get a job, because everyone likes to stick with the traditional reliable black man, and my options are so limited, all because of the color of my skin. I have the same contents of other humans, i.e. blood, bones, brains, skin, but I feel so different because of how difficult life is becoming for white, straight people. We REALLY have it bad.

    • Matt Parrott


      I walk down the street, and have to hide my heterosexuality.

      Well, we are legally required to actually bake cupcakes for and do the photography for gay weddings, so reality is almost as absurd as your strawman.

    • judy

      “Well, we are legally required to actually bake cupcakes for and do the photography for gay weddings, so reality is almost as absurd as your strawman.”

      how? i’m not asking for you to explain why you don’t think you should have to provide services for gay weddings, i’m asking you to logically explain how that is even close to having to hide your sexuality.

      this is also not an example of a straw man argument. a key part of a straw man argument is the distortion of your opponents position. i think that you would agree that the alternate reality that they described is a pretty decent description of what it is actually like to be gay, and definitely not as bad as what you would like it to be. obviously you would want the alternate reality to look even bleaker containing something like, “I as a straight man can’t even find catering for my wedding.”

    • Matt Parrott


      My position on homosexuality is that homosexuals should be respected and accepted members of society, on the precondition that they not promote their degenerate behavior, do not attempt to frame it as normal and healthy, and do not inject their degenerate behavior into our legal system or our public squares. I stand against persecuting them and against interfering in their private affairs.

      I don’t care whether homosexuals find that balance between respect for free will and privacy on one hand and the interests of the community tolerable or acceptable. I wish donuts were good for me, I wish women found my extra weight desirable, and I wish I could smoke in public establishments. I have to stand outside in the freezing cold, even the freezing rain, because the interests of the community transcend my own private urges.

      You don’t see the sustainability, demographic stability, or strength of the community as valid ends. You only see matters from the perspective of designated “victims” and their liberation narratives, with their liberation and license to do what they feel like doing the sole metric of world-historic “progress”. We both have different end goals, and perceive these matters from different perspectives because of that. My lodestar is the stewardship and success of my extended family of ethnic compatriots. Your lodestar is “the pursuit of happiness”, “human rights”, or samesuch.

      I believe that populations with strong communities, strong identities, and strong families have always and will always brush aside populations which grow decadent. As such, I don’t really see your vision for the future as a real possibility. If you get your way, our society will decline and weaken until a more Traditional one sweeps us aside. The bottom line is that it’s in the interests of White American homosexuals to look beyond their desire for validation of their sexual preferences. They must look to the welfare of the nation from which they emerge.

    • judy

      now that’s a straw man argument.

      you are telling me and anyone reading this what my position is and arguing against it.

      i’m not presenting a position on the matter.

      what i’m trying to do is point out that if you take a position on a subject and are making your position public you should explain why you feel that way. that is what seems to be lacking in all political dialog i encounter, be it mainstream political pundits, presidential debates, blogs, grandparents at the dinner table, etc.

      “Well, we are legally required to actually bake cupcakes for and do the photography for gay weddings, so reality is almost as absurd as your strawman.”

      this is the comment i was calling into question (which you didn’t answer), but it could be almost any comment i read of yours. you clearly have spent a good deal of time working on your aesthetic, what i find disturbing is your lack of content.

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  • johnny jihad

    US version of the rats al-assad is currently facing down. may God be with the righteous.

  • Robert Pinkerton

    Sorry, folks: Graffiti — painting a bridge and chalking up yards of sidewalk — is N O T adult behavior. If you wouyld be superior to the gross infantilism of those urine-throwing [deleted], you must act superior, which means refraining from your own descent into childishness.

    • Matt Parrott

      A cursory review of history will confirm that this very sort of street action and territorial disputation is necessary and appropriate. To compare it with flinging bodily fluids is preposterous.

      This is the Traditionalist Youth Network, after all. Nobody’s stopping you from going out and organizing a Political Action Committee, whipping up some plausibly deniable focus group friendly talking points, and voting Republican.

      I’m serious. Go do that. We need the full spectrum, including youthful rowdiness and dignified officious stuff.

    • Tom

      The bridge we painted is one of the free-speech outlets at Indiana University-Bloomington campus which students are ALLOWED to do. So is chalking.

      Let me know when you’re down this way next, and you can come along and help us during our next excursion.

    • Robert Pinkerton

      OK, fair-enough criticism — however, I still maintain that, from what I acknowledge is an outsider’s perspective, such behavior on your part compromises your claim to that basic moral authority, that of being the adults in the room. They act like malignant toddlers. You need the demonstrated superiority of emitted behavior, whence to call them out on there hebephrenic behavior and bring it into the derision and contumely it properly deserves. They act dionysian? To show moral authority you need to act fully Apollinian.

    • Tom


      Go read this book: “Rhetoric of Agitation and Control.”

      Polite demonstrations don’t get attention. Do you remember the big demonstration that the pro-lifers held in D.C.? You know, the “March for Life” on Jan. 25th? Yeah, I never heard of it either until I saw a photo that someone shared on my FB page. They had THOUSANDS of demonstrators for that march, and they had practically NO coverage. We had the TradYouth leadership and one guest for our demo, and the shit went viral taking our pictures with it.

      Tell me again that polite demonstrations are the way to “win.”

  • Robert Pinkerton

    A propos Tinley Park: Does Illinois have anti-masking laws? Several northern and midwestern states enacted such laws at the height of the recrudescence of the Ku Klux Klan. Can you not use these laws against the left-wing Klan b.k.a. “antifa?”

