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Matt Parrott

TradYouth Awareness Campaign Goes Viral

By: Matt Parrott (4 responses.)

Matthew Heimbach and I kicked off our first official neighborhood public awareness campaign, passing out flyers in Perry, Michigan.

There is a Storm ComingIf you’ve received one of our flyers, take a moment to learn what we’re about, check us out on Facebook, give us your feedback, and consider joining us in our struggle for faith and folk. Better yet, print your own and help our message go viral! More flyer drops have already been confirmed for the coming week, but we need everybody with true courage and a true commitment to the Radical Traditionalist cause to do their part.

Americans don’t realize yet that they have a network of young activists and supporters prepared to lead the fight. With your help, they can!

No more politics as usual.

No more sitting back and watching America fall apart.

There is a storm coming!

  • John


  • its Pctshow

    Awesome job you guys are doing here! Blessings from Bowie, Texas.

    • John

      Hey, I see that you live in a pretty White area. Do you want to get together some time and pass out some fliers up there? I live in the Mid Cities area of DFW.

  • Walt Bialkowski

    God bless you guys in all you are doing in the name of truth and justice ~~~

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