    The wearing of a mask at a political demonstration is the moral equivalent of a Police officer removing his numbered identifying badge before wading into a demonstration: Both signify, loudly and blatantly, their immediate intent to engage in unlawful activity.

  • yourejustwrongisall

    ” the descendants of the men and women who built that beautiful campus” You mean the immigrant laborers right? Or the slaves and ex-slaves that your “ancestors” exploited in order to eradicate the true indigenous inheritors of this land? hmmmmm

    • Matt Parrott

      Your goofy talking points spin out here, bub.

      Not a single Black American or American Indian was exploited in the founding of the Indiana University campus. It was built entirely by and for my Christian pioneer forefathers.

    • yourejustwrongisall

      Everything in the U.S. was created by exploitation of “lesser” people directly or not, and regardless of who physically built the campus, who was here first? Who’s land is it really? Can you honestly claim any inheritance over stolen goods?

    • Matt Parrott

      Our invasion of America was indeed genocidal, and I support strengthening and expanding the current sovereign reservations for the Native American people. Two wrongs don’t make a right, however, and it’s not like Native American people are the ones flooding the IU campus and driving us out of the homeland we fought for and won.

      Your proposition that absolutely “everything” was created by exploiting “lesser” people pegs you as an anti-colonial extremist. No sweat, I’m an anti-colonial extremist, too. Let’s both agree to quarantine White folks in a special region where they’re not allowed to approach or engage any helpless non-Whites.

      Ironically, you’re more White Supremacist than Hitler, as even Hitler saw non-Aryans as fully human agents capable of accountability for and control of their destiny. According to your twisted worldview, only Leftist and Jewish heroes and their White nemeses have free will, with the rest of humanity exclusively delegated to permanent and perpetual victim status.

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  • yourejustwrongisall

    “and it’s not like Native American people are the ones flooding the IU campus and driving us out of the homeland we fought for and won.” ummmm, so after we annihilated countless tribes and traditions, then fought off other people on their own lands, we can justifiably claim this as a homeland?

    “Ironically, you’re more White Supremacist than Hitler, as even Hitler saw non-Aryans as fully human agents capable of accountability for and control of their destiny. According to your twisted worldview, only Leftist and Jewish heroes and their White nemeses have free will, with the rest of humanity exclusively delegated to permanent and perpetual victim status.”

    I believe everyone has a free will, regardless of what you claim as your race or ancestry. There is no such thing as the white race, only insecure people who think they’re better than others.

    • Matt Parrott


      ummmm, so after we annihilated countless tribes and traditions, then fought off other people on their own lands, we can justifiably claim this as a homeland?

      The Amerindians who were here genocidally drove out the Mound Builders who came before, who drove out even more ancient populations. There’s even some fascinating research about ancient European settlements in this region, and there was quite possibly an Australoid population preceding that. My position isn’t a “might is right” position, and I genuinely respect other cultures and their homelands…on the precondition that they respect mine.

      “Indiana” once did indeed belong to Indians, and now it doesn’t. The only Indians in Indiana at this point are H1b tech workers. Other sovereign reservations have been set aside for the 5 million people within the United States who claim indigenous ancestry. There doesn’t happen to be a reservation for them in Indiana, though I do stand in favor of very large and very sovereign reservations for them.

      You’re inviting me to sit down for a rigged game, one where White Americans don’t have a right to exist. You’ll say we ought to go back to Europe, but that’s not a realistic option, and you don’t support indigenous Europeans in their own homelands, either. Every group of people is deserving of sovereignty, respect, and relocation except for mine. For you, Mexicans have a right to Mexico, and to uphold their Mexican identity and ethnicity in Mexico, …and they have a right to do that in my country, as well.

      There is no such thing as the white race, only insecure people who think they’re better than others.

      The “white race” exists when you wish to blame it for something, yet it’s categorically invalid when it wishes to express or advocate for itself. For you, my identity is nothing more than a garbage bin to dump white guilt into, then kick to the curb. You’re pushing a variant of Blood Libel, a proposition that since our ancestors supposedly sinned, we’re guilty in perpetuity.

    • yourestillwrong

      How about antarctica? Its plenty big and very white, no one will fuck with you there…

    • Matt Parrott

      How about antarctica? Its plenty big and very white, no one will fuck with you there…

      Har har

      When the sleeping giant of White Identity awakens, you’ll pray to God we’ll settle for a humble living space where we’re free to live, work, and play among ourselves.

  • anon334

    It’s funny watching yourejustwrongisall trying to make sense.

  • It’s all really very simple:

    1. White people exist
    2. White people have the right to exist
    3. White people have the right to exist as White people

    If you agree, then you are on our side, whether you know it or not. If you disagree, then you are knowingly or unknowingly in favor of genocide — the genocide of Whites.

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  • makesperfectsense

    Until the 1920s, Irish, Slavs, and Mediterraneans weren’t considered “white”. Now they supposedly are. It’s almost like it’s a made-up category (like “Indian”, “African”, “Asian”, etc).

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  • Elizabeth

    what’s the salute mean?

TradYouth: Countering Hate Speech

By: Matt Parrott

Matt is a founding member of TradYouth and is currently the project's Chief Information Officer. He's been active in the White Identity cause for years, primarily as a blogger but also as a street activist and regional organizer.
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